2010-06-12: As The Fur Flies


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Summary: Two men out for a late night coffee end up having a date with a few burglars.

Date: June 12, 2010

As the fur flies

Rating: PG-13(LV)

NYC- Life Cafe

Located in the East Village, the Life Cafe displays the vibe of area. This sidewalk cafe has a Bohemian feel with posters on the wall, a small bar inside, tables shoved everywhere, and even a secret garden tucked away in back for people to dine. The menu features burgers, chicken sandwiches, and quite the vegetarian enclave.

One of the greatest advantages to living in a big city is the sheer number of 24 hour cafe's. It is a lightly raining Saturday night. A night where most people stay indoors or go to see a show. The cafe is sparsely populated with most of its patrons engaged in quite conversation or typing away on their laptops.

The door to the cafe swings open slowly as a man comes in shaking the rain off himself. Apparently he had forgotten to check the weather before going out. He takes a look around then heads towards a table that's tucked into a corner. Peeling off his jacket he tosses it down on a chair next to him as a waitress appears and asks him if he'd like a drink. "I'll take a coffee, black." He beams a smile to her and watches her walk over to the bar.

In the corner of the cafe, his drink lukewarm from the time he's been having it sit there. An artist sits in the corner, a foot resting up on the bench as the pad of paper is rested against his knee. He looks around the cafe for a moment before he looks at the man who walks in. Kaji blinks a bit, tilting his head just slightly before he flips to a new paper; that pencil scratching and flying over the paper once more. His eyes glancing over at the new man though his head doesn't move.

Tony settles in at his table. He reaches over to pick up the menu resting in the middle of the table. The waitress returns setting down his coffee and a glass of water. She asks if he'd like anything else. He points to a few pastries then offers the menu to her. "Take your time, I'm in no rush." As she walks away Tony turns to his pockets and pulls out the small computer screen that he carries everywhere he goes and begins to draw upon it with a thin stylus.

Kaji's brow quirks up as he notes the small computer. And then he blinks a bit in what you could say as realization. He looks back down at the paper once more, tapping the eraser against his lip before he sketches on the pad a bit more. He shakes the pencil back and forth while holding it between his index finger and thumb. "Who woulda thought," mutters the mutant.

Tony continues to draw a design until the waitress reappears setting down a plate with three pastries. She lingers a moment causing Tony to glance up at her. "Yes?" She blushes prettily then stammers out a question asking him if he'd like anything else. He leans back in his chair, tapping lightly on the table with the end of his stylus. "Hmm…at the moment no, however, check on me later. I'm sure I'll need…something." Tony subtly leers at her as she walks off and notices her walk past someone drawing, he nods when the man catches his gaze.

The fun thing about having enhanced hearing, Kaji can just listen in on things even without meaning to. And with how Tony says that, the mutant can't help but just roll his eyes a bit. He taps the end of his pencil down on the paper once more before he looks over towards Tony once more and blinks as he gets a nod from him. "Uh…" He gives a kind of two fingered wave with the hand that has the pencil in it. "Hey."

"Hey," Tony replies then turns back to look at what he was working on. Something was off with the design that he couldn't wrap his mind around just yet. A few cups of coffee and an equal amount of sugar crusted goodness should help him out. He manages to continue scrawling away with one hand and sip coffee with the other. Needing another medium to work with he sets his mug down, looks intently over at the man at the other table and makes a decision. Tony pushes away from his table to make his way over to Kaji. "Hey, don't mean to interrupt you but you have any paper I might pawn off you?"

Kaji flips through his sketchbook. "Yeah, I got something here." He reaches the end of the book, and tears off one of the empty pages. Handing it over to Tony once the man gets close enough to him. When Stark gets close enough, he flips the book back to the drawing that he was doing. He seemed to capture Tony talking with the waitress as she was asking him his order the first time. He even caught that charming smile.

Tony takes the paper from Kaji's outstretched hand, "Thanks for this, didn't really want to draw on a host of napkins." He peers down at the sketchbook, not trying to be nosy, just curious. When he sees the sketch of himself and the waitress he thinks its rather good. "You've got talent there. Me? I draw but nothing like that."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "My talent isn't anything compared to your own." Though in two different mediums. "But, thank you for the compliment." He sets the sketchbook down on the table before he says, "And your welcome. I've done my fair share of doodles on napkins before. The waitresses don't really like it when I leave a massive mountain of napkins on the table." Maybe that's why he carries around his sketchbook.

Tony chuckles softly as he tucks the piece of paper he's holding under an arm. "To each his own my friend, to each his own. Tho, you could try cornering the market on napkin portraits." Tony thanks Kaji once again as he walks back toward his table. Halfway there he realizes he doesn't have a pen on him either. With an exasperated sigh he spots his lovely and attentive waitress. "Got a pen I could borrow, dear heart?" She scatters much to his amusement and offers up a pen.

Kaji laughs a bit more. "I'm sure I could. But I doubt anyone would buy them." He taps the pencil on the blank paper once more before he glances over at Tony. "You know, I'd never guess that I'd spot you in a cafe, Mr. Stark." Formalities to someone you just met. Especially one such as this.

Tony spins back around towards Kaji in a short quick movement. "I'm getting that a lot lately." He reaches the side of his table to set down his things then turns back toward Kaji for a moment. "Please, call me Tony. After all, we've shared paper together."

Kaji quirks a brow with a smirk before he says, "Nice meet you, Tony. The name's Kaji." He looks down at his paper, his hand just starting to sketch once more. Seems he's just doodling whatever is on his mind. He hms a bit, tapping his pencil against his paper. "I can never think of something for that…"

He should really leave Kaji to his drawing but Tony is compulsive by nature. "Never think of what? Not that I'm prying, or…wanting to keep you from what it is your doing." The cure for an anxious Stark rests on the table behind him. He pulls out another chair, one closer to Kaji, at his table then drains half his coffee. Because drinking coffee is the smartest thing to do in this state.

Kaji looks up and over at Tony, seeing the man pull out a chair closer. The mutant picks up his things; leaving his drink at the tablet. It was cold anyway. He moves to sit at the table that Tony pulled the chair out of. He puts the pad on the table and turns it towards him. Scribbles strewn over the paper, some are crossed out and others are outright blacked out. "Trying to think of an armor design. Lightweight enough to move around in, yet strong enough to withstand at least some of what's out there." Why he needs it? He's not telling.

Tony turns his chair around so that the back is pressed up against the table. He straddles the chair and quickly looks from sketch to sketch getting a general idea of what's going on. "Hmm, its all a bit rigid looking. Heavy in some areas. I take it you're trying to come up with something more, shall we say, ninja?" Tony picks up his pen and gestures to the sketchbook, "May I?"

Kaji waves a hand. "Go right ahead." He nod a bit afterwords, "Yeah, I'm going for something that blends in more with what I look like… when I'm out…" He gestures outside towards the rooftops, "There." He looks back at Tony for a moment before he just shakes his head. Deciding not to say something probably.

"I see, functional not fantasy." Tony thinks for a moment, twirling the pen between his fingers. He takes a look at Kaji, then the previous designs. "You might want to go with something under your street clothes then? Not spandex, never spandex."

Kaji chuckles a bit and then shudders at the thought. "Oh, I hope I'd never go that route. I could never bear to /imagine/ myself in that." In the previous sketches, if Tony notes the details enough, there're drawings of a tail and a not-so-human body. More of an anthro wolf. "And, something that'd go under my street clothes would be great."

Tony ponders as he taps the edge of the sketchbook with the tip of the pen. "You're about the same size as what's depicted?" He's used to being around interesting and unique people so Kaji being a wolf like being doesn't throw him off. He gets an idea after Kaji explains his appearance in form and begins to sketch out something that would hide well under street clothes but offer a fairly decent range of mobility and protection. "Not sure how you'd actually go around to making this but its based upon neoprene and a touch of Kevlar."

Kaji nods a bit. "Yeah. Though I don't know if I'm more toned under the fur. Kinda hard to tell." He goes into a bit of detail about his other form. And then he looks down at the paper and hms. "I never would've thought of that really." He chuckles a bit. "Course, getting it to line up with the tail would be the interesting part. And going full wolf."

Tony laughs around a mouthful of his last pastry. "Hmm, I'd have to think about the applications of shifting into a full lupine form. Something like this though," he gestures to what he's finishing up on paper. "That would hold up well from human to anthro." With his idea finalized he turns the book around to push over towards Kaji for inspection. "Just don't run around New York robbing banks with that."

Kaji looks down at the sketches, and chuckles softly a bit. "If only I could have that, I could run, hide, leap out, and all that jazz." He grins a bit, pulling out a spare pencil as he taps the end of it on the paper. "And believe me. You'll be seeing me running around New York saving people. Rather than robbing banks. Much more gratification in the saving bit."

"I'm glad you're one of the helpful crowd rather than the other. I'm a bit worn out with the constant barrage of fights the last two weeks." He cuts off his conversation abruptly as the waitress comes back to check on both of them. "Hit me with a turkey club would you? Oh, and anything my friend here wants."

Kaji gets the look of 'What?', even his perk up just slightly. Got to love wolf habits. He looks over at the waitress and smiles softly. "Uh, just a few of the apple tarts if you don't mind." He looks back at Tony with a grin, "I'm sure. You've the firepower to go against the big guys. Me? I'm stuck with the lower variety."

Tony brushes off the comment about himself. Sometimes being the biggest gun on the block ended up being more trouble than it was worth. "Don't sell yourself short. As long as you're good with what you've got then anythings possible." With his coffee running low, Tony turns to draining his water glass. He's about to ask Kaji if he'd have time to draw something for him when there's an annoying beep coming from his computer pad. Reaching over he thumbs thru the menus to find that there is an attack happening several blocks over involving a trio of mutants at a warehouse. "Looks like I'm missing dinner again."

Kaji blinks a bit and smirks. "Could always get it to go?" Though the beeping did make him glance at the computer pad with a rather annoyed expression. "Would you mind if I tagged along? I mean…" There's a moment of hesitation before he just shrugs with a laugh. "Where is it? I might be able to swing by my home before we get there."

Tony thinks to himself. 'What is it with people trying to help me out this week?' In truth he didn't mind help but he'd rather not risk someones life other than his own. "I won't stop you but I'm normally a solo act." He check the address on the pad again then shoves the device into his pants pocket. He relays the address to Kaji and pulls out his wallet to place down several bills. He turns towards the waitress bringing out their order. "Sorry sweetness but I'm afraid we're leaving. Feel free to eat on me."

Kaji lets out a soft sigh. "Damn, it's in the other direction." He shrugs a bit before he looks over at the waitress, "Could you put mine in a to go box? I'll come back for it later." A smile of his own before he stands up, picking the sketchbook up and placing it into his backpack. "Trust me, if I get hurt? I'll be as good as new in the morning."

With coat grabbed, bill paid and a parting glance at the cafe Tony starts heading out the door to where his car is parked. "Looks like a place full of medical paraphernalia from first glance. Definitely not some random attack." There's a trill of clicks as the car unlocks then turns itself on. "Coming with?"

Kaji follows with a grin. "I doubt I'll be faster." He nods at the explanation and then gets into the car when offered. He puts his bag between his feet and tenses up his hands as he cracks his knuckles; black fur already swarming over his hands as claws form. "Don't worry, I won' shed."

Tony snickers as he throws the car in reverse. "Thank God, I'm not allergic." Tony pulls out of the parking lot and drives like the streets are a race track. "I don't know about your style but I like to take the direct approach." The car weaves in and out of slower moving cars. "I'll go in and see what the deal is. Feel free to use something as a chew toy if you see fit."

Kaji chuckles softly. "I can go either or really. But the direct approach is the best way most of the time." The fact that Tony is using the streets like a race track? Fightening. The fact that he's perfectly calm about this? Terrifying. The shifter rolls his neck a bit as he keeps the shifting in check. "I really hope the air doesn't reek of bleach."

"Least you know the place is disinfected," Tony comments as they round a corner with the tires squealing. He slows their approach as the warehouse comes into view. The front looks like something barreled through the doors and inside seems to be sparking off and on through the windows. Tony turns the headlights of the car off then rolls the car to a quiet stop.
"Anything I should know about? Just in case you get into trouble?" He steps out of the car and pulls his shirt over his head to toss back in the opened car to land in the drivers seat. At least he could put that back on later. Quickly he empties his pants pockets then shuts the door. The golden inner armor begins to ripple across his body covering him and shredding the pants in the process."

Kaji steps out of the car as it rolls to a stop, shucking off his coat and tossing it into the passenger seat. "In case I get into trouble? Eh, I can usually get myself out of the way if I do. If anything, I'll bring 'em to you." He grins a bit as he shifts into his anthro form; dropping onto all fours and giving his body a full shake before a small rip of velcro is heard. He threads his tail through the hole in the back of his shorts. "That's just to feel better." He glances at the gold armor and whistles just softly. "Damn."

With the inner layer of armor in place, Tony uses the lockchip in his forearm to have the car pop its trunk. Inside is the briefcase that contains his exterior armor pieces. He rounds the car to pop open the case. Just before he starts assembling the armor he catches sight of Kaji's full transformation and the comment made makes him crack a smile. "Seconded." His armor fully assembles in seconds allowing him to lock down his car and head toward the building. "I've put in a call to the NYPD, their still a good 15 minutes out."

Kaji does a few stretches, mainly getting his arms limbered up as he raises them over his head. "I'd give us about five minutes, if that." He slips his thumbs into his beltloops and glances back at Tony. "By the way, like this. You can call me Fenrir." The corners of his muzzle curl up in what could be a grin. "Shall we go say hello?"

Tony has the face mask of his helmet snap into place. With a nod in Kaji's direction they head over to the entrance of the warehouse. As they get closer Tony scans the interior getting a fix on where the mutants are. None are known in the criminal database he scans. "Two on the west end tossing boxes. Thirds location, unknown. Stay close to me for a minute. I can conceal us but its range is limited. I feel the need to play a bit of peek-a-boo."

Kaji falls in next to Tony. "I like the idea of that." He just walks casually next to him, his eyes closed for the moment as he lets his hearing focus a bit. "I can't hear much right now. But I'm sure your sensors will pick things up before that." He opens his eyes once more, and glances over before he falls silent with a smirk.

The unlikely duo tread through the warehouse stepping around broken boxes and pools of god knows what on the ground. There was still no immediate sign of the third mutant. The other two are arguing about taking too much time trying to find what they need. Tony catches something moving quickly off to the far right and raises a pointed finger in that direction then the number 3. Intent on getting closer to the other two he moves away from Kaji when they reach a row of boxes where Kaji could become visible without being caught out.

Kaji nods, and ducks down behind the boxes where Kaji stays put for the moment. His ears tweak a bit before he looks around for something on the ground. Muttering silently to himself as he scoots forward just a bit to peer around the edge of the box to get a look at the mutant. Just to see if there're any visible ways to tell what kind of powers they have.

Tony edges himself closer to a darkened spot along a far wall that looks right on the two quarreling mutants. Pieces of information begin to fill in. Whomever they are working for needs a steady supply of an experimental drug. More boxes fly then one announces to the other that they've found the drug in the third locked glass case. The larger of the two mutants stomps his way to the glass. His partner trys the coded lock but his friend lacks the patience. The glass shatters under the force of the mutants punch. Tony drops his invisibility before he strides out with purpose. "Put the container down. Your insurance can't cover it."

Kaji slips through the shadows. Probably the only redeeming feature of his black fur before he steps out behind the two mutants, one hand in his pocket while the other hangs at his sides. He smirks a bit as he adds on, "But I hear they give some nice coverage where you're going." His eyes stay locked one to the two of them, the muscles in his arms and legs tensing. THough unseen under the fur.

The silence that descends is always a prelude to a bad omen. Instead of a witty comeback or a, 'please…please don't kick our ass,' they decide to attack. The larger of the two puffs up with veins bulging from his arms and slams headlong into Tony's torso sending the pair flying into a far wall. The other turns upon Kaji with his hands flickering with an eerie shade of green that starts to slide up his arms.

Kaji's eyes flick over towards Tony and his opponent for a second before he looks back at the one before him. "Sorry bout this. But." He presses off of the ground, releasing that pent up energy in a fluid motion as he closes in. The hand in his pocket stays there before he brings his free arm in front of him. Once he's close enough, he aims a chop for the goon's neck. Strong enough to collapse that wind pipe and make him stumble backwards or pass out. Whichever comes first.

"That all you've got, Chunky?" Not wanting to break the guy he grabs a hold of the shirt his attacker is wearing, pushes away from the wall he's pressed against and tosses his man into the wall next to them. "Broken hand, superficial cuts," Tony begins listing as his opponent grapples with him. Gauging this guys ability to take a beating he lands a blow to the midsection followed by another to the chin. The man staggers on his feet then slips down to the floor. "Dropped like a bad date, priceless."

Kaji actually had to bring his hand out of his pocket as he lands on the ground. After putting paw to face in a lovely roundhouse kick. The mutant with the glowing arms was down for the count. "He'll wake up… in a few hours. Or more." He rubs his hands together a bit before he looks over at Tony. "Okay. I had more fun with mine." He glances around the warehouse. "Did ya ever find the third?"

Tony saw the tail end of Kaji's fight and admits to himself that the guy's got talent. At hearing the question Tony begins scanning their surroundings. There are disturbances where electrical wires have been exposed and sparking on the ground, he catches the same quick movement yet again several rows over. "Somethings moving very fast, I can't get a lock on it." He sees it again, this time up on a the second floor before he looses track of it again. "You got anything?" Tony doesn't realize that the blurred movement is the last mutant's way of confusing the suits sensors. The mutant is actually not too far behind where Tony is standing with a sword drawn. Its intent is to get the jump on Iron Man then deal with Kaji.

Kaji goes quiet for a moment as he moves around the boxes. His eyes flicking this way and that before he gets closer to Tony. His eyes flick back over at Tony, and he lets out a low growl as he leaps /over/ the man and extends a leg out to drop kick the man on top of the head. Hard enough to knock him out a good deal if he can land it.

Before Tony could ask why Kaji was growling at him, because obviously he hadn't done anything to the guy, he's got a face full of fur. He turns around to see that Kaji has found their mysterious third mutant. The kick catches the man on the shoulder causing a loud crunching sound. "Oh, that's got to hurt." Said mutant cries out dropping the sword but doesn't give up so easily. As he gets into a one armed fist fight with the wolf Tony stands back and watches. Clearly impressed by the fluidity of his furry sidekick. As the mutant is dispatched Tony announces that the cops have finally arrived to cart off the three stooges.

Kaji picks up the sword after his land, brandishing it with another low growl as he puts the tip under the man's chin as he gets a glare from the mutant. "Up." He puts pressure on the mutant's neck with the tip of the blade as he forces him to stand up. "Good. Now. Say goodnight." Before a word can be said from the mutant, Kaji clocks him upside the head with the sword's hilt; knocking the man into the boxes near him. And as the cops arrive, Fenrir shoulders the blade with a smirk. "I think I have a souvenir."

Tony nods his head toward Kaji. He's not sure if the police will allow it but he's not going to say anything. As the officers pour into the building with their weapons drawn Tony makes sure that the other two mutants are still down. An officer comes up towards Kaji with gun drawn. "Easy, he's with me." Tony relates what information he was able to garner from the mutants conversations and the NYPD is happy to collect and question them. "Chunky might need a doctor though. I tried to go easy on him."

Kaji looks down the barrel of the gun at the officer, quirking a brow before Tony speaks up. He lets out a soft sigh of relief when the gun is put away, and he looks over at the one in front of the truck. "That one over there has a crushed windpipe. And the one over here has a fractured shoulder and some blunt force trauma to the head." He looks over the sword a bit and grins. "And he had a rather nice katana." Keyword? Had.

It takes sometime to get statements squared away and to walk through the scattered items all over the warehouse. Once outside Tony flips his helmet open to breathe in the rain scented night air. "You're pretty handy. Thanks for spotting that guy. I'm sure he'd have tried to find a chink in my armor but I really hate having to repaint."

Kaji smiles a bit as he shrugs slightly. "Don't mention it. Partially letting instinct take hold and partially keeping an eye out." He looks down at the sword a bit more before he sets it down on the ground and stretches a bit. "It'd probably suck to have to repaint that." Though, outside in the night air, Kaji seems a bit more at ease. Less tense than when he was inside. "Don't think that first guy thought I'd do that right at the beginning."

"Heh, definitely not." He starts walking back towards his car with Kaji at his side. Things in the warehouse went fairly well even if he couldn't get a beat on the trickster. Tony makes a mental note to work on his sensors. As they come up alongside the car he pops open the trunk to send the armor pieces back into their case. An idea forms in his mind that he's having a hard time putting away. As he fishes through a small bag next to the case he asks Kaji, "What do you do for a living?"

Kaji rubs the back of his head and shrugs a bit. "Just some freelance stuff. Mainly living of financial aide that I get for school." He picks the sword back up, and moves closer towards the car; mindful to not lean the sword against it as he says, "Haven't really found a job. And I wouldn't do good in retail."

Tony pulls on a pair of jeans from the bag then shuts the trunk closed. Coming around to the side of the car he opens up the back to pull out a pair of shoes. "Struggling college artist?" He ties his shoes then closes the door before opening the front door to yank out his shirt. As he pulls the shirt back on the inner layer of armor slips back into the hollows of his bones. "How time committed are you to your classes?"

"Yeah, that about sums it up." The wolf quirks a brow again, getting a curious look on his face before he answers, "Well, I don't have any summer classes. All the ones that I need to take are during the winter. But, when school is in session, I'm usually out for most of the morning and afternoon. Leaving the night free. It varies." Kaji waves a hand at the last bit of that. "Though, in another term or two. I'm going to be graduating with my bachelors."

Tony folds his forearms to rest atop the roof of the car. He peers across to where Kaji is standing. "I'm going to go out on a limb here, feel free to shoot this down but I'm putting it out there." Tony pauses a moment to figure out the best way to word his thoughts. "I'm in the market as it were, for a erm..no. You can guess what a nightmare it is for me to go out anywhere. I've got a good friend who's been with me forever but I've come to realize if the shit hits the fan he's not going to be able to lend me a hand."
"Not to mention everyone that works for me spends their day being far too serious. I want to go out, have a good time. What I'm trying to say is, you kicked ass in there. I think, and stop me if I'm wrong, but you need a job and I need a friend umm guard when I'm out." Tony taps the roof of the car with his knuckles, "You want it?""

Kaji blinks a bit, crossing his own arms in front of his chest as he thinks a bit. Muttering to himself for a few seconds before he looks back at Tony. A barely visible grin against all that black before Kaji shifts back to human; still grinning as he buttons his shirt back up. "Well, I guess this'll liven things up for me. I'll take it." He extends a hand over the car. When the handshake is given, he shifts that hand and grins. "Just no collar."

"You're no fun. I was all ready picking out something." Tony smiles warmly at Kaji before ducking down to pick up his things from the drivers seat. Once inside he waits for Kaji to get in before firing up the engine. "Where can I drop you? I hope you don't mind me running your information through my system. Got to make sure you're not going to take the job just because you're a super spy intent on stealing my company out from under me."

Kaji gets dressed real quick, before he puts the sword in the backseat of the car. "Uh, Greenwich apartments. Got an apartment there." At the mention of running him through the system, he shrugs a bit. "I have nothing to hide." He leans back in the seat, and lets out a deep sigh. He just landed… an amazing job.

Tony looks across his shoulder at Kaji. "I meant no offense." He runs a hand across the dash affectionately before making the engine purr. The car pulls out into the street heading back towards where Kaji's apartment is. "You'll meet Happy and Pepper right away when you come by. The others are of no real concern. We can work the particulars out later."

Kaji glances over at Tony. "And none taken." He sits up in the chair, and looks out the window for a bit before he says, "What time shall I come over today? After I've rested?" He's heard stories of Pepper, and now it seems he'll be able to see if things are true.

"Not sure what time. I'll tell you this, no one wakes me up before noon unless somethings on fire. Maybe not even then," he laughs. They pass by the Cafe then they arrive out front of the apartment complex. Tony puts the car in park then reaches into the glove compartment to pull out a piece of paper and root around for the pen. Once he's got what he needs he scrawls down his cell number. "For the life of me I can't remember what's on my docket for the day, I have Pepper for that. Either way I'll let you know the particulars when I know where I have to be."

Kaji reaches down to his backpack and pulls out a pencil of his own. He takes the paper and rips it in half; keeping the part with Tony's number with him in a pants' pocket before he writes down his own number. "And this is my cell. Ya can give it to Pepper if ya'd like." He grins a bit, handing it over, "So ya don't lose it." He opens the door, and hops out; reaching in to grab his backpack and his sword. "I guess it'll be a pleasure being your guard, sir."

It should be noted that the last sentence was said with a comedic tone.

Tony can't help but chuckle. "I'd keep the jury out on that one, Kaji. I'm a pretty tough boss." Tony makes sure to quickly enter Kaji's cell information into his phone. "Thanks for the assist tonight, not to mention accepting my proposal. I'll see you tomorrow."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "I'll try and be up when Pepper calls." He starts to head towards the apartments, turning back for a moment to give a wave with his free hand before he turns to head into the building. He's going to sleep rather well tonight.

The car pulls off, the gps mapping out the most effective route back to Stark Towers. He will have to run a few screenings on Kaji just because that's what one does with a new employee let alone to make sure there isn't a threat to his security. Telling Happy about what's happened will be easier than Pepper. He can all ready here her berating him about being impulsive. Tony has his own reasons for asking Kaji to come work for him and that is all that matters in the end.

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