2020-06-19: As The Horns Blow



Summary: Jeri reaches his goal and attacks a processing plant.

Date: June 19, 2020

As the Horns Blow

Rating: R

The coordinates are most assuredly something important. Otherwise, Jericho's contact wouldn't have given them. As the man stands outside the fenced perimeter, all he sees is a large warehouse type building. However, it's quite obvious that it's something more, as there are wandering guards posted at intervals all around it, and a few sentinels above, hovering. If that's outside, Jeri doesn't really want to know what's inside.

He knows it's the end. He feels that finality with a certain modicum of peace. Acceptance. Readiness. He cracks his knuckles and nods, speaking softly. "I stand at the foot of the Tower. And here, I speak the names of those that have brought me here." With that, Jeri removes the eye patch that's been covering one eye for four years. All that can be seen where the eye should be is a bright glowing light.

"Robyn Larkin. Psyche." Jericho says, each hand forming spears of energy. He flings two at a pair of guards that happen to be walking in his direction, though they hadn't spotted him yet. There's a fizzling sound as they both collapse to the ground, unconscious.

"Betsy Braddock. Psylocke." Jeri's face is suddenly surrounded by an odd pink glow, shaping itself into butterfly like wings about his face. It may not be the current, but it's an ability that has been in her genetics, and that's how his powers identify it. He reaches out mentally to knock out another pair of guards. That's… when the Sentinels begin to notice.

"Scott Summers. Cyclops." Jeri says, eyes burning a brilliant red as he looks to the Sentinels above the base. He lets loose a beam of scarlet fury, blasting through the body of one of the robotic monstrosities.

MUTANT POWER DETECTED. CYCLOPS. POWER NEGATED The remaining sentinels begin to move in the direction of Jericho.

Just what he was expecting. "Rashmi Franklin. Summoner." Jericho states, waiting for them to get a little closer. Two bright blue orbs fling out firing with a fury that the original posessor may not realize, smashing into the optic sensors of the sentinel, which screams it's fury.

SUMMONER. POWER NEGATED. Beams of energy fly at Jericho. One hits him in the chest and knocks him into a tree. Fortunately, they were designed to hit someone else. They weren't adjusted for a man of his durability.

"Bobby Drake… Iceman." Jericho says, voice getting more and more fervent in his desire to get inside and see what he needs to do there. There are only two left. And one gets flash frozen before a chunk of ice is thrown at it to shatter it.

ICEMAN. POWER NEGATED The final outside Sentinel states as it hurls a very strong net at the man.

The net wraps around Jericho. For once, he has to take a moment to think, but finally, everything settles in. "July Lanford. Elastica." He says, body contorting and sliding through the edges of the net.

ELASTICA. POWER NEGATED The Sentinel declares, turning flaming jets on the mutant.

Fortunately, Jericho was prepared. Knowing weaknesses, he shifts after he gets out. "Annalisa Roland. Supernova." He says, body turning nearly to flame as a gout of white hot fire fries the internal circuits of the creation. And all is quiet… for now.

He stands before the building, eye wide. "Jamie Madrox. Multiple Man." He says before stomping his foot on the ground a few times. Once there are a few of him out there, he grins. He looks to himself. "Ready to wreak havoc?"

"I'm always up for that."

"Me too."

"I wanna go home."

One Jeri gets reabsorbed.

Looking between himselves, Jeri nods. He's not dropping Jamie yet. Otherwise, they'll vanish. However, they don't have to keep Jamie. "Daisuke Sakuragi. Howl." One says. "Alison Blaire. Dazzler." Another. Jeri himself stands back and smiles. "Do it."

All three step back, and a loud raucous yell flows, pointed at another Jeri. That one, in turn, takes his hand and points it at the building, in a long flowing swath of destruction, ripping away walls. When the front wall is down, what is inside is obvious. Sentinel pieces being assembled by humans.

The Jeri housing Dai raises his voice. "Leave if you want to live. This place is destined for destruction!" He calls, happily.

The Dazzler Jeri stops and laughs. "Erik Lensherr. Magneto." He states, coldly as his hair turns white. The Daisuke Jeri joins in. "Ororo Munroe. Storm." His eye turns white. The two join hands and reach out. Metal begins to fly and rend. The air temperature lowers. The wind speed increases. A magnetic hurricane rips through the area, leaving only one thing standing in it's wake. A single man…

Jeri stops to stare. "Shit." He states, reabsorbing his duplicates.

The Omega Sentinel rises, looking to Jericho. "Terminating Mutant."

"Christopher Parker-Mayfair. My Husband. Baby… it's time we SHINE!" Jericho calls as the Omega Sentinel fires on him. His body turns to light as he begins firing a brilliant beam at the Omega Sentinel who is responding in kind. The light gathers in strength and intensity. He pushes everything he's got. He knows he should switch to his son's powers to heal himself quickly, but… he doesn't want to.

As he watches the Omega fire back, he lowers himself to the ground, moving to focus on his own strength instead, but remains light. When he dies, he wants it to be holding the powers that he's held in secret for years. A blade buries itself within his stomach as he throws a punch across the being. The punch is hard enough to separate the man's body. But the wound is already on him. Slowly, he sinks to the ground.

"I don't believe in an afterlife. But you won't be alone anymore." He says as the light fades away, along with everything else.

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