2010-07-29: As The Tower Turns


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Summary: The First Annual Stark Summer Costume Celebration raises a lot of money and a ton of trouble.

Date: July 29, 2010

Log Title: As the Tower Turns

Rating: R (L) - Rated as such due to language usage.

NYC- Stark Towers

The roof garden atop the 94 story main tower of the Stark Towers. The garden itself has been made over for the party and twinkling lights dangle from the glass enclosure above the garden.

As it was foretold in the advert, the first annual Stark Mid Summer Costume Party for the Maria Stark Foundation was beginning. The party itself was being held in the glass enclosed roof garden at the top of the 94 story building. Guests would arrive via the parking structure and be checked in through the physical security on site before being allowed up into the lobby where people could gather before heading upstairs.
Upstairs in the roof garden Goldstein was finishing up his gear check, the catering company were working furiously to put the finishing touches around the ice sculptures donated by Iceman, and several robots were cruising around awaiting quests with their silver platters of food, and drink. Somewhere amongst the organized chaos and plant life was Tony Stark. Whereas he wouldn't be physically greeting everyone that was arriving he fully intended to hop up on the small stage where Goldstein was setup to welcome everyone and get the party started.

One of the first to arrive is She-Hulk. Those knowing the woman would be surprised at her uncharacteristic promptness, but those who know her protege, Rashmi, wouldn't be surprised at all. If nothing else, hiring the girl as her intern /has/ actually had a positive influence on her punctuality. Tonight, she's dressed in a black dress, tight enough up top to leave nothing to the imagination and long and flowing around her legs to match the silky black cape draped over her shoulders. To complete the costume, she's got a broomstick in one hand, and a pointy black witches hat. She has, indeed, come as Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

It's not a hard costume that Jessica picked but she found it fun. Sleeveless black dress drapes over her curves, black gloves go up past her elbows and a large necklace with diamonds sits around her neck. She has a stuffed cat in one hand an a long back cigarette holder in the other, and there's a lit cigarette in the end, hey if Jessica is immune to toxins, why not for a costume. Her hair is piled on her head and set with a diamond clip in the middle. Holly Golightly walks over to Jennifer and smiles. "Dahling, don't you look wonderfully evil tonight."

Trailing behind the Wicked Witch, eyes the size of dinner plates and unable to keep from staring all around the rooftop garden, wanders a young Hindi woman, red hair coiffed and curled beneath a glittering, high crown, decked out in the pale pastel star-studded dress of the Good Witch, complete with an entourage of six randomly swirling, pale-blue bubbles orbiting her upper body. Clearing her throat as Jessica makes her way to greet her employer, she manages a short, wobbly curtsy. "Um… Hello…?"

Placing the prop plastic gun back into the hip holster, a replica compressed air gun. Security hadn't made a big fuss of it, obviously in the scans it showed up as fake. Through yellow bulbous goggles the Blue Beetle gazes over the inside of Stark Towers; first time he'd been in here without explosives being involved. The blue on dark blue outfit he wore accentuated his build, on the side of tight but at least he had gotten plenty of work outs done in jail so he didn't look horrible wearing the costume. Nervous and unsure why Abe made his way over towards the nearest robot waiter taking a glass of wine from it's tray then proceeds in casual circle around the automaton as he gave a respectful appraisal. Glancing up once from this to try and pick out who could possibly be who.

Teddy Altman has been planning for this party for weeks. He's watched the celebrity websites and feeds, scoped out the catering, identified the best way to get in… only thing he wasn't able to do was to hang around Tony Stark long enough to get the details down perfectly enough to fool, well, the reputed girlfriend/public bodyguard, and perhaps one or two of the other guests, because they cheat. Looking perfectly bland and normal like any other caterer (and it was a PAIN to get the information out of Jarvis) the Young Avenger made his deliveries and … disappeared in the confusion of people leaving after wards. A really bland, ordinary, generic fellow in a really bland, ordinary Robin Hood costume, he chats with a few of the paid attendees, and waits for Tony to make his entrance before changing into his real costume.

Magneto seriously considered showing up in the costume of… Magneto. Seriously. But at the last minute, he decided to play nice and he's wearing a tuxedo instead, the fabric midnight black, shot with metallic thread. White shirt, black tie, rare white orchid as a boutonniere. A teeny-tiny domino mask as a nod to the theme of the party. He steps into the garden room and looks around, totting up who is there and who they are with, and absently captures a glass of wine off the tray of a serving robot as it glides past. Not too many people around… it's still early. Maybe things will become more interesting later.

The choice of what costume to wear had been long agonized over by Tony. With a million ideas set out before him he simply picked one that wasn't too far of a stretch from his normal every day persona, and worked to compliment something Al could come as. Tony watched the arriving crowd from his vantage point wearing a long sleeve burgundy button up shirt, thick brown suspenders attached to khaki pants that had a chocolate brown stripe running down the side, and to top off the outfit a gun belt attached to a holster that was fixed to his right thigh. Yes, Stark fancied himself Mal Reynolds for the evening.

Yet another limo pulls up outside of the lobby entrance with the usual press and onlookers, opening and revealing a golden-tanned leg in a grecian-styled high-heel sandal. When the leg comes back in, perhaps to the surprise and shock of the onlookers a pair of lionesses range out and look around for a moment! Standing sentinel at the entrance, two men from the starting line of the New York Giants follow them and reach inside of the vehicle. Both men are dressed in the style of Egyptian men, complete with oiled bodies that show off their physiques rather well. Only then does the figure of Emma Frost make her appearance. With both men helping her out and to stand, she is adorned as the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra… even to the point of the long black hair done in thin braids, and skin marked so tan she could be mistaken for a native. Stepping forwards, the lionesses fall in step and from behind two more football players join the first pair, leaving her with a full entourage.

She-Hulk grins when she sees Glinda approach her. "There you are," she says. "You look /gorgeous/. Let's go to the roof where everybody's at." She leads the smaller girl into the elevators and up to the rooftop garden where she plucks a flute of champagne off one of the little server bots that float around the place. "Let's see if we can't find some of the rich and famous that are bound to be here and mingle with them some."

Indeed, Al has dressed in a complementary fashion, in a red and gold gown, with a matching patterned shawl. Black hair curls to her shoulders, a golden necklace decorating the decolletage of her gown. Lips are painted a deep crimson, eyes lined and mascara-d, a golden shadow highlighting eyes made brown with contacts. Inara to Tony's Mal, quiet as she moved to join Tony and look out over the crowd.

Unfortunately for Abe/the Blue Beetle he couldn't pick out a single recognizable face except for Malcom Reynolds, though he had a good idea who the towering broad-shouldered Elphaba was. Dipping back the wine, he realizes he was drinking faster than what he considered proper conduct in a scenario like this - yet arguably this was perhaps the best wine he could recall having. Putting on a smile, Abe nods towards one of the random additional guests passing by who was dressed up as President Lincoln, like most probably more than happy to be here in Stark Towers rubbing elbows with this rather impressive ensemble. The wine balancing in one hand he fishes out his pocket watch from the stylish high riding belt at his waist, curious where Melissa was or if she was already here.

The barely adequate Robin Hood bites his tongue a bit to keep from laughing at Tony doing a run at Firefly Fanboy, and slips away to stand off to the side out of line of sight for most people. Now for the hard part. Metal. LEDs… that part he could fake with bio luminescence, but the power source, a bit harder. The change happens fast, of course. Red chest plate, gloves, and boots with stylish angles, legs and arms in banded apparently skin-tight gold armor, face featureless face except for slits of eyes and a rectangular mouth, and on top, red side crests resembling a trimmed down Flock of Seagulls hairstyle. The armor of … Iron Kid.

Just before the elevator doors close, Rashmi catches a glimpse of Emma Frost, the Giants linebackers, and the lionesses. Were it physically possible, her eyes would widen further. "I, um…. I don't think that'll be a problem," she says faintly… and then the doors open up on the full splendor of the First Annual Midsummer Costume party, and it's all she can do to keep on her feet. So it is that for the opening movements of the party, Glinda sticks close to Elphaba's heels, almost as though worried she'd get lost in the crowd.

With silk that is just one layer from scandalous, and sandal-heels that no Egyptian woman could have pulled off properly, Emma strides towards the group already present, arching a brow towards 'Holly' and motioning with the almost crop-like ankh scepter in her hand towards the couture, "At least I've no cause to feel overdressed." As she stops, the paired lionesses stop and sit next to her, rumbling as they look around, but otherwise remain silently obedient and watchful. The four footballers actually move off to begin mingling, though one does stop to pick up a flute of champagne and returns with it for Emma's pleasure. Offering him a silent thank you, "I was going to come in by helicopter, however… it would have probably ruined the whole effect."

Picking up her own glass of champagne, 'Holly' can help but smile at 'Cleopatra'. "Wow, if I knew I could bring animals, I would have ditched the stuff cat and got a real one." Jessica says with a smile as she takes a drag off of her cigarette. "So…" She says looking over at 'Mal' and 'Inara' "I wonder how much her rates are for a party like this and if Mal paid for some…special services." Making a joke in regards to the character of Inara. "And I have to get some lessons in style from you."

"Well, it looks like enough of a crowd to get things started," Tony says to Al. Of course he hasn't seen Emma arrive yet, speak of the devil, and with quite the entourage with her. With a swagger all his own, Tony walks across the small stage, with Al in tow, to rest an arm against the dj's raised table. Taking command of the acoustic system he addresses the group of about 200 people that are still filing in and about the roof garden.

"Welcome to the first annual Stark Summer Costume Celebration for the Maria Stark Foundation. I personally thank everyone here for contributing their time and money to a worthwhile cause, and trust you will all have a smashing good time on my dollar! Let the partying commence ladies and gentlemen! The drinks are flowing and Goldstein is bringing the phat beats, enjoy!"

Magneto straightens when the Queen of the Nile appears, lionesses and oiled slave boys and all. A twitch of a smile curves his lips and his half-empty wine glass is abandoned on yet another passing tray. He starts toward her, and as he moves the black tux melts and flows. A scarlet cloak suddenly billows from armored shoulders, a lorica plumata of gold-edged silver flows over a pristine white tunic, a baldric appears, complete with short sword, and nail-studded caligae sandals for the feet. Under one arm, a scarlet-crested helmet in the Imperial style. He stops before Cleopatra and salutes her, Roman style, fist to heart. "Great Queen, you honor this gathering with your presence." Then a nod and a smile for 'Holly'. "What princess of a foreign land is this? Your beauty, lady, adorns this gathering."

Jennifer just shakes her head at Emma's grandeur and leads Rashmi to the bar. "C'mon. Let's get you something to drink that won't get either of us arrested," she jokes. "And then we'll see about that mingling."

Iron Teen makes his way towards one of those robots bearing drinks. Because, well, it's expected, dammit. He finds one, takes a clear sparkling something-or-other, and taps the faceplate of his helmet … it retracts back and folds back against his head, revealing … Tony Stark. As he looked for a brief time in 1997. He sips from the glass, raising it towards the man at the stage.

Alessia barely has time to resist being pulled along, heat warming her cheeks as Tony pulls her onto the stage. It does afford her another angle to view the crowd. Her hand rests against his forearm a moment, a light squeeze given. A look up to his face, a faint smile. "Ah should get to my job." Whispering with a tip of her head, before she heads off the stage towards the crowd.

"Guess it fit's the man is a Firefly fan." Any tasteful geek was - something he'd like to think he and Tony Stark may hold in common. Abe's quiet remark being made near Cleopatra, Caesar and Holly. Closer he could get a better look at both of them but neither registered, the third however was a different story which had him taking another quick drink before balancing the glass of red wine in one blue clad hand he claps after the small speech.

It can't be helped. First the Queen of the Nile, and then Julius Caesar. The 'bubbles' orbiting Rashmi freeze for a moment, as her jaw drops open, ever so slightly. Jennifer's suggestion earns a faint glance over her shoulder, but it's the tug on her arm that snaps her back to herself with a faint 'Eek,' and a couple of stumbles steps after the much taller woman, before things like balance and walking regain priority in her head. "Um…. Wow. Just… *wow.*"

Any comment in reply to the quip are laid to rest with the approach of Magnus in the garb of the Roman Legion, and Emma actually colors in the cheeks for a long ten seconds as she smiles, covering just slightly with a sip of her drink. Passing it back towards her current attendant, there is a deep inhale that makes her whole carriage rise and fall before she looks to Jessica, and then back, "The honor is ours, Caeser… as always, we of the Nile are forever in your service." Perhaps said with a touch of bitterness, but only just enough to keep it amusing. But then she says after a drink, "Had I known the theme better beforehand, I would have come in the Princess Leia bikini. Either that or Agent Drew and I could have conspired to attend as Orion Slave women." A cultured brow rising in rich amusement.

Left to his own devices, Mal was gauging the mood of the crowd. Everyone seemed to be having a good time so far as the music began to pump from speakers all over the garden. Mal wondered if the kitties lingering near Cleo were real or a holographic projection. When his eyes track back over the crowd as he walks off the stage he catches his own, if younger face, smiling back at him. Mal cuts a path through well wishing party-goers to reach Tonys side. "Nice party you're throwing here, Stark. The salsa is a bit weak though, just so you know."

Jennifer's eyes track to Caeser, nee Magneto, and blinks. "Wow," she says with a hefty amount of admiration. "He really knows how to wear a toga well. Let's go meet him!" With that she drags her poor understudy off until she stands in front of the man. "Cleopatra, Alexander, this is my intern, Glinda, junior witch."

"I"ll speak to the caterers," Teen Tony says, "but really, what can you do, it's made here in New York City."
He achieves a near-whiplash at Emma's phrase, head turning to look directly. "That sounds promising," the younger Stark says, "We should encourage them." He saunters… in armor no less… with perfect Starkian overconfidence towards Emma and the other potentially green women.

Magnus smiles. "If you had come in such other guise, Great Lady, I should come in pointed ears. But still armored, for such as you should be attended by warriors, not monks. —And we all know what plebians Star Fleet are."

And then long, tall and green shows up, towing the … understudy. Magnus gives each a smile. "Elphaba, a pleasure. Miss …Glinda." The smile widens wickedly. "From the attendants," meaning the orbiting bubbles, "you seem to be enjoying the wine on service very well indeed. And so spectacularly visual about it!"

Alessia circulates, watching Tony now and then with a hint of amusement on her face. It doesn't take her too long before she's approaching the Queen of the Nile and the other clustering around her, like Caesar, and the Witches.

What's with everyone he talks to running off in another direction? Did he forget the Axe? Shaking it off in favor of trailing after Iron Man, Mal finds himself meeting up with the slowly gathering crowd of various individuals. "Quite the gathering of fictional and historical people we've got going on here. How is everyone?" Mal appears to be fairly laid back, and all but teaming with a repressed energy.

"I, um… hi," Rashmi says faintly, dipping her head at Magneto and Emma, brushing down her skirts. Not that they need any real amount of adjustment, but it serves well enough to keep her from looking too much like she doesn't belong. The bubbles freeze at Magneto's quip, and the elder mutant gets avery respectful, of courseannoyed glance, but is thankfully saved from having to answer by the arrival of the Two Tonys, which gives her a minute to recover her poise by sorting out who is who. Costume party, so, Mal must be the real one. "Hello, Mr. Stark. I, um… this is a *wonderful* party, thank you very much for having me."

Standing there with Ceaser and Cleopatria, Holly Golightly hasn't been saying much but there is a smile at Ga-linda and Elphaba as they approach. "It's good to see you two again, and I hope you're enjoying yourself tonight 'Good witch'." She says to Rashmi as she puts her cigarette in her mouth. As Tony approaches Jessica smiles. "Oh Dahling this is a wonderful party, just simply wonderful. I'm having a blast dahling. How about you all?" She says in her best Audrey Hepburn impression.

Those manicured and decorated eyes flick towards the incoming Companion, and there's a sudden murmur from Emma of "Incoming." Still looking to Caeser Magnus and Ms. Golightly, the two lionesses peel off and walk towards Alessia, and then slowly begin to circle her. No threatening growls or anything, but both look up at her with those predator's calm eyes. For Elphaba and Glinda, and even Holly, the other linesmen from the Giants attend to them, by obtaining snacks and replacement drinks for them as required. It would be noted by those that follow the game is all four are single, and none of them have the dead-eye look of the mind-controlled. With her grin spreading, the adorned woman replies to Tony, "Lao pung yo, nee can chi lai hun yo jing shen."

Abe gave a quick nod towards Tony Stark as he got closer to where the gathering had been a moment ago, speaking up loud enough to be heard; "Great Mr.Stark, not sure how to compliment you on this I'm sure you've heard it all so cheers." His glass of wine lifted up and was finished off, around him the where he was standing groups seemed to be moving and fluctuating. Himself remaining in place. Each person present had gotten a brief glance, a regarding thought and then he would re-absorb himself in remaining a respectful bug on the wall. His attention caught from his own thoughts to look off towards the slight commotion Alessia seemed to stir up.

"You're welcome, thanks for coming," Teen Tony answers, automatically… just as Mal says the same thing. It's like stereo. Unfazed, Iron Teen nods to Magneto, "Ave Caesar," and says with a just-slightly-callow smile to Cleopatra, "Your Highness, I'm sure you'd be as lovely in green as you are in silk."
He nods in the direction of the Blue Beetle, "Thanks, Beetle."

Alessia simply smiles, a glance at Tony-Mal, as she keeps walking. "Good evening." Is offered with a melodic touch to the words. Brown eyes settle on Cleopatra, that soft smile still in place. "Good evening, Queen of the Nile. You've apparently anticipated me. While Ah understand you have a theme going, Ah'm afraid Ah have to ask you to remove your lovely large felines from the building. There may be people who find them intimidating, or have allergies. "

She-Hulk grins at Holly's greeting. "It's good to see you to-OH!" she exclaims as a rather good looking footballer hands her a little snack. "Hell-LO there, handsome!" It looks like she's about to consider flirting a bit more but her eyes drop to her charge and thinks better of it. Alessia's words catch her interest, though. "I don't think they're doing any harm, uh, whoever you're supposed to be." Clearly She-Hulk is NOT a big Firefly fan. "And besides. If they get out of line I'm sure that almost everybody here could single handedly take them on. Besides," she says, walking up to one and petting it on the head. "They're just pretty little kitties on the inside. Aren't you?" Now she goes off the deep and and starts speaking kitty-speak. "Who's a pretty kitty? You are! Yes, you're a precious kitty!"

Jessica grins at She-Hulk's 'kitty speak' and lets out a chuckle. "I don't think they're doing any harm darling. This is a party it's meant to be fun. Loosen up a bit, grab some champagne, dance, enjoy yourself." She says as she turns to Emma and takes a drag off the cigarette. "Honestly, these things taste awful but it was more fun to have it be real, and I think you look fine as you are, I don't believe Green is your colour."

Truth be known, Theo isn't the type for costume parties. He never can think of cool characters, and if he does, he feels silly to dress up as them. But when Tony invited him to a party, he certainly wasn't going to turn it down.
And so he comes through the doors, dressed in the best costume he can think of. What character is he? A red fedora, a black dress shirt, a red tie compliment his bright red zoot suit. It's snazzy, but it doesn't do anything to make him look older for the bar. It's obvious where his first paycheck went. Those who would notice will notice that this isn't a cheap zoot suit, it's the real thing. Hopefully he'll manage not to stain it with all the tasty goodies.

Oh, look! He's being glared at. Magnus' night is looking up already. He turns away from Glinda, smiling smugly, and watches Inara's approach. He smirks as she speaks and awaits the Great Queen's response. Meanwhile, he politely ignores the existence of kitty-speaking Elphaba's and nabs himself another glass of wine off a tray. "Young man," addressing himself to Tony Jr.'s greeting. "Ave. —That armor would look better in caligae." Still with the wicked smile.

The lioness that She-Hulk begins to kitty-speak at hefts and cat-hugs the woman, giving her a nosing on the cheek, and then a long lick that would scrape a bit if it weren't for that gamma-reinforced skin. The other one gives Alessia a look and then comes over towards the group, and stops at Mal's side to push at his hand for pettings. Emma looks back and forth at the pair, and takes a replacement glass from her attendant, sipping from it before she smiles at Alessia and says, "I was not made aware that I was not allowed my full costume for this. They are perfectly harmless right now, but the further from me they become, the harder it would be to control them… and I would not presume upon Master Reynolds or Mister Stark to construct facilities for their keeping off the cuff" Another sip and her grin becomes completely insolent, "And… ninety five floors of… offices… ducting… storage rooms. So -many- places for them to… hide…"

Tony offers up a pleased smile at the Beetle. "Excellent costume, friend." His attention is drawn toward Emma however when she addresses him directly, he can't help but tease "Been about an hour hasn't it?" It would appear he wasn't the only geek in attendance this evening. The conversation about the cats seems to be a pretty contentious point, even more so when one cuddles up to him. "I hate to disturb the kitty worship but Inara's request is based souly from a security standpoint. I think for the sake of keeping the peace and comfort of everyone, the awesome pawsome could recline in a far corner perhaps? Since your control over them seems proximal. I would hate for you to have to go out to the limo with them, and miss fun." That seems about the best he can come up with at the moment, to keep things from blowing up spectacularly.

Looking from Alexandria to Cesar to Inara to Mal, Glinda seems to decide that with Elphaba distracted by an over sized kitty, now would be an *excellent* time to escape the growing crowd of Type A personalities. Edging to one side, she weaves around a couple of chatting dilettantes, and makes a beeline for the bar. "Um… Ginger ale, please," she asks of the bartender, earning a raised eyebrow and a nod. Turning, she breathes a sigh of relief, casting her eyes over the crowd and wondering, not for the first time, how she ever managed to rate attendance at a party like this.

"Urk." Abe manages around some of the wine he'd just downed, a chuckle coming from him. Beetle, well that was his own doing. Still awkward to heard it be said, not having expected to hear it in that sort of a light tone. "You're welcome Iron… Teen." Studying the suit/disguise, flawless from where he could see maybe if he got a better look…. Then Tony's reply only continued the ironic amusement he was feeling, though some pride filled him when he actually heard the word friend involved. "Thanks, I found it fitting all things considered. Looking pretty snappy yourself Captain. "Taking himself to another waiter bot while the scene with the females was diffused.

"Ah, but there's only one Tony Stark," Teen Tony says to Caesar. "Perhaps next year."
He makes a face at She-Hulk kitty-kitty-kitchy-kooing, and suppresses a flight instinct as the tensions escalate, leaving it for his older counterpart to take the lead dealing with the cat-fight, stepping back out of range of the combatants for the moment. A few polite compliments to Miss Golightly as he looks for another glass of clear sparkling beverage. That takes him to where he can see the entrance of one be-Zooted young man, and he puts on the Stark Greeting Smile (#2, warm) and waves a hello. "Mister Fegenbush. Good to see you could make it."
Because of course, he knows the NAME of the new hire. Anything else, not necessarily.

"This is not a discussion or a democratic decision to be made." Alessia says with that same tone to her voice, though for all it has a melody, there is no mistaking the steel beneath. "Ah'm afraid that Ah don't particularly care. Your animals and their control are your concern, the comfort and safety of people here is mine." Eyes return from looking at Jennifer and Jessica in turn to regard Cleopatra-ized Emma. "If you can not send them somewhere away from the party where there can be kept to await you and not be destructive, Ah'm afraid Ah shall have to ask you to remove yourself as well. You should have perhaps checked, before bringing what is considered wild animals to a crowded party, to be sure they would be allowed and welcomed. Whether you consider them harmless or no, Ah can not afford that luxury in my position. Now please, have them removed." All of it is said politely, with a polite little smile, while contacts help hide anything that otherwise might be shown in her usually blue gaze.

Jennifer laughs as the cat gets affectionate with her. She stops at Alessia's words though, frowning. "Miss… I'm sorry. I don't think Tony ever gave me your last name. I can personally assure you that your guests will be totally /fine/. Look," she says, easily picking up the lioness like it was an ordinary house cat. Without even grunting. "I can bend tanks into pretzels. I think I can handle a few cats."

"Very well." Emma says politely and with a motion of her hand the two lionesses break off their respective affection to trot off to one corner away from most of the crowd, passing through with ease, and then end up under one of the buffet tables, out of view, and out of mind. Arching a brow at Alessia, her arm rises for Caeser as she says to the man while still staring at the Companion-clad woman, "Shall we circulate, Great Caesar? There are many guests to meet, and we have been remiss in out time taken with the darling witch and others." Turning her head finally, it's to Lincoln and the Tonies, inclining it once more in polite deference, "In deference to the host… in thanks for not bringing his untamed beasts to my home… my lovelies will remain where they cannot disturb the festivities."

Mr. Zoot Suit, Theo, wades through the crowd, looking for Tony. He doesn't expect that anyone else he knows will be present. He hasn't met anyone else yet when a teenage version of Tony Stark introduces himself. "Hi," he says with a friendly smile, but one that seems to be faking recognition. "How's it going?" One of the robots serving food moves past him, and he grabs a toothpick with a cheese block. He pulls it off the end and chomps it down. "That suit is pretty sweet," he says. "Where do people get this stuff made anyway?"

It wouldn't be a true party without drama, though a drunk would have been easier to manage than this particular situation. This matter is out of his hands, and he sends up a silent prayer that the others don't continue to undermine the security request. As the group begins to break up around him, he finds himself standing virtually alone save for Elphaba, and heaves out a pained sigh, "There are some days when I wish I wasn't an alcoholic. This would be one of them, fyi."

Jennifer scowls at Alessia, "And I would appreciate it if you were to /trust/ that a room full of Avengers, X-Men, and… uh… Magneto who all have had extensive training and experience in handling emergency situations can handle a pair of /tame lions./ Augh!" Throwing up her hands in disgust she storms towards the bar to stand next to Glinda, passing Tony along the way. "Some girlfriend you got there," she says in passing.

The doors to the party open up, and in strolls Jayne; clad in the weaponry that would befit him from the movie. ANd he seems to be on a mission as he strolls over towards 'Mal'. Singling him out easily in the crowd. "You little Hwoon dahn," growls out the man as he gets closer. THen he smiles and claps the man on the shoulder, "What've I missed?" Though now this gives him time to hear Al and her predicament. He lets out an eugh before he starts to head over there. "Eh, Al? I'd trust her if she says that she has the animals under control. Honestly, I know from first hand experience," says the man as he puts a hand on Al's shoulder. "Calm down just a smidge." Then Jennifer chimes in and the man just winces a bit before he starts to scoot away.

Magnus grins as Cleopatra deigns to bend, and his arm is there when her hand rises to rest on it. "For the incomparable pleasure of your companionship, O Queen, I would face far worse than the trials of circulating amongst the hoi-polloi." He pauses as Inara presses her point. "How far is far enough, young lady? One hundred feet? Two hundred? A thousand?" An expansive wave of his hand, and the banquet table the cats reside under starts to melt. "Or is this going to be tediously unpleasant, as you become repetitively obnoxious?" He's grinning the whole time.

Al looks at Jennifer. "Shut up. If you can't cease being intrusive in my job…" A glare for Jayne. "Regardless if she has them under control, that will not help anyone who may have fear or allergies." A turn of her eyes towards Caesar. "Ah already said. When she removes them from this party, to somewhere else where there is not a crowd of people. If she can trust them to not be destructive, Ah am sure a lower floor will do just fine until she can collect them. If not, Ah will have to ask her to remove them herself to another premise. She is, of course, welcome to return afterwards, if such a thing is necessary."

Abe resigns himself to silence as the Inara figure pushes the topic. He downs another glass of wine, motioning for another. Here he thought the heroes got along at bashes like this, but really they were sort of reminding him of Masters of Evil gatherings, this made the wine sour in his mouth and he he curls his nose up. Watching a table begin to melt and going off what he could recall from the Avenger's databases he made a note to self, work with some more plastic composites and try to find some anti-magnetic additions for suit. Giving a curteous nod to the young man in the Zoot Suit as Jayne had entered into the stage.

Iron Kid smiles as his armor is complimented. "Thanks, I made it myself. Oh, there are some great costumes here. Increasing number in a Firefly theme for some of them," he says gesturing towards the newly arrived Jayne. "And have you seen Mal yet?"
He starts to lead the way towards the older Tony, past the tall green woman and the shorter guy in the very complete Blue Beetle suit. He ignores the fracas, completely, as the sort of thing that Tony Stark always ignores at parties once someone is Handling Them. Delegation, the businessman's super-power.

Taking a single, deep breath, Emma stops her movement, meeting Alessia's eyes evenly before one cultured eyebrow arches and then settles once more, "The nature of restraint is that it exists within us to hold back our full potential because of the fear it can instill in others. Those darlings? They are not the dangerous ones here… If anything, they are merely playing the role I have seen fit for them tonight. They are now away, and in a place to do little harm, where they will remain. However… every magazine and newspaper down there took pictures of them coming in with me. And they will take pictures of them leaving. And the morning news and papers will have it on their coverage… Emma Frost ejected from Stark Gala. And I will be sure they know WHO did this."

Turning from Magneto for a moment, she walks with all the sexy saunter that the sheer outfit she has on can muster, Emma makes her way back to Mal, and plucks from her bosom a check. Placing that check into Tony's pocket, she leans in and kisses him ever so lightly on the lips, smiling demurely, she returns to Caeser's side, and reassumes her place on his arm.

"So," Rashmi manages as Jennifer storms over to the bar. "How about that Local Sports Team? When they scored the points and won the game?" Tugging at one of her sleeves, she shakes her head, casting another glance around the gardens. "Still… Thank you, Jennifer. I mean, I never thought I'd get to *see* anything like this… it even beats out the whole flying through space in the car a few days ago!"

Alessia doesn't pause, moving towards Emma. "Then you will leave. Ah was very clear, ma'am. Ah don't care how many people we have here that are more than human, it is my duty to make sure /everyone/ here is safe and comfortable. You will leave now, and you will take them with you. This is not a request. Leave the premises now, with your animals, under your own free will, and no one will think you were ejected." Al's chin lifts, as she regards the older woman. "If you do not, Ah will have security escort you out."

She-Hulk visibly bristles at being told to shut up. She doesn't turn around and stalk back since she's already at the bar with Rashmi. She takes a deep breath and turns around to lean on the bar after ordering something strong enough to paralyze a horse. "So. Yes. Them Yankees. Good team." Rashmi's words seem to act as a salve on Jennifer mood, "Really? You think so? I mean, this /is/ something of a unique party but it's not every day somebody gets to go out in space."

Jayne looks over at Iron Kid for a moment before he points over and turns towards Mal just in time to see the kiss and he just says, "Oh… crap." He looks back at IK and laughs a bit. "I'll be back." He makes his way back to Mal; mumbling something under his breath to the man as Emma makes her way away from him. He looks over at Alessia before he lets out a soft laugh. "Wanna drink?" He starts to nudge Mal to the bar.

"Mal? Yeah, I saw that show," Theo confirms to Teddy and Abe. "Who dressed up as Mal?" It's as he asks he spots Tony. Theo's attention is broken as the situation between Emma and Alessia escalates. "Holy shit, there's lions here?" he says. "I think that's our new headmistress from the school," he comments, recognizing Emma slightly. They haven't talked before, but he's aware of what she looks like. One eyebrow raises. "That's going to make it harder to get a drink. I hope she gets herself kicked out soon." He glances around at the robots, and spots one with wine on it. It changes direction, and begins coming toward him. Apparently, despite his comment, he's willing to try for the wine anyway. Maybe Emma doesn't know who he is.

"I don't believe she will." Magnus says lazily to Inara. "After all, I have possession of them right now. And what do you propose to do about that?" The banquet table has collapsed, then reformed under the tablecloth; various trays and salvers resting upon it grew legs and walked off to other tables while this was happening. The reformed table, still covered by the cloth, now rolls out toward the middle of the floor. "I suggest opening a window, young lady. If I have to make one…" He nods to Lincoln and then to someone dressed as Teddy Roosevelt. "Do it now."

If matters couldn't get any more interesting the table the cats are under starts to melt into another form, and Mal is graced with Jayne's presence. "First party in over a year …" he grumbles. He's about to interfere again when he's held up by the arrival of the Zoot Suit, and his younger self. Before he has a chance Emma comes into view and leaves Stark stunned in her wake. When he's regained a modicum of thought he strolls over to Emma's side in a tone that is laced with his frustration, "Cleo, I appreciate your donation, and your hospitality towards me," and pauses when the Roman speaks. "Since you were simply asked to remove them and then rejoin the party, I am standing by that statement with my full support. As such, I will assist you, Cesar, and hopefully this matter can be dropped to everyone's satisfaction."

"Wouldn't advise that, Mr. Fegenbush," Teen Tony says when Theo reaches for the alcoholic aperitif.
"Wait for the private after-party if you must, but this is a very well reported public event and I'd like it if you don't get me a citation for contributing to delinquency." That's the Tony that the Iron Teen knows so well and … oh my. Things have gone from dramatic to DRAMATIC. He scans the room to see whether anyone's starting to panic. Wild animals, yeah. The dangerous ones.

"Been off the air for years and it's still got a fanbase. Not bad. " Abe says casually, trying to change subject from the minor scene, securities job as it was it made sense what Alessia was doing, you'd think something like bringing large predatory cats no matter how tame would have been cleared beforehand. They pulled their weight and made for the purpose they were intended, put on a great show. Not that the attractive Cleopatra needed much help in that department. Most these women here were stunning in their own right, was a Hollywood movie in here, even with the garish to fantastic costumes. The calm seemed shattered as Magneto then spoke, that bit of 'uh oh' welling up again. "Out with the wild animals, the former terrorists and criminals can remain!" He jokes under his breath.

Jayne just waits where Mal left him, looking around the party for a moment before he vacates his spot and heads over towards the bar. Humming to himself as he just seems smiling a bit. When he gets to the bar, he looks over at the bartender and says, "Gimme a shot of Everclear, 190 proof." He turns around to watch the party, keeping clear of the two people he knows most as he stands on the edge.

"Well yeah… I mean, everybody's been asking what it's like, but I was trying to figure out what kind of legal representation space aliens would need, you know?" Shrugging, she gestures out toward the party. "This, though…? Nothing to do with work, period. All I need to do is—Oh! That reminds me," she says, as Jayne makes his way toward the bar, and she starts to dig in the little clutch purse hanging from her elbow. "Pictures. *Must* have pictures. I've been asked."

There is a frostiness to Emma's glass that should not be, and a film of ice has formed along the edges inside before she finally sets the drink to the side. Closing her eyes a moment, there's a brief moment of concentration that passes over her before she opens them once more, "There… both will sleep until morning, and the handlers pick them up. You will not have to worry about any mess or bother from them. I am nothing if not grateful to reasonable minds." But then her gaze levels on Inara, and a slow grin returns to her, "You know… Malcolm Reynolds never got the girl… it was a horribly fated romance. And even if they loved each other, there was always Mal… being Mal." And with that said she moves off to join Magneto, deliberately snubbing the Companion.

Theo wasn't expecting to be spotted. He probably should have, given that he's wearing a bright red suit. He mutters something under his breath, but puts the glass back on the robot, and shoves his hands in his pockets. No use in giving Tony more of a headache than he already has. Another robot joins the first, but they don't continue making their rounds, they just hang next to Theo. The boy doesn't seem to notice, though.
The reason that he doesn't notice is that he has not realized that his headmistress is on the arm of Magneto. "Wait, what the hell?" he says aloud, eyes wide and fixed on Magneto. He spots Rashmi, and excuses himself from Teddy and Abe. He reaches her side, the robots still following him, and being joined by a third. "Rashmi, do you see what I see? Is that even allowed?"

Tony rubs a hand over his face, before he walks with Cesar to float the cage of sleeping lions out of the room and down to another floor. Security would see to it that the room was guarded so that no wanderer would stumble upon them. "Jayne!" Tony calls out on his way out of the party knowing that even amongst all the noise that Jayne will hear him. As Stark is having absolutely no fun at his own party he may return after the urge to down a bottle of Scotch is done with.

Jennifer chuckles at Rashmi, downing her drink very quickly. She takes another deep breath. "Yes. This is turning out to be quite a party." Emerald eyes dart over to Theo before giving him an exaggerated shrug. "Are you going to ask him to leave? He's being civil right now, and there are a LOT of super heroes around, so I doubt he'd try anything. Besides. This IS a Stark party. You just don't miss these."

Jayne looks over at Rashmi and grins a bit s the bartender lights the shot on fire. "Catch a good shot." He blows that fire out and then downs the everclear before slamming the glass back down on the table. SHaking his head with a sharp intake of breath. "Hoo! Forgot how strong that stuff was!" Then his name is called and he spins around, "Yes, Cap'n?! Are we bein' bad guys now?" Kaji and the Firefly box set. How he spent most weekends.

Al glances at Tony, then at various places where she has security posted. There is a signal given, before she is following Tony. "Tony." Her voice is low, and hard edged.

Iron Teen Tony closes his eyes and counts to ten in Cantonese, then rubs a hand over his face. The party needs to be revived.
"And that's the entertainment break, folks," he says to the silent mob of donors in less snazzy costumes. "Let's get back to partying." He looks around. "Where are those drink bots?"

Rashmi bobs her head, eyes wandering over the party. "Besides," she says, smiling as she takes note of the Blue Beetle, squnting briefly. "I *think* that's one of the Thunderbolts, over there. I remember the interview on TV a couple weeks ago. I—okay, hang on." The diatribe is interrupted, as a cellphone is raised, pictures snapped of Jayne post turn, then of the Zoot Suit Riot. "Anyway! We're here to have fun, right? So let's do like Not-Tony says and have fun!"

There's a soft vibration in Jayne's pocket, and he pulls it out and just nods. "Shiny." He offers a two fingered salute to the people at the bar as he heads off. "Enjoy the bar and the food! I'm bein' called else where." And with that, he's off to where Tony told him to go.

Magnus doesn't actually accompany the rolling banquet table/lion cage. He doesn't have to; he can control the device from where he's standing. Yes, it's a power stunt, and his expression gets a little strained as the thing rolls out of the room and out of sight, but? Worth it. Totally. Meanwhile, he will escort Cleopatra with all of the poise he can manage—billowing cloak and all.

With Alessia not being able to see her, the smile comes back to Emma's lips as she moves along with Caeser Magnus to another spot where she can nod in greeting to some, murmuring to the man, "Well… I have kissed the host in front of his paramour, offended someone horribly, and made a scene that managed to garner the attention of all. All that needs happen now is an explosion, and the night will be complete. More Champagne?"

Mal is now standing out in the hall in front of the elevator with two en-caged sleeping cats, a security officer, and soon Jayne and Inara. To say that Tony is less than thrilled on many fronts is an understatement. However, by all appearances he seems eerily calm. "Firstly, these cats are not to be disturbed by anyone other than Cesar, Cleo or a member of security. Secondly," and he turns toward Jayne. "You were under advisement not to be here. If you can keep it together I may need you with me." Lastly he locks gazes with Al and hopes that the outcome of this entire ordeal is acceptable.

The technopath gives an incredulous look to Rashmi as she takes his picture, and then looks back at Magnus. "This can only end in tears," he comments. "I tried to have fun, but I got caught. Next time I'm coming dressed as one of those bots, it'll be easier to get a drink." He still hasn't noticed that he has all of the bots starting to congregate around him. Another one joins, making four, but this one actually runs into him.
"Hey!" he says, now noticing his 'following'. He takes a piece of shrimp off of one, and holds his arms aloft. "Shoo," he commands them, but they seem to stay put. "How'd you get here, anyway?" he asks Rashmi belatedly. More of a question of how she got invited, though, rather than her mode of transportation.

She-Hulk tilts her head at the Blue Beetle and squints along with Rashmi. "I don't know," she says doubtfully. "Who do you think he is?" She nods at Rashmi's wise decision and asks, "So. Want to go talk to him?"

On the side of heady at this point from the wine he was slowing down, getting just water. His composure wasn't something Abe wanted to lose in a crowd like this, pulling up his checkbook he leans over one of the tables and begins to write out one check, signing it off to Stark. The amusing part of this, the Thunderbolts funder was Baron Von Strucker, this money he was donating wasn't one scratch out of Abe's own pocket. A pleased smile forms on his features below the blue mask as he makes way over towards one of the costumed figures with a Stark Industries laminated ID badge, "You able to take this for Tony?"Felt awkward calling the man by his first name but considering Cleopatra and Caesar, 'when in Rome'. He gave smile towards the woman; who was more than likely there for donations as it was. Abe wasn't entirely sure how this worked. The check handed over he took up his water finishing it off reset onto a passing bot's hand held tray, following this with taking up another glass. "Thanks." One more and it's time to head home.

Caesar Magnus laughs. "I did offer to make a window. How disappointing to be turned down." He pulls a servo-bot over and allows Cleopatra to select her drink. He'd hand it to her, but he's still tracking the lion cage, and that's splitting his attention a bit too much—dropping the glass would spoil the gesture.

"You need to allow me to remove her from this party, or .." Alessia tells Tony rather bluntly, trailing off. "She disrespected you, and me as head of your Security, as did your fellow Avenger. If Ah'm not being allowed to do my job, Tony, and have your full support, why should Ah keep up the fascade?" Emma's kissing Tony hadn't even come into Al's equation.

Jayne holds his hands up with a soft smirk. "Hey, I've been doing rather good after I had my talk. Large crowds of people aren't /that/ much of an overload." He shrugs a bit with a smirk and quotes the show once more, "Can't so somethin' smart, do somethin' right. Us three are a team. Even if it is shakey." He looks over at Al, and stays out of this one. He came in during the end of it.

Aha. Teen Tony spots the robots, as yet anothr breaks off from its appointed rounds, and puts two and two together. He walks over to Caesar and Cleopatra, and nods.
"I believe you have a minor teachable moment," he says pleasantly, not really intending to rat Theo out, but 2+2=mutant needing control, and he nods back towars the throng of bots around Theo.
"If you don't mind, Ma'am? The crowd needs lubrication more than he does."

"You're both in a room of people with ego's that are all about as bad as mine. You call them to the carpet and they're going to lash back in their own way." Tony begins as the elevator is taking forever to get there. "They've conceded the point and are acquiescing to the request while saving face. Yes, you may not like it, I sure as hell don't like it but this tends to happen when you have a ton of type-A personalities stuffed in a room."

Sipping at her flute, she stops and turns to face Caesar, and be able to observe most of the crowd for the moment as she covers for him, "Not to worry… you see… it would be rather impolitic of Anthony to dismiss me from his party… and…" She pauses though as the Iron Virgin comes over and speaks to her. Emma nods politely in response and as she follows the view to where Theodore is. Who then hears in his mind, «Mr. Fegenbush. A pleasure to meet you. Impressive that you can attend such a soiree. Do remember the school you are representing. Let's not continue this chat in my office… mentally… while you're in the midst of a hangover.»

"Sure!" Rashmi says, downing the last of her ginger ale and setting the glass on the table. "C'mon, Theo," she says, grabbing hold of the boy's wrist. "Let's say hi to the Blue Be—Ooohhh, *funny.*" Hitting her forehead with the heel of her palm, she chuckles. "Beetle. *Cute!* I forget, which one of them used to be called Beetle? D'you remember, Ms. Walters-who-helped-me-get-a-ticket-here?" Theo's question, suddenly remembered needing an answer, so one is supplied as well as her jumping train of thought can manage.

Theo adjusts his hat as he is grabbed by the wrist. "The Blue who?" he asks, not aware that he has just been pointed out to Magneto. "Oh yeah, your internship," he says, realizing the connection. He uses his power to send one of the servo bots away, and then the next. It seems to be lacking effectiveness, though, and he kicks the first one lightly as it returns to him, trying to act nonchalant and continue his conversation with Rashmi, looking at the Blue Beetle.

Abe pauses as he stares down at another glass realizing he still had the trip to make back home he puts it down. Looking at the woman he'd handed the check to he spoke up again,"Give my regards to Mr.Stark if you would please. I would myself but I need to be getting on my way." That same smile was on his features and he was making way towards the door, catching Rashmi, Theo and Jennifer glancing his direction he would raise up one blue clad hand waving at them. "Have a great night folks." He said loudly. Not realizing they had any intention of speaking towards him. No doubt they would all encounter one another again one of these days.

Jayne quirks a brow as he then tilts his head a bit, opening his maw to say something then just shuts it. He's not going to argue, even though he had no issues in that room. He just wanted to have a night of fun. He leans up against a wall, his eyes settling down on the sleeping lions before he looks back at the other two.

"Thank you," the younger Tony says, and remains for a moment while watching the crowd, relaxing slowly and collecting drinks as quickly as they can. The reporters are putting smartphones and stylish netbooks to good use, as are the bloggers, and Teen Tony gives artificial smile #5, Always Glad For A Photo-Op, to one intrepid soul who snaps him talking to Magneto-Caesar and the Queen of the Nile.
"Honestly, this is going much better than I expected," he says. "But now I must mingle, by your leaves?"
The man in the red and gold armor stands just a little bit higher as roller-skates extend under his feet and he starts gliding in the general direction of the She-Hulk.

Caesar Magnus tilts his head and looks around in Theo's direction. He's still distracted… until the lion cage is locked into the room downstairs, and then he's not distracted any longer. He swaps the glass he's already carrying for another as he studies the boy. His eyes narrow and… every 'bot around Theo suddenly zips away from him, as he magnetically pulls them to other corners of the room. "Insecurity of youth," he mutters. "And poor power control on the subconscious level. Of course, he's still very new to his abilities." Not that Magnus excuses the boy for that; conscious control is that much more important, in that kind of situation.

"Oh.. he's leaving," Rashmi murmurs, mildly disappointed as Abe heads for the door. "And I didn't get a picture…" With a light sigh, she drops Theo's hand, raising a shoulder. "Oh well… oh hey! Not-Tony's coming, that'll do!" Smiling for the roller-skating armored one, she lifts a hand, then glances down behind Theo, at the dogged servo-bot. "Um… Theo. I think it likes you. Try not to kick it?"

Theo frowns, "It won't leave me alone," he answers, "It's—" He stops when they suddenly scatter, and then looks back at Magneto. There's a certain look of contempt on his face, as if he felt patronized by the assistance. "There," he says to Rashmi, "That's better. Never had anything like that happen before," he says. Then again, he's not usually in a situation where the machines can move around without being directly manipulated.

Emma exhales as she turns away, and crosses one arm under to prop her elbow up and take a long sip from her flute, tilting her head to look to one side and off to the horizon, "Things such as these are why I've asked you to come work with us. While the students have mentors, and some are good leaders… we have some who need a much more deft touch that they cannot offer. But tonight is not about business." And turning back she gives Magneto a genuine smile, "Thank you for helping me back there… were it not for your timely intervention, I might have forgotten myself. As it stands, Tony's parties are well known for their extravagance. People will assume it was all part of 'the show'."

"Well, if you can't have cats, then you can have pet server bots," quips She-Hulk. She looks just as disappointed as Rashmi is when the Blue Beetle departs so instead turns her attention to Theo. "So. Mr. Fengbush, was it? I'm She-Hulk," she says sticking out an emerald hand. "I take it you were one of Rashmi's classmates at Xavier's?"

"Hello again, Lady Glinda," Teen Tony says as he moves closer to the nascent lawyer and her mentor. A glance at Theo as he's abandoned by the robots now; "You see? Abuse them and they leave you. It's why I try not to kick my minions."
When he reaches a conversational distance, he's interrupted by a tap on the shoulder, and handed a check by a supporter, and he smiles and says, "I thank you and the Maria Stark Foundation thanks you."
A gesture to a nearby badged Stark representative brings her closer, and he says, "Take care of this for me, please. I left my pockets in my other pants."

Alessia waits until they can get into the elevator. "You have rendered me unable to do my job as head of security. You undermined me and made it clear you either didn't trust my judgment, or were unwilling to let me carry out what Ah saw as a necessity. If you're not going to allow me to do my job, then Ah will have to resign. Allowing them to save face, means you've shamed mine, Tony."

"Theo," The Zoot Suit Riot introduces himself to She-Hulk. "Yeah, I went to school with her, and I work for Tony's R&D department." It's said with pride. Not many teens can say that their first job is working with R&D at Stark Industries. "I think they'll get over it," he says to Teddy. "Robots are great that way."

Caesar Magnus takes a deep breath and a deep drink from his wineglass, though he almost spit-takes when Cleopatra implies that he is 'deft'. "I can name several people who would dispute that characterization…!" he says, his humor restored. Theo's glare is ignored; if the boy could control himself, Magnus wouldn't have stepped in. Pouting doesn't impress the Mutant Master of Magnetism. "But I will say that Stark has a problem." He finishes off his wine and offers his arm again. "Another circuit of the room? I am sure there are people here who have not been dazzled enough nearly enough by your presence."

"See, now you *know* it's a good costume," Rashmi says, chuckling and extending her hand. "Rashmi Franklin, by the way. Who are you really, Not-Tony?" This last, said a bit louder and more toward the partygoer edging up behind Teddy, check in hand, who starts a bit and blinks, puzzled, but retreats. She opens her mouth to say more, but blinks, turning her head to gape at Theo. "Wow, you got the job *already?* Good going, I *told* you you'd do it!"

There is enough chill to Tonys voice when he speaks that it could freeze the elevator in place, "I supported your decision to have the animals removed from the floor; they were removed. You got the animals removal, which was the entire point. I have not undermined your efforts, nor did I intend to do so, all I have attempted is to keep the peace and support your decision to remove the animals. If this has become a conflict of interests then I would rather sort it out now, than lose something important due to this situation."

Reaching up, Cleopatra touches Caesar's cheek and gives him a very soft smile, "You have been stalwart and gentlemanly all night on my behalf… between Anthony and yourself I am finding myself very quickly charmed more than the usual. One more circuit… perhaps a half-circuit, but I should retire for the sake of the rest of the entourage. Shall we?"

"See, now you *know* it's a good costume," Rashmi says, chuckling and extending her hand. "Rashmi Franklin, by the way. Who are you really, Not-Tony?" This last, said a bit louder and more toward the partygoer edging up behind Teddy, check in hand, who starts a bit and blinks, puzzled, but retreats. She opens her mouth to say more, but blinks, turning her head to gape at Theo. "Wow, you got the job *already?* Good going, I *told* you you'd do it!""

Kaji actually shudders when Tony speaks, the chill that apparent to him. He stays quiet though still. He wasn't there for it to start, he only saw the end of the debacle.

"Who am I really?" A very Tony Stark smirk breaks out on the Iron Teen's face. "I am what you see before you, dear lady of the Quadlings." A roguish wink to Jennifer, but he doesn't really answer the question.

"No, the woman responsible for them did /not/ remove them. If it wasn't for you and that pompous ass Caesar, they would still be there. She should have been removed, point blank, when she went to walk away from me. Yes, there is a conflict of interest." Alessia's voice rises from the cool polite tone it has had all evening. "It's funny, Ah thought one of the reasons you hired me was that Ah wasn't dazzled by money or power. Yet that same lack of kissing ass because it happens to belong to some rich bitch, has brought us to this. If you can't allow me to do my job without interfering to allow people to save face, no, Ah can't work for you."

She-Hulk's eyebrows shoot up at Theo's mention of his new job. "Really, R&D? That's impressive. He really must have taken a shine to you." She gives Teddy an exaggerated roll of the eyes in answer to his wink, followed with a shake of the head.

Caesar Magnus grins, the wicked back in his expression. "Stalwart, perhaps, but I think I could find a few people to dispute that 'gentlemanly', too. But thank you, Great Queen, for your compliment. It makes an old soldier's heart proud." He will drift through the throng, nodding and smiling, small talk when necessary. Smiles for the people at the bar—even Theo. Unless, of course, he's collected another 'bot fan group.

Emma motions to her entourage and nods once, the four Giants seem to catch the gesture and begin to head back out and downstairs while she continues on with her escort. Speaking softly, laughing when appropriate, playing the part as much as possible but never once taking down even an iota of her superior air. As she passes by, Jennifer is given something of a comraderic nod and then motions with her head towards the departing foursome. Then she touches her finger to her lips and winks before going back to her professional mingling with those who know her, and those who don't.

"I interfered because you clearly don't know who you're dealing with," Tony growls. "Emma Frost, and Magneto. Ring any bells? There are some people you don't jam sticks into to get what you want. I've warned Kaji about this already and apparently now you're getting the same. If you don't want to have to deal with people, like them for example, with kid gloves instead of the direct method it might be for the best that you don't have to deal with them at all because this sort of thing tends to happen all the damn time."

"Uh-hhhuh," Rashmi says, the corner of her mouth tilting upward. "Then you've got a great body double, because I could have *sworn* Mr. Stark was older, and was at the Melting Pot last week with that lady who walked out of here with the other Tony—who, again, I thought was *the* one. Plus it's a costume party, and Mr. Stark is all dressed up, and you're in the suit. So, um, yeah, I'm *pretty* sure it's not Mr. Stark I see before me."

"Of course I got the job!" Theo answers Rashmi with a grin. "I'm working on some pretty sweet stuff, too," he says. "I even got a company car. It's a ferrari." Well, kinda. "I am pretty good with the sciences," he says to the lawyer without apology for his pride. "Tony appreciated that, and wanted me to be able to be even better. I give him a fresh perspective, and I get to learn about more advanced technology." It seems that he is doing his part to gain control over his power through knowledge. And despite what it may have looked like a moment ago, he has advanced considerably.

"Ah don't /care/. Ah was following a logical conclusion, a logical path of action. She shouldn't have been bringing wild animals to a crowded party, no matter her reasoning. Ah was perfectly polite in my request.. Save your growling for someone it frightens." Dark wig is pulled off, and pins are being plucked to unleash her natural red hair. "She was a bitch about it, and you allowed her to ignore your head of security and kissed her ass. To hell with you, Stark. Ah'm resigning. Ah'll get my stuff right now and leave."

"Ah," says, She-Hulk knowingly. "It's like Rashmi, here," she says, laying a hand on her shoulder, careful not to crush the poofy shoulders. "She has a lot of natural talent, and more drive than a Convoy. When she's done with school, she'll be a better lawyer than I am." No faint praise that, and judging from the tone of her voice honest too. To Teddy she just grins, "I think you better give it up. Glinda's one smart cookie."

"Clearly you are not understanding me and the danger involved, and as soon as you stop raging at me with your stubborn attitude, you may see things differently." The doors to the elevator couldn't possibly part any quicker, it was as if the whole building was conspiring against Tony tonight. As the doors part Tony steps in between them blocking the way, "If you truly want to resign I won't stop you but if you /bleed/ this over into our relationship, you're being considerably spiteful." With that he twitches with anger and strides down the hall away from the elevator.

Teen Tony glances at the regal tour of the slowly departing Queen in White and her magnetic Caesar, and a smile at She-Hulk's eye-roll as he acquires another glass of clear sparkly.
"Yes, I do have a very good body double. It makes my life a lot easier at times. But really, Miss Rashmi Franklin, it's not quite midnight yet, and my stunt double isn't back yet." And mutters, "if he IS coming back tonight. Note to self, next year, come as yourself."

Kaji looks between Alessia and Tony. He shakes his head a bit, not directed at either of them before he heads off to catch up to Tony. Kaji needs to make sure that he doesn't do anything rash or stupid.

Rashmi tries not to blush *too* much at the compliment, hunching her shoulders. "Well I don't know about that… um… I mean…. … ….I'll be right back." Picking up her skirts, she slips away from the rest of the crowd, weaving her way through the party as quickly as she can toward the departing Emma and Magneto. "Sorry… Sorry, um… Hello, Ms. Frost," she says, managing another shaky curtsy. "It's good to meet you… um… Mr. Magneto? I just wanted to say, I was *really* glad to see the Embassy you made in Mutant Town. It was a really nice thing you did, and if you don't mind maybe I could get a copy of Genosha's constitution? Just for reference, I mean. In case it comes up?" There. She can get her digs in too, and be helpful in the process.

Caesar Magnus pauses as Rashmi the Glinda Witch hurries up and he smiles at her request. "The Genoshan Constitution is a living document, Miss Franklin," he says. "It can and will change as her people require it to change. Perhaps you will be the author behind such changes?" One good dig deserves another.

"You've made it clear you don't respect my judgment. You think that doesn't affect our relationship because this was work?" Al spits back, following Tony down the hall. "Give me one real, reasonable doubt, Tony. You won't let me do my job. It's not so big a leap from you not trusting me to do what you hired me to do, to you not trusting /me/, now is it?"

"How did I not respect your judgment? I supported your request and physically handled the matter myself. If that's not being supportive I don't know what to tell you." Tonys hands are tossed up in the air as the man is beyond exasperated. "I have NEVER given you reason to believe that I do not trust you." Tony enters into the party he's spent all of ten minutes in, and notices that the familiar people to him are still lingering around regardless of what has happened. In a tumultuous state, Stark passes through the assembled and heads past a server bot snagging a flute and downing the contents in one go. It won't get him drunk, but the symbolism is enough.

Stopping with Magneto, Rashmi is given a long and considering look over from Emma Frost, those eyes very much the Queenly gaze as she even moves closer a moment, and reaches up the pluck a stray lock from her eyes, and take a better look there. After several moments, her smile becomes soft and genuine as she says to the girl, "I look in your eyes, young lady… and I feel I have missed an opportunity to see one of the truly rare ones. There is fire there, and steel… and both in good measure with your humility. Let me caution you this. Do not let this world harden your heart so fast as it has done to us. Be the example for your generation to rise to, and they will reward you in ways you cannot imagine."

Whatever She-Hulk is about to say to Theo stops in her throat as she watches Tony storm back in and take a swig of alchohol. "Excuse me," she says to the boys, worry tinging her voice as she makes her way over there, and puts her hand on Tony's wrist before he can grab another flute of champagne. Her grip is firm, but not painful. "Tony," she hisses, sotto voice. "What do you think you're /doing/?"

"Oh," Rashmi says, blushing slightly, evidently confusing Magneto's dig for a genuine statement… be it through simple misunderstanding, or deliberate missattribution. "…I think I'd prefer to get my practice here at home, before trying my hand at for…eign…. poli…cy… um." Emma's gaze, returned with wide-eyed confusion, the compliment nearly setting her cheeks aflame. "Er… thank you, Miss Frost? I'll, um… I'll try…"
"You gave her an out. You coddled her, and therefore kept me from doing what Ah had already stated Ah would do. You cut my footing out from under me. That's not respecting my judgment. And you just did give me reason." Her expression hardens as Tony picks up a glass of champagne, before she's looking at Kaji. "He's all yours. Try to keep him from doing anything stupid, and don't bash him in the head again, huh?"

Kaji looks back at Alessia with a smirk. He doesn't say anything before he picks up the pace after Tony as he spots him taking down that flute of champagne and he curses to himself. But when She-Hulk stops him, Kaji slows back down and moves over towards him; directing all the server bots away from Stark as he's handled by Jennifer.

And… that's Teddy's cue to break character, when Stark actually takes a drink of real booze.
"Uh oh," he says to Jennifer. "Houston, we have a problem."
He looks around, and since the reporters are watching goes over to distract them completely. Back into character again. If he can do it fast enough they might be distractable.

Despite her current attention to the girl before her, Cleopatra cannot help but notice Tony heading by and right towards the drink. There's a mild look of consternation on her face before she murmurs to Magneto, "Escort me please…" And as she says this she narrows her eyes. Every reporter in the room for some reason reaches for their respective phones, and begin having conversations to buy some additional cover for Stark and his moment. Those with any psychic training can FEEL the presence in the room, settling like the chill just before winter coming. Widening her eyes a bit, she smiles at Rashmi once more and says in a soft voice, "If you will pardon me… I have two friends to collect and get home to their handlers before they become most cross with me."

If Rashmi takes his dig seriously? Magnus is well pleased. No amount of teasing is good unless it contains a grain of truth, and lord knows, he has enough yes-men at his beck as it is. The girl is capable of arguing with him, and he values that—and targets her for it. For he is Magneto.
He smiles at Emma as she gives her own accolades to young Miss Franklin. He'll give Rashmi a nod, and then another to the lady on his arm when she makes her request. She covered for him; he can return the favor.

Tony would shrug off the grip but seeing as who's hand it is it becomes a moot point, "Let go of me, Jen." Clearly she didn't understand what he was saying, hell if he knew what AL was talking about anymore and he's got absolutely no control over his current state. Things that had been building over the last two months seem to have gotten away from him. "Will you please give my regards to the party-goers. I don't require any babysitters at the present time." With that he pulls Jen's hand away from his wrist if she allows it and tosses a plastered smirk on his face as he waves to the others. "As I've learned from this experience I am off to do what I do best, be by myself." With that Stark stalks from the room, as the doors start to close behind him people might see a costume shred to bits and a golden metallic shine flash in the glass as he's leaving the building from the penthouse floor.

Kaji rubs his forehead slightly as Tony takes off, literally. He looks over at Jennifer and the others before he turns to the other patrons of the party. "Jennifer, can I please have some help with this? I'm… not really the best public speaker in the world," mutters the mutant to She-Hulk near him. He gulps a bit as he laughs, keeping a happy demeanor.

Rashmi shudders at the sudden chill settling over her spine. "Er… Sure, okay…" And as the Royal Pair move off, Rashmi glances around herself, eyes widening at the sudden, coordinated activity among the reporters… then at the host's sudden disappearance. It's with a distinct feeling that she just missed something large that she wanders back to the bar, ordering another ginger ale, the spheres orbiting her taking a slightly more chaotic track.

Jennifer lets go of Tony when it's obvious that he's not reaching for another drink. She watches him go with a scowl, which softens when Kaji asks for her help. "Uh. Okay," she says uncertainly. She, then whisks herself to the stage and calls attention to herself with the best Wicket Witch of the West cackle she can muster. "Thank you for coming, my pretties!" she shouts, "And Tony thanks you for coming, too! Unfortunately, he's been called away on some urgent business. Something about a house landing on his sister." She waits for the requisite chuckles to die down before she continues, "But he would want all of you to continue to party without him! Carry on, DJ!" With that, she hops down from the stage and mutters under her breath, "You owe me one, Tony."

It'd be a very long night for the Iron Teen if he were to try to keep this imposture going after the real Tony left … and a quick question to the Stark employees lets him know that they don't have a total intake for the night and won't for a day or so. He slips off, joining Jayne, Elphaba, and the Good Witch and probably the technopathic jazz-ager, who would be guided away from staying here to get drunk when the reporters will wait until the DJ and Maitre'd kick them all out.
"Could we retire to a less crowded place so we can get out of these monkey suits?" Because, the iron armor is starting to cramp.

Once everything seems to be in order, the wolf mutant makes his way over towards the elevator. Slipping through the crowds easily as he heads up towards Tony's personal floor. Hopefully he's up there…

As for the evening's 'take'… part of it is a nugget of what looks to be pure gold, roughly a pound and a half of it. It was left in one of the donation bins, and getting it appraised will account for at least some of the delay in the accounting of the night's profits.

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