Ash "Thorn" Lennox
Ash Lennox
Portrayed By Wes Bentley (Younger pics)
Gender Male
Date of Birth Spring
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Tiger
Aliases Thorn
Place of Birth Baton Rouge, LA
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Father
Significant Other Cactus
Identity NA
Known Abilities
First Appearance ???

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Born in Baton Rouge, LA, Ash's mother died shortly after he was born. His father provided for all of his needs, but emotionally found his solace in a bottle of rye and his chair in front of the TV. His name was his mom's idea, his father Bud would say. She was into fancy notions about names and Bud, a short-haul trucker, felt a name like that would only lead Ash into a life of homosexuality. Ash was forever a social and resourceful child, at first from a yawning loneliness and then from an attitude that turned to angry defiance. Ash was determined he was never going to be the same as his father, stuck in the cowtown of Grande Tete and watching TV for a better life.

He was buying a car and getting out of that town. He was going places. He had bigger plans than the town could provide.

Bending the law came natural. As puberty began, Ash found that the weeds in the street would bend to him, and the trees and plants of his words seemed to listen when he called them closer. Beans held in his hand would sprout and curl against his fingers, and he could create gardens with the slightest thought. An enterprising youth with a mission to buy a car and escape the little town, it wasn't long until he found some seeds of an illegal nature, and in his father's basement started quite a crop of a very different kind of weed. By the time he was 16, he'd saved enough to buy some very nice electronics, and a used chevy nova that would take him as far as he'd go.

It was around then that his father went downstairs to flip a blown fuse, and found his son's enterprise filling the basement. He called the police, and his son soon found himself incarcerated. It took all of Ash's savings to pay for his bail, and a court-mandated rehab program for troubled youths. Anger turned the benign husbandry of plants to a defensive art, and Ash cultivated thorny vines while he served his time in redevelopment facilities. Once free, it was the easiest thing in the world to order away for some exotic seeds, which he would forever keep in his pocket and form bramble hedges to protect his stuff from the prying eyes of anyone who'd interfere again.

Ash and his father never really spoke after he came home. The call from Xavier's was a dream come true for both parties, and Ash was wished off with nothing more than a fist full of bills and a pat on the back.


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