Ashley Moriarti
Ashley Daniel Moriarti
Portrayed By Robbie Amell
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 9th
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Ash
Place of Birth L'Anse, MI
Current Location Xavier's School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Daniel Moriarti (Father), Mary Moriarti (Mother)
Significant Other Jem :)
Identity Sorta-Secret
Known Abilities Pyrokinesis - Fire Generation & Control. Also Immunity
First Appearance Pending

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January, 1996. The midwest. A bouncing baby boy is born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moriarti. Doctor's, apprehensive in the time of mutants, with news that the first tests are available to check for that certain X-factor, take a sample of blood from the boy, sent off for testing. The parents, exuberant for the bundle of life that is their new baby boy, named Ashley Daniel Moriarti.

Not soon after the baby's sample was tested, the lab in question was raided by a small group of rednecks, fancying themselves the saviors of humanity. Ashley's results was one of a handful that the drunken saviors of rural America made off with. Which could have posed a problem for the new family, if it wasn't for a stroke of luck or fate.

The first name on their list was that of a young girl, testing positive for that particular gene. A name and an address, and the vanful of reprobates were off into the night, hellbent on seeing some justice for their perceived wrongs. Unfortunately those, this girl was the daughter of a pair of mutants, both fully capable of defending their family. And defend they did, leaving the dozen 'saviors' beaten, bloody, and broken. Their stolen lab results scattered to the winds and left to the elements.

Which is how Ashley's story started; the lab demolished, the lab results destroyed, there's no one to tell Mr. and Mrs. Moriarti that their baby boy is a baby mutant.

Ashley had as good of a life as one can, being a boy with a girl's name. Birthdays and Christmases, summers with the extended family. Hunting trips in the fall with his father & uncles. As he grew, he was taught all the important skills for a budding youth; hunting, tracking, care of firearms, and the like. His early years of school weren't that notable. Average student, pop warner football and hockey. Granted, as mutant paranoia waxed and waned, his education where it came to the 'mutant phenomenom' went from 'horrible scourge on humanity' to 'the next step in evolution' and everywhere in between.

Living in the midwest, Ashley more or less had little exposure to that sort of thing, beyond the reports on the news. Mutants weren't exactly something to be feared or revered. His parents, while not mutants themselves, were rather progressive and understanding individuals. They taught Ashley to live and learn, to do unto others as you would have done unto you.

As he entered highschool, he progressed from pop warner to junior varsity. Picked up karate on the side, putting his size to moderate use, as opposed to speed. A string of 'relationships,' as one could define them for kids in the 15-16 age bracket. Until he met Juliana Adams.

Late into the sophmore year, the pair met at a school dance. He wasn't exactly the star quarterback, but he could hold his own on whatever field he was on, already looking towards the future, getting ready to take life by the horns and pull. She wasn't the captain of the cheerleading squad, but she was a beauty, drawn to Ashley for his strength; he was in turn drawn towards her quiet strength. The pair was soon the couple to see at school, growing deeper and deeper into their love for each other. Almost a fairy tale romance… almost.

That twist of fate that saved Ashley's life when it was just started, decided to come back around. A bit of bad karma, for the youth. Winter break, their senior year, the couple was driving home to Ashley's house for Christmas dinner, Juliana along because that was expected at this point in their two-year relationship. Which was soon to come to an abrupt end.

On a back country road, their trip soon ran afoul of another vanful of drunken yokels; some townies from the next county over, running wild on enough alcohol to sterilize a decent-sized room. Hooting and hollaring, honking and swerving all over the place, the van cut off Ashley's truck, driving him into the ditch. Unharmed, the youth emerged to give the townies a piece of his mind; Juliana warning caution the whole time; when the whole gang of them tumbled out of the van on the other side of the road.

Juliana, leaning across to the driver's side, urging Ashley to just get back into the truck and go, was soon spied by the unruly mob. Eager to get themselves some Christmas cheer, the gaggle was soon set upon Ashley, a trio of thick rednecks pulling the teen off to the side as the rest pulled Juliana from the truck cab. Ashley was watching his world be crushed under the workboots of drunken louts, pawing and grabbing at his girlfriend, crude remarks and her frightened cries filling the cold night air. Until something happened.

The drunk trying to get Juliana's shirt open found himself flung backwards across the road, flying through the air to crash into the van on the other side; Juliana was a telekinetic, and in the stress of the situation, her powers flared to life. The shock of the emergence wouldn't save the pair, though. She was unable to control it, or even summon up the ability again. While it had stopped the first man; and broke his neck in the process; it was unable to save her from the other eight. What had started as a 'simple' rape, soon turned into a beating.

Ashley found himself facedown on the gravel, his legs kicked out from under him by the two holding his arms, a third pining his cheek to the road. As Ashley struggled, futilely, against the stronger men, their companions proceeding to kick, punch, beat, and generally try to destroy Juliana; drunken rage fueled by fear. A tire iron, stolen from the back of Ashley's truck. Juliana's pleas and cries of pain and terror filling his ears, it was Ashley's turn to snap.

And snap he did.

For what the test results discovered, some 17 years prior, was that Ashley was a mutant as well. To be precise, a pyrokinetic. And with adrenaline racing through his system, that ability roared to life. The trio holding him down burst into flames; clothes, hair, skin, the whole lot of them. Burning with Ashley's rage at what their friends were doing to his girlfriend, and fueled by the copious amounts of booze in their systems, those three were turned to charcoal in short order, crispy fritters from the waist up.

Drawn by the cries of their compatriots, the other eight turned to see an image out of the bible-thumping rages of their preacher; Ashley, face twisted in rage, lit by the glow of their burning buddies. Where most people would react in fear, however, this group of drunken yahoos did what any drunken redneck would do when confronted with something strange and different. They attacked. With tire iron, steel-toed boot, and fist, the group turned from Juliana, descending on Ashley like the horde. Powered by rage and taught in karate, the teen was able to defend himself and give back as good as he got; mostly through catching clothes and faces on fire.

When the chaos finally ended, it was Ashley lifting himself back up from the road, one arm hanging limply at his side; broken in several places, defending from the swinging tire iron. Crawling along, pushed by his desire, his need to get to Juliana, he managed to pull himself on hand and knees over to where Juliana lay in a puddle of blood, calling to her; 'Julie? Juliana?'

As his cries echoed in the night, he fought to get to her side. Her body beaten and battered by the drunks, the young girl was barely conscious. Ashley dropped back down, pulling Juliana into his arms; 'Julie? Julie, speak to me… are you alright?'

At the sound of her love's voice, the girl's eyes fluttered open, the light already dimming from them due to the severe beating. A cough, blood splattering against Ashley's jacket, as internal injuries took their toll on her health; 'Ash? Ash… *cough* ..wha..why?'

'God.. Julie… Julie, you'll be okay… I'll get you to a hospital..' Ashley cried, already knowing in the back of his mind that he was too late.

'I.. I hurt.. Ash… hold me…'

And on that cold December night, a few days before the Christmas of 2010, Juliana Adams died, in the arms of her love. And a part of him died with her.

When a police cruiser arrived on the scene, early the next morning, sent out at the insistence of Ashley's parents, they found a scene that would break all but the strongest of hearts. Ashley, half-frozen, clutching Juliana in his arms, curled up with his back to the car, sheltered from the elements and refusing to let go, even in her death. And what surprised the officers even further was the state of the scene; burnt bodies strewn about the road, a fire burning in the dirt not far from Ashley's boots.

Somehow, the officers and responding EMTs managed to pry Ashley's arms from around Juliana's body, bundling him into a ambulance for transport to the hospital. Juliana's body, bundled into the back of the coroner's van, for eventual release to her family. And both sets of parents receiving the visit that every parent dreads.

After the incident, Ashley was a shadow of his former self. The doctor's treated his physical wounds (left arm broken in two places, the tibia shattered and rebuilt. Two ribs cracked on the right side. Scrapes and bruises), but no one could treat the mental ones. While conscious, the youth was largely unresponsive to the health care workers attempts to get him to respond with more than simple phrases. The cops only wanted the facts of the situation, which the youth gave easily enough; leaving out the bits about mutant powers, people leaping into flames and the like.

But it didn't take the authorities that long to make the connection, especially when Ashley's bloodwork comes back positive for the x-factor; the youth was a mutant. News that was quick to spread through the little town, although the rumor mill got it a bit wrong. Soon the families of the "victims" were crying out for blood, a public prosecutor considering murder charges against a 17-year old. And the youth in question showing no sign that he understood what was happening.

In truth, Ashley didn't care. A bunch of drunk rednecks beat him, beat his girlfriend to death. He was lookking forward, deep down, to following after her. The only consolation was that no one knew that Juliana was a mutant too. No need to burden her family with that realization, on top of her death.

Ashley was ready to give up the ghost. Let them have their show trial, lock him away or stick him with a needle. Nothing else really mattered. Then a thought started to tick over in the back of his mind, that he was responsible. Juliana didn't want to stop, she didn't want Ashley to get out of the truck, but he did anyway. He got out, and now Juliana was dead. Her death was his fault.

As the trial screamed towards the endgame, Ashley was left in the hospital room, and later a holding cell, stewing in his own thoughts. Unresponsive to visits from his parents, trying to get their boy to talk to them, to say something, to fight the railroading. And then they were approached by a representative from a school out on the East Coast. A school for youths with abilities like what Ashley has manifested. A school that could help with the particcular situation that the Moriarti's have found themselves in.

A mother distraught, seeing her little boy going off to jail for a very long time for defending himself, pushed Mr. Moriarti into accepting the offer. And that is how Ashley found himself with a new defense attourney, a very well-paid man from New York City, all suits and polished wingtips. A lawyer experienced enough to easily sidetrack the railroading that the courts were setting Ashley up for. A plea bargain worked out; the court drops the murder charges, letting Ashley go for self-defense, and the Moriarti's agree not to go after the families of the original attackers. Ashley's records are sealed, since under the plea bargain he's still considered a juvenile.

And Ashley is sent off to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where the broken boy can finish off his senior year and the faculty can work on both his abilities, and the shadowy pall that hangs over the boy.

A shadowy pall that wasn't helped by the reaction of the Adams when he tried to apologize to them. A family who had begun to accept Ashley into their life, returning his sniffled, broken apologies with cold stares and silence; they wouldn't pursue their feelings, but they definately agreed with that tiny voiice in the back of Ashley's mind: he was responsible.

And so Xavier's receives its newest student, the quiet, dispondent, moody young firebug.


Since the Incident, Ashley's temper has shortened dramatically, leaving him quick to move to violence when agitated, even if the situation does not call for it. You piss him off, and he'll flip out on you like a madman. This is a recent change, and something to be worked on (we hope!).


Ashley's mutant abilities circle around the control of fire. This can be better broken down into three categories: Generation, Control, and Immunity.


Being a pyrokinetic, Ashley has a natural fear of water. Like it was ingrained into his genetics alongside the markers that let him create flame. He can handle a bath or a shower, as long as it is a quick one. However he'll go out of his way to avoid any sort of boating or swimming activities, or even go out on a rainy day.

Skills and Talents

He grew up in the Midwest; if you weren't into football or hockey, you weren't worth a damn. So as a result (mostly due to his size and physique), Ashley ended up on the various football and hockey teams appropriate for his age bracket for the past 8 years. He was never focused enough to be the star quarterback, but his size made him an exceptional tackle. When it came to hockey, he knows his way around a pair of ice skates.


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