2009-02-24: Asking for Aid


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Summary: Alternate versions of Kage, Kas and Paul as themselves for aid and try to explain what they believe is going on.

Date: February 24, 2009

Log Title Asking for Aid

Rating: PG-13 (mild language)

NYC - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Featuring paintings, sculptures, costumes, instruments and weaponry from all over the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MET, is one of the worlds largest and most important museums. Many famous artists from all over the world have their work on display here. The MET is a place to study and enjoy the finest artwork in history.

The sun is setting over Manhattan and the MET is getting close to closing time. Three people stand outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a set of twins and a shorter Asian male. The three look to be tired and a bit on the scruffy side and all three look like they haven't shaved in days. The Asian male looks to the twins before speaking, "I sensed it, the life force matching yours, maybe if we can get the help of us here." He says an that's what the three are banking on. The twin know as Paul looks to his twitchy brother Kas and shakes his head. "Stop looking around like your so nervous they're gonna find you or us."

James walks in, taking advantage of the fact that the Museum is about to close to avoid crowds.

Kastor Fotopoulos has decided that it's a good night to get out of the house. His brother has been inside for so long lately. "Well, I figured that we could walk around for a while and maybe go for dinner, so you don't have to cook tonight. You've done so well with the apartment." He says, looking at the other scarred man beside him. Mirror twins. That's what some call them. They have the same features, reversed as if in the mirror.

Polydeukes Fotopoulos is just walking alongside his brother. Despite his displeasure with the local, he manages a smile at the compliment. "Of course I have! I'm great like that!" he laughs as he follows along.

A strange and strikingly inhuman woman moves along the street and seeing James, approaches him from behind. She sets a hand gently on the boy's shoulder. "You were at the Statue Of Liberty during the attack. What was your purpose there?" Her tone is even and firm.

Looking up the Asian man, looks right at Kastor and Polydukes. "See, their they are." The twins standing next to Ayame look exactly like Paul and Kas, except without the scar. Kas bites his lip nervously and looks at his twin brother. "I hope they help us." He almost whines and Paul shoots him a frustrated look. "Quit your whining already Kas, seriously, I'm sick of it." The Asian man looks at the two and sighs. "Please stop bickering, I need your help with this, we can't do this alone." He says as he starts to walk up to Kas and Paul with the twins behind him. "Good evening, I assume you are both Paul and Kas." Ayame says politely.

"And just who the hell are…." Kastor pauses, watching the man. "You're dressed much more normally this time. Tired of the dresses?" He asks, arrogantly as he glares. He hasn't noticed the doppelgangers behind Ayame. "Decided it was time to become a man again?" He tugs on Paul's shoulder. "Remember the trannie that had all the information on us?" He jerks a thumb at Ayame, getting that almost dangerous look in his eye.

James turns toward the woman and nods "I'm about to move out of the city and just felt like visiting before I went home to pack. Either a case of the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time."

Paul turns with his brother, draping an arm over his shoulders when they turn. He gives the man an annoyed look. It turns into an 'ewww' face as this person's revealed to be the one Kas told him about. Letting his attention wander, he spots the dopplegangers and blinks. "Kas…Kas…there are more of us," he whispers.

Ayame just blinks at Kastor. "Dresses? Tranny? Become a man? I don't understand, this is how I always look." Behind him the twins both can't help but snicker. "My name is Ayame, I assume you know me?" He asks almost a bit of hope behind his voice. Behind in Paul speaks up. "Hey Ayame, those two over there are talking about an attack that they were involved in, should I go over there." Kage turns and looks to Kas. "Kas you go over there and see if this has to do with what's been going on, Paul stay here with me." Kas lets out a whine, "I don't wanna go by myself." to which Paul shoots him a look. "Get over their and be a man damnit." The twin spits out in annoyance as Kas reluctantly goes over to approach James and Victoria to see what they're talking about.

"Oh please, come off it. You know you're a fuckin' transvestite. But you called yourself Kage then, so maybe you're separating your persona." Kas laughs until he hears Paul’s words and glares at the other-twins. Seeing one of them puling and whining, he stares. "Oh shit. I hope this isn't what I think it is." He rolls his eyes. He's been paying attention to the news. That's why he's not at work. He doesn't want to deal with stupidity right now. He glares at his other self.

Paul is a bit too interested in his other self to notice much of what's going on between his brother and Ayame or anyone else. Letting go of Kas, he takes a step towards other-Paul and reaches out to poke him in the arm. Just to make sure he's real.

Victoria sets her dead eyes on James and regards him for a moment before letting go. "I believe you." She looks up at the others. "There appear to be more instances of this individual than should exist. What is the nature of this situation?"

Uriko is, of course, in the city again when she really probably should be, you know, back at the mansion studying. Which she never does. But if she did, then she probably wouldn't really be herself, now would she? Which, speaking ones being themselves… scents oddly similar coming from different directions is just /odd./ Somewhat as if the same people were in two places at once, perhaps. Craziness… Of course.

"Please, there's no need for vulgarties." Ayame says polietly as he looks at Kas confused. Other-Paul just shakes his head and looks at Ayame. "Kage? Oh man, I think the you of this dimension thinks he's a woman." And as Kas says that, Ayame just pales. "Oh dear, I hope not." He says mortified at the fact that he could be a crossdresser. "Paul, Kas and I found you and we were hoping that you would help us." Ayame says.
Other-Kas on the other hand approches Victoria and James, he seems like a twitchy nervous wreck. "Ex-ex-ex-excuse m-m-me." He says nervously. "You mentioned a f-f-fight, was it a-a-aginst heroes but seemed off?" The stutter comes from him being nervous.

James pales slightly at Victoria's last sentences before answering "I think we are in trouble again. To put it bluntly our world is being invaded by it's counterpart from another universe. The woman we fought was one of them."

"Help you? Not likely." Kas says, simply as he puts things together in his head. He looks at his scarred brother and chuckles. "Be careful Paul. We don't know where he's been. I don't want you catching anything, because then I'll end up with it." He turns to hear the stammering of his other self and sneers. "Put him out of my misery… PLEASE."

Paul frowns and looks over at his scarred brother. "You won't get it. We're too strong for that," he says, nodding. "I like him," he grins. "Wait, why aren't we going to help us and the scary little tranny-man?" he asks, confused.

"Oh for crying out -" Uriko sighs, shaking her head as she picks up on James' words - heading towards the two, but finding a certain unpleasant smell as she does so. She wrinkles her nose a bit. "And /why…/" she mumbles, shaking her head.

Victoria nods and looks to Kas. She stares at him, expression neutral. "One calling herself the Crimson Cowl was at the Statue of Liberty. Are you a being from this other universe?" She glances over at the others. "There appears to be another of you."

"You have to understand, your world is under attack, we're lucky and we were able to escape the control." Ayame says sounding desperate, there's not that air of confidence to his voice that the Kage Kas met had. "And leave Kas alone, he's just nervous." Paul looks over at his brother and shakes his head before looking at Kas and Paul. "Look, you're us, in this world and we're you from another dimension, Ayame found you two using us in hopes that you'd help us." He says.
Other-Kas on the other hand just nods to Victoria. "P-p-paul is my twin brother and Ayame is one of our team mates, we e-e-escaped the Shadow King and w-w-w-ere looking for help." He looks over his shoulder at Other-Paul sending a pleading look of 'help me' in his direction.

"He sickens me. The weak, puling thing. He's no better than those humans that piss me off daily. He needs to grow a spine." Kastor says, running a hand through his hair as he moves to his own twin (the scarred one, of course) and leans against him. "But I suppose, to make PAUL happy, I'll listen to what you have to say." Since he's near his own brother, he can explain without others hearing him. ~~Why not help them? They're not us. And look at that version of me. He's a whiny little coward. He's not me. And, because they're from this invading group. Why would we WANT to help them?~~

Paul slips an arm around his Kas and grins. "Yay!" he declares. "And don't worry, Kas…we could give him a spine…" he trails off. ~~They look enough like us. And I like alternate me. Besides…what if we find a way to use them for what you wanna do."

James shrugs "They're not all hostile, the only reason I know what I know about what is going on is that I was part of a group that two of them warned about what was coming."

Victoria looks over the assembled persons. "Then they do not need to be excised from this universe?" she says to nobody in particular. "Those not of this Earth, what business do they have here?"

Other-Kas shakes his head at James. "N-no we're not all h-h-hostile, some of us escaped. W-w-we're trying to find help against the S-s-s-shadow King." He says as he looks back at his twin. "T-t-t-hanks for leting me k-know about the attack." Kas says as he hurries to Paul's side feeling more comfortable around his twin.
Other-Paul just rolls his eyes. "God they're not going to hurt you, they're just people wuss." He says as he turns too look at his other self. Ayame then speaks to the twins again. "We figured finding ourselves would have been best, if you know where to find the Kage of this world that would be appreciated but your world is under attack and we're asking you to help not just us but save your world."

"I don't think you want to see Kage." Kas shakes his head with a laugh. "He'd just as soon put a bullet in your brows as help you. Of course, we don't want your people invading, but he would feel about you the way I feel about that little… defect." He says, sending a wave of energy out to his other self, giving a mental shove to try to send him sprawling. He leans his head against his brother… a little creepily actually. ~~Perhaps… Perhaps.~~

"Our world'll be fine… it's come through tougher…" Uriko interjects into the conversation - apparently back to her snarky overconfident self - which is probably a good thing. She glances over at Victoria, "Hey, you know, just 'cause… they're from another universe and all…" she sighs. "You should probably, you know, talk to the X-Men about this, or something," she suggests to Other-Kas.

Paul reaches over to pinch his brother. ~~Be nice to other you!~~ he transmits. "Great!" he declares. "What do we do?"

Ayame looks over at Uriko. "Has your world ever fought agaist itself? And that's why we were trying to find ourselves here, we are X-Men back on our world." Which is strange since he's a member of the Brotherhood on this world. Other-Kas just looks at this worlds version of himself and is about to say something before he's sent sprawling on the ground, he's about to get up and retaliate when Other-Paul holds him back. "Listen." Other-Paul begins. "Things have gone crazy on our world, most people believe that what they're attack here is The Usurpers World but it isn't. We don't even believe that this is the Usurper's World but people are forced to believe it is." Ayame looks at Kas and shakes his head. "I don't care, I'll do anything to try to do the right thing here. Innocents will die if something isn't done."

"We've had plenty of invasions, from what I've read." Kas says with a shrug. "Fine. Tell us what you know. We'll listen. We'll tell the right people. Blah blah. Wait… YOU are X-MEN?" Kas can't stop himself from laughing. "X-Men! Us!" He slaps a hand over his brother's shoulder as he waves it off. "Oh please, those high and mighty self-centered asses wouldn't want us." He says, draping himself over his brother's shoulders, like a love-sick teenager. ~~Oh, this is rich, Paul.~~

James nods in agreement as he understands part of what is going on. "So your world is attacking our world because it was attacked by a third world and your population has been told that our world is the one that attacked yours?"

Paul blinks and looks up thoughtfully. "Hey…some of those X-men are pretty hot. How many of them have we…" he gets cut off by Kas' laughing and blinks. "Kaaaaas…" he whines.

Uriko rubs her temples. That's just great, "Look, we've done the whole, alternate universe, uh, dimension hopper thing before. Trust me on this, we're no strangers to it - though I can't remember a time when an entire other version of our world was…" she trails off, glancing over at the 'real' Kas and Paul. "You guys better fucking knock it off! I CAN HEAR YOU OVER THERE!" she shakes a fist at them. "Anyway…"

"How very strange," states Victoria. She just stares at the two sets of twins. "I know little about extra dimensional realities and travel between them. At least, nothing beyond science fiction and I do not think that is applicable." She looks at the museum. "So what are we all doing here?"

Other-Paul just rolls his eyes and looks over at Uriko. "If you think you're doing fine on your own and you know everything that's happening, okay, move alone and don't worry about it. If you think you're just fine, than leave us alone okay?" Meanwhile other-Kas stands up and glares at himself. "Don't, push me." He says and as weak as he is, he's quite fierce when his temper snaps. "Please!" Ayame says trying to calm everyone. "There's someone called the Shadow King and he's manipulating almost everyone to attack this world. Some are doing of their own free will but most believe they're attacking the Usurper's world. We've escaped and managed to stay alive and free of his control. I don't even think the Usurper is even here, but they're made to believe he is."

"Grow a spine, pansy." Kas says to his other self as he leans on his brother's shoulder. He runs a hand through his own hairs… and then Paul's. "Well, I'll keep that in mind. And I'll remember that since they're not my people, they don't matter, so I can just crush them beneath my heel. And I'll see if I can get a find on Kage. Of course, he'll love the bitter irony. The world NEEDING help." He squeezes himself against Paul a little tighter. ~~What do you think? Honest?~~

James shrugs "It's a common enough pattern in the history of this world. Something goes wrong and a leader blames a group of outsiders and attacks.

Paul frowns in Uriko's direction and narrows his eyes. He glances at other-Paul then sends a hard gravity-shove at Uriko without looking at her. He then frowns at his-Kas and reaches out to pull other-Kas in for a hug too. "So we just gotta go kick the shit outta someone named Shadow King?" he asks. ~~I think it'll be fun!~~

Uriko goes flailing somewhat - but not quite so much as Paul might think. She's got really good balance, and all - and obviously she realizes who was responsible for that little bit. Whilst he's not looking, the shifter's temper is flaring - and she's rushing at him with quickly sharpening teeth as she goes down on all fours and starts making with the stripes. Fine, be that way, she thinks. A silent lunge for the back of his neck is what he gets for his trouble.

Ayame looks to James and nods. "I heard you mention running into other ones who weren't hostile, be careful, most of them are quite hostile, only a few of us have escaped and aren't under his control, and those that aren't, most want to be." Other-Kas seems to be getting pissed and Ayame puts a hand over his chest. "We're not here to fight Kas." The three are actually quite mortified at what kind of person Kas is and what kind of person Kage sounds like, nothing like what they know. "If you know this worlds Ayame, you probably know that I can detect life force and that I'll be able to find you again. Unless you would…" His words are broken off by Uriko lunging at Paul and Other-Kas sends a telekinetic push at Uriko with a considerable amount of force behind it so that she can't attack him.

Kas spins his head as he feels the amount of power coming from the Other-self. "Hmm. So the pussy has claws, eh? Not so bad after all." He says, with a broadening grin. "Hmm. Well, admittedly, I don't want to LOSE my own world. I'd rather just get rid of the damn flatscans everywhere." He chuckles. "You're not so bad after all. Though, X-Men? I still won't believe that." He chuckles, nodding. "I'm sure our Kage is watching somewhere, keeping an eye on things. I'll call him out on it later and see if he IS there."

James nods at Ayame's words then grabs his head and winces in pain as his gravity sense goes crazy. "What the hell was that?"

A change comes over Victora. She jerks into action as she sees Uriko knocked back and then become tigery. The white woman becomes a glossy black and her hair rises into sharp blades. Her fingers extend to vicious black claws. Standing in a ready stance, she doesn't yet attack anyone, watching Uriko go flying.

"ENOUGH!" Other-Paul shouts. "We're not here to fight anyone! Kas…my Kas, you will stand down, and Ayame, I think it's time we left, we got our warning out. You're at war with another dimension all you can think about is fighting each other!" He says sounding tired and annoyed at the situation. Other-Kas stands slightly behind and nods looking around at everyone. "You're right." Ayame says as he reaches out a hand to touch both Other-Paul and Other-Kas. "We'll find you later, and if the me of this world is watching then good. We'll meet again soon." Ayame says and the three start to walk off.

"Of course. I stopped a while ago." Kas laughs as he raises a geodesic dome around the twins. Both sets. "If you can find us, then do, later. Maybe your other self will be there." He says with a half-chuckle. "It would be… interesting to see you both meet." He begins to walk towards his own home, pulling his twin with him. "Though you are more than welcome to come and… talk in private sometime."

Paul rolls his eyes and glances over his shoulder. "Stupid cat…" he grumbles. When other-Paul yells, Paul jumps. "Hey," he says. Frowning, he looks to his Kas. ~~We should go home…~~ he transmits, slipping arms around Kas and grinning.

Uriko growls as she's sent sailing backwards - smashing through the front doors of the art museum. There's a moment of silence as it seems the momentary distraction has been dealt with - and then a blast of orange light and a loud roar can be heard, followed by startled yelps of the place's security guards. As if in response, one of those rather heavy trash receptacles common at these sorts of places comes flying out of the entrance past the group at a good clip - with a nice big dent and claw marks in the side of it. Someone woke up the bad kitty. But… it appears the time for a confrontation will indeed be later. Poor guards.

Obsidian just stares then turns away and walks back down the street whence she came.

The three from the other world start to walk away and after a while Ayame just makes all three invisible, it's how they've been able to stay free for a bit staying invisible, Ayame's life force detection and just luck.

Laughing to himself, Kastor lifts himself and his brother into the night. "Home?" He asks, not bothering to wait for the answer… he can feel it in his twin's mind.

Paul just nods and lowers his weight as well as Kas' for the flight home.

James rubs his head slightly then begins moving away from the Museum as well. "Someone there was screwing with gravity. I'll have to remember that."

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