2010-01-05: Asking For Help


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Summary: Robyn comes to Rob, Alpha Squadron's leader, about Mikhail's fear of fire.

Date: January 5, 2010

Log Title Asking For Help

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Rob's Room

There's a know on Rob's door and Robyn is on the other side, dressed in his Alpha Squadron uniform with a pair of sweat pants covering the bottom. He knows practice isn't for another fourty five minute but he wants to talk to Rob before then. After all he's the team leader. "Please be here." He mutters to himself before impatiently knocking again.

"Hold on, hold on!" Rob calls from within the room. He'd just been getting into his training uniform, the unstable molecule spare going invisible with him. Sure, it made him look like he wasn't there but it was clothes. Thinking just a moment before answering the door, Rob grabbed a pair of sunglasses off his desk and put them on so who ever was on the other side of the door knew where he was. "Robyn?" he asks upon opening the door. "Something wrong?"

Robyn looks definately different than usual in his uniform since it has colour in it and Robyn doesn't usually wear color. "Rob..not really…but kinda..I just..I don't know. We have a new kid on our squad, Mikhail. I'm worried cause with Annalisa. Mikhail's terrified of fire, like really terrified."

Rob pauses, eyebrows arching behind those sunglasses. "C'mon in. Let's talk," he says, gesturing Robyn inside. The room's pretty spartan but he's got a few extra books around. Rob does a lot of reading. Rob pulls his desk chair out and offers it to Robyn. "So what do you mean he's terrified of fire?"

Robyn walks into the room and for once he seems a bit worried about something, not his usual laid back self. "Yeah, he's really scared of fire. This one new assho….I mean new kid was just projecting heat with his powers and it scared the hell out of Mikhail. I had to take him inside to calm him down." He doesn't know how much he should tell Rob since he doesn't like spilling other peoples secrets.

Rob smirks slightly at Robyn's near slip even if he is concerned. "Alright…first, who was projecting heat?" he asks. "And I wouldn't much worry about Annalisa causing fires. She's terrified of it as well," he says. The girl does give Rob a bit of a headache but he's not going to say that to a student.

Robyn stops and tries to think about it, he never got Lucas's name. "I…don't know his name. Some kid with long blond hair. I know she's terrified of it but…okay, if someone tells you something about themselves, I know you shouldn't repeat it, it's their business but, where ever he used to be before here, they used fire to punish him." It's obvious that Robyn's feeling a bit protective and definately worried.

Rob nods, making a mental note to look for whoever it was that was projecting heat. It's be useful information. It's what Robyn says next that has Rob's unseen face frowning. He'd read the file the school gave him but that little detail wasn't exactly clear in the report. "And you're worried about how he'll react to working with Annalisa and the other pyrokinetics, right?" he states more than asks. "Hmm…"

"It's just.." Robyn does nod as he begins. "He's been through so much and I know I've had an easy life, I have great parents and good friends here and with what he's been through, I want him to be able to have a good life too. Not just remember his teen years as going through what he did. I'm…worried and yeah, I don't know how he'll react to her, and I did tell him that she is scared of fire too but I don't think it registered."

Rob smiles slightly again. "Seems like I might have to sit down and talk with Mikhail and Annalisa," he says, trying to figure out just how to deal with such a thing. He took a moment to wonder what he did to get stuck with both of the pyrophobes. "Sounds like you've taken the first step towards making sure things are better for him though."

"He's not a bad guy." Robyn says and he can't see Rob's smile to return it. "I just want to make sure our team gets along cause we have to work as a team. Even if not all of us want to be superheroes." Robyn doesn't but he knows he needs practice. "I just wanted to bring it up so it's not like a surprise to you either since you're our fearless leader." He says smiling as he teases Rob, the teacher he kinda looks up to.

Rob actually laughs. "Fearless Leader? Perhaps I should send you all after Moose and Squirrel," he jokes. He wonders if the joke will go right over RObyn's head but doesn't dwell. "I know they're not bad. I just need to see them both to try coming up with ways to get over this fear of theirs," he says. "Or atleast better deal with it."

"What like Rocky and Bullwinkle?" Robyn says as he actually knows that cartoon. "If there is a way I can help, let me know. Dallas suggested taking Mikhail on a fake camping trip sometime, like on the grounds. I don't know how well it would work but it might show that fire isn't just for burning but warmthing and cooking. I don't really know Mr. Weyrin."

Rob is once more surprised by his student, nodding. "Yeah. Good to see some of you kids actually know the classics," he says. "Dallas? From Cannonball's squad? Hmm," he pauses. "That might just work, actually," he says, making a few mental additions to this plan. Never good. "I think sending the squad out camping would be a good thing to both get them over this fear and get you all to bond," he says with a nod.

Robyn nods and smiles. "Thanks Mr. Weyrin, I figured you'd be the best to come to about all this. I think I'm gonna go try to get some quick stretching in before our session. You're the best you know that?" He says with a chuckle before heading to the door.

Rob laughs a little again. "Don't worry about it, Robyn. And stretching is good. Gonna work you all pretty hard today," he says in an 'evil teacher' tone. The invisible man walks Robyn to the door and smirks. "Oh, I know it."

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