2020-06-11: Assault and Battery Park


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Summary: Daisuke and Theo kill two Hunters but realize the third is no novice, Chloe arrives to save the day

Date: June 11, 2020

Log Title Assault and Battery Park

Rating: R.

The Future - NYC - Battery Park

With the ruined remains of NYCs Financial District serving as a backdrop, Battery Park offers a stunning contrast to the city that nearly surrounds it. Left mostly untouched by the ongoing war, its flora and fauna have run amuck, reclaiming several of the sites New Yorkers once looked at from the multitude of windows above. Situated at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, this park still provides easy access to a network of subway tunnels, naval piers, and more. A short distance away, The Sphere continues to stand proudly, serving as a reminder of peaceand resistance. One just need know where to look to find either.

Even though Daisuke knows he shouldn't be out alone, right now he's in Battery Park not to far from the Sphere that wsa moved here after 9/11…wow that was a long time ago. The flame that stands with the Sphere has long since gone out. Daisuke's come down here to star across the water at something he feels is long longer appropriate for this country, the Statue of Liberty. There is no Liberty in America anymore, especially for mutants. He's got his backpack over one shoulder and a glock pistol in a shoulder holster. Granted it's not the best of weapons but it'll do and it's fully loaded.

Hardline skips along on what looks like a heap of scrap metal. It's some sort of malshapen hoverbike, gathered from his own resources. Where he gets his toys in a time like this, well, that's his secret. It's not the prettiest thing to look at, but these days functionality is much more important than style. He has a jacket covering his form, and long pants.He isn't the scrawny kid that used to be at Xavier's. He's well built and rather attentive. His familiar scowl hasn't changed much, though. Slung across his back is some sort of gun, just in case he runs into hounds or hunters. An M1 Garand, not exactly the most advanced weapon, or common. Strange that such would be his choice of weapons. It has a host of attachments on it. It looks a bit heavy, too. He doesn't seem to have spotted Daisuke, but he stops his bike. It looks like there are occasions where he comes out of his hole, wherever it is. He starts to untie something from his bike. A collection of poles with some sort of sensor on the top of them.

"Okay Ed, thats what I'm calling you now because you look like Mr.Ed, okay?" Deadpool said towards the scrawny eye-patch wearing mutant near him who seemed too tall with too much adam's apple and buckteeth. "By Odin's bristly beard, did the doctor slap you and try to put you back in? Seriously, I would have." This smack-talking on the new Hunter had been going on for about two hours now since they left the Hunter's Den, the mutant known as York was more or less mugged for lunch money he didn't have by the Mercenary then drug off for routine patrol. With them was one other, a broad shouldered man with spiked out hair and a wide face, he was quiet. Too quiet of course and it made him no fun at all to harass, not like the occasional huff or plea from York, hell Deadpool hadn't even gotten the other guys name yet. Right now, they were all three moving at an easy pace about a street block away from Battery Park.

You don't survive this hell without being vigilant, even if you did spend time in the Mutant camps as Daisuke has the 'M' tattooed over his right eye. Hearing the Mercenaries talk and spotting someone off in the distance, Daisuke swears to himself quietly. He doesn't know if Theo is friend or foe or who he is, just he knows that there are three hunters and he's alone. Daisuke then moves, ducking low in the overgrown grass as he runs, stopping behind a tree to look before running again. He keeps doing this in a cautious way to get to the subway station where he's not so out in the open.

Theo had started to walk away from his bike still cooling down from the trip. As the hum fades, he hears Deadpool's voice. He quickly dives into the brush, not too far from Daisuke. He's used to relying on sensors though, and his senses aren't as keen. He doesn't know that Daisuke is close as well. He still holds one of the sensors, and places it on the ground, pulling up the rifle. He doesn't peek around the bush he uses for cover, instead, he uses his ears, trying to pinpoint their location, and attempts to peek through the thick bush to see something, anything.

"Uhm, Mr.Deadpool…" Deadpool's hand was upraised as he was walking, one finger in the air. "So first things first in the morning when you get out of your bedrolls or haystack, whatever it is you sleep in you'll rub… what? No. It's Captain Commander Badass Ultra Wicked Mister Deadpool to you, so, when you…" The bucktoothed mutant named York (aka Ed) interrupted him again, " Mister Awesome Colonel Deadpool Sir." Cut off again by a swat to the air, "No, all wrong and don't interrupt me. Now, we'll work on that here in a few but… continuing on from where I was interrupted, ahem, very rude bytheway, when you wake up and kick the Keebler cookie baking jockey out of your stable you had riding you all night long you'll come rub Mr.Pool's bunyuns." Again, York was interrupting him, "Bog smells something." Deadpool blinked, looked from Ed to Bog? "Not even touching on that, you rude git. The training sticks coming out, I said not to interrupt me." The short blocky mutant huffed audibly and stuck his nose in the air inhaling deeply. Silence followed for several seconds amazingly even the red and black clad veteran Hunter went quiet.

Stopping his movement as he hears that 'Bog smells something', Daisuke gets low to the ground and just watches through the grass at them. Deadpool, with his hightened sense, would definitely be able to hear a low thrum of a sound and it's coming from 'Ed'? York starts to clutch as his throat as if he can't breath as Daisuke's used one of his dirty tricks, making a solid sphere of sound right in the windpipe of York. As York struggles to breath, Daisuke slowly expands the sphere until it punches out through York's trachea with a marvelous display of blood as the Hunter formerly known as Ed falls over.

Hardline tries not to breathe. Allowing the sounds of the area to fill the air. He can't see what's happening, but he hears the sound of York choking. Slowly, he uses the opportunity to click off his safety, while focusing on the firearms that Deadpool carries. Three of them? Not a problem. One by one, he gets a bearing on them, ready to eject the magazines when they are drawn. For the moment, he doesn't do anything, though, he waits to see what shall develop. He isn't sure what's happening on the other side of the bush.

"Scheisse! Blood geyser, oh no!! We're trapped in a Frank Miller movie!" Deadpool exclaims loudly both of his hands coming up curled in and twitching under his chin looking horrified as Ed/York collapsed lifeless, the stout mutant infront of him named Bog's dark swarthy skin began to glisten, perspire and soon became almost slime-like as globes of ooze began to fall off of him his legs went out spreading abit as if stancing himself and soon he was pulling large wads off of himself in hands prepared to hurl them like a baseball player the clump of bushes and foliage Daisuke and Theo were at now target, this slime was a burning organic acid that was extremely slippery. Deadpool on the other hand was drawing up two machine pistols, trained on the same spot as an audible *click* was heard weapons dry-firing as clips clattered on the vine laden cement at his feet. "What the deuces."

Well they know where he is and Daisuke pushes himself up fast as he can so that he can send a sonic blast, that's loud and forceful, at that ball of slime hoping to either spatter it before it hits him or push it back in Deadpool and Bog's direction. "I don't know who you are over there, but right now, let's work together." He says to Theo as he can tell that Theo is being attacked as well. He gets in a stance where he's prepared to move, to dodge any attack that might be necessary while he decides what to do.

Theo makes his move, making himself visible as He comes up over the bush, his garand trained on the slime producing mutant. He pulls the trigger, and a single round pierces the air. At the same time, the acid hits the bushes in front of him. He turns his back, trying to use his jacket to shield himself from the worst of the acid splash. He retreats, pulling himself back to cover further in the bush. He writhes on the ground on his back briefly to wipe the acid off so that it won't burn through, but isn't fully successful, and he feels traces of it singe his skin. The coat was thick, and it helped, but he doesn't dare take time to shed it. It would mean dropping his gun, so he keeps it on, and holds his gun to the last known location of the two enemies. He watches as the bush starts to melt away, his gun ready to fire again when he gets a clear shot.

*click**click*clickclickclickclickclick* Fingers rapidly hammered on triggers before both weapons were discarded, after an uncomfortable sounding grunt and a strange expression Deadpool produces a third firearm, this one as well discharges the clip thunking onto the ground at his feet, "Well slap my ass and call me Sally. That's just not cool." Daisuke is spotted though, just as a spray of Bog secretions splatter over him and the other Hunter, a sizzling is heard off of Deadpool's suit then flesh beneath as it melts into him, fortunately it splattered but contact was still made. The Merc didn't seem to pay too much mind to it, however more intent on figuring out why his pistol was not accomodating it's clip.

Bog's own powers seemed to be in-effective against him as he is pelted with it barreling towards Theo and Daisuke now his arms outstretched flailing in a rapid hurl of that ooze scooping off handfuls from his skin. In this mad seeming rush he gave Theo an easier target, the round nailing the mutant in the torso exploding against collarbone, Bog topples howling with pain then he is in a scramble to come up one one arm slinging another handful of acidic muck this time targeting the man who hurt him, "Die hard ball of snot in't he!" Mocks Deadpool.

A few bits of that ooze hit Daisuke's skin and it burns holes in his clothes and singes his skin quite harshly. Grunting through the pain, he decides to go for Bog and leave Deadpool to his empty guns. "Alright…Hey Snot Rocket!" Daisuke calls out as he sends out a certain pitched sound towards Bog, a sound aiming to set off the equalibrium of the snot mutant so that he loses his balance and can't stand up straight. If Bog does go down, then Daisuke will shout to Theo, "Shoot 'im!"

Theo really wishes he had brought some robot friends on this mission right about now. But he didn't. He did, however, bring a hoverbike, and that'll have to do. Hardline rolls hard to the side, dodging the ball of slime. The hoverbike roars to life, and it spins around. It barrels around the brush to where Bog stands, the motorcycle-sized vehicle heading on a collision course to run him down. M1 Garands have really good stopping power, but that seemed to be limited in its effectiveness, so the technopath is upping the ante. Meanwhile, he frantically fires another round at Deadpool, the loud crack of the gun filling the air of the park. "What's wrong, forget how to use a gun?" he asks with a taunt returned to Deadpool. Of course, Theo isn't in the best firing position either. He's on his back, feet closest to his target, trying to shoot accurately.

The slimer visibly wavers and topples again arms sprawling out as a pained groan escapes from the gunshot and now in-ability to upright himself thanks to Daisuke's attack. A rather feeble looking attempt is given which only causes him to be upright when the motorcycle turns him into a grotesque multicolored slugtrail, acid mingled with blood in a puddle-splash.

"Snot Rocket, thats just fun to say. I think Skidmark is more appropriate now though!" Deadpool jeers a rather acrobatic side flip is pulled off amazingly he leaped over Theo's fired bullet. Distance also closed between him and Daisuke as he landed his foot in a scissor like motion was coming up and over the other mid air aimed at Daisuke's upperbody in a violent kick the Mercenary's full weight behind it, continuing the spin upon anticipated landing he'd end up with a knife drawn up from over his shoulder slinging towards Theo in an end over end flip. "Thats sharper than a Ginzu!" He yells. Dangerously close and in melee range of Daisuke now.

The leg hits Daisuke right in the chest and he goes flying back, landing on his backside in the grass with an 'oof' sound. There's gonna be a nice bruise there, who knows, maybe a cracked rib or two, he can't tell right now. "And you're about to be the next skidmark." Daisuke says back as he lets out a full force sonic scream at Deadpool hoping to knock him back and give him a solid hit like being punched with sound. It's loud and not pretty sounding, if there is anything glass in the area it is shattered.

Theo tries to roll out of the way of the knife, but instead it lands squarely into his right bicep. he lets out a yelp of pain, and scrambles to his feet, bleeding badly. "I knew I should've stayed at home," he growls. He trips as he backpedals, but manages not to fall as he tries to bring the garand up. The damage to his right arm makes it very difficult, however.

The sonic blast would lift Deadpool up and send him forward into a tucked roll, he could feel his ears bleeding from being too near the mutant's power, glass in the effected radius shattering into splintered shards. As impact was enough to exhale air from his lungs, staying low to the ground one leg swept over the other and he launches himself at Daisuke, his left arm slapped up in a knife hand chop at the mutants throat contact met and bouncing off harshly "No more of that Screech." His other hand comes up and under the nearest arm, gripping it just above the wrist, vice-like grasp closes on it and Deadpool's hip thrusts into Daisuke hurling him with a bent arm that would audibly *snap* (just below the elbow) up over his shoulder in an arm-breaking hip toss that ended in a face to ground delivery. Theo right now an afterthought, the sonic user's powers something he didn' t want to contend with.

Everything happens so fast for Daisuke to react as he can't talk or scream for the moment and with powers based on his voice, he can't use his sonics. Which is why he carries the gun but that too his foiled at the loud *snap* of his arm, which lets out a barely audible, strangled cry of pain as he lies face down on the dirt. But knowing that this could be life or death, the paled Daisuke doesn't stop as he reaches to the Glock with his other hand and pulls it out of his shoulder holster to bring it around and fire as many rounds as he can at Deadpool.

With a fight that loud it's bound to attact attention and thus another mutant comes on scene, fresh from causing mayhem elsewhere in revenge for something which happened a decade ago. Sprinting in with a sonic boom Chloe skids to a halt, energy spear already fired up and twirling like giant steel slicing blender. "Sorry I'm late. I had to collapse a building on a Sentinel," she informs with a grin. "I see you're having fun Daisuke and… Theo are you /outside/?"

Knowing tha the can't do much to use the heavy Garand, Theo drops the heavier gun, and rushes to pick up one of the pistols discarded by the hunter earlier. His right hand struggles to place the mag into the gun, and then pull back to load. It's a good thing he's left-handed. He brings the pistol up, and bears it on Deadpool. From the opposite direction, he's now firing at the hunter. "Yeah, thought I'd catch a little sun. I'd be happy to take you up on that drink, now!" he answers. Boy could he use one.

One, two, three, ouch , ouch. One bullet struck him in the chest exiting with a nice hole up through around one shoulder the other one took out a part of his cheekbone with a nasty graze. Deadpool's dodge before more bullets consisted of him doing a backflip away from Daisuke into a reverse handspring tossing himself in a mule kick at Theo trying to strike him hard enough to jar the weapon lose or maybe even lay him out for a few, as more bullets whipped past him, one taking a meaty portion of his thigh, out of his peripheral vision the Hunter would spy Chloe, the sonic boom heralding her arrival. greeting her with a, "Hey toots, you here for the free manicure and DIE job too? Get it, DIE job? Yeah I know lame Strong Guy pun. You can shoot me again for that one." This was getting hairy now.

"The only one…" Daisuke gets out in a rough whisper of a voice that sounds like he's struggling a lot to speak. "Whose getting a Dye job…is…You." Daisuke says as he reloads the clip in his glock and just watches Deadpool from where he is on the ground. He's searching for a weakness in him, anything that will give him that right aim point to severly detriment Deadpool as he doesn't know when his voice is coming back. "Nice to…see….you Chlo…"

Theo continues to fire, and as the mule kick comes, he chooses to take the opportunity for a clear close range shot instead of dodging. He clears the chamber just before taking the kick to the chest squarely, the bullet heading for the hunter's chest. Indeed, it takes him off his feet, landing him flat on his back and sending the gun sprawling across the overgrown cement. "I REALLY should've stayed home," he coughs, the wind knocked out of him. He rolls over onto his side, trying to regain his constitution.

Chloe covers the ground between herself and Deadpool in the blink of an eye. Making dozens of feints, slashes and stabs with the searing foot long energy blade as she advances. "Yeah his jokes are quite painful," she agrees. "Even I'm beginning to wish I'd stayed at home. Although then I'd miss the chance to find out just how many times I can cut Deadpools limbs off before he stops twitching. Our intel suggests four as a likely number. Anyone wanna place bets?"

"Oh my nipple! You shot my nipple off I'm lopsided now you Springer show reject!!!" No clue if that even fit Theo but it sounded cruel enough right now.
Deadpool was shrieking, his voice changed a few pitches during this even getting shrill. More than his nipple was obviously shot off but this incited him to draw two long lethal katana's free of their sheaths the blades catching and casting off sunlight. Both blades dashed up instantly as the blurr of a woman was on him deflecting several incoming strikes, the girl attacking him was fast, Quicksliver like but not as skilled as himself or the white-haired son of Magneto, and when it came to agility along with reaction speed he was managing to parry yet able not make any attacks. His mind was formulating, trying to come up with a suitable tactic, forced to stay on the defensive. "Your mouth moves as fast as you, I like that lets just hope your brain does, how many licks does it take you to get to the center of… " Definitely not a good scenario.

Still not able to use his powers he's got one last clip left in his Glock before he's gonna have to take on other measures. He pushes himself to his feet and starts firing on Deadpool, aiming for his head. He keeps walking forward as he fires, trying to get a closer and closer point blank shoot. "Hey Cesspool, why don't you suck on some metal lollypops for a bit." He says in a gravely whisper as the bruise on his throat is quickly growing and swelling a bit, his other arm hangs limply at his side, the forearm obviously broken. "The only good Hunter is a dead hunter."

"None. They haven't made them in five years," Chloe points out cheerfully, shifting her focus from attacking Deadpool directly to slamming her energy blade against his Katana's. "I hope those aren't originals, because this baby cuts through steel and I'd hate to destroy antiques."

This was taxing, this woman's attacks were accurate, fast and wearing him down. Deadpool was dancing in place, trying to keep Chloe angled so that she was the one between himself and the vicious asian with the pistol who was firing off potshots at his head, the zipping and whizzing sounds had his head "Yay look Sentinels are coming! I'm saved I'm saved, you're doomed you're doomed!" This of course all sing song yet what a sad despirate ruse, but the shocked looks on mutant faces is always so funny. There was a flicker of light and Deadpool was vanishing from sight in a blink but, one of his arms at wrist level and the sword that was in it clattered to the ground where he was. Re-appearing behind Daisuke he slams his katana blade first through the back of the male's calf pinning it down into the cement roughly, "Hold that please, thankyousomuch." In his teeth half of his harness was crammed as his remaining hand grabbed along one drawstring that was hidden and seemed latched to the entire thing. At this point he was standing behind Daisuke, in between them was Chloe and behind Chloe was Theo who Deadpool imagined was having a hard time keeping his eyes trained on the highly fast swordplay kung fu kill scene.

Is there a Sentinel really coming…and with Deadpool running away that will give them a chance to get the hell out of here….at least that's Daisuke's thought process as the katana slams into the back of his calf, through the front and into the ground, the scream that is let out is garbled from his injured throat, his sonics just not working right and between the pain in his throat, in his arm and now on his left, Daisuke looks like he's barely holding on. If it's possible to get more pale than he is right now, well, he's getting paler. Focus Daisuke…focus.

It would seem, that it was not Theo's inability to keep up with the fighting but noxious fumes from the deceased slime mutate he had ran over, they'd swept up and crept along where he'd touched down before, that acid causing a negativer eaction; one that was very simple. It nauseated then would knock the man out leaving him laying in a crumpled heap next to his motorcycle and the corpse. If he was there too long, the exposure could turn toxic.

Chloe slams her energy blade down into the dropped Katana. Aiming to ruin the weapon, before spinning round in search of her prey. "You might want to think about changing sides you know Deadpool," she informs, shifting forward so she's halfway between Theo & Daisuke. "They're going back to make people into Hounds. Which I'm sure isn't what you signed up for. No fun in being a mindless slave now is there?"

A mumble was the reply, the harness drawn free as it was held in one arm, his finger coiled around the pull on it. "No, but they're the winning team right now, they have great dental and medical plus I have my own golf cart." He was a flicker flash of light again leaving Daisuke, then post teleport he appeared above them, balanced on a telephone pole. "Okay Speedy McHotness, lets see how many 'splody stuff you can catch and dispose of before your friends go ka-boom." With that the satchel string was pulled and he released it , fan like every single explosive Deadpool carried on a daily basis fell outwards, flashbangs, smokebombs, HE to Phos grenades tumbled out in a scattered splatter of ruin descending down as if rain towards Chloe and her two fallen comrades. "Have funnnnnnn!" One final flicker and the red and black clad lunatic was gone. His voice trailing behind, 'unnnnn nnnnn nnnnnnn. *inhale* unnnnnnnnnnnnn."

Turning himself, Daisuke tries to use his one good arm to pull out the Katana blade, and it's not easy. "Chloe…save yourself." He whispers out as he slowly tries to pull out the blade but at the angle it just cuts into his leg more. Eventually he lets out a voiceless scream as he pulls out the blade, his leg now torn and bloodied. This is all just in time for his stomach to drop as he sees all the explosives decending upon the two. Right now this is life or death for Daisuke. "Shit." He barely manages to get out as he starts to run..well try to, as each step on that injured leg causes him to stumble. He can't get himself and Theo out….sorry Theo.

"Next time I'm just stabbing him in the nuts and tearing his head off," Chloe mutters, already moving before the grenades have truely begun falling from the bag. The first burst of booms sees her twirling her spear like a fan, knocking as many grenades away from Daisuke as possible. Then the second sees a blur of motion drag Theo away to safety, leaving him with a rather nasty case of road rash but a rather pleasant case of 'not being exploded by grenades'.

The explosives are batted away and Daisuke falls over on the pavement once they're out of harms way, adrenaline is fading fast and every ache and pain kicks in. "Chloe…thanks. I don't think I can make it back." Not on his own, his voice sounds horrible and like he's struggling to get out even the rough whisper. The bruise on his throat looks awful. "And what do we do with him?" Meaning Theo.

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