2010-06-18: Assembling Avengers


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Summary: An unofficial meeting occurs at Avengers Mansion.

Date: June 18, 2010

Log Title Assembling Avengers

Rating: PG

NYC- The Avengers Mansion, Parlor Room

The parlor of the mansion has been turned into more of a game room than anything else. There's a big screen TV on one wall, a couch in front of it as well as a few matching chairs, and shelves on either side holding movies of various genres, displaying the… diverse tastes of those within. (As a bonus, MJ's first movie 'The Amazing Lobsterman!' can be found among the DVDs there. Peter's doing, no doubt.) There is also a pool table set up behind the couch, a rack of pool cues hanging on the back wall.

The parlor had been dusted and made liveable again by Jarvis and the staff of the mansion earlier in the day. With the weather being off and on it stood to reason that at least the staff would be able to enjoy playing a few games or relax since no one was in the mansion lately. Tony had resurfaced just yesterday and had been busily tracking down active Avengers, reserve Avengers and anyone who would like to come back into the mansion. Right now, however, he was kicked back on one of the parlors long couches sipping a drink while flipping through the tv channels.

Jennifer doesn't make it a habit to stop by the mansion all that often. Usually when she does it's to get some information for the extensive database they house down in the basement (or to stop by and see how Keld is doing.) Today, however, she's here for an entirely different reason. Strangely enough the reason of her visit resides in this very parlor, although it has nothing to do with the people residing in it. She stops in the door when she sees Tony lounging about. Promising herself she's not going to have a repeat of the incident a few days ago, she acknowledges the Avenger's leader with a polite, "Tony."

"I'd claim the television would rot your brain, but I think you did that years ago through other means." Pietro says quite out of no where from somewhat behind and to the side of that chair Tony sits in. There's a smug smirk, but he honestly doesn't mean it that way. The man is trying to tease. No matter how it appears. Kind of surprised at being contacted by Iron Man of all people, the speedster felt the urge to show up and see what was going on. He turned Jessica and Keld down some months ago, opting to remain on the reserves, but this speedster is of course mercurial. He may change his mind. Pietro is wearing a two tone blue costume, for that's easier than destroying a suit. "Jennifer." Said with actual warmth. Sue him, he likes Jennifer.

Keld, coincidentally, wanders into the parlor smelling slightly of smoke. He's wearing a semi-armored "drop suit" vaguely similar to some designs that Tony Stark developed, years ago, but there is a stylized sword-in-star logo on one shoulder, and he carries a helmet under his other arm.

"Oh, hello, Jennifer, Pietro."

A glance at Stark, and he blinks, "Mr. Stark. Welcome back?"

Tony thinks that things are considerably looking up after having returned to the near ghost town that the mansion was the day before. He leans back against the arm of the couch allowing him to tilt his head back to see the arriving Avengers. "Well, this is a surprise. Come on in." Tony sits up quickly and tosses an amused glare at Pietro for his comment. "Nice to see you Keld, and thanks for the welcome back. It was a bit icy in here yesterday." Tony lifts up the remote and tosses it casually at Pietro.

Jennifer gives a warm smile to Pietro and Keld when they arrive. "Hey, guys," she says walking over to where the DVD's are stored. "I got your invite, Tony, but that's not why I'm here," the green giantess explains. "Like I said before, I've got my hands full at the firm." She starts digging through the DVDs, trying to find a specific one. "The Richards' asked me to babysit Franklin and Megan so they can go out and get some couple time in, and Ben's out of town." No mention of Johnny. Most likely she'll end up babysitting him too.

The remote is caught and held like it's something distasteful. Thank you, Tony. Now what does he do with it? Pietro's expression shifts to something more serious as he lays it down on a side table. The man folds his arms after that, holding his spot for the moment. No impatience today. As strange as that may be. "You should change." Said to Jennifer in amusement. "They have three children last I knew." No mention of Johnny indeed. "Hello, Keld." Since he didn't offer that earlier. "Should I ask, or will I regret knowing the answer?" The smelling of smoke and armor stuff.

"It was icy? I thought I'd fixed that chiller unit before I left. Normally I'm sure that Jarvis would have called someone in to do the work but it was just a simple fluidic pump," Keld says apologetically. "I would have checked on it but I was called for an assignment at the SWORD station."

The alien Avenger puts his helmet on the floor, presses in a quick code-sequence at the release points for his drop suit, catching them one after the other, then stepping out of the boots, and unfastening the carapace.

Under all that machinery, he's wearing the usual spandex-looking "super-suit" in red and blue with a stylized green "eagle" on the chest. He grins and glances over to Jennifer.

"We should confuse the papparazzi again soon, Jen." That being code for "being seen in public doing something completely innocuous" … it diverts their attention quite nicely.

A second grin is turned on Pietro. "Re-entry. I can't be invulnerable and fly at the same time."

"I'll work on that," Tony smiles over at Keld, meaning the re-entry not the AC. Tony glances around the assembled, hoping to promote a more relaxed environment to have a conversation in. "I'm surprised to run into you all but I'm glad I have. It saves me having to call everyone individually." He reaches over to press a button that will call Jarvis to the parlor. "Please, have a seat. Those of you that are going to stay that is." He knows that Jennifer would rather be six states over from him but he would handle things with her, later.

"Three?" asks Jennifer in surprise. Boy. She really /has/ been out of touch. She shakes her head and starts digging around the DVDs again. She waves a dismissive hand at the others. "Don't mind me. Continue."

Pietro rolls his eyes at Keld, but it's in laughter. "Of course." It all sounds so reasonable! Then again, this is a group of super heroes. Reasonable is what you make of it. Doesn't ask of the ice. See the mention of super heroes earlier. Hey, the mansion is still standing. That's a good thing. Jennifer gets eyebrows arched at her. "Johnny." Said with a look. No, no new kids. Just the original one. And yes, he knows Johnny better than he wants to. Ex-wife dates about everyone it seems. "Tony, would you get to the point?" Okay, there's that impatience.

"It's easier to fly directly there than to take one of your terrifying Low-Orbit shuttles," Keld says in a deadpan serious voice to Pietro.

He finds a place to sit and … sits. "Who is this 'Johnny' person," he mutters to himself, not recalling a reference right away.

"Don't get the spandex in a twist, Pietro." Tony sighs. He moves to the center of where they are all located and waves towards the open seating for those standing. "They mean the Johnny Storm. He's worse than I am and that's saying a lot. News flash, I'm back, clearly obvious. For those that would rather I cut to the chase instead of asking them how their year has been, I'm reassembling the Avengers." He looks seriously at each of them in turn. "There have been far too many flareups of violence in New York. Some more interesting than others but the point is, there's more going on here than random lash-outs between the Mutant community and humans. Regardless of the pressing issues, the Avengers need to be united again."

The resounding smack of the forehead as Pietro mentions Johnny echoes throughout the parlor. "Of course," She-Hulk says, her voice taking on a chiding tone (more to herself than to Pietro.) "He's the one who broke the other copy of it…" she says. She grunts in frustration as she's just not finding the DVD she's looking for. "I /know/ it's around here somewhere."

Not taking the comment personally, if for the first time ever, Pietro doesn't bother to sit. Which is fairly normal for him. Does at least move closer to the circle to include himself in it. "What made you change your mind?" Asked with a furrowing of brows. It has been a year after all. A little smirk curls as Jennifer mutters to herself, but he doesn't ask. Has no idea, and doesn't want to get involved.

“What are you looking for, Jen?" Keld peers over at the stack of DVDs, eyes changing from green to a faint amber color. He only listens with half-an-ear to Tony and Pietro, trying to see past Jen into the collection of chaos.

Tony sees Jarvis standing in the open doorway and flags him in. "Help, her out will ya? Six eyes are better than one, least that's what …never mind." Tony cuts off his babbling and throws in that Jarvis might want to bring a few drinks around the next time he heads toward the parlor. Turning his attention back to the matter at hand he begins answering Pietro's question as best he can. "I haven't changed my mind, per say. I'm finding more of a balance with the things I am handling. Had I known Steve would run off again I would have returned sooner. For not being more available I apologize to you all, and those Avengers I am still tracking down."

Jennifer rolls her eyes at Tony. "Thank you, Jarvis, but I can manage." She looks at Keld, "I'm looking for Attack of the Lobster-Men. It's absolutely terrible, but Franlkin loves that film, and I /know/ that Spider-Man always hides a copy of it around here."

Pietro holds his tongue and regards levelly Tony for that answer. It is reasonable, and he's not arguing that. Just wondering when the normal 'too unstable' or other such excuse kicks in to ensure he stays on reserves. "Considering I've done much the same, in way of balancing issues, I am available." May as well offer, for he was asked to be here today. There's a glance to Jennifer, but she can search just fine.

Staring at the shelf, and certainly not at the woman in front of it, Keld says, "Bottom left side, it's inside the box marked 'Barney Sings Mozart' … the one with the purple blobby thing."

Keld keeps looking towards Jen for a half second longer than is strictly necessary, but then his eyes return to their green color and he looks over to Tony. "I remain available for whatever assignments you wish, with the same caveat that applied to Spider-Woman; she works for SHIELD, I work for SWORD, which is how I'm allowed to live on your world."

Tony claps his hands together looking pleased with the outcome of this impromptu get together. "I appreciate your return, both of you. I know you have prior commitments, as do I. I am hoping that things around here will be less chaotic. I can't promise I'll always be here physically but I am working on ways for the Avengers to get in contact with me." Tony wanders over towards the dvd's and casually moves two aside. He pulls something from behind them and flips the case over and back again. "If anything, pass the word around to those you can get ahold of. Even if they are unavailable they are always welcome here." He holds the dvd out towards the searching She-HUlk.

Jennifer was about to reach for it when Tony gets ahead of her. She gives Keld a rather pleasant smile, saying, "Thank you, Keld," as she takes it from Iron Man. She nods at him. "If I come across the others I'll make sure that they know you're back."

"A phone doesn't work?" Teasing Tony about being in contact with him. Pietro can't help himself as he smirks, shrugging. No, he really doesn't think people will be using cell phones to contact one another. He's just trying to make a joke. "Jarvis has my mundane contact information. As should Keld. I'm living here in Manhattan. All I ask is that you add Luna and Lockjaw to security. She's taken it into her head to visit without warning."

"I've been living in one of the small rooms upstairs," Keld says, "At least when I'm here. Although it's uncomfortably large. And I do have my Avengers communication device, which is why I knew you were calling for a meeting."

He stands up, and goes into an at-ease position, as it's really more comfortable than sitting and this seems to be a less formal meeting.

"I do have your info, but attempting to call you didn't work last time I tried it," Keld says to Pietro, quietly. "I assumed you were out of range."

Tony rolls his eyes to the heavens as Pietro jokes about cell phones. He takes a step back to lean up against one of the dvd shelves. "You could try calling me but I have the habit of letting it all funnel to voice mail. Same problem with the comm device used by the Avengers, I can't pocket it all the time. That, and recently I've been near a mutant with the ability to wipe electronic devices. Not really good for reaching out and touching your friends when you've not got a number to dial. I do have something specific in the works. It needs a bit of tweaking still. I'll let everyone know when I've ironed it out." He nods in Pietro's direction, "I'll also make sure Luna and the woof-wonder will have access to whatever is needed etc." Tony looks over at the pool table and offers to stick around for a game if anyone would like racking up with him.

Jennifer puts the DVD in her purse and gives Keld a quick hug. "Thanks again," she says. "Okay. You buys play nice, now. I'm going to need to change into something that won't get ruined by the kids."

Pietro lifts his hands in surrender. "I was joking, Tony." Now it's his turn to make a face. "Just as Keld pointed out, few of us are truly reachable by phone." Kind of hard to get calls when you move too fast for the electronics, much less when you leave said phone at home because you don't want calls from certain people. Not meaning Keld either. "And I'm sorry, Keld. I've taken to leaving the phone at home. It should be more easily reachable from now on." Had the number blocked, so it shouldn't be an issue anymore. "Thank you." Which might be strange coming from the speedster, and that for Tony. "If you'll excuse me though, I must be off." A nod of farewell, and he's gone with only a little gust of wind.

"Kid-proofing. Do they make unstable molecules that tough? I would love some of that," Keld says. He looks over at Tony and that two-dimensional movement-sim-game the man is offering, and considers, then smiles, and moves towards the sticks, nodding in return to Pietro's farewell. "I have only seen this game played once or twice. You'll have to show me how it works, Mr. Stark."

Tony is still not used to the incredible speed Pietro is capable of. Never could get a last word in let alone a goodbye; he smiles none the less. "Well, I'll try to go easy on you, Keld. I'm a bit rusty but at least I can tell you how the game works." He turns towards Jennifer and smiles warmly to her. "Remember that they can bend reality. Wouldn't be surprised if Torch convinces them to do it just for laughs." He then walks over to the pool table to explain to Keld how the game sets up and how a que stick should be selected. Inwardly he's pleased that Pietro and Keld have come back into the fold and hopefully the others will fall in soon enough.

Jennifer chuckles and nods at Keld. "Yeah, I'll be wearing my costume when I'm there. They get a kick out of it and it /is/ made of unstable molecules." She gives Tony a grin as she leaves. "I know. If anything they'll do it to Johnny just to show him. Ta!"

The alien waves to Jennifer on her way out, "Delmonicos next week sometime, OK? The Post must have its fodder or they'll start randomly hooking us up with whoever …"

Keld returns his attention to Tony, and that table. "So, how rusty are you, and is that a pun?"

Tony chuckles as he seeks out his own que from the nearby rack. "You know, I lose track of when I mean to and when I don't mean to say things that way. Probably one too many hits to the head to thank for that." He smiles warmly at Keld as he leans his stick up against the side of the table. "I'll break if you don't mind. We could bet a bit. I'll wager a suit upgrade for you if I lose."

"Suit upgrade, huh? Well, that makes things worthwhile."

Keld shifts his internal sound track to "space whale songs of the brilliant mind" and when it takes effect, he overlays a mental grid on the board, starts calculating the precise weights of each of the balls and the cue ball… This will be VERY interesting, playing on an equal level.

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