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Summary: People meet, tensions run.

Date: November 15, 2010

Log Title: Asshat?

Rating: G

NYC - Greenwich Village

The lower West Side of Manhattan is known as the Bohemian Greenwich Village or just The Village. Unlike most of Manhattan, the streets here are not in the usual gird that the rest of the island is. Most the streets here are named rather than numbered as well. The buildings here aren't as tall as high rises of Manhattan as they are the 19th century row houses and occasional one-family walk up apartments.

It is a brisk afternoon in Greenwich Village. Sitting at a small caf on the corner of Bleecker and Mercer, Jordan, dressed in a trendy new suit one of the finer that New York City has to offer, sips a cup of coffee and is reading the New York Times. He does his best to ignore the annoying happenings of tourists snapping pictures and club kids just awakening from a hectic weekend out. One particularly annoying couple plop down next to him and try to signal him, "Hey." He ignores them. "Hey?" He ignores them again. "HEY!" The loud girl stands and taps his shoulder. "Got a cigarette?" He looks her, stands, whispers something into her. She grows pale and runs off screaming. He smiles, sits and goes back to his coffee and paper.

"Hey, do not be so rude!" says Kalindi as the screaming girl bumps into her. She furrows her brow as she looks back as she continues running and shakes her head, gripping the straps of her backpack tighter. The girl is wearing a purple high-necked dress and plenty of gold jewellery, and while she's dressed well, the backpack kind of contrasts with the ensemble: A kind of tattered thing, it's coloured sky blue. She does approach Mayfair, though, having seen the exchange between him and the woman. "What did you say to her?" This is said in her thick accent. It is kind of both strange and foreign, a mix between the more familiar demonic tongue that she knows and the Hindi of her youth.

Shifter is only passing though the area but is throughly annoyed by it already, why can't the streets just have numbers like everyowhere else, the names are just confusing, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey (ripped) jeans, a black and grey hoodie with the hood up (all his clothing is rather dirty and has rips here and there), he has a dark grey and black scarf covering his lower face and is wearing sunglasses, he's walking quickly though the park with his hands in his pockets.

Mayfair does not notice Shifter yet, but as the young Indian girl approaches him, Jordan looks her over before answering her question. He notes the contrast between all the gold and the tattered nature of her backpack, "I told her to leave or something very very bad would happen to her." He shrugs, "I guess she believed me." It's clear that is not all he said. He smirks a bit as he attempts to mentally read the surface thoughts of the young Indian girl standing before him.

Kalindi's surface thoughts are mostly in a very strange demonic tongue, though she occasionally thinks over things said to her in English as she tries to comprehend and translate things back and forth. She nods her head at Mayfair and says, "Okay. I guess you were maybe more, ah, explicit than that, yes? She seems like she saw a demon, running like that."

Shifter however has spotted Mayfair, what is it with this guy?, everytime i come to the surface there he is, if i was insanly paranoid i'd think he was following me, he also saw the girl run away and another appraoch him, Shifter stops where his is to watch whats happening from a distance.

Walking down the street with his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans and wearing a black-shirt with a thin jacket over it, is the redhead Kaden. He doesn't really pay attention to where he's going but he does notice the girl run away from the guy and then bump into Kalindi and sighs. "New Yorkers." He mutters under his breath as he turns to look at Kalindi confronting Jordan. Sure he knows he shouldn't easedrop, and honestly, he really doesn't care, but he's curious. Call it boredom.

Blinking at the thoughts he received from the girl, unsure of what to think, Jordan becomes intrigued. "True. Well, some may call me a demon, being a lawyer and all, but nothing too demoninc about me." He clearly jokes and has a seat and pushes out a seat for the young girl, "I like your jewelry. I've not seen anything like it before." There are too many people in New York to do surface thought reading on, but in some cases he does it and so moving from mind to mind with relative ease while speaking with Kalindi. He catches a familiar one and while speaking to Kalindi, he turns in Shifter's general direction.

"Oh, yes, thank you. I do some gold work, so I have made these myself," says Kalindi, touching an earring idly. "I have heard bad things about lawyers, but it is important work. The law as it is written should be upheld in a society." She thinks about this for a few moments (of course, still in her demon speak), before she turns her attention to see where Shifter is looking.

As Mayfair turns to look at him Shifter sighs, 'You're in my head again aren't you?', as nice as this guy seems to be, there's something unerving about the guy, great now the girl's looking at him too, he's really not supposed to be attracting attention.

Kaden blinks at Jordan refers to himself as a demon but just keeps on walking. It doesn't seem like an arguement is going to break out between the two, probably more flirting or something. So the fire spirit just sort of rolls his eyes and continues walking downt the street, not to far from where Shifter is.

Mayfair spots Shifter and waves for him to come over. "Well, do you have a store that you sell out of? I'm in the market for some nice things. I like to buy nice things and your gold patterns are nice. May I have a closer look?" Jordan asks as he looks like he is about to touch the necklace but holds off for a second.

"I do not generally sell my gold work, no, but if you bring me some gold, I can work it for a small charge, yes?" She reaches to touch the necklace in the back, unclasping it. Indeed, her work is pretty intricate, but that's the effect of using only your imagination to form jewellery. She tilts her head slightly and then looks towards Kaden, because Shifter is already coming over. She only takes a couple steps, since she lets Mayfair look at the necklace, saying towards the fire spirit, "You! Have I seen you before?"

Shifter sighs and walks over towards Mayfair narrowly avoiding bumping into Kaden as he walks past, 'If the girl knows what you are, i don't want her knowing what i am, ok?', is thought at Mayfair, a nod of greeting is given as he approaches.

Kaden stops short when he hears Kalindi addressing him and that's when Shifter almost bumps into. He gives an annoyed glare at Shifter before looking at Kalindi and putting up his hands. "I don't know. Maybe?" He says sounding kind of annoyed. He doesn't make a habbit of remembering people. "Who are you?"

Gesturing to a waiter in the caf, "Please get these people whatever, they would like." Jordan is hospitable to those who are coming forward. He himself then takes a seat looking at the necklace, "Lovely. Getting gold is not a problem. I am a supporter of the arts and it is rare to see a goldsmith. " He looks up when Kaden arrives at well and then looking to the waiter, "I guess there will be four of us." The waiter approaches each of those gathered and asks them what they would like.

"You were very warm while it was cold out, I helped you to find the subway. It was a time ago, it is not surprising that you forgot. You have a look to you that is easy to recognize, though," says Kalindi, before blinking as she registers Jordan's offer. "Ahh, um, I will just have hot chocolate, I guess."

'Geez, how much money does this guy have, he keeps offering to pay for things', when the waiter looks to him, Shifter just holds up a hand and shakes his head, he couldn't drink anything with this scarf in the way anyways.

Kaden crosses his arms over his chest and that warmth that was coming off of him that day she first met him would be felt to a lesser degree today. And that look that's easy to recognize is probalby his unnatural red hair and at the mention he runs a hand subconsciously through it. "Yeah, whatever." He mutters to Kalindi before just giving the car driver a glare as if to say 'don't even bother asking me'. "So..what do you want?" He says looking at Kalindi as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Handing the necklace back to Kali, Jordan looks over at Kaden and shrugs looking at the waiter, "A hot chocolate for the young lady and I'll have a refill on the coffee, milk and two sugars. If I taste or even think there is more than two sugars" Jordan eyes the waiter who seems afraid, "well then something very very bad will happen to you." The waiter rushes in and Jordan smirks before turning to Shifter, "You know you could just remove your scarf to get something to drink. It's not that cold out."

If there is one thing that Kalindi is, it's truthful, even when honesty doesn't make her look great. After a moment's pause thinking of Kaden's question, she answers, "I did not think so far ahead as that. I recognized you and I thought, 'maybe I should say hello', but in retrospect, I should have planned further than that or just have ignored you. I think I was just thankful that you were so warm to be around so I thought I had to." Yep, her surface thoughts are revealed without anyone even having to read them! She tilts her head slightly when she realizes that Shifter has joined them and says, "Who is that?" She fastens her necklace back on.

Shifter quickly shakes his head, 'No i will not be taking off the scarf, my less human features might be rather a give away for that whole mutant thing, which is really not the best thing to go public about', and hows he gonna go about answering Kalindi?, he's pretty much just gonna pretend he didn't hear her.

Kaden isn't exactly thrilled with the way Jordan treats his driver and he can't help but be a bit vocal about it. "If you're so picky about way you want your coffee why don't you make it yourself? You seem capable enough to me." It's said farily rudly and in an almost insultling tone. He then looks at Kalindi and shrugs. "Well if it's nothing maybe I should be on my way." He could have important stuff to do…not really but he could! Shifter gets a look from Kaden followed by a sigh.

Quirking an eyebrow at Kaden, "Yes, maybe you should be on your way then." Jordan leans forward and then looking to Shifter he also sighs and answers Kalindi about Shifter, "He is my younger brother. Please excuse him. He's sick. That's why he is wearing the scarf and conserving his voice." He smiles, "I don't think I got anyone else's name here."

"Okay, goodbye, then," says Kalindi, unsure what else to say to Kaden before she takes a few steps back to the table, since she has a delicious hot chocolate coming. "Ah, you may call me Kalindi, but some people call me Kali if you would like. It is shorter and people remember it better." She glances back towards Shifter and says, "How sick are you?"

Shifter smiles beneithe the scarf and gives Mayfair a mental thumbs up in thanks, he looks round at Kaden when he sighs, 'Whats up with him?', when Kalindi asks how sick he is, he mimes coughing and gives her a thumbs down, hopefully she'll understand it as bad.

Kaden looks at Jordan and shrugs, his mental thoughts going 'well you ain't gettin' it', even if he doesn't vocalize it. But he does look at Shifter and even though Kaden's kind of jerky and doesn't like being around people he is a good person underneath all that gruff. "You're sick…I…I might be able to help you out if you like." Since he and purdge diseases in others with his fire.

"My brother doesn't need your help. Plus I thought you had better things to do?" Jordan speaks firmly, but his tone changes when the waiter walks out with his coffee and Kali's hot chocolate. "Here you go, sir." He serves Jordan first. "Miss" He serves Kali. Jordan whispers something into the waiter's ear and then nods his thanks and places a hefty tip on the tray and turning to Kaden, "I reward good service." He then turns to Kali as he sits down to sip his coffee, "Kali as in the Hindu goddess? I've always thought that was a lovely name."

"Thank you," says Kalindi to the waiter. She answers the question: "Ah, yes, my first name means the sun, but yes, I do relate strongly to the goddess Kali, so it is a name that I use." She glances towards Shifter and then says, "I'm sorry to hear you are ill. Is it contagious?" This is important.

Shifter actually feels kinda bad, this guy is offering to help him, he shakes his head and gives a thumbs up, trying to put across no, but thanks, 'see, this is why youy live underground, no need for extended conforsation, or in your case, mime', to Kalindi he shakes his head.

Kaden scowls at Jordan. "I'm not offering for you, you asshat, I'm offering for your brother. Since he doesn't seem half the jerkoff you are." He then rolls his eyes at Jordan and comments under his breath, but loud enough. "I'm sure you do." In regards to him rewarding good service. He then looks at Shifter and asks him, instead of his jackwagon of a brother, and at Shifter's answer he nods. "Okay then, well, if you're really sick let me know, I can help." He offers glaring back at Jordan for a second.

"Asshat?" Jordan starts laughing, "Really? Asshat? That's a good one!" Jordan then shakes his head and excuses himself to Kali and his 'brother.' "So sorry, if I offended your friend. He's just." He looks over Kaden, "Well, a hothead, I suppose." He lifts his cup of coffee towards Kaden as if to toast him, "Let's hear for the mystery man who can heal people!" With that he sips his coffee.

Kalindi raises her eyebrow slightly and picks up her hot chocolate, glancing up at a clock. "I have to go, I have just noticed the time. I have a place to be. It was interesting meeting you, ah, I do not think you have given me your name. Thank you." She gets up and says to Shifter, "Ah, goodbye to you too." She gives a polite nod to Kaden, but doesn't say anything for fear of failing out of another piece of conversation.

Shifter sighs and shakes his head again, reaching up to tug his hood to make sure it's still firmly on, 'Can you please tell him thanks you but i'll be fine, please?'.

Kaden clenches his fists and takes a few deep breaths. He -really- wants to set Jordan's coffee to boil and watch him burn himself but the fire spirit really needs to control his anger, and his powers. "Oh hothead, that is so orignal. But then I guess an old man like you is stuck on lame insults." Hey, fighting with words is better than fighting with fists and/or fire. At Jordan's words calling him a mystery man, Kaden smirks. "Jealous?"

Nodding to Shifter and then looking up and reading that last that, "Oh you really are a hothead, aren't you?" Jordan laughs, "and trust me you are not that mysterious." He exhales, "But fine, look, whatever your name is. My brother doesn't need nor want your help." He sips the coffee and then looks to Shifter, "If you want his help shake your head yes, if you don't then shake it no." The waiter comes up with almost a grocery's bag worth of food and places it on the seat where Kali had been sitting, "Oh and some food for you to take with you."

Shaking his head again, Shifter looks away from Kaden, not that there was much eye contact anyways with the sunglasses and all, 'You're not gonna start a fight are you?'

Kaden rolls his eyes at Jordan and huffs. "I told you the first time, calling me a hothead is really orginal Grandpa." He doesn't really think Jordan is -that- old but he is trying to get his goat. "Then I guess I'll be on my way doucebag." He says to Jordan as he continues to walk down the street, no further word to Shifter or Jordan.

Waving at Kaden as he leaves, "It was nice meeting you. Please do come again!" Jordan is clearly being sarcastic. He looks to Shifter, "I wasn't starting a fight. I was actually trying to not have him reveal your mutancy. Though I think he may have been one too. Or at least super-powered. It really is hard to tell the difference nowadays." He reaches over to grab the bag of food, "Here, you can take this to the sewers with you. It is a bag full of bread and various cold cuts.

Shifter gives Kaden a slight wave as he wanders off, 'Thanks for the food sir, but please try not to read where in the sewers i live, it's a secret for a very important reason'.

Grinning, "What makes you think I need to read your mind to know where the tunnel of underground mutants live?" Jordan laughs, "Nah, just kidding. I won't. But you'd think they'd want help. I'm surprised that none of them have gone to Xavier's yet."

'You know about us?, but how?', this is very bad, the whole idea of the Morlocks is the whole secret undergound community that people on the surface don't know about, damn are they gonna have to move?, then theres a word Shifter is completly unfamilier with, 'Whats Xaviers?'

"I know a lot of things, if you haven't realized it by now. I know a lot of people and have a lot of connections, but it was only rumors, your reaction confirms it." Jordan then blinks and is surprised by the fact that there is a mutant that has not heard of Xaviers., "Xavier's is a school for mutants to learn how to use their powers and they have some silly idea about humans and mutants living together in peace. My brother works there." He shakes his head, "I'd have thought your group would go there."

'Theres a school for mutants?, where?, i've never heard of anything like that before, why would they help us?', Shifter sits down next to Mayfair, this sounds interesting, why has no one told him about this before.

"Oh this is funny! I am the one to tell you about the school. Well, it is a school run by mutants for mutants. As I said my brother works there." He sighs, "I guess I can do a good deed. I can take you there if you like." Jordan ponders a thought for a second.

Shifter raises an eyebrow, 'And you can just take me there?, like now?', he's not sure about talking to anyone at the mutant school, but he would definatly like to have a look at the place, he'd never imagined uch a place existing.

"Well, right now. No." Jordan ponders, "It's after 5 o'clock. It is closed. But let me see what I can do about arranging a visit." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his business card. "I have a home in Salem Center." He throws the card into the bag of food, "If you can make it to my home, then I should be able to arrange a visit. Though I will, unfortunately, need to speak to my brother."

Shifter gives Mayfair a nod, 'Thanks very much, but can you give me an address?, i kinda like to have a look at somewhere before i go there, especially somewhere closed in like a school'.

"Well that I can't do. They just don't like people showing up and their security will kill you on sight. It is better to arrange a visit, which I can do. Trust me. I can actually help you." Jordan finishes up his coffee.

'Ok, deal, i'll try to find you as soon as i can, but when you talk to your brother, please do not tell him too much about who i represent, as you've read in my head, we're not comfortable with people knowing too much about us' Shifter reaches for the bag with the food and the card.

"I won't. I promise. And when I make a promise, I keep it. I'll see what I can do about you and Xavier's." With that Jordan gestures for the nervous waiter from earlier to come and Jordan pays the bill and leaves another hefty tip, "See. I'm not such a bad guy." He looks Jordan, "I'll hopefully see you soon."

Shifter nods, 'Thank you, i'm Shifter by the way', though somewhere at the back of that thought is the name Axel, dim and very blocked out but it's there, 'I'll hopefully see you sometime tomorrow sir', with that he grabs the bag and walks off across the park.

"Very well, Shifter. Straight forward and to the point. Well, you can call me Jordan. Jordan Mayfair. Like it says on the card." And wth that Jordan also takes his leave, going to a waiting limo to take him home.

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