2010-06-27: Attache


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Summary: Michael sticks around to talk with Tony a bit after the fight at the Avenger Mansion.

Date: June 27, 2010

Log Title Attache

Rating: PG-13 (L)

NYC- Avenger Mansion - Parlor

It was now later in the day around the dinner hour. The activity outside the Avenger mansion had died down after the fight earlier in the day. There were a few of New Yorks finest still on patrol to keep the news from walking up to the front door demanding an interview. Tony had taken Keld upstairs to his room before going to cleanup. Michael had gone out to his vehicle and brought it into the compound. Michael was free to duck into a unoccupied room to refresh. Once Tony was in a t-shirt, torn up jeans and tennis shoes he made his way back downstairs to the parlor where he flopped onto the couch.

Michael steps back in, having changed back in to what he was wearing earlier, which was a casual suit for some civilian business. He makes his way over to the parlor, and chuckles. "Thank you for the use of the room, Mr. Stark."

Waving Michael into the room, Tony seems to sit more relaxed than he would at an official meeting. "Please, you've shot up a robot on my front lawn, call me Tony." Michael has his choice of seating in one of the two solo chairs or the opposite end of the couch. "You're one hell of a shot by the way. I have to thank you for taking Ultrons eye out. It helped more than you know."

Michael laughs at that, sitting down casually. "You say that like it happens depressingly often." He comments, before he nods. "Well, almost twenty years as a sniper I might as well be able to shoot, or else the Corps has been wasting its' money on me."

"Often enough that I think I'm going to pick up the welcome mat next time I use the front door." Tony offers up a half smile as he tosses one arm up along the back of the couch. "How are things over at SHIELD? I've been out of the loop a bit recently."

Michael shakes his head. "Robots Welcome: Mind the Garden." He opines, smiling. "I remember when Ops were simple. It's going well, somewhat preoccupied by their recent addition." He offers obliquely about Barnes. "Glad things are mostly quiet for the moment, no magic shields over Manhattan."

"Recent addition?" Tony is curious and not entirely sure what Michael is referring to. He did find the comment about magical shields and lack thereof amusing. "Things were not so peaceful a few weeks back. I unfortunately returned to New York about that time. I'm wondering if I bring trouble back with me every time I cross into US airspace." He wasn't serious but his track record lately wasn't going to prove him wrong.

"Barnes Academy." Michael offers. It's Tony frickin Stark, an Avenger; Michael figures he knows about Barnes. "There is a lot of effort going in to the school." He explains. "It comes and goes. New Yor tends to attract all sorts; never hear about Ultron attacking Colorado."

With a nod of understanding Tony starts to puzzle out how another opportunity has fallen into his lap. First Caleb and now Michael are involved in some manner with Barnes Academy. "I have heard of SHIELDS backing of the school and from some of the students." Beyond that Tony doesn't offer up any information about what he actually knows of the school. "I prefer living away from the madness of the city myself. Alas, I am needed here with all of the drama. I figured I would end up fighting the good fight overseas more than here but the irony is that I'm tied up here more than I ever thought I would be."

Michael nods at that. "Well, I can certainly say Afghanistan would be slightly better if you were there blowing up enemy tanks." Michael says dryly. "I've been in both Iraq and Afghanistan, neither is a barrel of laughs to fight in." He says with a nod. "But, New York definitely does need you.”

"There are quite a lot of us trying as best we can to help out where there is trouble but its a lot more complex than anyone realizes." Tony doesn't really want to get into the judicial part of the Avengers affairs but it is quite the stumbling block for a great many of their ranks. Tony simply tends to ignore boundaries. "On a completely different note, we're you in the neighborhood today or did Fury send you over when the shit hit the doorstep?"

Michael nods. "I'm not accusing you guys of sitting on your thumbs." Michael says with a chuckle. "Both. I was just leaving the academy to get to some business, and then you guys were fighting robots. They sent up my gun, and sent me on the road." He says with a chuckle. "Got to use my SHIELD immunity to do some pretty aggressive driving; last time I got to run a Jeep like that was Turkey in 2001."

With a laugh Tony reaches for a glass of water that is sitting just behind the couch on the small table that houses some various nick-knacks. "I love driving like a bat out of hell in New York. Some simply can't appreciate the weaving through cars. Its their loss." Tony offers Michael the other glass of water and points out the cookies that Jarvis had probably brought in with both men were otherwise occupied. "I don't really want to tie you up but its good to know you're on the watch in these parts."

Michael takes a glass of water when offered and nods. "Well, I have to worry slightly more about hitting things then in a war zone, but at the same time that makes it harder." He says amusedly. "Well, SHIELD is watching as much as it can of course, I'm just happy to help where I'm able. Next time fight something that isn't immune to bullets, and I'll really help."

"How do you think I feel?" Tony laughs. Tony has been sifting through Michael's military records and what information is in the SHIELD system. He's impressed and is certain that the man is an asset not only to SHIELD but tho those over at Barnes. "I'm terrible about keeping in touch with people but feel free to stop over from time to time. Everyone else does!"

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