2009-05-17: Attack Of The Green Meanie


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Summary: A Green Humanoid attacks Xavier's Mansion and steals something quite valuable, powers.

Date: May 17, 2009

Log Title Attack of the Green Meanie

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It's a beautiful afternoon at Xavier's, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the clouds are shiftying through the sky peacefully. That is until there seems to be something that isn't quite right in the sky, something moving fast towards the school, falling from the sky with a rushing sound. The alarms starts to sound as it nears the school and lands right into the middle of the quad. Whatever landed, seems to have lawn darted itself into the bottom of a small crater, dirt and grass flying up around the sides of the three foot indent in the Quad.

The sound of the impact causes a few students to look in curiosity, and Pallaton is no exception. He's curious, looking at the crater. He's slowly stepping towards it, but it does seem he doesn't want to get too close, but at the same time, he wants to see what it is. So instead, his ears flick as he listens closely and sniffs the air, trying to get some idea of what's going on.

The roof is a wonderfully relaxing spot when you can fly. And Addison is just one of the people to enjoy such a pleasant view. He's amazed at a lot of things right now. Primarily, how his relationship is going. Sure, hardly anyone knows about it, but it's made Addison positively glowy over the past few days. That is… until the crash. As soon as it lands, he reaches out mentally to let the current folks know what's going on. ~~Attention. Something crashed in the grounds out here. We don't know what it is yet, but I'm going to investigate.~~ He says, flying in the direction.

Coming from the pool is the glowing Leonardo Osborne. He heard the crash and darted out of the pool at a dead run. He's… very bright right now. And his tattoos seem to be growing and glowing. "What in the…? He asks, looking around.

The resident cryogenic student, after being released from the medical bay just yesterday, was out walking with Kael. The two boys start to rush over to the sound of the crash. Max shifting into his ice form as the alarms go off around the school. "We gotta check it out!" he yells out to Kael, smiling. Excitement! Away!

Kael rushes after Max with a slightly worried look on his face. "Hey! Wait up!" He stops at the edge of the Quad, walking closer to the middle slowly before he starts to move closer towards Max.

July was just in her room when she hears, and feels, the impact of… whatever it is, from her bedroom! She blinks and looks out through the window when she hears Addison's warning, and frowns. She decides to go investigate, and so she jumps off her window and runs toward the impact point, meeting with Max on her way there, "Hey, Max. Feeling better?" she asks, smiling, "Any idea what just crashed?"

Unfortunately Robyn was out in the quad, just lying in the grass reading a book on the Witch Hunts of Salem when he saw something coming towards the school. He scrambled up and got out of the way just in time to see something land. Looking around, Robyn isn't quite sure what to do but breaths a sigh of relief when he heards Addison's voice in his head. "I hope it's nothing serious." He mutters.

Sam rushes out from the Dining Room door as he heard the alarms and saw the crash. He's wearing his 'street clothes', which for Sam is a button down shirt, jeans and cowboy hat. "Every one stay back, Ah'll check this out." He says as Cannonball notices he's the only X-Men out here at the moment.

Pallaton's head darts over to Addison, and then to Sam. At the order, Pallaton's scrambling back towards the others, still trying to catch some sort of scent from it. "What is that thing?" he asks nobody in particular.

In the ground seems to be a ball of green..something. Goo? Ooze? Putty? It's hard to say but it doesn't seem to have a form, it's just kind of sitting in the bottom of the pit in the ground. Pallaton would find that sniffing the area, there's somthing odd as it doesn't really have a defined scent. It's a faint scent that's hard to pin point but it also smells strongly of nothing.

Pallaton's head darts over to Addison, and then to Sam. At the order, Pallaton's scrambling back towards the others, still trying to catch some sort of scent from it. The fact it smells of nothing causes the fur to rise on his neck. Instead, he focuses on the… whatever it is, wary.

Looking up to Sam, Addison moves in tandem with the other older X-person. He reaches out mentally to brush the stuff and blinks. "It… It has a mind. But it's not human. I can't tell what it is. I've never sensed anything like it." To those that know her, he sounds much like his mother at this point. However, he moves side by side with Sam, trying to keep himself with the other older person, to act as a barrier to the students.

Leo's dancing lights illuminate the area as he tries to see what's going on. His own powers are causing a strange feeling. "It's… I don't know. My light's telling me that it's… not… normal." But how not normal? Who knows.

Max turns around in his running towards the crash site. "C'mon! We gotta…" He says, then sighing as his Squad Leader tells everyone to stay back. "Dangit, this always happens. I wanted to be the first one to poke it with a stick." He says,picking up a stick from the ground. Though he was only kidding at the stick statement. "Can you see what it looks like?" He asks Pallaton, being the tallest student present, not including July. The chilly nuisance jumps up and down, hoping to catch a glimpse, he doesn't disobey Cannonball's orders. But of course, that doesn't mean he can't still try and catch a peek!

Kael looks over at Max, shaking his head slightly as he looks just over Max; trying to see what it is without much accomplishment. He lets out a frustrated sound at everything that everyone is saying and he says, "From what everyone is saying, I doubt it's any good…" The aerokinetic looks over at everyone there before he tries to look back down at the crater and the… goop? within it.

July stops her running next to Max and Kael, after asked to remain back. She then looks at Max as he holds a stick, and arches one eyebrow at him. "You're kidding, right?" She says, before looking back at the other people next to the crater. "It has a mind?" She blinks softly, confused by Addison's statement. "So it's alive?"

Robyn stands at the back of the group, he doesn't know how to use his powers well at all, only last Danger Room session he finally succeed in possesing the target he weanted. "Is anyone else reminded of that Gak stuff from Nickleodian?" He asks the nervousness showing in his voice.

Sam on the other hand squads down to look at the stuff. "Ah don't reckon Ah've seen anything like this before, what do ya think Addison? Ya think ya can reach out mentally to Ckye?"

The green stuff starts to pulsate, like it's breathing, a slow inhale and exhale motion, before it starts slowly form up. The head forming and rising up until the shoulders, arms, and legs are created. It looks like a green featureless, sexless person.

Pallaton looks to Max, then back to the crater. "It's some kind o-" He stops, dipping down a bit and raising his clawed hands as if ready to strike. He's even baring teeth. But he's not moving more than that, he's just getting ready. "It's that."

"Of course, Sam." Addison says, reaching out mentally. ~~Sir. There's something out here. Some strange green goo, it's forming into a body. We have myself, Sam, and a bunch of students. Please advise or join us.~~ He sends out towards the headmaster as he waits, glaring at the liquid forming into a body. "Students, stay back."

Leo just stands there, jittery and covered in brightly flashing lights. He doesn't know what to do. He's worried and confused, obviously.

Max points to the thing now forming in front of him, and the stick is ditched. "Dude, Gak never did /that/." He says, abandoning his plans to poke it with a stick. Max's head turns to the side as he tries to figure out what it is, other than starting to look like a person.

The Headmaster was helping straggler students into the emergency shelters below the mansion. ~~Do not attack unless attacked first. Instruct the students to stay back at a safe distance, and if danger is immanent, defend them. I'm on my way.~~ he offers, already equipping a combat visor over his eyes. After a minute, he exits from the Dining Room door, and joins the other X-Men in observance. "Status?" He asks Cannonball and Grey King.

Kael lets out a soft laugh as he says, "I agree with you there, Max. Gak /never/ did that whenever I played with it when I was younger." He blinks a bit, just staring at the green goop being as he looks up at Pallaton. "Uh… Pallaton… I… don't think it's… dangerous…" He looks back at it for a moment, "But… just… stay like you are. Just in case."

July blinks softly as she tilts her head softly, looking at the slime forming a… humanoid form. "What the hell?" She asks, shocked and confused. "Is it alive…?" She mutters, tilting her head, "Friend or foe?" Full of questions, the new girl.

Nathaniel steps quietly up next to Leo, obviously here because, well, don't worry about why he's here, it's none of your business, why are YOU here? Punk. The teen touches Leo's shoulder gently, then reaches down to take his hand, quietly watching what's happening with his usual casual unreadability, "What's going on? …is jello attacking the school?"

"You're right." Robyn says to Max and Kael in regards to Gak not being able to do that. "I don't know, it just landed here.." He looks at the green creature humanoid thing and waits to see if it says anything to what July asked it. At the moment he's still trying to stay back. "Should I try possesing it?" There's a fifty fifty, okay less than fifty fifty chance that he would suceed possesing anything.

"Sir, This being seemed t' come outta the sky and crash land here. Ah'm not sure what it is but it formed from a puddle to this creature." Sam says answering to Scott glad to see the Headmaster here.

AFter July speaks to the creature it looks down at it legs and the fact that it's waist deep in a hole. He reaches out a hand and in an odd, other wordly voice says. "Help. Me." It doesn't seem like it has a good grasp on the English Language but it seems it wants help out of the hole.

Pallaton blinks, dropping his guard. Did… did Jello-Man ask for help? He's completely thrown trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Falling from the sky, crashing in a crater, no grasp of English language… Is this some alien race of sentient jello?

Addison doesn't add on to what Sam said. There's no need to. A single sitrep is enough. ~~Everyone be careful.~~ He sends, softly as he looks at the creature, speaking. He looks to Robyn. "I wouldn't recommend it. The mind's not human." He repeats.

Leo looks to his boyfriend and bites his lip. "No idea. I just know I'm… jittery. Nervous. My powers don't like the way it sits there. I don't know why. They've never responded this way before." He leans into Nate.

"Dude… umm…" The iced teen says as he looks to his boyfriend. Max looks up at Pallaton, and starts to scoot next to the tall fuzzy guy, moving to chill behind the tall mutant. "Yeah…don't mind me, I'm just gonna stand behind yah, big guy…" He looks to Kael and doesn't know what to do. Just standing behind the obvious big, scary, intimidating fellow.

Scott gives stout nods to both Cannonball and Grey King. "Hello?" He offers, if it is sentient, it may… oh bloody hell. it just talked. The headmaster reaches a hand to the goo creature. "Are you hurt? Do you need medical attention?" Well, it's not like he hasn't dealt with aliens before, both kind, and malevolent.

Kael lets out a soft laugh. That voice creeping him out visibly as he slowly moves to step behind Pallaton. He looks over at Scott for a moment before he looks back at Max with a soft laugh. "I… have no clue." He looks up at Pallaton and lets out a laugh. "Just… be all threating."

July blinks as the goo speaks. "What…?" she blinks again, and walks toward it, and was about to offer a hand to it when Scott beats her to it. "Oh." she says softly, backing off again a few steps while watching the goo and Scott.

Nathaniel shakes his head, gripping Leo's hand more tightly and taking a small step forward, though not enough to dislodge Leo, more like he's straining for something, "I don't like it either. I'm not getting anything from it. It's like it's… dead. Not alive, anyway. Maybe… maybe it's just because it's not human." That's a load. Not everyone he knows IS human; he gets emotional feedback from them, he should get it from this thing. He frowns when Scott reaches out to it, his lean body tensed, feet planted, ready to either run or, well, do SOMETHING, just in case. He's not scared, persay, but he's as ready as he can be. Bad touch, Scott, bad touch. No means no.

Robyn nods to Addison with a wide-eyed curiosity mixed with nerves. "Wait, do you really think it's an Alien or something?" Hey, he's never met an Alien and that could be kinda cool. He just lets the X-Men do their X-y thing and learn that way.

"Ah've got your back Sir." Sam says as Scott reaches out a hand. He makes sure that he's in front of all the kids if something happens. "Why are ya here?" He asks it hoping that just asking a simple question will get a decent answer.

"Why?" Asks the Green Humanoid to Sam's question. "To complete my mission." And before Scott can pull his hand back the Green Creature takes Scott's hand and quickly takes the shape of Scott, looking like a green version of the man, his eyes starting to glow red as well. As for Scott..well, his eyes stop glowing red behind the ruby quartz visor of his.

Pallaton blinks again as it continues to speak, then takes Scott's form. As Max hides behind him, Pallaton growls a bit, tail raising and fur bristling on his neck. He really doesn't like this anymore…

"Sir!" Addison says, seeing what's happening. He reaches out a telekinetic hand to brush July back, as she was getting too close. "Kids… go." He says, firmly as he reaches out to try to grip the thing with his mind, raising himself into the air on wings of flame. He tries to block the creature's power, not realizing how to do it, it takes up all of his concentration.

Leo gasps as he sees what just happened. He reaches a hand towards it… from his distance, ready to burst a light orb at it if he has to.

Max continues looking on, but yells out. "July! Stay back! They said to." When he starts to walk towards the gooey man. And then the goop transforms into Scott, with the eyes and everything. Despite Pallaton's tail raising and growl, he stays behind the bigger mutant, in fact, he moves to hide behind him even more now.

As the creature takes Scott's hand, and starts transforming, the Headmaster's own glowing eyes start to stop siphoning off concussive energy. He reaches out hands to grasp his visor and eyes, it's like there's nothing there anymore, the power he had felt for half of his life, gone in a matter of seconds.

Kael moves his hands down to grasp at Max's ice one. "Max… we're moving backwards." He starts to walk backwards from the scene, keeping in line with behind Pallaton, starting to pull against his boyfriend's hand. His fear is causing the wind to swirl around him.

July blinks, "Your mission? What's your mission?" She asks, just as the goo takes Scott's form, and then she widens her eyes a bit when the green goo takes the form of Scott, and she tilts her head. She didn't notice Scott's eyes stopping glowing since she was busy with the goo being, and so she doesn't understand the telekinetic shove, "Hey! What's wrong?" She asks as she stumbles several feet behind, almost falling on her butt but regaining her equilibrium, and then taking more steps back. "What happened?" while watching Scott covering his own eyes.

Nathaniel is too much like his boyfriend, even if he has no physical powers or anything nifty of his own; he does know people that do, however, and he doesn't need to use his eyes to find them. Instead, the teen steps forward with Leo, turning his head slightly to call for one of the least likely people he could call for, as far as swinging the power stick around, "Max!" He does turn his head there, knowing the boy is backing off, "/Freeze it./" Running away may save their butts for now, but it's not like this thing has a knitting class it needs to get to or something. He does wish he paid more attention in science class - will ice effect plasma? Cold temperatures do, don't they? What the hell is a kilojoule?

Listening to the adults, Robyn nods and starts to back away as quickly as possible. He's not a fighter he's…he's…he's just learning. He's still trying to get control and manage his powers. He's not capable of fighting anything right now.

Sam was expecting trouble but that wasn't the trouble he was expecting. "Sir! Should Ah Attack?" He asks getting ready to blast as soon as the word is given. Forget asking if the man in charge is okay at the moment, this thing just stole the headmasters powers.

Now that the green humanoid that looks like Scott has the optic beams, he decides to attack and sends a sweeping beam to lance across the area, not to kill anyone but it will send anyone it hits flying back a few feet. He moves the beam from a left to right motion hoping to get everyone in the area.

Pallaton doesn't need telling twice, turning and running as fast as he can. Naturally, he drops onto all fours for this, but the speed isn't quite enough to totally get him clear of the blast, the force ending up forcing his back end over his head, resulting in a comical somersault, face-plant, then scramble back to his feet. Nathan can probably pick out a mix of fear and curiosity, but it's mostly the fear. But he's still running full-tilt from the jello with laser-eyes. After all, if the psychic says to run, you'd better run fast.

Addison's mind was too wrapped up in trying to block the powers. The flash of power sends him higher into the sky. He's trying his best to stay aloft, while focussing on the enemy, but there's just no way for him to do so.

The living light conduit looks to his teammates. Four out of the five are here right now. Eddie's away, so he nods to his boyfriend. "Nate, see if you can pull the fear out of people for now, so nobody hurts themselves." He says, with a firm nod. He begins charging the energy around his hand before he's thrown back a few feet as well.

Max looks to Kael, starting to move back with a slight delay with him. As Nate yells to him to freeze it, the cryokinetic looks skittish, should he, and disobey orders, or should he not, and possibly get injured, or worse, killed. Suddenly, the optic blast is hit in front of him, sending him flying back. The cold teen lands on the ground four feet behind where he once stood. He's fine, though he tries to stand up and make a wall of ice to provide cover to the other students with, he doesn't want to get /hit/ with a blast, and isn't sure that the ice is going to do the trick here.

The Headmaster removes his hands from his face, taking the visor along with it. "Bring it down!" He calls out, pressing a button on his watch to start up the school's automated defenses. While doing this, since he KNOWS he is without his power, he starts running with the students to get them to safety. His visor still on, just missing the telltale twin lights inside the pane of ruby quartz.

Kael looks to Max for a moment, about to say something before he is knocked back by the blast and he slides along the ground for a second; scrambling back up onto his feet as he continues to step backwards. He watches Max start with the ice wall and he starts to get figdety.

July manages to evade the blast just thanks to her flexibility, and she scrambles away, toward Scott, "What the hell? What is that??" She asks, scared, "And what is that thing's mission?" She is scared, but at the same time still curious.

Nathaniel isn't in the middle of trying to run anywhere, so when the blast comes it hits him broadside, sending the teen flying through the air. He knows how to fall - it's part of the martial arts training he took - but falling into a tree is an entirely different matter. Nathan slams into it and drops to the ground, momentarily dizzy but still scrambling for proper footing. He takes a few stumbling trots forward, glancing over his shoulder to see where Leo is. Most would flip out, but Nathan knows his boyfriend, and is well aware of the fact that Leo is twice as likely to dust off after a blast than most of them. He, instead, heads in Max and Kael's direction, endeavoring to push the latter in the direction of the school and snag Max by the back of his shirt, "Forget what I said. Regroup time." To the castle! To the castle!

Robyn isn't fast but he does turn to run along with the other students. Skinny mentalist against a thing without a normal mind, he's running, that is until he's blasted in the back by an optic blast and send sprawling forward on his face. Yummy, dirt.

Sam doesn't have time to put up his shield and is blasted backwards again, his head hitting the ground pretty hard and leaving Cannonball in quite the daze, with a bit of a groan.

Now that there are people on the ground, the green being starts to walk forward out of the hole touching those that he can starting with Sam then July whose still next to Scott. As soon as he makes contact with Sam and July's flesh there's a weird sensation, like an 'off' switch and a vacum like feeling draining their powers. Once the being has July's powers, it streches an arm to touch Kael. As it gathers the threes powers it forms into a weird algamation of the four it touched, Scott, Sam, July and Kael.

Rising softly, Addison sees what it's doing. He can't get himself up yet, he's too hurt. But he CAN, do this. He reaches out, mentally, ~~Everybody in the mansion. Get away! Quickly! Do NOT engage this creature. It's stealing our abilities! Avoid touching it at all costs~~ Slowly he lifts himself into a standing position, flinging a harsh telekinetic wave at the creature. "Stop." He commands, taking slow steps towards it as the fire forms around his body, lifting him from the ground, surrounding him in a Phoenix-like Aura. "You will leave here. NOW."

Leo on the other hand, rises quickly before darting at the creature, not disobeying, per se, but getting close enough to blast a light-ball at him, seeing if it will stun him like it does others.

Kael lets out a grunt at the draining of his powers, though he doesn't even notice it or know that he know that he has no powers. He doesn't even look back at the being before he starts to run back into the mansion. Using the push from Nate to bolt into the mansion towards the emergency rooms inside of the school. Run! Run, faster!

July screams in shock as she finds out her powers are gone. "M-My power!!" She says, stunned in shock as she looks at her hands, still seated on teh floor, "T-they're not working! They're not working!!" She remains there, apparently too stunned to move.

Max was about to continue with his ice wall before he feels a sensation on his back, maybe someone grabbing his shirt and tugging him forcibly. The cryokinetic gives a high-piched grunt as Nate takes the smaller mutant away in retreat. "I can block it!" He says, still holding out his arms, constructing a wall of ice, but pretty soon, he gives up, too far away from the wall.

The Headmaster yells out to Cannonball, trying to get him to wake up. "Students, keep going, " He yells, before moving to Sam's aid. "Get up, we need to fall back." He says, trying to lift Sam to his legs and GTFO.

"Oh, really?" Nate says in a low voice, "Just figure that out, didja?" If Addison wasn't busy, he'd likely have 'heard' that, but fortunately, he's distracted right now. Though he's invested in getting Max out, he doesn't miss it when Kael gets tagged, swearing under his breath and looking over his shoulder, "Leo!" The teen does what he can to keep himself between Max and the goomonster; the last thing they need is another real power for the thing to gobble up. He doesn't drag Max all the way to the school with his boyfriend still hanging out around it, though, instead letting go of his shirt and pushing him towards the school, "Stop it later, Max. Kael needs you." That's all he says to his teammate before he takes off back in the direction of the goothing. His powers aren't physical so it won't much effect him if they get stolen, adjusting course only when July performs a perfect rendition of Damsel in Distress. Yeah. He's not following orders either. Emotear.

Robyn turns to see what everyone's doing, which is probably a mistake since he should have probably kept running. He heard July's scream and ran over to her. "July! Are you okay?" He asks as he's paniced and trying to see if there is a way to help her. "Let's head inside."

Sam on the other hands moans as he gets up. "Ah can't blast Scott." He mutters as he knows his power is gone, he felt it and he feels…empty as he's lost a big part of himself. "Ah can't help the kids." That's what really bothers him.

The Green Meanie doesn't stop, using his optic blast to shatter Max's ice wall and stretch a hand over to touch the icey mutant. As he does that though the winds pick up and start to circle around everyone so there's no means of escape. Thank you Kael. As Nathaniel is just standing there, the Green Humaniod uses his stretchy power to fly forward and touch him as well while forming a third tendril to reach up rapidly towards Addison. Lucky for July's power, he's able to stretch and dodge out of the way of Leo's light blast.

As he's trying his best to send a blast at the creature, the tendril hit him. He didn't see it coming. ~~Brian! I L…~ and that's where the thought that Addison's boyfriend recieves ends as the flying mutant comes crashing to the ground with a loud snap. "Shit." He says softly, lying there, trying to roll over.

"Just stand still and let me hit you with this." Leo says, bursting light balls from both hands repeatedly, trying his best. Leo… is enraged. Poor Nate, having to feel it all… or not. His energy is flowing out heavily. He'd try to heal Addison, but he can't see the man behind him.

"LEO! You need to go! It CAN'T touch you!" Nathan yells up at his boyfriend, still in the middle of running. Leo can fly after all, he should still be able to escape. The last thing they need is Mr. Green winding up as a bastion of light with all kinds of crazy energy powers; plus, it'd be nice to have someone to heal everybody up later, right? Right. His distraction makes it easier for that hand to hit him and while it sends a weird rippling sensation through his head, like a thousand doors shutting all at once, he doesn't stop moving, instead continuing to yell as he so seems to love doing, this time aiming it towards Sam and Scott, "What the Hell are you two doing? You're teachers, for chrissakes! Get off your ass!" He doesn't know what they can do powerless, but it's better to try than just do nothing. Nathan just focuses on getting over to Addison since the poor guy took a header. The mutant - non-mutant? - seems invested solely in the technique of staying in motion, whether he can be useful or no

Max gets touched, the organic ice mutant has to keep moving, but as his power is taken away, his body temperature comes back to normal, which causes him a high amount of pain as he feels as if he is boiling. The used to be ice mutant starts running frantically as he feels like he's boiling. "The heat! It hurts!" He yells as he tries to join up with the other students.

Scott helps Sam as he gets to his feet. "I can't either, it took my power too, but we've got to get them out first." He says as the turrets start firing at the green man. Intent to subdue for now. BUt he's not so sure if it's going to be that easy…

July remains in shock, but it doesn't last, thankfully, she recovers, looking at the green thing, and then she stands up and she starts to run away, "Gods… what IS that thing?" She asks, but then she's cut short as she slams into the wind wall and bounces back, falling on her back, letting out a grunt of pain. That's new.

Robyn is trying to get to July when she runs into the wind wall. "July!" He says as help her up. "You okay? What's going on?" He's trapped in the wall and he can't fly. This isn't good.

Sam on the other hand, he doen't have his powers but something Nathaniel says causes him to turn towards the Green Humanoid. "Ah may not be able t' blast but Ah can still fight." He says rushing over to take a swing at the thing, hoping to distract it and somehow they can get outta there.

When Leo goes to fire the light blasts as the Green Humaniod, an ice wall errects itself in front of it so he won't get hit. All his motions are done quick, precises and it without emotion. Robyn and Leo isn't standing still for long as The Green Meanie uses Addison's stolen telekinesis to pull the metalist and living light user towards him, pulling them into an arm each just as Sam goes to punch him. The two are touched and their powers aborsbed as Sam's hand rebounds against the platisicty of the being.

"I can't feel him. I can't feel anyone." Addison says, forlornly as he rolls over and looks down at his leg. It's… not pretty. There's no way it can be anything BUT broken. Looking up to Nate, he glares. "Get out of here. GO. Don't let him hurt you more than he already has!" HE says, rolling to the side and starting to drag himself, despite the pain. He was a freedom fighter. He's dealt with things before.

As the light leaves Leo, he gasps, his energy and mood all falling to something normal. His tattoo fades from his face. His hair fades from brilliant white to blond, and his body stops sparkling. "Let me go." He says, firmly, trying to break free of the hold, but failing. IT's stronger than he could be, even WITH his powers.

The cryokinetic seethes as the pain from the sudden temperature increase is shocking to his system. He's in a lot of pain, but seems to be out of harm's reach

Scott moves with Sam, attempting to distract the greenie. He does this with a punch and a kick. "Get off the kid!" He yells at it, trying to save Leo. He's hoping that this is not going to last long, being without his power. But he's gonna make due for now.

July stands up, her body in pain, because now her body is no longer soft, "H-heat… or cold… if it gets my powers… he's vulnerable to them!! Freeze him… or melt him!" she tries to say, gasping in pain a bit as she lifts herself up to her knees.

"Welcome to my life," Nathan says simply, though he adds, "Don't tell me what to do; you're the one hurt. Stop trying to move…" Belligerent. He's distracted, then, however, because while he may not be able to feel Leo any more, he's gotten accustomed to being aware of his boyfriend's capacity to glow. The sudden loss of that as well as the yelling he hears isn't even fully processed when Nathan starts running again, racing towards the Bad Guy who has snatched Leo up along with Robyn - not that Robyn is really the one he cares about. Sorry. For what seems like the eightieth time since this all went down, Nathan finds himself yelling, "Leo!" This is the first time it's been full of nothing more than worry and fear.

As his powers are drained, Robyn tries to flail against the telekinetic grip of the creature without much luck. "No!" He says as he's actually gotten to the point where he likes his powers.

Sam is not happy and even though he knows he's just punching 'rubber' he continues as he's not happy right now. "Y'all, just…stay back." He knows it's a sorry attempt.

As the Green Creature drains the last of the powers of the people in the area, it drops Leo and Robyn to the ground and at the same time the winds stop. "Mission acomplished." It says in a weird voice as it rocket blasts into the sky away from the school leaving those their without their powers.

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