2010-03-20: Attack On The Left Path


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Summary: Sinister's Marauders come to attack the mansion. [[attack-on-the-right-path|Simultaneously with the scene here]]

Date: March 20, 2010

Attack On The Left Path

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Left Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

It's early afternoon on this lovely Saturday, the sun is out and the weather is beautiful. It's a good day for people to be outside and just enjoy the day, especially since there are no classes. Despite the weather, there's still a bit of tension on the grounds and the security is still on high alert, even if it's not a total lock down.

Sitting outside and just relaxing in the weather is Robyn. He's sitting against a tree with his eyes closed, as he's waiting for what he's been working on to finish baking in the kiln. Another night with little sleep but he's finished with what he's working on. Which is also part of the reason that Robyn is also half asleep at the moment.

James is outside enjoying the sun with a bit of a mission in mind. He's heard that his team has lost a few and gained a few. As a result, the hyena-kid is padding through the grounds, hoping to run into the only person on his team that ever seems informed—Rashmi. However, he spots a Jono instead. 'Maybe Face knows!' he decides, 'He keeps up on that important crap.' And with that he bounds towards the Garage, "Yo Jo! I need to axe you a question!"

Ah, the mansion. Skyler's alma mater. but not for long. He gave these pathetic mutants their fair warning, so now it's time to collect. It wouldn't do to launch his assault against the mansion by just walking up to the place and knocking on the front door. No, he's going to have an entrance with a little bit of flair. He's copied Jordan, and is zipping alongside him towards the mansion at top speed. Spying a cluster of mutants heading towards the garage he angles his flight to a collision course with the students, shifting to his natural form at the very last second. The security system has barely enough time to register his arrival before he lets an energy blast powerful enough to smash a car to bits strafe across the path where they're at.

Walking along with Scott, ginormous hands clasped in the small of his back, Hank seems a curious mixture of tense and calm all at the same time. "I wish we had been able to strike when the iron was hot as it were." The X-Man is clearly a bit under the weather, but he is also a trooper. "In any case, Quicksilver's reconnoiter of the coordinates I was able to provide showed evidence of a hastily evacuated base, and some 'not quite right' Marauders, though Pietro couldn't tell more without unacceptable risk. There were also some guards of dubious quality. All in all I assume that Essex evacuated within minutes of my locating him." Fortunately Hank is one very experienced combatant, when the energy beam starts flying he takes a moment to yell. "INCOMING!" And then will attempt a diving tackle to get as many people out of the line of fire as he can. He has a lot of reach, and being omnidextrous might well be somewhat useful…but who knows.

Slightly after Skyler's entrance as Jordan comes Jordan's own entrance as himself. The short, flying mutant is barrelling in, before growing and sliding into the ground beneath the bodies. He doesn't make an erupting, simply vanishing beneath the ground, ghostly white body just underneath the surface. Of course, he's still moving as he's under there.

Jo? Takes him a moment to realize he's being talked to, and Jonothon looks over, frowning. Oh, James. He turns off the machine, cutting down on the sound. «Wanker.» That's the greeting the Hyena gets, even if it's fond. «'Axe' when you aren't spreading advice about me.» Jerk. And in the mature manner of Starsmores everywhere, Jonothon makes a face. Of course that soon shifts to shock as not only is there a shouted warning, but the blast hits. «MOVE.» That to James as the Brit tosses himself as far as he can get from the blast. Part, what part? What he doesn't expect is the TK that helps. Poor guy goes tumbling head over heals through the air. Away, nicely, but oy.

Robyn jumps up as he woken up from his nap by the sound of something being blasted apart. He looks around and decides to run in a random direction. Find a spot to hide, that's what he's figuring. That's until he sees Jono get blasted back. "Jono!" He doesn't know the TK helped him at all, so he runs over there to try to help him. "Jono, are you okay?"

James' expression shows a myriad of emotions as he realizes his newest prank is already exposed. But with the orders, and the sound he drops to all fours and makes his best attempt to flee. Hearing the commotion behind him and coming close, fast, the boy skids to a halt and turns to survey the damage and the cause.

Somehow having rolled to his feet, Hank's baby blues narrow as he sees Jordan and Jordan too. "Lovely." He murmurs, and then since he can't fly he bounds intially /away/ from the attacking Marauder, and uses a tree's bole as an improvised spring board to launch him at the only opponent still visible. "Good day, young man. Did I correctly hear someone order a haymaker sandwich?" His manner is pleasant even as he suits actions to words, a two-fisted blow hammered at the lad. He's not really expecting it to do much, but he's hoping it will at least give Scott a clear shot while the lad's attention is (hopefully) focused on Hank.

The headmaster was walking with Hank before the energy blast started. "INTO THE MANSION!" He yells out, as Hank and himself jump to get students out of the way of the blast, already pressing a panic button of his own to activate the smart turrets. He holds a button down on his watch and speaks into it. "This is not a drill, all available staff are to escort the students to the emergency living quarters." As he speaks, his voice is repeated in the mansion, along with alarms. The Headmaster looks around for a small orange box, some placed conveniently around the mansion for occasions like this. Inside the fingerprint encoded boxes are combat visors for him to use. Scott quickly switches his glasses for a visor and a glove with remote trigger.

There's a weak, «Christ.» from Jonothon after he's come to rest. «…I was using that.» It's kind of like saying, 'My spleen!'. Too bad he doesn't have one. Yes, the Brit is denied any kind of dignity as he begins picking himself off the ground where he finally came to rest. Eyes are solid red and his psy-fire is lashing around. «M'fine, Robyn. You might want to get into the mansion.» Wiping the blood from his nose, he looks around for those who are responsible. If he can get a bead on the flying Skyler he seeks to blast the teen. More of aiming to where Skyler will be, than where he is.

James checked his calendar this morning, and on it was marked, 'Ignore the Headmaster Day' (really, it was), so the boy taks it upon himself to regroup with familiar faces. Heading towards Jono and Robyn, the beastly boy jogs over, keeping low and hopefully unattractive as far as targets go, "You guys alright?"

Robyn looks at Jono and nods. "Right." He says as he's worried about Jono but he also knows he's just a kid. Then Scott yells and it's reinforced to the teen that he should get inside. He looks around and then starts running, as fast as he can, to hopefully get inside the school. Why isn't the door like five feet away? "James!" He yells, wanting to stick with someone.

One goal in sight, Jordan comes out of the ground at a meager fly speed, nothing compared to some of the others, going straight for Scott. Unfortunately for most of the people here, he's intangible. Completely untouchable. He smiles as he heads straigth in the headmaster's direction. "I'm going to enjoy this. If it weren't for me, you would have killed my father. Now, who's going to save you?"

Skyler tumbles to the ground, and rolls to a stop, since his natural form doesn't have any sort of flight. However, he's much stronger and much more durable in this form and dodges out of the way from Beast's attack. "You might have surprised me with that the last time we met, Beast," he growls, "But I've had a chance to learn a thing or two." He keeps moving, making it hard for anybody to get a steady bead on him, and he sends another blast at Hank. He's not pulling any punches with this. He warned the teacher last time that in the end there would be casualties, and he intends to follow through with his promise.

Jade wanders out to see what all the commotion is about. There's a lot of yelling and footsteps, and the girl holds up her cane in a defensive posture, swinging her head from side as her hair lashes against her neck, snake-like tails slithering up in an undulating crown. "What's going on!?" Not that she expects anyone to answer.

«Get inside!» It's meant for James, but the yell carries a bit. Since both Jordan and Skyler are heading for teachers, Jonothon does the same. Leaves the kids to do as they will. Pauses now and again on that race over to keep sending small blasts at Skyler. Doesn't matter if he hits or not, for it's just meant as distraction.

James looks like he might actually listen to the order, but then he catches sight of one of his favorite targets. It's Jade, and she's wondering out into the melee rather, well, blindly, "Christ!" He shoots Jono a look, "I got her!" But the man is already running to help Scott and the others, "Robyn, lil help?" He drops low, "Hop on!"

Scott watches the intangible Jordan make a move for him, and mashes the trigger on his glove hard, opening the shutters of his visor enough for a strong blast and zap sound to ring through the grounds. He's not sure of this Marauder, but there's someone coming his way, and he's not going to be attacked just like that. As long as they are focused on Scott and Hank, they aren't focusing on the students, that's just fine.

Of course, the blast goes right through his body. Jordan laughs as it does so, flying through Scott to come to the other end and shrink down. After he's on the other side, he's switched from his intangibility to his strength and durability. "You deserve whatever happens to you, Mr. Summers. Think back on it. The first battle with Magneto. All those soldiers. And you and yours couldn't protect all of them."

Robyn stops as he notices Jordan and freezes for a few moments. He doesn't really pay attention to anything else around him in that short time period. "Jordan!" He eventually yells and like an idiot, he starts running in that direction. Foolish, definitely, but right now, he's not thinking logically. Sorry Jono, Scott, but James's words are the ones that register in his mind and goes to jump on James.

Skyler's energy blast is partially avoided, but it sends Hank careening into one of the light fixtures that illumine the grounds. There's a rather painful looking impact, and an even more painful sounding crunch as body and pole meet—and neither is particularly happy. Singed, and battered, Hank shakes his head rapidly to clear it, and then pivots to grab the post, twisting it free along with a spectactular fountain of sparks. "You haven't learned enough, boy. Is that the best you can do?" Hank then leaps once more to the attack, six feet of cast iron swung with all his might. "Are you familiar with the physics of a lever? Here's a field demonstration…"

Jade hears the Zap of Mr. Summer's visor, and gasps. "What was that?! Oh… oh.. something BAD is happening," She backs a step towards the school, being the princess obvious, but y'know… it's hard to run away when there is stuff happening. Her hand reaches up to grab at her glasses, wishing she could see beyond them.

"Hardly, Beast," says Skyler, bounding away from the attack, letting iron lamp post clang into the sidewalk beside him. "I was winded last time we met, but this time I'm fresh as a daisy." With that, he lets another energy blast go. To the outside observer, one might think it was a clumsy blast aimed at Hank again, until one realizes that the heedless Robyn was his true target this time.

James waits while Robyn saddles up, "Hold onto my neck." It's by far one of the thickest parts, muscled parts of his body…and it doesn't really occur to him that Robyn may not be able to hold on. But, making a grab for Robyn's arm to keep him somewhat in place, the hyena will stand when the other is somewhat ready and begin to run towards Jade, "You do the talking, she hears my voice and she's gonna freak out." Rightfully so..OH SHOOT INCOMMING! He Bolts, Robyn ready or not.

Grabbing onto James' neck, well more around it, Robyn holds on tight. "Jade!" He calls out to her. "Yes, there is bad stuff happening, really bad stuff." He says to her as James runs towards her. Lucky for Robyn, he's grabbed onto James /just/ in time and the blast /barely/ misses him and the Hyena. "Jade, it's not safe alone, stick with James and I!" He says sounding terrified, that blast almost took his head off.

Scott quickly turns around and looks to the ground and again opens up his visor, this time not as much, but there is dirt and sod flying as Scott sweeps back and fourth, sending a spread of energy to where he thinks Jordan may be? Hopefully, the students that have brains will be down in the emergency quarters by now.

Since nothing he tries seems to have any affect, Jonothon leaves Skyler to Hank and moves to help some students into the mansion. Jade is in good hands, but there are some kids lingering to try and watch. «INSIDE.» Not quite a shout, but being descended on by a burning man gets them moving.

His attack missing, the pole is bent so that it isn't much use as a lever anymore so it is pitched at Skyler, before the bouncing Beast lives up to his name. "Well, I don't think you're much of a daisy…more like Skunkweed, or a rotten cabbage." Hank quips. Even as he tosses the pole, he does a series of back flps to end up behind Scott. He actually goes completely over the headmaster's head — for once literally instead of via technobabble. Landing on his back and shoulders he grabs Scott with his feet, gently cushioning him as he compresses his legs. "Alee-Oop!" Legs are then thrust forward to send Scott sailing, the Beast ending up in a low crouch with one hand holding his ribs - breathing somewhat labored.

"What! James!" Oh, that names fills Jade with a sense of calm, just like a summer's day where one gets a 2nd degree sunburn. A quick peek, her glasses lifted just a touch to get a glimpse of what's going on then slapped down again, the space beneath a blinding white-blue for that fraction of a second. "Oh… wow!" She stumbles back now. "I shouldn't be here!"

The blast does sweep over the tiny Jordan as he growls. It doesn't hurt, but it does make him want to fly at the man at full power. So… he does. "Sinister wants you hurt. So do I. Hope you like that leg." He says, as he blasts towards it, very hard. He's not aiming to do any permanent injury right now, just to do enough to stop him. Enough to cause severe pain and problems. Jordan's body is like a little diamond travelling at bullet speeds. However, unlike a bullet, he doesn't spread as he travels, so anytime he shoots through anything, it's clean and easier to repair.

It's a rare moment inside the hyena's head. No countless distractions, scents, sounds. Just a goal. And, for the moment that goal is to get to Jade. Sure, he's listening to the rest of the world, a ear turned towards Jono as he shouts, but everything else is about him, Robyn, and Medusa. Robyn gets bounced around quite a bit, but with the help of another paw, he'll try to keep his friend stationary, and without the need to yank all his fur out. He turns his head the second he sees Jade screwing with her glasseshe's not doing this dance againeyes off the girl as he continues straight for her.

Skyler goes to dodge the lamppost but dodging the blasts from Jono had gotten him distracted enough that the bar of twisted metal hits him in the chest, taking him prone. He shakes his head To clear it and pushes the lamp post off of him, and gets to his feet.

Robyn clings to James even tighter as he sees Jordan attack Scott like that. He doesn't care if James is still running or not, but he slides off of him, fighting to get off if possible. "Get Jade to safety." He says, a slight quiver to his voice as he takes a few steps near Scott and Jordan. "JORDAN! Stop this! You don't want to do this, I know you don't. This isn't you…please…Jordan..please." And somewhere inside his mind, he's kicking himself for being the 'please stop' idiot.

Scott looks straight at Skyler as he goes flying upwards, his mind calculating fast as his finger reaches up to his visor and engages the shutters, opening up the aperture and releasing that red optic blast that he's so known for. He's hoping for a similar result to come from this as with the original Sinister. And since he's in the air, his decent is slowed some as Cyclops gets closer and closer to the ground.

If he gets a chance, especially with Skyler briefly stunned, Jonothon goes for another blast. This one is far stronger than the others. He's at the limits of his range though, having been getting students to run. The man is surrounded in Psy-fire too. Angry at the attack, the stuff coils around him like a living thing.

Fortunately for Scott he's not where Jordan blasts…that's a very good thing indeed, UNfortunately for Hank he's where Scott was, and Jordan's diamond hard body punches right through his shoulder, since that's about the height that Scott's leg would have been at when the attack was launched. Hank is tough, he really is, but even he is going to yell when his shoulder gets punctured through-and-through. Fortune favors the man this far — the brachial artery is not punctured, the tissue damage is rather extensive. Vision momentarily blurred by the pain, Hank needs a moment to gather his wits.

They're running, they're running, they're running….OOPS! James is suddenly 120+/- lbs lighter, "The hell!" He glares over his shoulder in time to see Robyn do the expected thing, but stays on course. Simple class room tactics, concentrate on the civilian, hero, or villain with the greatest weakness. And if nothing else, James is good at spotting weakness. Now, if only the headmaster knew the hyena really wasn't sleeping in class…! HE spreads his arms, almost to Jade, "Stay still. I'll grab you!"

Skyler may be quick and agile above and beyond the human norm, but he's not quick enough or agile enough to dodge both blasts from Scott and Jono. He sees Scott's first, so he's able to twirl out of the way of that, but the resulting debris that gets kicked up causes him to miss Jono's attack until it's too late. It blasts him, taking a huge chunk out of his right arm, crippling it. "Jon!" he shouts through the pain, "Your master is very displeased with you. /I'm/ very displeased with you." His voice is so very much like Sinister's. "I'm sure he'll take you back. You only need to maim Summers."

And that's when Jordan hears the voice. The one that is much worse than Scott's. That irritating whine. That grating insolence. "Robyn." He glares, reangling himself. Of course, his form is spattered slightly as he grows, moving back to his normal height. And intangible. He pulls a few wooden dowels out of his holster. "Don't you ever shut up? Such a weak little fool. You should run away before I kill you." He smiles brightly before laughing.

The glare just causes Robyn's fist to ball as he walks towards Jordan. "No, I'm tired of hiding and running away, this isn't you." He says knowing the weak and foolish comments were probably accurate but it doesn't stop him. "You fought the demon control, why can't you fight this?" He says as there's something screaming at him to 'run you idiot!' but he can't, he has to try, doesn't he?

Jonothon's answer to Skyler should be unsurprising, «Sod off, toerag.» So not about to attack Scott to get in good with Sinister. «I'm back where I belong.» Said for the first time in a manner that he truly means. Xaviers is home. «How about I maim you some more instead?» He's quickly wearing out. Blasting like this drains the man's reserves. Sure he recharges in a few minutes, but that's time people don't have. So of course, he tries to blast Skyler yet again. PHOOM! Stands his ground, arms at sides and lets loose.

James will grab her? How can that ever be a good thing. "James, stand back. I'm gonna do my thing… stand back! Robyn, duck!" Jade shouts. She doesn't know theses other guys but knows there are teachers, and smells blood in the air. She trusts the people who know her to do the right thing. Her hair rises in a slithering cloud around her head, green opalescent scales glittering as she takes a step forward, cane in hand. "Hey bad guys!" she shouts. "Easy target! RIGHT HERE!" And with that, her glasses come off and the blinding paralytic gaze a hot miasma of blue-white light.

Realizing that he's likely suffering from shock, Hank tears the (charred) sleeve off his quite a bit the worse for wear labcoat and improvises a pressure bandage for his shoulder. Down an arm, rather like Skyler, Hank waits until he gets a good idea of who's where, and then leaps past Skyler in a bound. The man is rather large, his Brobdingnagian frame having a lot of mass, and considerable momentum generated by superhuman musculature as he extends his good arm en passant in an attempt to clothesline the Marauder.

Scott comes down on the ground with a thud and takes a second to get back up. He turns to see Skyler right there, looking as much like Essex as he does. The Headmaster mashes down the button on his glove to send yet another optic blast towards the mini-Sinister. Again, it's a pretty hard shot, but if he can see it coming, it is dodgeable. Perhaps a 1-2 punch thanks to Hank?

"You're wrong, Robyn. This IS me." Jordan laughs as he reaches forward with one of the dowels, attempting to pass it into Robyn somewhere. If it goes in, he'll release it. "I've never had real desires to be like these heroes. I don't have most of those positive beliefs. Why do you think I've never responded with the feelings you profess. Those weak sentiments?" He laughs. "How can someone like me love a whining little pustule of paranoia?" He's not listening to anyone else. Just focussing on this right now.

James makes a grab for Jade, eyes somewhat closed since he's on to her tricks. Successful, and he'll give her a rather firm jarring as he scoops her up. Unsuccessful and he'll probably miss completely and find a park bench the rather hard way.

Fortunately for Skyler, the triple team of Scott, Jono, and Hank, keep him from looking directly at the Medusa's stare. But he catches enough of it out of the corner of his eye to catch both blasts, and gets clotheslined all at pretty much the same time. Skyler groans while on the ground, his body burnt from psyfire and broken from optic blasts. "Come here," he gasps at Jono, "And say that to my face." He tries to get to his feet, but his body is broken badly enough that he just wobbles and falls to his knees.

Robyn knows Jordan's evil but doesn't someone truly believe their significant other would harm them? Well not a teenager so there's quite the scream of pain as a wooden dowel gets phased into his left shoulder and then let go of. "But you have Jordan…you..you do want to be a hero…you've always liked them." He says trying to fight with the pain. "If you're telling the truth…if I'm just weak and stupid for…" He can't finish his sentence as his mind is racing too much between physical and some emotional pain.

Unfortunately Jonothon is in about the worst possible spot when Jade's attack hits. Not only is he facing her, but he looks to her for the shouting. The man would be panting for breath if he had the means to breath at all, and fire filled eyes shift over… oops. Psy-fire disperses immediately, and the Brit is frozen on that spot.

Jade allows herself to be scooped up by the large predator. "Oof," she huffs, and puts her glasses back on her face, hooking the arms behind her little ears. "Don't be evil or I'll bite you and make you— oh shit, James! Turn around! I got Jono!" Frantic, she lifts her lenses again to peek and make sure that she's got things right.

"Why would I lie? Have I ever lied to you, Robyn? Have I ever said that I…" Jordan pauses and puts on a fake sappy face. "Looooooved you?" He makes a whimper motion with his face. "ever stop and think about WHY? I have never had a problem telling an asshole they're an asshole." He laughs, "Oh, look. You're bleeding. Delicious." He grins, remaining intangible as he pulls out another pair of dowels.

"THIS ISN'T YOU JORDAN!" Robyn yells out as he's more than just bleeding, he's got an area of his arm where bone and wood have become one and it hurts. "Stop it!" He says as Jordan is cutting into him emotionally and he's trying to block it out, not believe it, but he does. He can't help it. His eyes flash purple and a psi-dagger forms in his hand as he rushes him, hoping he can get the dagger to stick him.

"Jesus H. Christ," James shouts at Jade, "Your parents have any children that lived?" He tosses, tosses her behind a bush and turns around to survey the damage. Jono frozen, Robyn bleeding but psi-bladed, and so on and so forth. The hyena will hesitate for a moment to see if anyone goes to rescue the brit. If not, he'll do it.

The Headmaster watches Skyler get back down on the ground. He's looking directly at Skyler, with his thumb on his trigger. Just in case there is any more fight left in this kid. Scott is not going to take any chances with these Marauders, not while they are still slaves to Sinister. And then he hears a voice in his head, recognizing the feeling of that voice, he cannot help but shake his head just a little.

AS the blade starts coming, Jordan thrusts the dowels out in front of him. Three in one hand, all aiming for the same place. As Robyn psy-blades him, Jordan's form goes still, as if in shock. He yells, body going fully solid as he does so. Unfortunately, so do the dowels. It's a rather loud scream of pain.

Skyler has had enough of a rest so that his accelerated healing factor has had time to kick in. He's still down, but he's getting better. When he sees Cyclops shake his head, he takes this as an opportunity for a last ditch attempt at taking everybody down. Despite the pain, and the broken bones, he gets to his feet again and sprints towards the frozen Jonothan, hand outstretched to make skin to skin contact…

Jordan's scream of pain is joined by Robyn's as the three dowel rods solidify in his right side as the same time as the psyblade hits it's target. He just stops and falls over on the ground, as the pain is too great, bleeding from the new wound as well combined with the fact that more of his body is becoming fused with the dowel rods.

James takes off after Skyler—he sees how this might end. The hyena is not super accelerated by any means, but he's large and he's built to run. Toe claws digging for purchase, he leans into the sprint and attempts a tackle. Time to see if that recent football stuff he's been trying pays off.

Man is Jade bushed. Flailing, she crashes through the shrubbery with a few choice epitaphs for her shrubby tomb. Light flashes until she can find her fallen glasses. "Dammit!"

Cyclops opens his eyes wide, seeing Skyler get up and try to reach out for Jono. Almost immediately, his hands reach up at his visor to rip it off, unfortunately, Scott's taking out his frustrations on Skyler in that Sinister body at this moment. A culmination of all the pain, anger, and fear he had during this ordeal, force Scott to look unprotected at Skyler for a brief moment only.

As beat up as Hank is right now, he is just a moment too slow off the cuff when Skyler makes his last ditch effort to get to Jono. Still, he's strong and he's fast…even hurt. Gritting his teeth from the pain he leaps once more — not for Skyler, but for Jono, sending the Meat Puppet Psion careening into a nice hedge…better than a wall or the like, right? Of course this leaves Hank where Jono was, and thus right in the path of Skyler, Scott's blast, and the charging gnoll. "Oh…bother…" He has time to say.

Robyn just lies there in the grass, trying to deal with pain that's coursing through him. He doesn't notice anything else around him at the moment, his left shoulder injured and his right side, the pain is too great. He knows he needs medical attention, but he scrambles to get to his feet.

Stopping and falling to the ground, Jordan's eyes are closed. He's not unconscious, but he is not quite there. His body is still white and he's staring at the empty sky above himself.

The Large Bright Blast has all of James' attention. Seeing how the hyena is now without a target, he stops, reorients himself, and takes off towards the downed Robyn to begin First Aid.

To make the night's indignities complete, Jonothon goes careening into the hedge. «Gordon Bennet.» It's not even loud. He's more of sighing to himself than anything else. Yeah, just going to hang there a while. Until the freeze wears off. WOn't be too much longer now.

The massive eye-blast only serves to push Skyler towards Jonothon, as well as crushing every bone in his body. He's, then, tackled into Jonothon, and Jonothon is tackled by Hank, but not before skin contact is made. "FOOLS!" he shouts triumphantly as his body quickly distorts and changes, until he's an exact copy of the X-Man. The copying process totally heals the teen from any damage he had previously taken and he stands, eyes blazing with psy-fire. "I warned you that this would be the end of you," he bellows. "And now… wait… what's happening?" Little does he know that not only did he copy all the good things about Jono… he also copied the genetic flaw that kept the man from being able to contain his power. "No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he yells in dispair as lines of psy-fire crack through his skin all over his body, raw power leaking out of him. Tired and weakened from the battle, he just doesn't have the strength to contain it all, and finally he explodes. The blast is strong enough to leave a large black crater in the middle of where he's standing, and will do a considerable amount of collateral damage to everything and everyone in a large radius around him. Finally, spent, Skyler returns to his base, Sinister-like form, and collapses, unconscious.

Jade finally manages to untangle herself from the hedge when all of a sudden…. "Oh!" Suddenly Jono is sharing the hedge with her. Or some large Brit-accented object. She grabs her glasses, prepared to defend her leafy castle. "Freeze right there or I'll uh… freeze you!" Her hair is entwined with sticks and leaves.

Just getting to his feet, Robyn was not expecting Skyler to copy Jono and go all explody! He's hit by the psy-blast of Skyler's and is knocked off of his feet and sent flying backwards. It doesn't do anything to help his injuries and so once he's done with his knock back to the ground he just lies there, unconscious.

Being not so far away from Skyler, Scott went flying into the air, managing to land in a tree, unconscious and hurt badly now, his eyes closed and that visor he was wearing destroyed.

The Amazing Exploding Skyler sends Hank flying…he actually is sent through a wall into the mansion, ending up out cold with his back and shoulders against the wall, his arms spread out to either side, and his legs drooping over. To add insult to injury, a book falls from a wrecked shelf…falling on his head with a thud.

James is caught in the blast and finds himself flying towards, then over, and then beyond Robyn. He hits the ground with a rather hard strike and keeps sliding, coming much too close Jono's cycle. As he comes to a stop, he hits the kickstand causing the bike falling over onto him. *CRASH* "Saaaaaafe….?"

Jonothon waits until after the explosion from Skyler to give a fairly weary sounding, «Too late, gel.» To Jade. The blast does knock the Brit out of the bush and he sprawls to the ground. Sure he's still tangled in bush, but he's mostly on a flat surface. «…Ow.» Sorry, just had to say it. With this he begins to move. If only through sheer force of will. Clothing torn, bleeding again, the man pulls himself out of the bush so that he can stagger to his feet. The aftermath of it all has him shaking his head at it. «Christ.» What a mess. Unsteady of step, he then moves to try and start helping people.

Robyn just lies there in the grass, bleeding and beat up from Skyler's explosion. It doesn't look like he'll be getting up anytime soon unless he has medical attention.

Jade shakes off some of the tree. "Um…" she edges around the bush, her hand on her glasses. "Is anyone vicious and hateful still standing?" she asks, unsure of the great lines you say to provoke badguys or their kin. She moves forward a bit, then flashes up a look. Good think no one is in any shape to look back into her eyes. "Oh… wow. Okay. Um…. I'll get help!" She holds out a hand. "You all stay where you are! Spinal injuries and all…" Though she sees Scott in a tree and he looks weird… no visor. Moving that way at a good clip through the broken landscape, she covers her eyes and if she can reach, tries to plant her glasses on his face. She covers her eyes with her hand. "Um.. I'll get help.. now.."

James lays there panting painfully for a moment, his mutant power telling him all about the bike that's laying on top of him. He coughs a little, calling out at Jade's question, "YeeeEEsss!" When he's properly oriented, he'll wiggle out from under the bike and sit there until the ringing in his ears fades.

Hank is going to take a little nap now. Frankly…after the antiviral treatment he gave himself earlier to get rid of the modified Sin-Virus he used to find Sinister…and being shot through the arm…and blown through a wall…um, yeah, coma is the only sane option!

First he finds is Scott. Ack! No visor! Moving stiffly, for he's in a good bit of pain himself, Jonothon finds his TK good for one thing.. he can at least help Scott down from the tree. Safely to the ground. Still got those glasses in a pocket, Headmaster? If so they are put, if awkwardly, over Scott's eyes. There's a glance to Jade and James before the Brit points at Robyn and Jordon. «James! Would you get them down stairs?» Having no idea how bad off Robyn is right now. Jono can handle moving Scott and Hank. Once he digs Hank out anyway.

And Skyler? Well, Skyler lays unconscious in the middle of the crater he'd made, clothes and skin smoking. It doesn't look like he's going to be getting up any time soon, thankfully.

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