2009-03-07: Attack on xavier's


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Summary: The Invaders finally launch their attack on Xavier's.

Date: March 7, 2009

Log Title Attack on Xavier's!

Rating: PG-13 (Violence!)

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

It's a typical night at Xavier's, well an Xavier's that's on lockdown. It's just gotten dark and things seem to be winding down for the night. That is until there's a loud bang from out in the woods combinded with bright flash of light shakes the grounds of the Mansion. It sounds and feels like lighting struck something near by. The lights in the mansion flicker off than on then off again until the back up lights flicker on, leaving dimly lit rooms and hallways in the mansion.

Clara was just about to curl up with a good book in her room when she caught sight of the flash through her window. That.. is so not a good thing. Throwing a pair of sneakers on, Clara trots out in blue jeans and a t-shirt, hurrying down the hall as she makes her way to the front door. If she knows kids, they're going to want to go check it out. Even if they are on lock down.

Leo was having a nice chat with Pryce and Vincent in the living room when everything began to go crazy. Hearing the flash bangs outside, he went to the large windows in the living room and opened them, bounding out into the night. He's glowing brightly, and his eyes arelittle beacons of white light cutting the darkness as he bounds into the front yard.

Addison has been on guard duty off and on, ever since the knowledge of Dai being a potential replacement. He's been watching above the mansion, resting on the roof. He's tired. Very tired, but he's here. When the light goes off, he rises into the sky, flames surrounding his body, and a screech, similar to a bird, coming as the air lights on fire around him.

Jericho happened to be at the school, finishing up with a Student's session when he heard the bang. Looking at the student, he tells them to head downstairs where it's safe before he begins running to the front door, shortly behind Clara. He's still dressed in his normal suit. After all, when being a doctor, one needs to dress appropriately.

Eddie has just been in his room tonight, getting ready for something he had planned. In his black and gold uniform, goggles over his eyes and bandana around his neck. At his desk, he was working on pouring some liquid into a smokebomb casing. "Alright. Now I have some knock out bombs too," he murmurs, slipping in a little stopper just as the craziness began. Frowning deeply, he moves to his window to peek out. "By the leather bodysuit of the Black Cat…" he murmurs, pulling his bandana up into place and snapping his belt into place. Once he's sure he's got everything he's sure he might need, the scarred mutant grabs the Goblin Glider from off his bed and heads out into the hall. "Everybody downstairs! Now!" he calls as he heads for an exit.

There was one other X-Men on guard duty with Addison, Cannonball, and he was down by the lake checking out the area down there when the flash and bang went off. He slides his goggles over his eyes and rockets out towards where the flash came from, the woods, by the Observation Tower.

Christopher is also at the school as he was just doing some weekend cooking class with the kids. He was in the middle of cleaning up when everything happened. He notices a few teachers already escorting kids downstairs to the danger room, so he rushes outside to see what's going on in just a t-shirt and slacks.

Pryce blinks, and blinks again inside the mansion as there is a loud thundering boom and the lights start to flicker. He has come to udnerstand that even when there is not a major emergancy going on that would be a very bad sign since he is living in the same building as the infamouse X-men. At the same time both twins, who were in the middle of a conversationw ith Leo, say "We should have brought at least one of the suits." In an instant the two decide on a course of action, what ever the rules say they are going to make sure they are going to help defend thier new home if it is under attack. Vincent says simpley, "Eyes and ears." while his twin says, "Heart and mind." That said the two head off in different directions, one for the door nearest the woods and the other for the the main control room for the mansion's security systems.

Flying in the sky above the woods is a woman whose easily recognizable as the X-Men Storm, but she's sporting lovely mohawk along with a bat winged man with long dark hair and sallow looking skin. They fly towards the Courtyard of the Mansion to join those teleporting in now.
A black area starts to form in the middle of the courtyard and it forms into a man, an Asian man, and a blond boy with a white circle around his eye emerges out, the two look a lot like Mr. Gilpatrick the music teacher in the school and Leo, the bright energetic student.
On top of the statue of Jean Grey is a puff of purple smoke along with a *bamf* sound as Nightcrawler appears but his fur is a lot darker than it should be and his eyes are red, not yellow. He's holding a brunette man in a yellow shirt with green circles and lines on the chest, easily recognizable as Multipul Man.

Clara flings the door open as she heads out towards the lawn, skidding to a halt as she spots the other teachers and then the appearence of, well, she has no idea. The only one that she recognizes is Leo. Her hair unfolds from it's loose braid down her back, whipping anxiously behind her as though a wind were blowing at it. "I'm not sure I like the looks of this," she drawls with a frown, casting a glance to the others. "Is this a happy get together, or a not so happy one?"

Leo, or rather, Glimmer doesn't know what to think as he begins to run out throught he courtyard, only to see himself and Mr. Gilpatrick. He's… confused is an understatement… especially with the fact that he's already hypercharged as it is. Of course, as an upper class teenager with a very high vocabulary and a wealthy family, he certainly knows how to turn a phrase to put things into perspective. "Oh shit."

Moving along with Cannonball, The Grey King's flames flow, glaring as he reaches out for surface thoughts, trying to pick up who they are and what they want. Since he is, after all, a native of another dimension who was under another's control, he's not yet sure who's who.

Jeri, on the other hand, is quite sure when he sees the mohawked figure. He knows the real Storm. "Not a happy one." He says to Clara. "Duplicates." He points to the edge of the courtyard, where their own Leo is standing, staring. "On guard, folks. I don't think they're here for fun and pleasantries. Combat ready, just
in case." He says, popping his neck as he lets the angrier side of him come forth, letting Buff take over his mindset. The doctor isn't needed right now. He needs to protect the students that are out here and in the school.

Eddie doesn't come running out light all the others. He crouches down and peeks out of the doorway. Slipping his Goblin Gauntlets on, Mr. Faith frowns. "Alright…we got Multiple Man, Nightcrawler, Storm, a possible Dark Force user, a possible Living Light user, a flier I can't ID just yet…possibly more," he murmurs to himself. Taking a deep breath, he lets his scars and eyes flare up bright blue, boosting powers. Chris, Jeri, Cannonball, Addison, and Leo all get a triple boost. Everyone else just gets a double for now. "So not good…"

Cannonball sees Storm and..is that..Angel? It looks like a really messed up verision of Warren. "I'm not sure, it looks like some of our teamates but they're definately not that." He says to himself as he decides to fly straight towards Angel? to see if he can knock him out of the sky.

Shine hits the front lawn and stops just staring at what's going on before he starts to glow, and fairly brightly at that. "Looks like we don't have to guess when they'll attack now." He says as he gets ready for what's to come.

Pryce makes it to the security control room as his twin makes it out side in time to spot the others. He quickly interfaces his mind into the mansion security system bringing bringing online every security measure he can find. As his other body quickly scans the faces of the duplicates he also trys to see if he can find information in the computer system on them or at least their duplications in this world so he has some idea of what exactly he will need to do.
Pryce's body on scene where the X-men and theer duplicates from the other universe are showing up moves so that he can get as close as he can to one of the hidden mounted lasers waiting for things to actually go wrong before he makes them srat popping out of their hiding places.

The other-Madrox stands infront of the Jean Grey memorial and hits himself on the chest and another one forms, then those two do the same and then there's four and it's repeated one last time for a total of eight at the moment. Four of them move forward to attack Pryce, eight fists all aimed form him, with another three head towards Leo. The last dashes off away from the fight.
Other-Storm is in the air and calls out "By the Might Winds of the North!" And a gust of wind slams against the front of the X-Mansion slaming the doors shut and shattering some of the windows in the front rooms.
Other-Nightcrawler grabs onto part of the Jean Grey statue and teleports away with it, reappearing on top of Buff to drop half the statue on him before porting away.
The Other-Angel collides with Sam in the air but doesn't go down, instead he just smiles as a breath of flame gets shot right at Cannonball.
The Cloak and Dagger of their world look exactly like Leo Osborne and Kenta Gilpatrick just stand and wa
The other-Madrox stands infront of the Jean Grey memorial and hits himself on the chest and another one forms, then those two do the same and then there's four and it's repeated one last time for a total of eight at the moment. Four of them move forward to attack Pryce, eight fists all aimed form him, with another three head towards Leo. The last dashes off away from the fight. waiting for the moment to attack.

Clara glances around quickly so that she can memorize the faces of the people on her side of this fight. She hasn't met a few of them and doesn't want to accidentaly attack someone she shouldn't. Maybe staying at PS113 wasn't as dangerous a job as she first thought. Not compaired to this. With a deep breath, Clara nods and moves into a fighting stance. Alright, so she saw it in a movie, what do you expect? Lavender eyes look over the 'bad guys' as she tries to gauge who she might be able to take. Warren? No, that's definetally /not/ him. But that seems to be well under control.
As the power jolt floods through her body, Clara's stance wobbles a second, "Whoa." Whatever that was, it felt great. "Alright, so I don't know these people. Any recommendations?" She glances to the 'bad guys'. "Hey! Don't suppose any of you are willing to just give up? Make me not have to fight you?" Yeah. Right. "No takers? Alri.. oh man." Clara watches as the part of the statue begin to drop towards the ground, hair lashing out t
Clara lashing out to grab it before it has a chance to drop on it's victim. Hey look. A club! How useful. "Mmf, she cries as the wind slams into her, barely managing to stay on her feet.

Glimmer simply stares until he sees the figures rushing him. "Ohcrapohcrap." He starts muttering, trying to figure out his best bet right now. And finally, he decides to try what he did when he was in the room with both Eddie and Dai. "Uhm… HADOKEN!" He shouts, as twin balls of energy form from his hands, but instead of their regular 1-foot diameter, they're 3-feet around, aiming at whichever Madri get closest, before he tries to backflip away from the others. Yay for enhanced agility tripled.

Grey King pales. He reaches out, touching the minds of the assembled heroes. ~~They're here to destroy us. We have to give them everything we've got. Eddie's already boosting us. Beware of Darkforce, whoever he is. That stuff is dangerous.~~ He says simply as he rises on the air, aiming a telekinetic shove at the flying Fallen.

As the statue comes falling, Buff raises his fist, feeling the ever popular boost from his son. "It's alright. I can take it." He says. Seeing the multiplying man, the psychologist
gets an idea and a grin. He begins a barrelling run at one of the duplicates, hands extended to get a grip on one.

Mr. Faith gets sent tumbling when the doors slam shut. Grunting in annoyance, he gets back to his feet and peeks out the now shattered window. Hoping the mind touch gets a little link going, Mr. Faith frowns. ~~Mr. Falk…get Leo to focus on the Dark Force user. He should have an advantage there~~ he 'thinks' his message to the Grey King. Keeping the glider on his back, Faith hops out the window and flings one of those new Knock Out bombs at the Madrox running away as hard as he can.

Cannonball wasn't expecting a face full of fire but in his blast field, it doesn't do anything too him. "Ya gotta do better than that." He says to the bat-winged Angel as he grabs Angel and rockets backwards with him about twenty feet before stoping and using the momentum to throw him backwards.

Shine is tossed backwards from the wind blast but stops himself in mid air, flying, with a light shield around him. He hears Addison's telepathic call and nods to himself. "The dark force user…okay." He says as fires a beam of light right at their world's Cloak.

Pryce curses again the fact that he has his armor in storage at the moment, his sticky pellets would be so useful dealing with multiple man. As a couple of the multiple men rush him the young man of great breeding and learning says a simple phrase that is not covered in books of ettiquite, "S*** a Brick!" The body outside of the mansion turns, and runs from the Madroxes right in the direction of the nearest net launcher, planning on having it pop up just as he passes and fire on them. Meanwhile back in the mansion his other self is working fevorishly to try and determine where the main power for the mansion was cut and what is causeing the malfunction preventing him from dropping hte blast shields aroudn the front doors na dwindows of the mansion.

Other-Storm raises her hand and a dark mass of clouds form abover her, arcing lighting. Her arm aims towards the mansion and a lighting bolt stikes one of the wings of the mansion, where the dorms are, blowing off bits off building to the floor below, leaving the edges on fire.
Pryce has the right idea and two of the Madroxes are caught in the next but the other two, they land a good punch each on Pryce.
Other-Kenta/Cloak finally decides to move as he sees Eddie fly in towards Madrox and teleports behind him, and dodging Christopher's light blast at the same time. He absorbs Eddie and the glider into the cloak. He's only in there for a short period of time before spit out but not without some of his life force drained and his glider is still missing.
Other-Dagger takes this moment to throw a few light daggers at Clara and Buff with a dark laugh.
Other-Angel is thrown backwards and slams through the wall of the Mansion with a loud crash.
The Other-Nightcrawler takes this moment to teleport behind Christopher, grab him and try to teleport him serval times to dizzy him.
As for the Hadoken, hit hits the first Madrox sending him backwards as the two try to hit Leo, lucky for Leo he's too agile for them to land any hits.

Clara flails her hair down to push the statue in front of the blast of light daggers that shoot towards her. "Laughing? Really? Has anyone evere told you how cliche that is?" A drama teacher to the nines, Clara's hair whips around at the full speed allowed to her by the power boost, trying to slam what's left of the statue piece in Dagger's side. A second strand seperates from the larger group and forms a hand, reaching out like a fly swatter as she tries to drive Storm from the air. "There are kids in THERE."

Glimmer meeps happily as he actually hits a Madrox and sends him stumbling. He's never used his powers offensively before, so it's a new one on him. However, his reaction time is increased to an amazing level and he doesn't know how he's moving like he is. "Onit Onit Onit." He says, quickly. He hasn't heard any commands, but he's moving on gut reaction. He continues trying to numb and stun some of the Madri as he goes along.

Grey King, nodding, sends another swipe of energy at the Fallen Angel as he passes on Eddie's word about Glimmer and the Dark Force. Oddly, he thinks that might be an interesting band name.

The running Buff doesn't see the light daggers coming as he bends a hand down to split his powers with the fallen Madrox. "Let's see how that works with me." He says, grinning as he's suddenly hit with a light dagger. One of his bodies stuns, now that there are two of him, but the other awakens and laughs softly. "THIS is going to be FUN." He says, as he begins to run towards the Cloak attacking his son.

As soon as he finished helping some of the younger kids to safety in the mansion, Julian ran as fast as he could to help defend the school, the young man flies out of one of the broken front windows of the mansion. He looks around to where he think he can be the best use. Seeing that not much is done about Storm, the telekinetic moves to attack her. He flies to join her, and tries to land a telekinetic punch to her mid-section.

Now that Cannonball thinks Angel is down, he turns his attention towards Storm. He's an aerial guy so he figures he'll work on the aerial enemies. He rockets straight towards Storm planning to engage her as well.

Shine is teleported about five times in rapid succession before being dropped by Nightcrawler and he is out of sorts for a bit, and actually gets sick on the lawn. Once he's up he flies over to where Pryce is and sends two light blasts to the other Madroxes to help him out.

The moment that purple sphere is free from his fingers, Mr. Faith is rather surprised by the sudden cold shock and darkness. Sprawling after being spit out, he curses under his breath. Another curse comes from the lack of Glider that should be strapped to his back. Taking just a moment to wish he didn't take out the self destruct device from within it, he lifts both hands and activates the Goblin Gauntlets' second and less used feature. As electrical shots go into the sky, the gloves release flashes of bright light meant for distraction. Meanwhile, if that purple sphere hits the fleeing Madrox it will explode into a large cloud of purple knock out gas.

Pryce says another few choice words in German because, frankly, German curses are fun to say. He takes the punches from the Madri and goes down like a ton of bricks. Ok, he goes down like a teenager with some acting skills planning on covering his face as best he can while a pepper ball gun pops up and starts to pepper the area around the two attacking him. If he can distract the Madrox with the pepper balls long enough to roll away from them and out of the shot of the net gun he will reach out to start it firing at the two left attacking him.
Inside the mansion Pryce's other body says a few choice words of his own and decides that if he is going to be of any real use he needs to get full power to the mansion. The young mutant makes sure that the smart targeting systems have the friendlies and hostiles marked correctly before leaving the control room to grab a tool kit and physicaly track down where the interuption in mansion power is comming from to see if he can do something about it. Pryce is almost

As Clara's hair comes around, Other-Leo-Dagger back handsprings away and when he's back on his feet he can't help but laugh. "Come on bitch, this is fun!" He says as he flings another volley of daggers at her.
Between Shine heading over to help Glimmer, the two other Madroxes are put down fast and three are down for the moment. The Madrox running away does not get hit by the purple sphere and has long since disappeared from the area. The two Mardoxes by Pryce start coughing from the pepper balls buts it seems the other two are finally getting free from that net.
Other-Storm up in the sky just looks Julian and flys out of the way, sending a gust of wind behind him to propel his force, hopefully slaming him into Cannonball.
The lighting blasts from Eddie's gauntles hit Other-Kenta-Cloak but get absorbed into his cloak and he just floats back a bit, not noticing Buff. He shoots his hands forward trying to aim a Dark Force blast at Eddie.
Other-Angel is seemingly out from the combination of getting thrown through the wall and mentally knocked out. At the moment Other-Nightcrawler is nowhere too be seen.

Cobalt blue eyes open wide as Julian's move missed. And even more so when Julian's telekinesis isn't as strong as the gust of wind. His body is flung over towards Cannonball. He was expecting a move in the other direction.
What did he just call her!? "I'm going to have to wash your mouth out with soap, young man!" she calls out, frowning as he dodges the blow from the statue piece. Damnit. She tries to use it as a shield again, blocking all but one that merely chips, slicing her arm as it goes. Syran grits her teeth as her hair lifts aroundher in protest, lashing out from all angles towards Dagger, leaving as little room for dodging as she can manage. It tries to form a sort of cage around him as the statue piece comes slamming down again.

Hearing the call, Glimmer nods. "Aright." He says, taking off in a bounding run towards the darkforce manipulator. "Ohcrapohcrapohcrap. I'm not gonna be able to hold it much longer." Eddie would know what that means… He hears what his other self says and gasps. "I promise I wouldn't say something like that Ms. Clara!" He calls out.

Grey King has too much on his mind at once, between trying to keep the running between all of the Xavier's staff and students minds, so that everyone knows what the others are doing and what may work, that he can't focus on attack right now. He's running through too many scenarios in his head.

Buff, on the otherhand, or would it be Multiple Dad, smacks himself in the chest as the other wakes up, splitting himself into a group. "Huddle!" He calls, talking to himselves. Two start running after the MAdrox that went into the forest, while the other two go to check on Christopher and Eddie. He's a field medic, after all.

Cannonball is definately surprised when it's not Storm he's about to slam into but Julian. He tries to slow his decent as much as possible so he doesn't slam into Julian but he still ends up colliding with the student. "Darn it! We gotta do something 'bout her." He says to the student trying to come up with a quick plan.

Shine stands up and looks at Jeri and nods. "I'm okay babe, just a bit off for a second there." He says as he looks around. "Okay.." He says with a smile as he looks around and flys towards Pryce, aiming a blast of light towards one of the two Madroxes that are now free.

Eddie squeaks and rolls, cursing quietly again as the ground where he just was gets blasted. "Cloak, Cloak, Cloak…what do I know about Cloak…" he mutters to himself, the info coming to mind rapidly. Leo's words have Eddie jumping up and moving to get behind something. As he notices Julian in the area, Eddie starts applying a power boost to him as well but his focus is on getting out of the line of what's about to happen.

Clara pages, "Hey, putting in a Nevaeh app. Do you have an alt I could use for her story? Someone from the school who wold have found her on the streets and introduced her to the school and helped her adjust and what not?" to you.

"Everyone! Get to cover NOW!" Mr. Faith yells as he runs. "HURRY!"

Pryce manages to roll away from the coughing and sputtering Madri before he gets to his feet. "Thats it, I am tired of this dreck. Forget surprise, lets gow tih overwhelming firepower." Almost snarling the young man reaches out with his power, and activates every single defensive device in the yard. Sure some of it is alien tech, but alien tech controled by human made systems. The pepper ball gun turns to fire on the Madri getting free of nets, while the net gun turns on the coughing and sputtering Madri. The laser blasters around the yard of course pop up, and start targetting as many of the hostile targets in the air as he can.

From one of the lower levels of the mansion there's a sudden explosion followed quickly by a second explosion. The windows where the Kitchen and Rec Room are all blow out as it seems explosives were set off inside the building. As if answering what happened, Nightcrawler teleports outside holding Warren in one hand laughing.
Up above Storm is relived to have Cannonball and Hellion taken care of for a moment as she sends another lightening bolt in the direction of another set of dorms, the Mansion is taking a beating.
The two Buffs that run after Madrox are met in the woods by not just one Madrox, but nine as it seems he's made even more. The brawl is on as they all jump on the super strong man and start attacking.
Cloak doesn't realize what's about to happen to himself as he looks down at Mr. Faith and another one of the Buff's and doesn't show any emotion. Instead a sword forms in his hands and he goes to strike Buff with the intangible sword, if hits, it will absorb some of his life force.
Dagger on the other hand is battling Sryan, and her crazy hair. "Sorry woman, I'll talk to you what ever why I damn well please. After all you're just a girl." He says trying to nimbally dodge her attacks but he gets caught in the cage of her hair and hit with the statue, leaves him dazed.
As for Pryce's grand show, it hits several people including any Madrox in the yard still standing (not the ones with Buff), Dagger-Leo and Nightcrawler. Mardoxes and Leo are down for the count but Nightcrawler teleports away with Fallen-Angel leaving his 'team mates' behind.

Clara shakes her head as the after effect of Dagger's power leaves her scrambling for a good thought. It takes a few moments but her mind clears, just in time for her to watch as he stands there dazed. She takes the chance to reach out with her hair and wrap around him, binding him tight so he can't use his arms or hands. She squeezes a little to try and make sure he stays out for the moment before she lets her eyes wander to the rest of the group, trying to see who may need help.

The young telekinetic stops after slamming into Cannonball. "Damn her!" He says before flying towards Storm again, holding out a hand to grab her telekinetically. As the explosions come from the bottom levels of the mansion, he yells out at Storm. He's angry, this is his home after-all. Julian sneers as he tries to grab the woman with his power.

Glimmer stops, stock still, a few feet away from Cloak. "I can't hold it back anymoreAAAAH!" Leo shouts as the energy suddenly pours in waves from his body. Living Light flows from him, having to get out of his oversaturated body. To those that it does hit, (unless they're weak to it), it's a healing stun wave, holding them in place for a few minutes. Normally five, but with the boost, even moreso. He himself is woozy and stuck in place for a moment after.

Hearing the call, the Buffs near the mansion begin to try to duck behind something, though one gets hit by the darkforce sword, sapping his life force… which will only be regained by the blast. The two in the forest glare at the Madri. In tandem, they sigh. "I guess they don't realize they can't hurt us." And begin a pummeling session, trying to knock them out before they can duplicate.

Grey King lets the communications go a little bit as he glares out, hearing the call and seeing the damage Storm is calling. He reaches out with telekinetic,
flaming arms. "I don't know you, but these people took me in when I got out from under his control. I won't LET you hurt them." He shouts, attempting to grab and slam her to the ground.

Noticing that Hellion has Storm in a telekinetic hold, Cannonball flies off and comes back to the area with a streak of his blast behind him. He's gained speed so he can slam into Storm and as soon as he slams into her he looks at Hellion. "Drop your hold now!" He shouts over his blast, hoping Hellion does so he can lawn dart Storm into the ground.

Shine on the other hand notices that all the Madroxes have been taken out, that he can see, and Syran took care of Dagger-Leo. He's about to go over and help Buff and Mr. Faith when Leo explodes and he dives down, hoping that everyone is okay.

Eddie pops out of his hiding space after the blast, twigs and leaves in his hair (which some might notice later is shorter and a couple shades closer to blond than it was before) as he gets out of the bush. Quickly, he runs for Leo, intent on moving him to safety as fast as he can after that blast. Along the way, he fires electric blasts any any stunned enemies in sight that haven't already been taken out.

Pryce has a clear field now that he has little to worry about the Madri near him, so he can focus on the other attacking the school. The only airborn threats left seem to be Other-Storm and Other-Cloak. The technopath sets the lasers to all to fire on Storm just as he is hit by the wave of light from Leo…and is nocked on his ass. After the thing with the teep putting him to sleep in the middle of a fight while Manhatten was enclosed in a barrier this is just one more indignety that is gonna annoy the heck out of Pryce. especially since the stunning effects of the blast have sent his other body sprawling without the healing effects the one in the middle of the fight is getting.

With Nightcrawler and the unconcious Angel gone, Dagger-Leo knocked out, all that was left up was a few Madroxes, Storm and Dagger-Kenta but that's not for long. Dagger-Kenta lets out a horrible scream of pain as Leo's blast hits him and he falls to the ground and his cloak disappears leaving the young Asian man lying there. He's not unconcious, he's comatose.
In the woods Buff easily takes care of all the Madroxes, as they're no match for his strength, even 8 vs 2 is nothing for Buff.
And last is Storm, as Hellion releases his hold, Sam rockets down with her as she gets blasted by lasers on the way down before being slamed into the dirt, quite unconcious.
All the invaders are either down or gone but the damage left behind is significant.

Clara lets out a deep breath as she looks around, striding forward to place Dagger down on the ground gently. "What exactly are we supposed to do with them?" she inquires as she twists her head to look at her arm, resting a hand over the slice with a wince. "I mean, take them to the police or.. do we have a way to get them back home?"

Woozy Glimmer smiles as Eddie and others come to pick him up. "Whoah… That… was a rush." His voice has finally slowed back down to normal as he looks up, starting to rise softly as he looks at the version of himself with the ringed eye. "Wonder if I'll get something like that…"

Addison breathes a sigh of relief as the 'villains' are down. "They may have teleporters watching to gather up their fallen. They've done it in the city from what I've heard." He says, unsure as he reaches out to touch the others he knows from his world. "The students and people downstairs seem to be fine." He lets people know.

Jeri runs back, absorbing himselves together as he goes. "I like this power. I may not give it back just yet." He laughs softly as he shakes his head, not knowing that the dupe he got them from no longer exists… who knows what'll happen with that.

The telekinetic lowers himself down to the ground as Cannonball brings Storm to a crashing halt. He offers a smirk to the man he teamed up with momentarily. "Nice idea, Cannonball." He moves over to Eddie while looking at the unconscious enemies. "Thanks for the boost Mister Faith." He holds out a gloved hand to the booster.

Cannonball stands up and brushes himself off and lifts his googles off his head. "Boy howdy that was mighty crazy. Everyone all right?" He calls out as he's glad they won the fight but he's not looking forward to seeing the damamgers.

Shine walks over to Eddie and starts picking twigs and other bits out of his hair. "How you doing Captain Muffinpants?" He asks Eddie with a smile.

The Latverian twin is still stunned, apparently he is the only one of the good guys that did not dive out of the way of Leo's blast. For the moment he is just sitting on the ground staring off into nothing waiting for his mind to reset. Without him controling them the various lasers and les than leathel defenses around the school reset to what ever they are programed to do without actively being controled.

Eddie frowns. "Keep as many as we can!" he says quickly. "They have Dai! We have to find out what they did with him!" he's a bit strung out. Scratched up and bruised, he's not in a good mood despite all the boosting he's doing. Seeing the first place he ever considered a home so damaged, losing flight, Dai still missing, and not seeing himself as having done much…he's going a little emotional. For just an instant, his scars flicker red before the glow fades. He blinks when Hellion comes over and gives a weak handshake.

There's a puff of purple smoke and a *BAMF* noise and then Leo's gone, then a few seconds later there's a second *BAMF* and Madrox is gone.

Clara blinks when she sees the bodies starting to vanish. "They're vanishing!" she calls out to the others, running towards one of the bodies still there and reaching down to grab it, pinning it to the ground to try and keep it in place.

Julian looks to the bodies as the BAMFs start taking them away. He disconnects form the handshake before yelling out "Hell no!" Flying himself as fast as he can to touch Storm and keep him from being teleported. Hopefully as fast as he can is fast enough.

Glimmer simply sighs as he sees the other him vanish. He blinks, frightened, and moves towards the mansion to get closer to the others. He doesn't want to be taken accidentally.

Grey King sees Clara reaching for a body and adds his telekinetic hold to join with her hair.

As the Madrox vanishes, Jericho stares. "Ohcrap." He mutters, trying to return the abilities he borrowed. He blinks. He pushes outward again. Unfortunately, he's not feeling any stronger. "This isn't good." He mutters to himself.

*BAMF* Julian isn't fast enough and Storm is teleported away, but that's the last of the bamfs as Kurt can't get Cloak with Syran ontop of him.

Sam walks over to Syran and nods. "Good job Syran, let's get him in side okay?" He says looking around and taking to the air. Sam's gonna do a final sweep of the area, just to make sure. He's probably going to stay on patrol out here most the night.

Christopher looks at Eddie and leans over to kiss him on the forhead. "I'm gonna go find Jeri." He says as he walks over to the woods and sees Buff standing their just in time to hear him say 'this isn't good.'. "What's not good love?" )

Gritting his teeth, Mr. Faith looks around. "Get back here you fuzzy coward," he says to no one in particular. He doesn't respond much to Chris, just standing there. His expression's hidden by the bandana but it's sure not a happy one.

Clara stands and scoops the body up with her hair, giving a quick nod to Sam. "You've got it," she assures, eyes blinking rapidly as she glances back to the door. This was one for the books. She had no idea she'd have to delve so deeply into her powers so soon after taking this job. But hey, no pain no gain, right? "I'll bring him down to the medbay, need to grab a bandage for myself anyway.

Julian stops himself before he slams his face into the ground. Slamming down a fist on the dirt. "Dammit!" The telekinetic flies back up into the air, he's gonna check out the damage to the mansion.

Leo moves along with the others, now that everything seems to have stopped.

Addison flows back to the ground, flames vanishing when his feet touch ground. "I'll see if I can feel anything inside after we make sure he's ok."

Jeri shakes his head and looks at Christopher. "I… I can't return the powers I borrowed from the duplicator." He says, confused. He punches himself in the chest, and there are two of him. "See?" They ask in tandem before he absorbs his other self.

Cannonball is out flying around the grounds, making sure things are a-okay.

Christopher puts an arm on Jeri and nods. "I'm sure everything will work out love. I really don't understand powers like you but we'll figure this out okay? Right now, let's go back to Eddie and see what's going on." He gives Jeri a quick kiss before before going back to Eddie.

Eddie just starts walking. He's got no where in mind but he's walking. Pulling his bandana down to hang around his neck, the teen's scowling. "Stupid, useless…" he mutters. Unless someone physically stops him, he's gonna wander his way into the hedge maze.

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