2010-04-25: Audrey II, Apologies And Concern


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Summary: Connor gives James an apology, Robyn gives James a gift, Connor expresses his opinion of Lucas to Rashmi.

Date: April 25, 2010

Audrey II, Apologies And Concern

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

The sun is setting casing oranges and yellows and reds and other colours over the sky. There's a slight chill to the air but it's still that nice temperature of spring. Robyn sometimes just likes to relax outside to clear his mind. He's dressed in a Jack Skellington hoodie with a pair of black jeans and is just lying on the ground looking up at the sky. He's actually on the phone with someone as he talks away on the cellphone he's holding up to his ear. "Okay, Friday, I'll definitely come home on Friday…..I'm sorry I don't come home as often as I should Mom it's just…school work keeps me busy……okay, okay Mom, yeah, it's the art room here too that keeps me from going home."

While not outside to relax per se, but still outside in general, Connor is coming up the path from the wood after making a run through the woods and to the tower, around, and back. Dressed for the cooler weather in a grey hooded top that has a U of W logo on it, and a pair of black track pants to cover up. Seeing Robyn brings him to a halt from an evening run to clear his head, he slows from his jog to a walk… then a bit slower… and finally he ends up standing about ten feet away from the other young man. Taking several moments to stretch out his legs, he offers a silent wave to Robyn while taking a moment to dig a bottle from that fanny pack he's wearing and downs most of the bottle of water there.

Upon coming closer, Connor would notice that Robyn has a large paper back next to him that's been folder over on it. He gives Connor a silent wave back as he finishes his phone conversation. "Okay Mom, I gotta run now, I just ran into one of my friends……Okay Mom, next Friday. I love you, and tell Dad I love him too. Okay…bye!" He says hanging up the phone and sitting up. "Sorry Connor, my Mom. My Dad has a small show next Friday and she wants to make sure I'm there. How's it going with you?" He asks as he looks like he's in a good mood. Talking to his parents tonight just left him feeling happy.

Connor takes a couple more breaths and then gives a nod as he approaches and reaches up to ruffle Robyn's hair, "You know what? Having a good day. A real good day. I decided to balance my new-found need for science with something a bit more enjoyable… so I'm checking in to see if I can get some music lessons. Drum… if you'd believe it. I did some back in junior high and last year… but I've got a reason to actually start pursuing it now." After that he plops down next to the Robyn, and says, "Oh… Dylan burned and then mailed me a copy of the first season of Farscape. I went looking for you at the Art Room, but you weren't in for once. So… what's the book?"

Walking into the area from the Courtyard, James comes across two familiar faces, "Hey guys." It's said somewhat cheerfully given the source. Dressed per usual, the hyena is also sporting his X Com, a sure signfor those in the knowthat Julian hasn't kicked James off the security detail…yet. Coming to a stop in front of Connor and Robyn, the creature crosses his arm, ears angling backwards, "Wazzup?"

"Really, yeah, I was just kind of hanging in my room last night. I just finished my last project and was just relaxing watching Edward Scissor hands." Robyn says as he pushes himself to a comfortable sitting position. "And it's good that you're doing good, and really? You play drums? The only think I play is the cello." Robyn says before answering about the bag. "The bag well it's something for James. And speak of the devil, hey James! I was gonna look for you later."

Looking up at James as well, Connor also gives a smile, "Funny coincidence… I was doing the same thing… but for different reasons. So… would you mind if I went first, Robyn? Unless yours is really pressing." However he can't help but still keep the smile on his face the whole time, taking a moment to pull the Huskies hooded top up and off, tying it around his waist and leaving him in just a sleeveless top.

James gives the two youths a look with an arched eye ridge, "Wow…I'm in high demand I guess." Connor gets a look, "What if I don't wanna hear it?" It's not the friendliest of looks given the last run. But regardless, the hyena settles on the ground with a thud, "Okay…wazzup? I was just on my way to the woods…so ya' all got 5 minutes." He smiles. Probably a joke.

Robyn shakes his head. "I'm not in a hurry. And well, if you have have minutes I'll just have to follow you in there. Don't worry James, I'm not gonna ask ya for a kidney or a piece of your steak or anything." He says with a grin as he stays sitting in the grass. "I don't really have any pressing matters right now." Unless you count his desire to find Lucas and smack him, hard, upside the noggin.

Giving Robyn a bit of a nod, he stands up and walks towards James, stopping about a foot away as he says, "Allright… I apologize… for a lot of things. For assuming… for giving you the total wrong impressions. But mostly? I'm sorry I acted like a jerk in front of you to someone who's probably your best friend. With everything you were going through at the time… it was the last thing you needed. People who called and considered you friend acting like dicks in front of you. Don't worry about things between me and Lucas. We'll sort that out on our own. But… in as much as I have apologized to him… you were owed the same." Stopping himself before taking it far beyond what it needs to be, "You want me to be your friend… it's your choice… I'll stop making myself look like some kind of wanna-be suitor or stalker…" Almost as if he wants to ask if that's allright, but he leaves the last part off, and takes a couple steps back.

James tilts his head, looking at Connor as one might a piece of steak, "Ehhh, sidd'down." He waves a hand as if brushing away a bug, "I honestly forgot about it. If I have, it's safe enough to assume you can too. And, don't worry about me worrying about anything that doesn't involve me. As long a Julian doesn't send me to pry you both apart, we're copasetic. Alright? Just…no gifts, compliments, or fighting outside my door. They all kinda piss me off." He waits to see if that's enough for Connor.

Robyn looks down at the bag and then at James and keeps his mouth shut after he listens to both James and Connor. "YOu know what James, nevermind, what I wanted to tell you isn't really important." He says since he was about to give James a gift and the last thing he wants to do is piss a good friend off. He looks up at James and brushes his hair back. "So thinks are going well with this Junior X-Force thing?"

Connor looks back at Robyn a moment, giving him a weird look, eyes flicking to the bag, and then back before then shrugging and saying over his shoulder to James, "Got it James…" Not letting him see the slightly puzzled look he passes towards Robyn before seating himself, and then fishes out another bottle of water from the other side of the actual fanny pack he has on, downing some of it before adding with a sigh, "Junior X-Force… Congrats. I got to have a chat with Brian a few nights back. Says something that they think you're ready for the responsibility." Backhanding the compliment with a bit of an impish smirk.

James gives Robyn a sniff and, almost as if reading the smell, says, "Robyn…you and I have a previous arrangement. It's cool if you do it because we talked about it months back. I know you've been working on it, so don't stress. If I had an issue, you'd know. 'Sides, you're on the list." What that list is, no one knows. But it apparently includes fireman carries in the benefits. Connor gets a glance, "Dunno Brian…but thanks! And it's going okay." Latter is for Robyn. "Hope it turns into more, in all honesty. We'll see…but Jono's already against me practicing with Julian." Siiiiigh!

Robyn picks up the bag and hands it to James, it does have a bit of weight to it. "I just finished it yesterday afternoon so I hope you like it." And once opened, it's definitely something from Robyn's mind. "I took inspiration from Little Shop of Horrors since I didn't think you'd really like something cute." It's a Venus Fly Trap, looking a lot like how they really look, with a leg sticking out of it's mouth. The plant is climbing out of a pot with leavy 'arms' and 'legs', with one of the arms reaching towards someone running away. It's all on a base to hold it there. He likes to create macabre sort of creations. "I haven't met Brian that I know of, only heard things."

Connor picks up part of the conversation, tilting his head to one side and watching the pair for a moment, "Robyn let me see it before it went into the kiln… it looked really cool. Anyways… Yeah… I'm hoping Jonothon will go along with an idea I've got… I still need to talk to him about it." Tapping the side of his head with his knuckles, "Since we don't know when the creepy stuff starts happening… I was hoping to get him to monitor me while I just actively use my powers… so we can find what limit I have now… and then work on expanding them. If nothing else, James… it might distract him enough so you can do your thing too." Giving the Hyena another nod as he goes back to sipping his drink, and then taking a moment to look up at the setting sun.

James wows, "This is awesome. The plant is 'eating' someone." He gives it a hard study, looking it over, repeating, "This is awesome. I gotta spot for it too!" Easy to imagine since James owns next to nothing and his half of the room reflects that. "It looks like that movie monster..the one, you know?" He's obviously happy with it, a rare site all things considered. Head snaps over to Connor, "Seriously, if 'anything' ever goes amiss, starts to, or whatever..let someone know. Me, if no one else listens. And, 'my thing?'" It's a curios look, as if he doesn't unerstand.

"Audrey II? That's kind of my inspiration. I mean, carnivorous plants, there is just something so neat about them. I think they should dedicate a small spot of the attic to them." Robyn says as thinks he needs to get one of those little venus fly traps you can get in a store. "Your thing, I think Connor means training with Julian. But any way James, for some reason I doubt Jono is gonna stop you from doing what you want." He says with a smile as he looks over at Connor. "How's that 'creepy' stuff going? Like it's not bothering you too much?"

Passing a look between the pair of you, Connor gives a bit of a smile before he replies, "No no… nothing's wrong upstairs yet… I don't use my abilities often in the Danger Room… but I'm still trying to get enough of a handle on them so I don't have accidents… like passing through a stool, or dropping something I'm holding when the mass field goes up. But yeah… between you two, Jonothon, Doctor McCoy… and a panic-button that got installed on my phone… I think I'm pretty well covered for the moment." But then it's waved off, "God… Little Shop of Horrors… I think my favorite part of that flick was Steve Martin playing the freaky dentist, and singing his song as he's working on people."

James aaaaahhhs at the description of 'his stuff,' "No…I'm not gonna screw around with Julian. He's like the first person to give me a break around here. And, as for Jono…you'd be surprised. I'm walking a thin line with him as it is. And he's got the authority to yank me off the security thing. Just not worth the risk." Obviously the hyena is taking this seriously. As for the plant? "Yeah, that movie!" James grins and reaches over to fluff Robyn's hair, "Thanks again."

Robyn nods and grins at the hair ruffle. He's got plenty of it too be ruffled. "I don't think I've ever met Julian, I don't really know him." He says nodding to Connor. "That's good, I don't really want my friends to go crazy, there's enough to go crazy about around here as it is. And yeah, we have all the panic button, it comes in handy." He says with a smile. "I'm glad you like it James. I figured you'd like something kind of weird rather than like…what I did for Rashmi."

Connor puts the bottle away in his fanny pack, and stands up once more, taking up his fallen hooded top and ties it around his waist, "Well… unless someone needs or wants me for anything… I think I should get going…" Eyes flicking between the pair, and for some reason a subtle or perceived nod comes from him as he turns and starts walking slowly off towards the dorms, his hands slipping into the pocket of the track pants he's wearing.

James puts the plant carefully in his lap, "I heard a bunch of things about Julian before I met him…but I dunno what people were talking about. Seems okay to me." X-Force aside, Julian's the the type of personality James will always respond well to: seemingly fearless and in change. Two of the forces the hyena respects above all. James watches Connor walk off, "Well…sure? Okay. Or you could just hang out. But, if not…later."

"If you wanna get going, I don't mind your presence, I like hanging out with you. You have a weird mind like me." Robyn says with a grin as he nods. "Yeah, well you'd probably be surprised….well I doubt it…about the things people hear about you before they meet you. And how many people give me a weird look or try to ignore the fact that I say you're a great guy." Robyn just shrugs before looking over at Connor. "Actually Connor, if you don't have to run, I do have a question for you."

Connor stops and looks over his shoulder at the pair, and then turns his head away a moment, hiding the shaded eyes, and the slight shift of his jaw, before finally he shrugs, "All I got waiting for me is a shower, folding, and ironing. So… I suppose I have a little bit." Working himself in a loose round he makes his way back to face the other two, and says, "What did you want to ask, Robyn?"

James is sitting on the ground, nodding at Connor as he walks over towards him and Robyn, "If it's me, don't worry. If I have an issue, you'll know it. I don't hold back." At all. He grins back at Robyn, "People say a ot about me, but they forget I have radar dishes on my head and a nose that picks up just as much." A little quiver crosses the bridge of his nose, the type that usually signifies dislike, "But anyways…what did you make for Rashmi?"

Robyn looks at Connor and he can't help but ask the question he's about to. "What's up with the fanny pack? I think I've only seen my Mom use one." He says as seeing a teenager with a fanny pack is just uncommon. He's not making fun of Connor but just curious. "Oh for Rashmi, I made a statue of her hero, Aragorn. I used the movie as an inspiration, it came out pretty cool. And Connor, honestly, I don't think I've ever ironed anything in my life."

Lucas wanders along the path. He's wearing a pair of board shorts and carrying his Tshirt and a wet life preserver, the sporty kind used by kayakers. He also has an oar in his hand and his stringy hair is wet as he pads along barefoot. He sees the others, and just nods, "Hey," as he approaches.

Connor reaches back behind and unhooks the thing from around his waist, and turns it around for proper view of the others, in just enough time to give a nod to Lucas, and say in reply, "'Sup." Before approaching Robyn and holding out the dark green thing with a faded REI logo, "I have a minor compulsive issue… I hate being disorganized in my personal space. Hate it. I've hated it since I was about twelve-thirteen… and it's gotten worse since Christmas, and the first time I teleported." Setting it down in front of Robyn, he unzips, and shows that everything seems to have a spot in there, from his cellphone to a small first aid kit, to an energy bar… everything… "Yeah… it extends to my clothes even. There's nothing wrong with it… I'm just worried if I ever get a roomie… especially one who's sloppy."

James stares at the roof for a long moment and frowns, "Wow…he gets around." The hyena suddenly raises and waves two fingers giving empty space a rather pointed look. Lucas enters and distracts the creature, "My brother from another mother. Sit…" He pats the space next to him, "What's up?"

Rashmi pages, "Any chance I can join, or is this a boys' club? ;p" to you, James, Connor, and Lucas.

Robyn looks at James curiously. "Who gets around?" He asks before looking at Lucas with a wave. "Hey Lucas, how's it going?" He asks as he leans back in the grass. "That makes sense Connor. I guess it's good we're not roommates, I'm not a slob but I'm cluttered." Robyn's a bit of the scattered artist as things just get put places in no order. "You should see my house back in Brooklyn, my family are pack rats, between my Mom and Dad there is just stuff everywhere piled up."

Lucas furrows his brow a little, glancing from Connor to James. "Ah was headin' back to the room. Been in the water all afternoon, so Ah'm beat." He does stop walking, "Do y'all need somethin', or ya just pesterin' me, Jimmy?"

Connor looks to James for a moment, giving him a smile and a shrug before he starts sealing up the fanny pack once more, and resecures it around his back, "Yeah… I think the last thing you'd need is me being the one revisualizing your space, Robyn… it'd be horrid. I can control it for the most part. I don't think it's a sign of anything wrong… I mean… I've had it for a while, to the point where I don't really think of it unless I catch myself."

James is sitting in the dirt, dressed per usual with the exception to the addition to his wardrobe: an X comm communicator on his shirt's collar. Knowing him, probably stolen. He skips over Robyn's question for now, concentrating on the roommate instead, "No, we got something to talk about. Something serious." It's not exactly an intense look, but it is one that speaks volumes: Yeah, something is up.

On the heels of that ominous statement, Rashmi rounds the corner of the path, eyes locked on one of her ubiquitous novels. It's a good few moments, before the sound of voices registers on her mind, prompting a rather owlish look of surprise when her head finally rises. "…Oh! Hi, everyone!" she says, smiling brightly as she makes her way to Lucas' side. An arm begins to reach out for the damp blond's waist, but the threat of a sodden shirt aborts the movement, the redhead choosing instead to simply stand at Lucas' side. "Um…. what's up?"

Robyn is about to say something to Connor when James speaks up and Robyn just gets quiet as that blade of grass down there, becomes /really/ interesting. He does want to hear what James has to say even though he knows he should leave though. He's about to do the right thing and excuse himself when Rashmi shows up. "Oh hey Rashmi, not much is up. We're just relaxing."

Lucas grins at Rashmi, "Hey, Rash," he says, taking her hand and laying it on his bare chest. He looks in her eyes and shrugs, "Ah ain't THAT wet." He leans down and kisses her, and then looks at James. "What'd Ah do this time?"

The expression on James' muzzle says it all: subject dropped. And thus, he flips like a switch: "Eh! Don't worry about it. Class thing. We'll talk later." He smiles and shrugs, "Hey Rashmi. How's stuff?" Cheerful, eh?

Connor looks at Robyn, his current seatmate on their side of things, and purses his lips in an 'Oh-Kay' gestures, before arching a brow, and then with a subtle shrug, he goes back to looking at the others and saying towards Rashmi, "Evening, Rashmi. What are you reading?" Keeping his question light and conversational, but towards James that arched brow goes up once more in a rather spockish fashion before settling once more.

Rashmi wrinkles her nose, wiping her hand off on her skirt. "Damp enough," she mutters, giving the blond a peck on the cheek and turning, glancing between Lucas and James, pursing her lips. "…Mmm-hmm… Okay. Lucas, I'll see you later. You boys, go talk." And another perfectly good evasion, soured by Rashmi's honesty. Mission accomplished, she turns a bright smile to Connor, holding up the book to show 'The Silmarillon' writ large across the cover.

Robyn stands up and stretches. "I think I should get going anyway, I've got some homework to do before class tomorrow. I'll see you later, and Rashmi, we gotta hang out soon, I've been bad about that." Robyn says as he hasn't seen her around as much but he knows it's also his fault. "Lucas, Connor, James, I'll see ya around. I'm glad you liked the sculpture." Robyn says ruffling James's head as he goes to leave.

Lucas scowls very quickly at Rashmi, but he can't really keep it up to her. He huffs a little, and shakes his head, looking at James. He sighs, "Fine." He glances at Robyn, "Take it easy," he offers, with little enthusiasm. He sits his oar and jacket down, rolling his eyes, "Come on, Jimmy…"

James grins at Robyn, "Thanks again. I'll see ya around! And night!" He picks the sculpture out of his lap and stands. It's a rather ominous scene: An Audrey II style planet eating someone and chasing down a second. Just the type of nightmare fuel a growing hyena loves. But where as Robyn gets gratitude, Rashmi gets a glower, "I can schedule my own fights, thank you very much." It's missing much of the tone others would get, so his teammate is spared and true anger. He nods to Lucas, "Sure…" and leads the way.

Connor watches the two walk off, and then rubs the back of his neck, "Wow… if you didn't know any better you'd swear…" And he stops, before looking back up at Rashmi, then offer a quick wave to Robyn, "Later! Stop by if you want those DVDs I got!" And then finally… left just with Rashmi… it's suddenly a VERY awkward moment…

Rashmi seems utterly oblivious to the awkwardness, plucking up oar and life jacket and moving to a nearby bench. "Don't mind them," she says, patting the space next to her. "James is doing a lot better, but Lucas…" She trails off, shrugging. "Sooner or later he'll learn."

Connor looks up after a moment and then replies, "No… no he won't. And I'd think if you two were really as close as you look… you'd get that." Actually crossing his arms and watching the redhead a bit more closely this time, his head tilted in consideration.

Rashmi's eyebrow rises, a small frown touching her face. "Yes, he will," she replies, choosing her words carefully. "He's not a jerk by nature, you know… I wouldn't be dating him if he was."

Connor waits for a couple other people to pass and then picks up his things and transfers himself over to where Rashmi is sitting, and flops down in that spot, "Would you like to hear an outsider's opinion… upon his own thoughts of Lucas? Just between the two of us."

Rashmi tilts her head to one side, scooting over a touch as Connor sits down, marking her place in her book. "Of course," she says as the book is transferred into the bag at her hip. "Go ahead?"

Connor looks off towards where the trees of the forest sit, back towards Rashmi, and then out once more to the woods. Buying himself some time, he fishes a half-drunk water bottle out, and takes a sip, capping it with a sigh, and then settles it away once more, "Okay… firstly… Lucas… I don't think he realizes this… but he pushes away things that make him really happy. Like he's afraid that those things will inevitably betray or be taken from him. So… he just seems to be chasing things he thinks other people want for him. Do you get what I'm saying?" Another uncapping and another sip.

Rashmi nods slowly. "So far, yeah… Though it's not *really* news, no offense. It's kind of what I mean, when I say 'he'll learn.' …But anyway, I'm sorry, go on?"

Connor claps his hands together and rubs them back and forth a few times, "Okay then… uncomfortable time… He gave me a look… I'm not sure what it was, what it meant… but it was a look… so… Are you sure that Lucas is with you because he loves you… or because you're a good friend he can hide… other desires behind?"

Rashmi's eyebrow rises, *sharply,* lips pressing together for a moment. She remains silent for several beats, chewing on the knee-jerk retort until something more reasonable can take its place. "…Honestly? I'd *say* he's with me because he loves me. Or at least, really cares about me, you know? But you're right, he's terrified people will up and leave him. So…" She lifts a shoulder, sighing heavily. "If it turns out he'd be happier with someone else? That's fine, and I'll hope he's happy. I'm just not going to be the one to walk away, because then how will he ever learn what he's scared of isn't as real as he thinks?"

Connor nods a few times as he leans forwards, and then with a sigh, he closes his eyes, "One… I didn't know you were a couple before just before what I saw, allright. But… he's got signs of something else… that's all. And I think a part of it's towards James. He teased the hell out of me for making a social faux pas towards James… and then… well… there's other stuff that I'd rather just remain between Lucas and myself mending fences." Pausing a moment he sits back once more, thumping his back to the bench as he stares upwards, "But he gets defensive… really defensive… if I mention anything around him having to do with James… which is weird, because at the same time… all but told me… IF I was that way, and IF I felt something… I should go for it. He's pointing right and looking left."

Rashmi settles back on the bench, letting out a long, slow sigh through her nose. "Yeah, that sounds like him…" Shaking her head, she runs her fingers through her hair, tugging the braid over her shoulder to worry at. "He and James… they're *really* tight, you know? Part of it's just being good friends… part of it… well. I'm guessing since you talk about pushing hard, he told you about the demon thing?"

Connor shakes his head, still not looking at Rashmi still before he replies, "No… I had to get the information from the last six months from Robyn… including the weirdness, and how both James and Lucas got turned into beings that did things… I didn't pressure because I also got told about the Marauders attack… and I've met Brian and Jordan from that… actually almost had to FIGHT Jordan… long story." Eyes close a moment, and then remain that way, "He told me about the student here he killed himself."

"He *didn't,*" is Rashmi's heated reply. "He didn't have any control over what was going to happen, and *I* couldn't keep her from trying to see what was going on." Much, much more seems to follow, but is again self-censored, the silence stretching for a moment. "…But I guess it doesn't matter. He can't forgive the world for letting him be a mutant, and he can't forgive himself for the people that got killed when he couldn't help it." Drawing in a deep breath, she lets her head fall back. "…Anyway… yeah. That's something else they've got between them, you know? Sort of like Robyn and I… I never knew Jordan all that well, and he didn't *like* Lucas… but there we both were, trying real hard to keep going, scared to death of what they were being made to do."

Connor says back rather wryly, "Thanks for the reminder of why I'm never going to shake that New Kid smell. I know how it is, even if no one is willing to say it's been in the back of their mind. I can tell even you're thinking it, without even thinking… and you'd have to stop yourself and consider it to even realize." Finally he turns to look at you, "How dare I be here. After everything else… after all of these traumatic events… How dare I come along. I don't get it. I don't understand. I could never understand. And yet I'm here… on the outside looking in. It's only in little moments do people honestly forget this casual cruel truth sitting in their minds. It's only when guards are finally let down am I being let to see ANYONE for who and what the really are here."

Rashmi blinks, turning to fix Connor with a truly puzzled look. "…What in the *world* are you babbling about? Why should I *ever* blame you for not having to deal with any of this?"

Connor smiles crookedly, "Because, Rashmi… you went through it all. You were there… and I wasn't. It comes through in your words. Now…" He looks away, "Don't think I'm bitter about it… but for once… I'd rather someone honestly look inside… and realize they're doing it, and why. And… when you do that… you'll see much better why Lucas is being the way he is."

Rashmi's mouth works for a moment, brow furrowing. "…Um, okay," she says at last, shaking her head. "You're, um… you're assuming a couple of things that might not exactly be correct… First off, that I resent you for missing out on all the insane things that've happened around here. Frankly, I don't. I'm *glad* you haven't, and I hope to God you never do. I'm *happy* for you, to be honest." Running a hand through her hair, she pauses, laughing softly to herself. "…But yeah, I can see where you'd pick that up. Just… bad luck, Connor, picking me to admit to something I don't even believe…"

Connor laughs a moment, "No… LISTEN…" He stands up and turns around to face you, "You're HAPPY I wasn't there. You don't want me to have that happen… You…" Pointing to Rashmi, "It's just like Magneto. I can't know what he's suffered any more than you, and yet both of you in your own manner would fight to ensure I don't experience it. That I remain… ON the outside." Tapping both his ears as he looks at you almost angrily, "LISTEN!"

Rashmi's brow pulls down. It's clear, after a few moments, that she's litening very closely indeed, but something in her head adds two plus two and gets a different number. "Nnnno," she says, gently, slowly. "That's not really true… Calm down anyway, please…?" Shaking her head, she frowns to herself. "You're not an outsider, Connor… and I'd only brought the demon thing up to illustrate a point, not to rub your nose in it…"

Connor sighs once and flops back down, "No… I was trying to make a point in a roundabout manner. I'm not mad… not really… all the headspace is uncluttered… for the most part." Tapping the side of his head a few times, before crossing his arms over his chest, "Nor am I angry… but I am still an outsider. I'm welcome, I'm talked to… but until I suffer… it's not really going to be an open door for me. Admit there's a part of you that says, deep inside, 'I wonder what'll happen when it's his turn.'. I think it's the same thing for Lucas… but worse. He's thinking when he looks at people… 'What will I do to you next time it happens?'"

"Well, yeah," Rashmi replies, nodding. "Why d'you think I worry so much about him? Both of them, really… I can't imagine what that must be like… and I can only hope it helps that I'll never be thinking 'What will they do to *me* next time?'" Settling into the bench with a slow sigh, she does the half-shrug thing again. "…So I guess that's something."

Connor slaps his thighs, "Well…" Rubbing his hands back and forth on the track pants, "Another gold star for effort, I suppose… right?" Eliciting a rather sardonic chuckle before he sighs and runs his hands through his hair, "To be honest… those thoughts are just a small part of it… at least for me. But it's still there, and being honest with myself helps me realize that others might be doing the same thing. That it's not conscious or realized… but it is. And accepting it for what it is robs it of a lot of it's power. So you're already a half-step ahead of me on that one."

James reemerges from the path that leads towards to the Forest with a large smile on his face. Too large a smile for common place, "Hi guys!" He spots Lucas' discarded kayak oars and assorted items and goes to pick them up, "Well…guess he won't be needing 'THESE' anymore." The hyena starts whistling…as he works.

Rashmi chuckles. "Well… I sort of make a practice out of it, I guess… I mean sure, maybe Magneto thinks I've got stars in my eyes, but, that'd be kind of a stupid thing for me to do, you know? I mean, what's a lawyer worth to anyone if she doesn't know how reality wo—" Trailing off, she turns to watch James stroll up the path, lips quirking in amusement. "Hi, James~," she singsongs, leaning ever so slightly to one side, her elbow coming to rest across the oar. "Let me see your teeth… Just in case I regocnize anyone you've got stuck between them, mm?"

Connor looks back and forth between the tet a tet, and just remains silent, shaking his head as he offers a small smirk to himself. He turns his head away from both for the moment, and then finally takes up his water bottle… and drains the rest as he leaves the two to their moment, neither confirming nor denying any belief to the intimations of the walking canid mutant.

"Doh," James says, looking at Rashmi, "Forgot, I tried that one with you already." He shrugs and shows off all his teeth at the request, "Just wanted to stop by and say that things are fine. We got it all figured out." It's cryptic, but for Rashmi it probably means she'll hear all about it later. Good or bad. "Anyways, I'll see you at practice tomorrow, junior leader." Rashmi gets the brush of a paw on her shoulder and Connor gets a nod, "Night you two. Need anything, just yell."

Rashmi makes a show of peering at the hyena's teeth, but clearly more to carry the joke than anything else. "All right," she says, reaching up to pat James' arm. "Sleep well, all right?"

Connor looks back in time to catch the nod, "Later." Is all he really adds before turning back to look at Rashmi and then uncaps the water bottle, and stomps it flat on the ground, recapping it, and doing it to another one from the opposite side… so that both are settled properly for the recycling.

James keeps on walking, leaving Rashmi with Lucas' items and Connor with a hyena paw wave, "Depends on if Lucas can stop snoring long enough for me to sleep." It's said fondly, however, as is his final, "Night!" He pads out.

Rashmi watches James take his leave, and nods to herself, evidently satisfied with James' mood. "Now I feel better," she says quietly.

Connor replies with a smirk once more, "He wouldn't have eaten Lucas anyways… too stringy. Probably gamey too… last thing he wants is dinner haunting him. But… at least it comes pre-microwaved." Unable to help himself as he nudges the bookish-seeming girl.

Rashmi's shoulders hunch, the laugh choked off, pushed through her nose. "…Ow," she says, wrapping her arms around her middle. "Ow. That… ow." Shaking her head, she settles back, chuckling. "You should go to the police and get those jokes registered…"

Connor laughs a bit as well, "Works on you pretty good, but it's a selective thing… I don't think they'd take it so well… it's been my experience… people who joke about their problems, hate people who do the same. Now…" he stops and takes a breath, picking up his bottles and walking them across the way to a semi-obscured trash can and recycle bin, before returning, "I apologize partly for before… I'm not the friend to you that others are… yet. And there's an honest part of me that's a little jealous. But not so much that I'll let it affect me… too much. Only human after all."

Rashmi shrugs. "People always seem to want to apologize just for being human… you don't need to, but I appreciate it all the same. Honestly, though? Why should it matter? You're a nice guy, so, the rest'll just come on its own. You'll see."

Connor replies as he starts walking away, "Because I've never wanted to belong somewhere before." Hands back in his pockets, he begins humming a song.

Rashmi chuckles. "Far as I'm concerned, you already do!" she calls after the boy, pulling her book out of her bag and returning to her place, smiling to herself as she delves into Middle-Earth once again.

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