August 2012 Logs
Date Title Participants Rating
August 1, 2012 Summer School Emma and Cloud PG
August 2, 2012 Closing A Chapter Hosea and Mikhail PG
August 12, 2012 NYC Hot Dog Cloud and Soleil PG
August 12, 2012 Dingos Didn't Eat The Baby Bruce, Camo (NPC), and Soleil PG
August 13, 2012 Birthday Ice Cream Cale, Nicholas, Shane and Soleil PG-13
August 15, 2012 Happy Hunting Miwa, Nicholas and Taylor PG-13
August 15, 2012 No Cookies For Kai Kai and Soleil PG-13
August 16, 2012 Team Sportball! Connor, Nicholas, Quenton, Shane and Cloud R
August 17, 2012 Misery Loves Company Nicholas and Quenton PG-13
August 18, 2012 Looking For Some Kind Of Confession Rashmi and Mike PG
August 20, 2012 Time Travel Sucks Sam and Tooth PG-13
August 21, 2012 Dancing Leopard Ahmed, Kaylee, Nicholas and Taylor PG
August 23, 2012 Four Mutants In a Mall Cloud, Nicholas, Soleil and Tabitha PG
August 24, 2012 I'll Have The Pancakes and Your Wallet Keld, Kitsu, Mikhail, Nicholas and Tooth R
August 28, 2012 Back to Basics Emma and Tooth PG
August 29, 2012 Familiar Faces and Distant Places Robyn, Rashmi, and Tooth PG
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