2020-07-26: Avengers in the Making


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: July 26, 2020

Avengers in the Making

Rating: PG

The Future - The Underground

Under the streets of New York City there are many tunnels that are long forgotten. There are many dead ends, rivers of sewage, pipes and maybe that alleged alligator. There isnt much light down here and if you dont have a flash light, youll be navigating the tunnels blind. Occasionally there is a bit of light that filters down from a storm drain. For those that dont know theyre there, its almost impossible to spot, but in spaced areas in the tunnels are markers to show those how to get to the mutant haven deep underground which is home to the redeemers and the rebellion.

Late evening has fallen outside, but time has little meaning within the tunnels that have come to be called 'home' by so many. Occasionally, a grate will allow light to filter down, but those are, perhaps, the most dangerous places, as well: Closest to the surface and easily carrying sound to anyone that has ears to hear. Under one of these places, the dim light of a still working streetlight shining down around her shoulders, the woman now known as Hawkeye stands with her bow drawn and aiming at a makeshift target. Filled with bedding and clothes that are too badly worn or stained to use for anything more than stuffing or rags, clothing taken from a Hunter dead in the recent attack has been set up against the wall of the tunnel.
Well back from where her mother stands, quietly drawing on the wall with a rock that she's discovered makes white lines when used against another surface, Emory is being remarkably quiet, though the little girl has been much more subdued since the very attack that provided the materials for the target that's now being aimed at. Dressed in a blend of the styles of the other two heroes that have gone by the name Hawkeye, she's in purple pants, boots, long sleeved top that leaves her midrift bare, and a white scarf looped loosely around her neck and shoulders; the mask and bracers worn by the original Hawkeye finish off the costume of the newest of the returned Avengers.

From where Star was she would hear the resounding sounds of clacks, the occasional thuds and impacts of flesh meeting hard surface. Down the hall the sounds were apparent fighting or perhaps something else, in this situation something else was the most likely unless they were once again under attack or two refugees were embroiled in a feud. An easy glimpse would put display of a man bare from waist up holding just a shield, the former mercenary crackshot Domino was bouncing off his blocking obstruction kicking from it high into the air only to turn before landing firing off a barrage of rounds at the man, one even older Star would recognize from her youth as Jakob Kincaid, hell she would also recognize Domino from her encounters outside the mall. The re-enforced area they had chosen to fight in was spacious, high ceilings and thick walls with matching support beams. Safe for such destructivity. "Nice" The man with Captain America's shield would comment loudly.

Though it was late evening Mikhail was catching some sleep for a change, thats until he was awoke by load noises from the tunnels (well loud to him anyway), unable to sleep again he chose to investigate what happening, leading him to the room Star is in, he's dressed in a pair of black ripped shorts and is basicly covered in blood from head to toe, he walks over to Emory drawing on the wall and nods his head towards her mother wanting an explaination.

"Same… goes to you." Heaved breaths came with those words, lips parted though the smile was there, her chest rising and falling with each deeply taken inhale and exhale after she had landed upon the ground in a crouch that absorbed most of the impact of her leaping fall, her torso lined over her upper thigh and weapons still aimed dead at Arsenal and the star shield he bore. "Doing well wielding it considering its newness. Knew you would." It was all the pause that was given before the resounding sound of bullet fire would come again with the sideways leap taken, aiming for Arsenal's least covered side. Her body tucked mid air, ending her body in a twisted roll that had her back against the wall nearby but her arms raising and aim returning again to Arsenal.

Emory looks up at Mikhail with a bright smile as he moves to stand beside her. With the typical innocence of a child, she chirrups up at one of her the men that has (oddly) been dubbed one of her favorite 'uncles', "Mama's a hero!" Hawkeye grimaces, but doesn't release the arrow just yet, still trying to perfect her aim. The sounds of battle that get a reaction from Emory before they break through her mother's attention, and the little girl's small whimper that gets Star's attention faster than anything else could. The arrow is released to fly harmlessly into the target's shoulder and the bow is quickly slung across her back as she rushes to the little girl's side and scoops her up in her arms, rocking her silently and offering comforting noises as she looks at Mik. "Evening…"
She's the vaguest bit wary of what her old friend will do at the moment, though really afraid. Just worried that he won't approve, for the most part, "Do you mind if we check on that fighting for Em before I tell you anything?"

Jakob's fighting style right now was an odd mixture of various forms, most noteable at the moment was the spinning, twisting, gymnastic manuevers of Taido, his body able to change mid leap which he was showing off as his legs left the ground in pursuit the shield dragging with to sweep up and create a barrier between him and the bullets Domino was firing, they richochet in various directions, but one catches him in the side. The density of his muscle and flesh absorbing the impact, his face making no indication he had been hit as he half turns his body before touching the ground, one strong leg coming out in a flying side kick mid air from his right to his left.

Mikhail stands up straight when Emory wimpers but relaxes when he can't pick up the scents of any intruders, "Evening", he nods to Star saying he will wait there for her to come back.

Domino's muscles tightened, her back straightening along the wall as her crouch again had her pushing back into a half spin that had her standing and facing sideways before she was lowered and springing to her right. Such quick movements were the natural reactions made by the synapses in her body to dodge the ricochet bullets. When she luncged back to a stand and to her left she was not set to dodge what came next and that was the memntum in the kick from Arsenal that sent her nearly off her feet and flying back to impact the wall once more, but as felt the bruising impact hit her side one hand holding a Browning snapped up to try and catch Arsenal at the back of his knee and pause any further kick assault upon her while her other hand rose to fire a round at Arsenal's hip over the leg that was braced solidly, though not aimed to penetrate, just to scathe the flesh.

Landing in a pivot the successor to Captain America's body turns on his toe the shield was already low from sweeping behind him during the leap kick it now held position and he tucked his knee down behind it body crouching in a dip, the circle of specialized vibranium curving just enough those additional rounds were deflected but in that same instant grounding him and putting him fully on the defensive, no ample time to attack given. A grunt escapes him as he studied her, trying to guage her next action. This wasn't for the purpose of defeating eachother, or seeing who can tag the other the most this was familiarization with shield techniques for him and energy expulsion for her. Probably also some frustration in there as well.

If Mikhail is going to stay, then Star will take advantage of that and leave the little girl with him. The new hero almost cautiously makes her way towards the sound of… gunfire? Oh crap. That makes her jog a little faster, the costume fading into the shadows with just the pale flesh of her face and stomach to give her away, the scarf trailing after her and leaving no question as to her location. She pauses at the entrance to the room the small war is going on in and waits for a moment, watching the pair move back and forth. Her eyes widen a little when she sees the unmistakable red, white, and blue shield, but doesn't enter the room just yet; not really thrilled with the idea of being attacked by mistake.
She winces when Domino hits the wall and can't keep her mouth shut, "You know… If we'd all just sit down and talk about this, I'm sure we could work things out…" There's the faintest undercurrent of teasing in her voice, still vaguely amazed that she was picked to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest heroes of the past. Left alone with her 'uncle', Emory looks up at Mik and wrinkles her nose slightly before reaching up to poke lightly at the hip of his shorts, "You're all icky…" It's a good thing she's used to 'icky' from him…

Mikhail gives Emory a fanged grin, "Yes, i am, i skipped bathtime", he leans back against the wall and waits for Star's return, "Anyway, i thought little kids like icky things?"

It seemed Domino was giving her last spurt of energy, pulling it from her body when most are screaming for shut down there is always more to give, and Arsenal's set up was perfect. She set at a jog at him and came to an all out run, the Brownings were aimed and fired at him in succession, aiming for his shoulders that were appearing just above the arc of the shield as she ran forward. Just before him she kicked up to leap over him and in doing so one leg was brought up to a tuck to try and protect her abdomen while the rapidity in fire continued as she arched over him. Star had yet to be heard over gunfire, or noticed on the focus to push herself and give Arsenal a small run for his money. Stir-crazy was an understatement.

"I'm not little!" The tiny girl draws herself up to her full height; which is small even for a five year old, "I'm big!" So says she, anyway. Maybe that's Emory's way of saying she doesn't like icky? More likely, it's her way of saying she doesn't want to be treated like a little kid. The new incarnation of Hawkeye reaches up and removes her mask, tucking it into a pocket and still watching the fight. She doesn't move just yet, staying as out of the way as she can in the doorway to watch the warriors battle one another, her comment apparently unheard for the moment and unwilling to bring further attention to herself.

Jakob/Captain America as it were blocked the incoming fire at torso level using the shield to cover it as he sidesteps to his own right, trying to find an opening in the woman's assault, the blaze of rapid fire would run out eventually. The obnoxious loud pang and clang of richocheting bullets in all direction had him almost missing Star/Hawkeye's approach. A loud, "Whoah, lets stop! STOP cease fire!" His voice picking up as some of the richocheting rounds danced towards the newcomer, fortunate enough none of them seemed like they would strike her as the shield stopped blocking the munitions rounds the extra few slapping his torso and chest with sickening thumps, this time his features did contort. "Ow… and more ows." Thankful they were not amor piercing or high impact, instantly bruising and broken skin spread into view on his bare upperbody.

Mikhail laughs, "Of course you're not, you're really little, but bossy enough for an adult i guess", she is a lot like her mother, just smaller, he's debating on weither or not to follow Star.

Domino heard the yelled cease, and it seemed one of her Brownings had run out, she was pulling the trigger with the sound of *clickclickclick*, the other firing off one and following in succession. Her body hit the ground in a roll and had her facing away from Arsenal when she rose back to her feet from the momentum given in the leap, glancing over towards Star through the damp and free fall of noir strands. A flick of tongue over her lips and her chin rose in an up-nod of greeting to the unknown woman, though something was slightly familiar about her. She was standing still and spending the moment to regain her breath before she said anything, slate blue eyes closing as she lowered into a crouch with elbows upon bent knees and head tucked low, both Browning's still in her grip hanging loosely in pale fingers clutch.

Star's eyes widen and slip towards black for a moment as the bullets hit the wall next to her, jumping sideways and glaring at the combatants, "Hey, watch it!" She pulls the bow off of her back again, but doesn't touch the arrows just yet, "There's a little girl down that way, you know…" She jerks the thumb of her free hand back over her shoulder the way she came from. Her eyes narrow slightly as she looks over the pair for a moment, but she doesn't comment on their familiarity, "Sorry to interupt, but you kind of upset my daughter with all the noise." Beat, "Not to mention spoiled my aim…" Star/Hawkeye winces when she catches sight of Jakob's wounds and she strides forward quickly, her bootheels clicking softly on the floor, "Damnit! You're hurt." And the scowl on her face doesn't bode well for the one that did the wounding. She's seen too much death right now to be able to let it go.

"Interesting outfit." Jakob says quietly, the commetnts about the child had his brow raising,"No we did not know, I hadn't realized there were still children kept in this portion of the underground." The remark of a spoiled aim once more had his brow inching upwards if that was even possible right now. "I'm fine. They're superficial. Thank you for the concern but I would think your aim though, considering the clothes you're wearing shouldn't be spoiled by a tad bit of noise. Your voice is familiar… about as much as that get-up, you… are Hawkeye?" The true Hawkeye, the Hunter, he remembered seeing have his brains scrambled by Psylocke, a vegetable now.

"When your mom comes back, tell her i had to check up on something and i'll find her later", Mikhail pats Emory on the head before turning and running down the tunnel he came in by.

"There's a level the kids are supposed to be on." Domino spoke up then, she was not about to be scolded by a face that didn't ring any immediate bells to her. "As for your aim, get used to distractions, it's not silent out there so you can aim." Her head rose in a snap up, causing the length of hair to flick up and slap down leather clad back, her eyes set into a narrowed leer in response to Star, following her movements towards Arsenal with a derisive snort. "He'll.." She did not need to speak up any further as it seemed her words would only be an echo of Arsenal's any further than they already where. The mention of Hawkeye had a speculative look now fall on Star with a sweep from toe to head and a glance to Arsenal as if even questioning him in his inquiry. Rising to a stand both empty clips were pulled from the Brownings and new ones were being placed in their stead.

"Yeah… It was given to me." Star pauses and gestures at the shield, "Probably by the same people that gave you that." The comment about childen being kept on this level gets a shake of her head, "She just wouldn't stay where she was supposed to, and I didn't feel like the fight to make her." She smiles faintly, "She's as stubborn as I was at her age." She gives the man that is just so familiar a narrow eyed look when he says he's fine but just sighs and lets it go. She's used to so many of the people around here being able to bounce back from injury like it's nothing to wast energy when someone claims to be fine. The comments about her aim get a raise of her chin and a little sniff, "Give me a break… I'd never even touched a bow until I was given this thing… I might know how it's done and all, but it doesn't mean I'm perfect." Not yet, anyway. She shrugs at the question as to her identity, "I am now, I guess."
She pauses for a moment and nods at the shield, "And you must be Captain America. I was told I needed to get in contact with you and the others."

"The Harbingers… and yes, I must be I guess."Jakob nods, then a sudden widening of his eyes was seen as she mentions seh had never touched a bow until now. "Shit… er, well let us hope you're a natural then. Not unheard of, sometimes when people are trained fresh by a pro they're better off in the long run than people with prior firing experience; simple fact… " The shield tucked into his arm and he glances over at Domino a grin spread across his features, "Well, Hawkeye, seems you are quite lucky, Domino here is one of the best marksmen in the world. You'll learn nice 'n' good from her. I'll help you out with the hand to hand stuff later on as will some of the others around here, for now we'll run the old fashion military way, if it's close enough you have to scrap with it, you're probably dead - remember key thing about bows, they work off muscle memory so you need to start training that up a flabby archer is a dead archer."There was some level of teasing in his voice as he gave Domino's shoulder a squeeze and a 'be nice' look in a gesture only she would catch. "Nice to meet you Hawkeye… though, I swear I know your voice."

"Then don't come in here barking at us, none of it is our fault." Point made and she was silent again, sliding the Browning's into her holsters with a click to ensure they were fastened in place. Leaning one side against the wall she paused and her eyes went steady before she shifted to rest her weight against her back. One sore spot, and she was sure once all the endorphins left there would be plenty where that came from beneath the few new tears in her black and blue suit - beneath her skin would match; what a good day. Hearing Star's predicament and then the promotional volunteering from Arsenal had her casting him a sidelong glance that his shoulder squeeze was likely aimed to cull. She'd do it, there was no question about that because in the end her morals won out over her fouler moments. Bending over she gathered up a thermos that had water in it and took a sip before offering it to Arsenal. "It's not going to be instant gratification, I hope you have patience." This said to Star as her eyes roamed the bow.

Star shrugs indifferently, "I still hit the target. Just in the shoulder instead of the 'heart'…" She glaces over at Domino her brows climbing a little, "Domino, huh? I seem to remember meeting you a couple times before. Back when I was in high school, I think." She smiles faintly, "It's been a few years if you're the same Dom I met back then." She grimaces at the thought of having to fight up close and nods, "I've almost been that way more than once. I'll do my fighting from a distance, thanks." At least until she learns how to actually fight, anyway. She sighs at Domino and shakes her head, "I just told Em that I'd check it out. Mikhail is back there with her now." And her little girl should be safe with her old friend.
She gives the markswoman a withering look that might ring a few bells, "Please… I was a kindergarten teacher at one point and I've got a five year old daughter. If I don't have patience by now, I don' think I ever will. As far as the matter of her voice being familiar she shrugs again, "I've been around the tunnels since Emory was born… That's probably it unless you went to ESU or Xavier's." Beat, "Or hung out in Westchester at all ten years ago…"

It struck Jakob, he realizes who Star is in tying the times and voice together, she's changed over the years but its the same woman. He looked different, an inch or so taller, a lot more muscular with scars and wounds puckering his body, not to mention portions of him like right shoulder on down was fully cybernetic as was the left forearm. His hair was crapped short and he hadn't shaved yet so he was stubble laden. He'd keep his secret for now, let them operate on professional turns, later he would inform her he'd figured out who she was. "I can tell you two will have a blast. You're in good hands Hawkeye, Domino will teach you up right and as far as the close quarters… we'll at least get the fundamentals into you, you won't be able to always stay at a distance." He moved over and kneels by his webgear drawing it up to begin removing clasps and harnesses, soon pulling off the double holster for his twin .30-caliber RFA Machine-Pistols.. Stopping in front of Domino he extends them, "A gift… don't say I never gave you anything." A smile appearing. "Plasma handcannons yours too if you can get it working again."

"You'll have to be more specific than a few years ago, I meet a lot of people, but there is no other me." One hand rose and a finger pressed over the tattoo that encircled her eye, just at the ridge of her cheek bone. The withering look only had Domino drawing in a slow breath and folding her arms over her chest, drumming fingers over her bicep. She was not audibly counting to ten and biding the time. The look also failed to ring a bell, and past didn't truly matter to Domino anymore anyway. "This isn't teaching little humans or putting up with them for years. Soon enough, you'll see." She smiled to Star then and capped off her thermos. "I make rounds on the east tunnels, you'll find me there when you want to start…." Pausing she looked at the two pistols held out to her and tentatively reached out for them, raising one brow. "I'll likely say it anyway, but you bought me off for a few weeks with these." This was appeasing the artillery gods well.

Star gives both of the others a slightly wary look, but nods when assured that she'll get along well with Domino. She shrugs at the request for specifics, "I moved from Boston to Xavier's back in 2010. Went to ESU when I graduated the next year." She shrugs again, "It's not really important, anyway." The faintest of smirks crosses her face, "I'm sure I'll surprise you, though. Something kind of… happened… when I put this get up on. Like I kind of felt how the bow should work, or something." She shrugs again, "Anyway. I'll catch up with the two of you later. I need to make sure Em's doing alright with Mik and let her know that there's nothing wrong." Not to mention she's sure Mikhail is going to demand an explanation for her strange costume…

A hand rubs over his jaw and he scoops up his shirt and gear tossing it over one shoulder. "There is a reason you're wearing it I am sure. The Harbingers have some grand design on who they're choosing… so if it fit like it was intended, " Jakob shrugs and moves past the women, "Going to shower and shave then take some rack time." As Star departed he chuckles, "The two of you will have a blast, try to curb your obvious enthusiasm and not kill the woman, she’s in the same boat as the rest of us. Same boat, same team, same dream. Yeah.. I need some down time, find me when you're finished up." Shaking his head at himself he manages to get himself away quietly.

Domino's eyes narrowed on Arsenal after Star wandered off to go tend to her child and he mentioned her enthusiasm. "I'm enthusiastic…Just to sore to leap for joy. Thank you. Kill her? no, but she will learn what battle is all about with ranged weaponry." Heading away from Arsenal and into the med area she reached up and undid the suit, letting the arms loosen and reveal the dark tank top beneath, tucking the new pistols into the makeshift waist band of undone suit. "I'll find you later Captain." Saying the words brought a small smile to her lips as she began rummaging for balm if there was any to be had. The Captain was alive again, the Avenger's were reforming, and things would go back to normal….Maybe.

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