2010-03-14: Awakening


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Summary: Brian attacks. Addison and Kenta respond. Two get damaged. Things change…

Date: March 14, 2010


Rating: R

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

Despite the harshness of life, some things are still standards. People still need to buy things. People still need groceries. Thus, Addison is out and about in Salem Center. He's picking up a few things for his own private stash in his bedroom. He's distracted, but lately… when isn't he? Everything has been so crazy for a few months, and he's really wishing he could just have some down time. Alas, this is not to be. Such is the life of the X.

Not living at the X-Mansion full time, Kenta isn't always there. Though he is worried about his old friend Brian and teammate Jono. He's already run into a Jono a while back but Brian, he's still an unknown. With his son being with his parents he's taken some time to go to the music store in Salem Center and pick up some new guitar strings and take some time to oogle that bass guitar he's thinking about picking up and learning. With his new strings, he's now outside enjoying his favourite nasty habbit, a cigarette.

Of course, there is no rest for the wicked, or the righteous. Now, there is some helmeted individual on top of an armored car, a helmet blocks his face from being seen at the moment, but someone may recognize the crimson energy coming from his hands. He's trying to break through the armor to get inside the truck. From the sound of the metal, that may not be far off. And the sound of sirens are far away, but on their way it seems.

At the sound of beating metal, Addison's ears perk up and he looks around. It's not on the street he's on, but nearby. Flames wrap his body as he rises into the air, searching out the sound. He flies off, taking his bag with him. Only one bag, and not very important. As he sees the powersignature, his heart sinks with his body, lowering to the ground. A mere whisper, physical and mental carries from him. "Brian…"

Hearing the sounds, Kenta quickly throws away his cigarette and ducks in an alley, only to fly out in his X-Force uniform, black and purple being his preferred colours. He's not sure what's going on, and as much of a blase attitude that he might have towards crime fighting, he really does take it seriously. Flying over to the area, he's known Brian long enough to recognize his powers. He flys over towards Addison and lands next to him. "Heya teammate, need a hand?" Of course he knows the answer but it's Kenta, he's never one hundred percent serious.

The last blast to the roof of the armored truck and Scourge lets himself inside of the vehicle. A muffled blasting sound and the truck idles down to a halt in front of the two others. Smoke comes from the hole on top. And it is not long before another blast shatters open the doors from the inside of the truck. The Marauder now holding bags of bills in his hands, which are able to be seen now, all crimson energy.

The energy has Addison's fear on high. "Please…" He says to Kenta. His face is ashen, but he's not going to just walk away from it. He places a physical wall in front of … Scourge's body. "You're not going anywhere, Brian. I'm taking you home." He says simply. There's some quavering in his voice. He can deal with it with the others. When it's himself… it's a different story.

A black sword of dark force forms in Kenta's hand and he flies at Brian, stopping just short of him. "Come on Brian, you know what Addison and I can do, step away from the truck or you're going to force us to do things we /really/ don't want to do." He says and he knows that with training with Brian, his old friend knows a lot of Kenta's tricks and exactly what he can do with his powers.

The energy manipulator turns his head towards Kenta, and Addison, and drops the money he had in his hands. He does know a lot of what they can do, and if they could see his face right now, they would be able to see the smile on his face. He holds his hands up, looking to Kenta right next to him before bringing down a concussive energy bat in his hands to get Kenta in the mid-section.

Forget the physical. Addison reaches out, trying to get into Brian's head to see what he can see, and see how extensive Sinister's damage is. "It's all you, Kenta. I'm going inside." He says. He trusts Kenta, but he knows that with Brian like that, he may not be able to bring himself to attack. But he can… go from another route. Of course, he doesn't know if Sinister has left any traps in there. It's not something he's ever experienced.

Lucky for Kenta, he's in the air so as soon as that bat comes flying in, Kenta can move out of the way with a bat of his dark force wings. "Come on Brian, is that the best you can do. I think you might be holding back." He says with a smirk, yeah he's trying to annoy his friend as he comes in with his Ghost Sword, the sword that goes through armour and cuts straight to absorb life force.

Brian's mental realm is a grand library extending three stories high, with grand spiral staircases all around and rail-ladders to get to the tallest books. But in here, it's changed, what was once a grand gesture to literature and texts, now stands something else. It's dark, foggy and what can be seen as large towers of books stand in the place of what was there before. On these corridors of large books, hang pictures of Brian's family, all having their glass fractured in the frame, making the picture behind them less visible. On the outside, Brian's looking to Kenta. Deciding to forgo the weapons for now, and right out using his arms to blast concussive energy against his former teammate. If the blast hits, Brian will be clear, if it misses, Brian will suffer a hit from the sword.

In the mind… "Brian? I know you're in here!" Addison calls out. His body is very prone at the moment as he searches. Going up to one of the pictures, he winces. He reaches out a finger to touch the glass, pressing and trying to heal the mental glass. Not any more than that. He doesn't even know who's picture it is. He's just unable to let it sit as is. "Brian, please!"

Right before the ghost sword can connect with Brian, Kenta's blasted back by a crimson energy blast and lands on the ground. It hurts, but Kenta's more resilient than that. He's been a fighter for many years. "Oh yeah Brian, how well can you see without your vision." And Kenta goes to wrap Brian's visor with Dark Force, that impenetrable black energy. Not even the sun could break it's darkness.

The glass begins to heal as Addison touches it, hoever, as the face begins to uncover itself, the subject of the portrait can be seen, it's Brian's father, light brown haired, and circle frame glasses. Written on his chest in what seems to be green pain is the word 'liar' written in savage-looking brushstrokes. There's no response from Brian, but Addison would be able to see a different version of Brian lying on the floor, his skin pale, his hair grayed, and cracks all along his body, showing faint black energy. There's no movement from Death, but there seems to be a distinct presence there still. On the outside, the darkforce wraps around Brian's head, and he cannot see a thing. Scourge simply starts to blast everything he can, in a circular radius, not caring who is hurt or what is destroyed by his powerful blasts of energy.

Addison winces at what he sees on the portrait. So much to fix, so much to heal. It's going to take a very long time. Especially since he's got Jono to help, too. He'll make it. He has to. He's Addison. His job is to be strong, so others don't have to. Moving over to the fallen form of Death, he kneels down, reaching a hand out to touch the figure. He knows Death was a part of Brian, and has always been able to accept that. His first thought is that maybe Brian's mentality has hidden itself inside the remnants of the horseman. He reaches out to place a hand on the forehead, brushing it lightly unless something else happen. "It's ok. I'm here. I won't let you stay like this."

It's a mean trick that Kenta plays but anything to keep Brian busy while Addison plays with his mind. He doesn't speak as he dodges the wild blasts as he comes in a second time to strike him with the Ghost Sword. He can take Brian down without killing him, and also heal himself up a bit. If the Ghost Sword hits, the dark force blind fold will be removed.

Death himself looks to Addison. There's something different about this one, as if he's not the same. "Beware…" Is all it says back to Addison as the Grey King comforts him. Death of course was a part of Brian until this last incident with Snister. Meanwhile, in Salem Center, Kenta's sword looks to take a bite out of Brian's life energy, but Scourge raises his forcefield around himself. Though he still cannot see, that doesn't make him stupid. Damn, darkforce is a bitch.

Addison is honestly quite NOT bewaring, leaving his body in such a prone position. And in the mind of Brian, he feels he is superior. After all, Brian's not a telepath. "Beware of what? What has been done here? What can I do to fix it?" He asks the DeathBrian as he remains on his knees, looking over the form. "Anything that's done can be repaired."

"Oh come on Brian, seriously, you're a better fighter than this, what, did Sinister take your spine?" Kenta taunts flying backwards and releases the dark force from around Brian's head and moving it to wrap around his body so that his arms are pinned down to his torso. He's putting just enough pressure to hold him so that he can do his next move to Scourge.

"This place can never be the same." Death mentions back to Addison. "I know you search for Carerra, but he's taken him away, my maker, took pieces of me, and put them with him, and something…else. It made this…place." Outside, Scourge's helmet retreats back and allows for a more specific move to be done. From his forehead, energy shoots out to blast Kenta again. Hopefully he can break free from the bonds as Brian blasts back against the darkforce, attempting to get closer to Kenta.

"I can." Addison says firmly. "With the exception of two people, I'm the strongest telepath on the planet. I can fix him." He says with a nod. At least Death is being… helpful? It was rather unexpected to Addison. But, "There is always a way." He says, before rising and stretching himself out. He begins feeling, trying to find the center of what is and is not truly Brian.

Kenta was forced into being a gladiator for a few years when he was abducted, so when it comes to the fight, he's good. But sometimes you slip up. He wasn't expecting that as Brian's never done that before, and also seeing Brian's face made him hesitate. He's blown back from the blast, more injuries being done to his body. He collides with the pavement and slides into a nearby street lamp before pushing himself up. "Let's try this." Kenta says as he encases the entire area in dark force, letting the energy just seep from him, into the streets and air as it covers a 15' radius. It's cold and dark but Kenta doesn't have a problem seeing at all.

Looking at the limp form of Addison on the street, Brian rushes over towards Addison straddling the absent body, shooting up another forcefield dome around him and Addison, keeping away from the ghost sword as much as he can. "This one will be a great addition." Brian offers up, making a tanto knife appear in his hand, and pressing it up against Addison's neck. In the dank, foggy place that is Brian's mindscape right now, Addison could feel Brian coming from ax extraordinarily large high-back leather armchair on top of a mountain of books, it's a bit far away, but of course, it wouldn't take much time for Addison to fly there.

AS he's grabbed, Addison doesn't know what's going on. He only knows he's found Brian in the mind. Rushing to him, he maneuvers around the chair. "Brian." He says, simply, moving to see how badly the actual essence of his teammate and more is damaged. "I'll fix you. Whatever he's done, I'll bring you back to me. I promise." He says, before blinking. A niggling presence on his physical side makes him twitch.

Kenta lets the darkness cover the area but stops his attack, just staying there. "Brian, don't do this! You don't want to. If you do this, you'll regret it. Don't you remember who Addison is, what he's done for you?" He asks since he knows he can't let Brian kill Addison, no, Brian would hate himself if he did. "I know you Brian…and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't be there when you /really/ needed me as a friend. I wish I was, but it's not possible to go back in time. Let us help you now, we care about you Bri."

In the mindscape, Brian's holding a book taller than his upper body itself. His feet dangle off of the large armchair and he sways his feet like he does when he's thinking. But as soon as he hears Addison, the book is closed and placed down. It is in fact Brian, but this is Scourge himself right there, crimson eyes look up at Addison and a sadistic smile goes on his face. "Hello, Grey King you've come in time for tea." He offers before standing up on the chair, looking at Addison. Outside, Brian cannot see Addison or Kenta. But the knife is still there. "No. He hasn't done anything for me, he did something for /that/ kid. Scourge maintains his look around, pressing his knife against Addison's throat. "Saying you can help me implies that there is anything wrong with me. In that sense, you're wrong Gilpatrick." Scourge says, barely nervous as he still cannot see, and he can only hear Kenta's talking. "But there /is/ one memory I remember thanks to our beloved Mister Carerra, seems like one of your friends m

beloved Mister Carerra, seems like one of your friends managed to abuse Brian, and when he had enough courage to talk to you about it, you wrote it all off as 'just being how Mike is.'"

There's a sneer from Addison as he sees who's inside. "It's Addison. You know who I am. You know me more than anyone else on this planet, save my mother." He says as he reaches out to the figure. "I'm going to put you back together. Back the way you belong." He says. He closes his mental eyes and begins to feel for things around inside. He reaches up to feel his throat, even in the mind… it feels a little wet. That's… odd. "Brian, what are you doing out there?" He asks, bringing his fingers up to his face.

Would Brian really kill Addison, Kenta's not sure so he doesn't take the chance. Instead he lets the darkness fade and just stands in front of Brian in a defeated stance. He looks quite beat up from taking two of Brian's energy blasts. "Okay Brian, I give. Put Addison down, I'd rather you beat me pillar to post than regret doing it to Addison. He's worth more to you than I do." He can take a beating, he knows he'll be fine in the end, at least that's what he believes. "And, you are that kid Brian, you'll always be that kid to me and there's nothing wrong with that! But just know, there is something wrong with you, fuck Sinister. Fuck him and all his fucking mind control. You're stronger than that bastard."

Looking to Addison, Scourge maintains that smile. "Oh, nothing. Just…using you as bait to get Mister Darkstar to leave me alone." The voice sounds like Brian, but this cannot be him. such lack of care for life itself, even this place, it's not Brian at all. "Now, time for the tea." Scourge says with a wave of his hand, a tea cart shows up with two china cups and saucers, and hot black tea, sugar and cram of course. "Just do yourself a favor and don't move your head or neck suddenly, kay? Wouldn't want that beautiful neck to have a slit in it." He asks, a genuine smile given to Addison. Meanwhile, at the hall of Justic…I mean Salem Center. Scourge looks up at Kenta with his crimson eyes. "It's nice to see you have some sense, Darkstar. But you were only half right, there /was/ something wrong with me, and thanks to his grace, I'm free from that lovely overrated conscience. So daunting for such a powerful specimen."

When he realizes that he's being held in his body, Addison gets very angry. With a wave of his hand, he obliterates the tea set. "I don't have time for this." He says, as he begins looking around and finding connectors that Sinister has destroyed. Things that should be but aren't, and starts reaching for them. His mental form armors up as he does this, frowning. "Kenta… keep him busy." He mutters, ignoring the other being sharing the head he's in. It's not right. It's not appropriate. He's going to fix this. Of course, even thinking about it has his physical body shaking. And… it's entirely possible he's not doing anything. As angry as he is, he may be reaching for false threads implanted by a more experienced telepath, rather than seeking and finding the truth.

Seeing that Scourge won't let go of Addison, he tries something drastic, something that he hopes will cause Brian to drop his guard. "Fine then Brian, I guess I'll just give up on you." He says and he flaps his wings so that he flies straight up into the air and past Brian, out of site. He flies at his top speed of 60mph. He doesn't plan on being gone for long though, he's only planing on flying a few hundred yards away behind a building, but he's making appear like he's gone.

Scourge starts to lower the field, standing up from Addison's neck before the tanto absorbs into Scourge's hand again. "Don't bother telling Addison I said goodbye, he's inside here with me. And soon to not be." He offers up before heading over to his cash, lugging the bags up before those crimson eyes flare a little and his helmet reattaches to Scourge's head. The things that Addison is doing inside Brian's mind only make the mind-Scourge laugh even more. "Always looking in the wrong places." He says, before looking back to the real version and extending some claws from his right hand. Slowly, they scratch at Addison's chest, not doing much damage, but hopefully it will be enough for Addison to leave Scourge's mind alone long enough.

It's not, unfortunately. Addison is relentless in his futile pursuit. He's wanting Brian back, so he's being a little on the messy side. He's just pushing and tugging. The physical welts are showing up on his mental body as well, unable to hold them back. "Damnit, someone help me…" He mutters as he can't find what he's looking for. The pain begins to increase, and his awareness splits. In the mind and in the body. His prone form reaches out to grab at Brian's hand, despite the claws digging into him. If he can grip them, his arm is accompanied by his telekinetic force, holding the hand in a single location near his body. Pointed at his body, but still. "Stop, Brian." He says, phyiscally.

Without a warning, Kenta flies back into the scene, no banter, no sound, just a rapid pace with his ghost sword ready. He's going for a fly-by, just fly in, let the blade run through Brian, and keep on going. The sword can by pass any body armour, but it doesn't cut skin. It's a blade of dark force designed for one thing, absorbing life force. He flys by at about 50 mph, buzzing him as the sword hopefully connects. He doesn't stop until he's about 50 feet away from Brian.

Brian wasn't exactly expecting Addison to do what he did. "I will, once you leave me…in there." And then… the sword strikes Brian. His eyes flare and dilate before he staggers and begins to reach to the device on his belt, holding onto the money, and trying to get out of physical contact with Addison. Scourge himself doesn't show his worry, but the mental Brian shrinks a good deal and holds his midsection. Even if no physical damage, there was something taken away from Scourge.

Seeing the reaction, Addison goes back fully into the mind. A weakened mind is easier to fix and manipulate back to itself. "I will not give up on you. Not even if you kill me." He states to the being holding Brian's mind from him. "How did Sinister do this? Tell me. Otherwise, I'll just wipe you away entirely." It's not something he can't do…

Kenta flies at Brian again, with the sword out. No more games, not right now. He needs to do what he can to let Addison do his thing as he keeps him distracted. "Okay Brian, lets try this on for size." He says and at the last minute he lets go of the sword so that it vanishes, switching to bring his fist back, coat it in dark force, so that he can punch Brian right in the stomach. If he connects though, he won't be able to keep flying on, he'll be stoped right in front of Brian.

Brian wasn't exactly expecting Addison to do what he did. "I will, once you leave me…in there." And then… the sword strikes Brian. His eyes flare and dilate before he staggers and begins to reach to the device on his belt, holding onto the money, and trying to get out of physical contact with Addison. Scourge himself doesn't show his worry, but the mental Brian shrinks a good deal and holds his midsection. Even if no physical damage, there was something taken away from Scourge.

Scourge looks to Addison, now taller than he is. Well, that's actually usual, but moreso here right now. "If you wipe me away, you'll never see your precious Brian ever again." He says, looking to the now towering Grey King. "And I wouldn't tell you even if I wanted. Thanks to HIM!" He yells out that last part as Kenta attacks Brian's stomach. He's already got the call back button ready. But right now he's going to focus on Addison again. This time, claws emerge from his hand again as he slashes more forcefully onto Addison. He drops the money and goes for Kenta now, in his hand a six foot long katana. He takes a slash at Kenta, which right now is not his highest strength. But still, can do damage should it make contact.

The claws hit home, and hit deep. Addison pops out of Brian's mind forcefully as he looks up. He's just staring. He reaches forward to grasp… at nothing as his other hand goes down to himself. He's used to warzones, yes. But he's never been a combatant without using his mind. He was so focussed, he missed the entire occurence. He begins to reach, mentally. "Please… help me." It's mind and body speaking.

Kenta healed a bit from hitting Brian with the Ghost Sword but then getting sliced with a Katana, well body armour he does not have. He's been focusing on other things with his power. Now sliced and bleeding, Kenta goes to fly back but he doesn't go far before doing a weird of gliding fall to the ground. "Brian STOP THIS!" He says and even though he's losing blood, he runs over to Addison now that he's clawed. "Addison…I don't know." Meaning, I don't know if we can defeat Scourge to bring Brian back right now.

The mental Brian looks to Addison as his claws slash and he cannot help but shed a tear for some reason in his mind and in the physical world. Probably something deep down in Scourge's programming shows the true Brian. In a mechanized voice, Scourge responds. "As you wish." Before he looks down to Addison and back up again. Moving as if he didn't just hurt one of his best friends and his boyfriend just now, leaving them bloody and hurt on the street. And still, in his mind, visions of doing further harm to both Kenta and Addison fill Brian's mind, all of the delicious violence, flooding his mind. And then, one face, Sinister's. Like something implanted in him tells him he has to go back. Scourge presses the button down on the device and he's transported back to Sinister's lair.

"Noooo…" Addison says as he sees Brian go. It's at that time that he makes the decision he's been delaying. He accepts. His clothing begins to change as the temperature around his body shifts to a much hotter degree. The costume becomes white where it was green and gold where it was gray. "I will get them back. I cannot fail." He mutters before his eyes alight and he rises, cruciform into the air. The bleeding on his body seems to be holding place where it was, as if it's stopped entirely. "I… will stand. I… will rise." He says before his voice and mind go out, seeking, as he calls.




No more needs to be said right now… before he comes crashing to the ground. Exhausted but healed.

Kenta is holding his chest where it's cut, not like his hand is long or wide enough to cover that slice. "BRIAN!" He shouts as he disappears right before…"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" He says as Addison changes. He was a student at Xavier's, he took the mutant studies classes, he knows what that is. "Addison!" He says running over. "Oh fuck…Addison." He should be insanely powerful but…."Oh shit, oh shit" He keeps saying. As Addison crashes to the ground, Kenta goes over to grab him. "Come on Addison, we gotta get back to the school." He says trying to carry him as he flies back to the school.

At the moment, until he has the time and energy to heal himself and come back, Addison is simply… unconscious. But very, very warm.

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