2010-08-25: Awkward First Dates


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Summary: Rogue calls Hunter and asks him to meet her for a drink at a pub. Not long after Hunter arrives Rogue's friend Erik does as well and the three of them talk for a bit before Erik must leave. Hunter then takes Rogue out for a spin on his Harley as an end to their sorta date.

Date: August 25, 2010

Log Title: Awkward First Dates

Rating: PG-13

Random Bar on the North East Side of NYC

Just a nice little pub, tucked away in Manhattan. The belle is already waiting, in a nice short sleeved green top with a v-neck, paired with dark denim capris and strappy sandals. Hair is loose for a change, auburn and white styled into smooth waves, framing her face that only bares a hint of makeup. Stirring her soda with the thin swizzle stick, one foot swinging idly as she waits.

A Harley pulls into the parking area of the pub, and is parked away from the other bikes in the designated space for them. The man sitting astride it unzips his gray hoody to reveal a Metallica Ride the Lightening shirt underneath. Strangely enough he is also wearing a green waist length military coat over the gray hoody, and black jeans. The gloves come off as he walks towards the pub and just before he enters he pulls his helmet off to hold in one hand. Once inside he walks towards the bar scanning for Rogue. When he spots her he appears at her side setting his helmet down atop the counter with a broad smile firmly in place, "I 'ope you weren't waitin too long."

Rogue looks up, a hint of a smile as she shakes her head. "Ain't even made it halfway through my soda yet, Ah think you're all right." Fingers move to tuck hair behind her ear, nails a pretty dark red for a change. "How's things?"

Hunter settles down on the stool next to Rogue. As the bar doesn't seem all that busy at the moment he simply shoves his helmet off to the far side then swivels around to face her with a forearm resting along the edge of the bar. "Same thing different day. What's been goin on with you since I saw ya last o'er in that scrapyard?"

Rogue shrugs, ice clinking as she stirs the drink idly, watching the bubbles against the glass rather than the man, for the moment. When she does look over at him, she speaks. "Nothin' terribly new an' interestin'. Same ol' Same ol'. You?"

There was nothing really interesting to bring up at all. Things at the club had been pretty much status quo and Hunter hadn't really taken a job protecting the camera prone for the last few weeks. "To tell the truth things 'ave been borin for awhile. I worked on my friends car for a bit but that's nothin exciting. I'm definitely glad you called though."

Rogue arches a brow, her head tilting. "Yeah? Why's that? Tired of just hangin' out with the boys?" A hint of a teasing grin.

Hunter asks for a beer when the keep passes by him. After some minor arguing over what label he shrugs, "Could be that but I think it is more of a routine. Don't think I've done anything but go back an forth t'work." The bottle sat down on the bar is picked up and he takes a drink before answering her other question. "I'm glad you called and wanted t'meet up instead of poppin o'er t'the club. Not that I would mind if you did, just I'm sick of the place at the moment."

"Ah wanted to talk to you, thought it would be rude to show up where ya work, was all." Rogue says, a sip through that little swizzle stick. "Be harder to hit on ya in a crowd ya have to pay mind to."

Hunter tips his head to the side, "I can see the problem with that, the later not the former. Don't think my boss would like it t'much if I paid more attention t'you than the idiots tryin t'get in the doors."

Rogue flushes, just slightly. "Ah'm sure plenty of girls in those tiny little dresses try to hit on you all the time."

Hunter snickers as he sets his beer back down. "You'd be surprised at some of them. I try t'be respectful an all that but some just don't take the hint, especially the drunk ones." He tells a brief story about this woman who showed up with a guy who was clearly going to ditch her once they got into the club. Three hours later the woman came out completely trashed, slurring her words and stumbling all over the place. "Honestly she looked like a streetwalker, and even managed to break a shoe stumbling off the curb inta a cab. Bad part was she fell on me at the same time, and tried t'reward me for my kindness. Gah!”

Rogue laughs, shaking her head. "Well, Ah don't let myself get that drunk…in public, anyhow." She turns to face him a little better, another sip of her soda. "Then again, ya've never seen me dressed that slutty, eitha."

Hunter squicks his face up at that, "I'd really 'ope you wouldn't dress their kinda slutty. Other kinda slutty would be kinda nice but not very good for goin out on bikes with."

Rogue smirks. "Ah don't have much that could qualify me as slutty in my wardrobe. Bein' the non-skin barin' type and all." Fingers lift to push through her hair. "Want to try some chicken wings? Heard they're good here."

"Doesn't mean you don't own anything like that!" Hunter teases as he turns to face the bar in search of the small cards that always are around that list out the available food. "What do you like? I kinda like the spicy stuff but I'm game fer whatever."

A laugh, brows lifted. "Well, Ah don't! Tank tops, maybe a shortish skirt. MAYBE. And Ah'm generally in layers." But not today, the gleam of metal at her wrist telling him /why/.

Rogue makes as if to kick him, a roll of her eyes. "As hot as they make 'em, Ah can take it. Ah /am/ from the south, sugar. We do like spicy food."

Erik steps in from the outside, his hands folded in to his jackets as he slides in and pauses to look around the bar.

Hunter is thankful he is always wearing his industrial boots but the kick would probably still hurt like a bitch if she really meant to kick him. "Yo, keep!" That as one way to attract attention to the opposite side of the bar. When the man arrives Hunter orders up some of the Atomic Wings and throws in some steak fries for good measure. "Guess we'll see if Atomic is really spicy or we'll be let down an get t'cry in our beer."

"Ya can cry in your beer. Ah'll cry in my coke." Rogue smirks, a hand up to push white streaked auburn back. It's sort of hard to miss that white steak, paired with the southern accent. "So how's work on your buddy's car goin'?"

Erik does indeed notice a familiar southern accent, and a white streak through the hair. He chuckles and makes his way over. "Hello there." He says with a smile.

"Has been fine for the most part. The parts from the yard worked out fine but there's still too much left undone," Hunter answers Rogue as he fishes for a handful of pretzels. As he's tossing a few of them into his open mouth he hears a voice come from behind him, and turns his head to look back over his shoulder. Not knowing who the man adressed but assuming it wasn't him, he offers up a pleasant, "G'day."

Eyes shift from Hunter to Erik, a slight fading of color along flushed cheeks. "Hey." She looks at a loss for a moment. "Leif, this is Hunter. Hunter, Leif." She doesn't feel awkward at all.

Erik raises an eyebrow as he sees the fading of color, chuckling a bit. "Nice to meet you, Hunter. Leif Anderson." He says easily, holding his hand out to the other man.

Hunter turns around on the stool to face Erik, and after a slight hesitation he extends his hand out to accept the handshake, "Nice t'meet you." Erik would feel a slight tingling sensation accompanied by the pressure of something other than Hunters fingers as his hand is grasped. Releasing the mans hand quickly he leans back against the bar. "Friend of yours, Rogue?"

Without telepathy, Rogue can't tell Erik she was blanking on his 'other name'. Or that she has no idea how to explain she knows him. "Yeah. Ah've known Leif for a while now. Know some of the same people." Almost biting her tongue to not call him Erik. "Wanna have a drink with us?"

Erik chuckles again, although his eyes flicker to Hunter for a moment and then back to Rogue. "Well, I don't want to interrupt anything…" He says, letting it trail off like a question.

"Naw mate, pull up a stool or somethin. There's wings comin at some point if you're interested." Hunter seems momentarily puzzled but recovers quickly. "Oh, let me get my gear outta the way." Much easier to turn around and get the helmet off the bar than to figure out if his control had slipped up a bit.

Rogue just gives a micro-shrug. "What do ya drink, anyhow? Not sure Ah remember. We haven't run into each other much, as o' late."

Erik nods. "Sorry about that, been back to classes." He offers with with a smile before he looks to Hunter. "I'll just take a beer, they have Blue Moon?" He asks as he looks over to the bar.

Hunter stuffs his helmet down on the ground next to a booted foot. There was nowhere else he could really put the helmet while at the bar other than back on his head which wouldn't work. "They might 'ave that. Not much selection but I really didn't look at their list all that close." A glance is cast Rogues way, "You both are o'er at the place you mentioned b'fore?"

Deer in headlights for a moment, taking a long sip of her soda for cover. "He teaches some of the older students, if Ah remember right. Dontcha, Leif?"

Erik gives a nod. "Yes, High school students." Erik offers with a wry look to Rogue for a moment. "And I've been taking classes myself as well." He explains. "What do you do, Hunter?"

"Nothin as useful as teachin," Hunter shrugs. "I'm a bouncer at this club o'er on the Westside. Occasionally I take gigs guarding celebrities but for the most part I'm at the club." The barkeep appears with the food that had been ordered awhile back and sets it down on the bar in front of Hunter. Since he's the one already talking to the keep he asks about a beer for Leif, and as the keep sets the beer down on the bar Hunter pushes the baskets of food between himself and Rogue.

Rogue gives Erik a glare for being amused. She can't remember his public identity! Oh look, food! "Wings look decent, at least.” Excuse her now, while she eats one to keep her foot out of her mouth.

Erik takes the bottle of beer and reaches out to take a draw from it, nodding. "Well, Security is important." He says after he pulls it away and puts it down. "You two been here long?"

With food around that can be dipped in various sauces the Aussie will be distracted quite a bit. "Naw, not been around all that long," a reply is tossed Leif's way before Hunter bites into one of the wings finding himself pleasantly surprised that they are good. "Guess the reviews of the food were pretty good." The next bite however has a considerable amount of blue cheese applied to it. When he's done with the wing he sets the bone down on an empty plate then picks up another waving it at Rogue. "Whataya think about it?"

Rogue licks sauce from her fingers, a half grin showing as white strands slide into her face. "Pretty good. Got some zing to it, makin' my lips burn."

Erik doesn't reach for the food just yet, instead taking another swill of the beer for he reaches out to find one of the wings and dip it in some ranch. Om nom nom./

This billabong would definitely be getting some repeat business based upon the food alone, at least in
Hunters opinion. He has eaten a few wings, and a handful of fries before bothering to take up a napkin to wipe his fingers off. He notices Rogues hair slipping into her face, and reaches out with a finger to lift the strands up to push behind her ear. A half smile is tossed her way as he takes up his beer again and looks between the two people near him over the rim of his mug.

Rogue is not one of those women who doesn't eat in front of a guy. Nope, she's going for another wing, a glance at Erik. "How's that chicken wing treatin' ya? You're bein' kinda quiet." Only to still as Hunter tucks her hair back, cheeks heating with a smile that flashes his way briefly.

Hunter quirks an eyebrow as he lowers the mug and licks some foa, away from his lips. "Cuttin out already? Was nice meetin ya then. Don't worry bout the beer it'll be on me."

Rogue glances at Erik, a slight line forming between her brows. "All right. Maybe Ah'll see ya around later?"

Erik nods. "I'll be around later, just ring me if you are." He says as he steps away, looking back to Hunter. "Thanks man, nice to meet you." He agrees, still smiling as he steps away from the table and heads to the door.

Hunter tips his head to the side as he sets his mug down atop the bar. His eyes are following Erik as the man walks through the bar towards the exit. "I didn't run yer friend off did I?"

"Ah…it's possible? Ah…um..he an' Ah were friendly, for a while. But then Ah just never saw him anymore. Haven't seen him in weeks, until just now. Since…well, since before the scrapyard." Friendly? Yeah, Hunter isn't entirely dense but things made a bit more sense now. "Oy, didn't notice anythin. If you wanna go catchup with 'im that's alright." Or just maybe Hunter is a bit dense after all. He did spend ten years in a desert so no telling what got fried up there.

"No, Ah don't wanna 'go catchup' with him. He an' Ah are /friends/, that's it. Ah happen to be here with the guy Ah wanna be here with. A guy who seems to like talkin' to me, for starters."

Hunter seems to relax a bit then turns away from the door to face her. "I do rather like talkin t'ya. Just wanted t'make sure that I didn't cause some mess I was unaware of with your friend." The helmet rattles as the tip of one of his boots accidentally kicks it about. As he glances down to make sure that he hasn't knocked it over he notices that Rogue's wearing her fancy bracelets today. "You made any plans for the rest of the day?"

"He's a friend, not my master, sugar." Rogue manages a smile, as she snags another wing. "Let me worry 'bout him." A tip of her head. "Besides spendin' some time with you an' maybe hittin' on ya some? Not a thing."

"I didn't forget that bit," Hunter chuckles as he reaches into the basket of fries to pop one into his mouth. As he's chewing the steak fry he reaches out towards her free hand with his palm facing up.

"Didn't forget what bit?" Rogue counters, reaching for a fry, eyes dropping to his hand. Her free, non food one sliding over to just run fingertips along his palm.

Hunter is watching her fingertips crossing over his palm intently. "The 'ittin on me part. Least I know you mean the friendly sort and not cleanin my clock." He wriggles his fingers a bit so that the inside of her wrist is briefly grazed. "Not that you would do that. Kinda put a damper on takin the bike out for a spin or somethin."

"Only if ya deserved it. An' ya haven't yet." Rogue manages a grin, shaking hair back from her face. "What say we go take that bike for a spin? Ah'll buy ice cream if ya find us a place."

Who would turn down an offer like that? Hunter swivels the stool around to call the keep over to settle the bill with a wave of his hand. "Did ya drive o'er or other means?" The helmet is picked up once he's slid off the stool to the side, and a quick check is made to make sure his gloves are still inside.

"Took the train in." Rogue grins, sliding to her feet off the stool. "That all right with you?" A hand sliding up to his shoulder, a tip of her head. "Don't mind a girl gettin' a little aggressive, do ya Hunter?"

Hunter has a one handed hold on his helmet. The helmet is lifted up from his side to press down on the top of the stool next to him as Rogue slides her hand up to rest on his shoulder. "No ma'am. You know what you're up against and all that."

She laughs, just a light brush of her lips against his cheek. Just to find out, see what it feels like. See if she can even get close to him.

The Aussie actually tinges red at the ears as Rogue kinda sorta kisses his cheek. The tell tale tingling would be minor for her as she's not really applying much force with the touch of her lips. The force field is very thin so she may pick up the slight warmth off his skin, she could definitely smell him but actually passing through the field would take a considerable amount of force. "I'm not used to this at all but I'm not saying I don't like it."

Rogue laughs softly. "Ah'm not either. But so far, so good, right?" Her hand slides down along his arm to grasp his hand. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah, spose so." Hunter is still trying to figure out what he was thinking about things. It wasn't so much that Rogue was interested in him so much as he was uncertain what was going on with the field around his body. He could have sworn earlier when he shook hands with her friend that he felt something push back which wasn't entirely new to him but this was different. Trying to figure out what he felt about the shield would take ages and there was ice cream to be had and cruising around to be done. When they reach the door he pushes it open with his free hand and they pass through to head to his bike. "You don't mind not 'avin a helmet do you? I figure that if somethin goes wrong you can fly."

"Ah can fly, yes. But Ah was thinkin'…maybe we could skip ice cream? Ah'll make it up to you, Ah promise. Ah just…shouldn't wear these bracelets all that long, an' Ah don't your field to necessarily protect you." Rogue's blushing all over again. "Unless ya'd prefer to skip maybe some face time, for ice cream."

Hunter shows her to where his bike is parked near a concrete wall that is covered in some colorful artwork. "You mean that I've gotta get ya back t'your place before the magic wears off?" The helmet gets rested on the seat of the bike as he pulls on one of his gloves at a time. "Face time? Not familiar…oh…" Yeah, he's blushing as a booted foot scrapes the pavement. "I'm fine with your plan, really." With the gloves on the helmet soon follows then he throws his leg over the bike and gets set before looking over to Rogue. "Where do you want to go?"

"Ah…somethin' like that. Ah don't know what will happen Ah wear them too long, an' Ah've had them on most of the day." She slides onto the bike behind him. "Mind headin' north of the city? We can spend a little time up there before Ah catch the train? Orrr… your place, if ya like?"

Hunter has the visor up so that he can kind of see Rogue when he turns his head but it is mostly so he can talk with her better. "I wouldn't worry t'much about the jewelry as I don't think you can really hurt me. If I understand your power right. I've not really been very far t'the North and my place is far from where yer needin t'be dropped off. We can be adventurous!" Hunter grins as he reaches up to slide the visor into place. The keys are turned bringing the bike to life and he waits for Rogue to get settled how she wants before walking the bike out of the space to slowly pull out onto the street.

"Adventurous. Right." Rogue hides her smirk against the back of his shoulder, arms slipping around him carefully to hold on while he heads them off down the streets.

Traveling through New York traffic was never fun regardless of what one was driving. There were exceptions to the rule and the major one was when you left the city for areas where there were actual homes or further North where the city seemed to blend into the background as the street spilled you out in an area surrounded by trees. The winding roads were fun to drive and Hunter was enjoying being able to let the bike run on the more open roadway, and having Rogue with him. He wasn't driving recklessly at all but they were clipping along at around 55.

Rogue is holding on, her hair an auburn and white a tangled stream behind her, ignoring the chill on her hands, her cheeks. Her head tucked down behind his shoulder, holding on to him. She doesn't try to speak, knowing he can't hear her.

Hunter realizes that after about 15 minutes of driving around at that speed that his riding companion wasn't really dressed like he was. «Missed that too mate. You're not doin all that great t'day man.» The bike gradually drops speed and he sees an area not too far ahead of them that they could hop off at. Once there he parks the bike, and pulls the helmet off to hang on off the handlebar. "You ok back there?" He's pulling off his gloves and has slid his hands over hers.

"Ah'll live." But her hands feel icy under his when his gloves are off. "My hair is probably never gonna be right again." Rogue laughs.

"Damn, I'm really sorry. Next time poke me or something?" Hunter sounds honestly sorry and feeling rather like an idiot right now. Not sure if it helps or not he rubs his hands slowly over hers and offers to give her one of the coats he is wearing.

"Ah'll live." Rogue laughs, her head coming up off his shoulder to rest her chin there. "Won't you be cold, then?"

Hunter shakes his head slightly, "No, and even if I were it wouldn't be right. My mum would smack me upside the head for not already thinkin of that before we left." His head tips so that his chin rests against his chest as he looks down at her hands. Carefully, almost as if he's not certain what will happen he presses her hands together under his and continues to try and warm them up as they feel like ice still.

Rogue shivers, almost as if she didn't know she'd been cold until now. Or maybe it's just being touched. "Well, Ah won't tell your momma." She laughs, her hands sliding under his to slip fingers between his. "Ya gonna keep your back ta me all night?"

"Uhh, no?" It was a really intelligent response. Hunter lifts up their hands and blows against her fingers. It could work! At least, he thought that might be useful. "Wouldn't you need t'move for me t'like turn around or get off?"

Rogue laughs, sliding off herself, to move to his side. Her hand slides along his shoulder, up along the back of his neck. "So what would your momma say about some girl kissin' you in public?"

Hunter folds his lower lip back before tracing over it with the tip of his tongue. "I don't know but seein as she's all the way on the other side o'the world it would take 'er awhile t'say anythin." A rather boyish smile is on display as he scoots back on the bike pulling his outer jacket off to drape around her shoulders and draws her close to him.

Rogue smirks at that, her head tipping to the side as he pulls her in, chuckling. She slips in close, eager for the warmth of him and his jacket to her back. "Well, then." A light kiss pressed to his lips lightly, then another.

Touch is pretty foreign to Hunter as he hasn't really had anyone this close in a very long time. The field doesn't seem to be causing any sort of problem other than its usual light tingling probably because there is not much movement. Experimentally, and because he wants to, he returns the next kiss she attempts and smiles when nothing goes wrong.

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