2010-02-07: Awkward Introductions


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Summary: Roomies meet for the first time.

Date: February 7th 2010

Awkward introductions.

Rating: Log Rating. [ PG ]

Xavier Mansion - Chloe and Jade's Room (#617)

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

Jade sits on a bunk in the room. It was the one with bed that was made… she could feel that much… so that is where she set up her things. There is not a lot of stuff to set out.. a computer and a cord. A few books with seemingly no words on the pages, and some blankets and pillows from home. The girl is dress head to toe in a blue shroud, with dark glasses over her eyes and a cane at her side, tipped in red. She feels her way around the corner to where the bathroom is, carefully counting her steps.

Having been out at the mall for most of her Sunday and indeed having largely ignored the text on her school phone informing her she has a new roomie Chloe bursts into the room like a whirlwind in Human form. It takes a good few moments of bounding around dumping her haul of books on her bed before she spots all the stuff which isn't hers. Weirdness detected she spins on the spot and… makes a rather odd noise. As if someone had crammed an entire sentence into the space of a single word.

Jade is standing there like a small blue ghost. Plastered against the wall, her instinctive reaction is duck and cover, or make yourself as small as possible. "H-Hello?" she asks, sensing another person (hopefully) in the room. Fingers feel the corner of the doorframe and she lifts her cane against her chest. "I'm new. They said I belong here."

There comes another round of babble and of Chloe pacing back and forth. "SorryIhadwaytoomuchsugar," she says, breathing deeply. "I guess you're my new roomie? Or did you mean you belong in the school rather than here specifically?" She begins very slowly drumming her fingers against the frame of her bed. "My names Chloe and I'm a superspeedster. Incase you hadn't guessed."

Jade says, "A what?" She asks, lifting her head towards the voice. Her feet shuffle under the shroud. "Oh.. you're talking. I hear you now… okay… I am sorry," she lowers her cane a little but her eyes point no where near the girl. "I'm ah… Jade…. and I ah.. paralyze people.""

"Wow that's neat. How'd you do it?" Chloe wonders, the drumming and her voice slowly getting in synch. "Superspeedster. As in my mutation causes me to go very fast. Six times as fast. Well for now anyway but hopefully if I get any faster when I'm older I'll be in control enough to talk properly."

Jade has to concentrate to follow along, as sound is one of her only sensory inputs. She nods her head. "It.. I just look at them, that's all. I was worried about sharing a room for that reason," she says softly, speaking much slower and almost deliberately, perhaps to make up for the speed of the other girl. "Just.. don't look at me until I have my glasses on, okay? If you wake up or something…. I'll get some curtains and see if I can find someone to help me hang them around the bed."

"Is that why you have the… yah know?" Chloe asks curiously, jumping onto her bed. "And is it forever? Because if not then it's not so bad. But if it is that would suck a little. Have you found out which squad you're in yet?"

"Um. Hellions..?" she feels her way back to her bunk, hearing the girl sit on her bed. She edges up to sit on the edge. "The glasses keep everyone safe. It's just better this way," she murmurs, but doesn't answer as to whether it is permanent or not.

"Cool. I'm a Corsair! Which probably sounds cooler than it is. After all the word means a type of pirate…" Chloe informs cheerfully, sprawling. All the while keeping up her slow drum beat. "Couldn't you get tinted contact lenses? I'm sure they'd work on a solution which let you see if you asked nicely. Just because we're mutants doesn't mean we should suffer."

"I thought a Corsair was a kind of ship?" she asks, her feet swinging over the edge. "They said someone might be able to help me here… Dr McCoy, I think his name was. They said he might be able to make something that would help me see, and protect people," she shifts under her shroud, hands folded over her cane. "Contact lenses don't work." The last is said with absolute certianty.

Chloe shakes her head. "Nope they're French pirates. I looked it up. Dr McCoy? Is he the resident genius or something? Because if so I might have to bug him about an audio converter."

Jade shakes her head. "I don't know… but maybe he could help you too. Maybe that is what he does… fixes things for people like us who need special adaptations to get by," she rests the tip of her cane against the floor.

"I don't really need special adaptations to get by," Chloe declares firmly. "I wouldn't mind hearing music at my own pace that's all. Slowing down to listen to slow world songs doesn't feel right. But anyway how're you finding the place so far? Pretty neat huh?" She sighs. "Although apparantly half the boys are only interested in boys. Plus I think a fair percentage might also be crazy. Plus girls only make up like a third of the school."

It's hard to know the expression that Jade makes under her shroud. "Reallly?" she asks, truly unbelieving. "I mean… I don't expect anyone to be interested in me, but isn't that kinda weird? I thought all guys in high school were supposed to be impressing each other with their awesomeness not…. kissing…" the shroud shudders.

Chloe giggles. "I'm sure they're still impressing each other with thier awesomeness…" She coughs, then adds "But anyway you need to start thinking like a girl from mutant high. /Everyone/ is weird here and so for the most part we're on an even footing. Infact I think you're more likely to find a date than I am!"

Jade misses any innuendo and nods as she proceeds. "I am not sure about that. They say no one will mind, but I am still blind," she murmurs. "But… we'll see. Haha.. see? Get it?" she makes a dumb joke. Quieting, she goes on, her hands turning on her cane slightly. "Can you show me where to get something to eat? They said there was a cafeteria.."

"Can do indeed, although I have a major stash of food here. I need to eat /lots/ more than a normal person," Chloe informs bouncing on her bed a little. "And I honestly rate your chances better than mine. I couldn't /ever/ date a slow worlder. It'd be a disaster."

"There's other fast people though, right?" She slips off her bunk, feet hitting about when her cane does. "I remember seeing some on the news, right? You are not the only one… must be someone out there. Maybe they're just going too fast for anyone to see?"

Chloe shrugs. "True. But they'd need to be roughly the same speed as me," she explains cheerfully. "Which is unlikely. Plus we'd have to get on. Besides anyone with powers generally tends to hide them. So it's even harder still, but all is in hand. I have a cunning plan after all."

Jade nods in her shroud. "As long as you have a plan," she answers. "I suppose anything can work out if you got a plan, right? And then there's the Doctors here… and all kinds of smart people. It'll be fine, I am sure," her voice seems to smile, even if the shroud is dispassionate and bland.

"Actually I wouldn't put too much faith in that logic," Chloe teases playfully. "A plan can suck even more than not having a plan! This one especially is open to all kinds of mishaps. Which is what makes it so amusing. When you're in the fast world you need such diversions to keep from dying of boredom."

Jade is confused, and falters. "Uh, okay." She stands then, and her cane moves her closer to the door. "I think I am going to go and see if I can't find the cafeteria. I know the door, so I can get back here, I think," tap tap tap swings her cane and she shuffles forward. "It was nice meeting you, Chloe. I am sure we'll be great roomies."

Chloe starts waving, then remembers Jade can't see and slaps herself on the forehead. "Have fun exploring! They have plenty of stuff stocks in the kitchens if you're hungry."

Jade hears the slap at least. "Are you okay?" she pauses to listen. "Thanks… I'll follow my nose…" She waves a few fingers and heads on out to explore.

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