2009-03-18: Awkward Visits


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Summary: Kaden decides to pay Dmitri a visit

Date: March 18, 2009

Log Title Awkward Visits

Rating: R (Adult Themes)

NYC - The Marc

Adter a moment there is a click sound from the door and Dmitri calls out, 'It is unlocked." The Earth Spirit unlocked the door, and has moved back to the center of the room to work out again. Why he does not just open the door for Kaden should be become obvious the instant that Kaden enters, Dmitri is workingo ut in the buff. With his back to the door his well shaped backside and current choice of a marble leg are visable.

Walking into the room Kaden was not expecting that and immediately turns read. "D-D, why didn't you put some clothes on?!" He says sounding flustered. Keith or Drew or hell, even Xane he can handle because he knows them Dmitri though, is still a mystery to the fire spirit. "Should I come back later?" He says trying not to look but at the same time he can't help but look.

Dmitri shrugs as he puts down the iron dumbell he was lifintg with both hands in front of him, bending over without turning to face Kaden yet. "Because, I do not dirty my clothes with sweat and salt rings when I do not wear them. If it bothers you that I am naked in here alone you can join me, or I can put on a pair of shorts?" Dmitri turns to look at Kaden waiting for him to decide since apparently naked or clothed makes no difference to the Earth Spirit at all.

Kaden just shakes his head as his eyes can't help but linger to other areas. Okay, Drew was right, Drew was very very right. "N-no, I was just..not expecting..you, like that. Drew, Keith, used to it with them." He says still a bit flustered. "I..just..uh came down…to say hi..since..uh…" He loses his train of thought as he just trys to take a deep breath to unfluster himself.

Dmitri just looks at Kaden with a Spock like questioning look on his face. He does not quite see how nudity can be all that flustering. "What was Drew right about?" He has to ask, otherwise he will never know. "Hello then, if you want I have some other weights if you work out at all, and if you need them I can make them smaller or larger."

Kaden turns bright red as Dmitri asks what Drew was right about. "Uh…just something about you…being like your element." He says running a hand through his red hair. "No, that's okay, I don't really work out. You and Keith can be the buff ones among us." He probably should but Kaden's just kind of apathetic to it.

Dmitri holds onto that Spock look focused on Kaden for a long moment before shrugging it off. "We are all like our elements, perhaps instead of lifting weights you should look into dance. You have the body for it and it is good for your health. That, and it is said it helps keep certain musscles tight and enjoyable for you partner if your going to keep going farther in your relationship with Drew." Dmitri is blunt, unmoving, and often apathetic unless given a reason to move or get involved…but that does not mean he can't see whats going on around him or how people change when others are around.

"Dance. I'm not going to be some fucking—" But Kaden doesn't finisht the sentance as he says the last part kind of bluntly. He coughs and doesn't know what to say. "Uh..Drew..uh I don't know…him, I, we're uh…going…pace.." He's not really sure what to say as he's still getting used to just being open with people and how things are going. "I don't know. I haven't really thought about where it's going just that it's going I guess."

Dmitri nods, and once more responds bluntly, "So he has not bent you over and made you scream yet. It is good to pace yourself, the avalanche long delayed is often the largest." Dmitri looks at Kaden a moment, then moves to sit at a couch in the main area of his little apartment while gesturing for Kaden to sit. "When I say dance I do not mean only things like ballet, there are masculine dances…and ones that you could always surprise Drew, or even Keith with if you can get a brass pole instaled when they are not looking."

Kaden just turns red and there is definately quite a bit of heat coming off of him as he's beyond embarassed. "No, and.." He just flounders trying to find the right thing to say. "And…I..I don't dance." He says stubbornly. "Besides, Drew and Keith know it all already that I doubt I can do anything to surprise anyone." He says knowing he has no experience when it comes to anything sexual. "And Drew was right, you are a prev, just like Keith." Is it a bad thing, who can tell with the way Kaden says it.

Dmitri actually up and laughs as Kaden calls him a perv. Something he has never been called before, and for some reason it ammuses him that he is being called it now. "What is perversion about the truth? Taking your time you can build up to a much larger release. You sell yourself short, you could surprise them with ease. You could do so far easier than I could, they do not know me as well and do not have a mental picture in thier heads yet that would be shaken by my suddenly treating them to a pole dance or the likes of a Prince Albert."

"Prince Albert?" Kaden asks confused as it doesn't make any sense to him. "And yeah, me, pole dance? And…I…" He shakes his head as he's not good about talking about this kind of thing. Sure he's easy to let people lead him into things since as soon as things start moving he can't ignore how he feels. Talking though, it's another story. "It's not like Keith or Drew have never seen me naked or in….other situations." He says bitting his lower lip.

Dmitri shrugs at Kaden. "Prince Albert, it is a kind of peircing. Not my personal cup of tea but some people enjoy them…both wearing and other wearing them. Watching you naked, and even having sex with you is one thing. Watching you dance provocativly and enticing them to you is another entierly. As I said, you have the body of a dancer…and if you watch fire dances as it burns. You may not think you would like it but…I am sure you did not think you would enjoy the company of nude men the first time you were confronted with the idea? Heh, enough about sex and dancing, you have come to give greetings and have. Your welcome down here anytime, if I am here or not. Is there something else you wanted to talk aboutr as well?"

Kaden looks down and shrugs. "No..I didn't think I'd like it." Kaden admits to the company of nude men as he was quite vocal and stubborn about it at first too. "I just wanted to stop by and say hi since I don't really know you like I know the others." He says still sounding a bit flustered himself. "I'm just not a dancer though, not my thing." He says stubbornly. Even though the he says enough about sex and dancing Kaden finally has to ask now that he's not completely flustered. "And why are you wearing that?" He asks looking down at a certain area on Dmitri.

Dmitri looks at Kaden, then looks down at the glitering gold ring he is not wearing on his finger. "That, is an adornment I like. The gold looks good against my skin tone…that and when placed right it can increase stamina in bed. It holds blood in when you get hard and lets you stay harder longer." Dmitri reaches down so that his hand is underneith him as he uses his powers to make the ring expand till it falls off into his hand and then brings it up to show Kaden that it is a simple gold band.

Kaden looks at it confused and blushes as he relizes what it's for. "Oh..oh. Why were you wearing it when you were alone then? And working out?" He asks confused as it seems like something you use with other people and not by youself. He does look at it though and nods. "So..do you wear it often or something?" He asks still a bit embarassed and flustered but also curious.

Dmitri just looks at Kaden a moment and shrugs. "I like how it feels, I do not wear it all the time but…while working out sometimes it is nice. It is also as good for alone time as it is when you have partners. Going alone does not have to be something quick and dirty, you can take time and enjoy it. If you want, I have both gold and silver here I can mold you one so you can see for yourself before you go?"

Kaden freezes for a bit as Dmitri offers and he stamers through trying to figure out what to say. He's not sure about any of this stuff but so far Keith and Drew haven't lead him to anything that didn't feel good and/or that he hated so he just nods. "O-okay." He says, just one answer with a nod to decide why not. He's not the same grumpy antisocial asshole he once was.

Dmitri nods at Kaden and stands up to go get the bars of metals he keeps hidden int eh little apartments. "You will need to remove your pants to make it easier." Since Kaden has not expresed a prefference for gold or silver, Dmitri decides he will go with the later. It is stronger and might look nice nestled in Kaden's bush.

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