2010-30-01 AWOL


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Summary: Adam shows up from the future, finds his brother that the others are looking for.

Date: 2010-01-30


Rating: PG-13

Westchester - Graymalkin Drive

This long road seems to go on forever with no houses in sight. There are large trees hanging over the road giving one a creepy and foreboding feeling as they drive or walk down the road. About two miles down the road large iron gates stand with matching iron X's on them. A bronze sign hangs next to the gates labeled "Xavier's School for the Gifted".

The Salem Center is where Trey came through the portal, after he received word that he had siblings and that they were looking for him. He decided to head back there to see if something stirs in his memories. The blonde may not have any memories of his past which makes his brain pretty empty; but he sure has a lot going on in his head right now for someone who doesn't have memories. He is walking down the street towards the Salem Center. He's wearing a pair of black jeans, a leather jacket and a t-shirt under it. He's got Mr. fuzzles inside of his backpack. The bunnies head sticking from the top of it.

A portal opens up in the sky over Greymalkin Drive, not too far from Salem Center. Miles from the school itself. If Trey remembers anything about his own arrival, it looks pretty much the same. Ten feet over the ground, a somewhat tall black haired young adult falls through. His clothing is of a black fatigue and no nametags or division placard adorn the uniform. The shock of landing from ten feet high is enough to have him lie face down for a while. His clothes seem to be steaming, or having vapor coming off of them.

Trey's keen eyes take in the happening going on with the whole portal. One would think with the advanced technology that they needed to create this machine to travel through time they would be able to calibrate it so that they didn't fall down from the sky. He doesn't know what it looked like when he came through the portal as he was unconcious but he is shocked to see a man falling from this portal. He just stares with purple eyes at the black haired steaming man.

The man takes a few moments before he shows signs of life other than breathing. His eyes open and reveal a shade of yellow-green almost never seen before. He groans as he starts to shift about. He looks a bit frustrated at first and he is. If Shiro hadn't taken the others, this problem would have never existed. He sits up, still getting his bearings as he looks about. His eyes look unto Trey. He can only scoff a little as he sees his brother in front of him. "You've got to be kidding."

Trey sadly has no clue who the man is in front of him. He lifts a hand up to scratch his blonde head. Looking Adam over he says, "Are you alright? That looked like it must have hurt." He really looks Adam over now, does he know this man? He had come into this time and place in the same exact way as per Christopher's explanation of how Trey came to be here. But sadly even those yellow-green eyes don't stir any memories for him. Most likely never will, his brain was wiped by a psychic attack and it would take a psychic to fix it. He stands there, looking Adam over with a look of confusion on his face.

"Number Three, get over here." He says, standing up, looking at his 'watch'. "Come on, soldier, hop to!" He calls out. Luckily it would take a psychic to fix it. And a psychic is what #1GEM is. But he's not using his talents yet. The tall twenty year old looks stern, but inviting. A little like the older brother he is.

Trey still has no recollection of who number three is. So he just blinks with his purple eyes and says, "You know me?" He ponders this for a moment. "I don't know you. Sorry." He purses his lips together and frowns. "I have a nasty case of amnesia. Are you the sibling that someone said was looking for me? I don't think you look very much like me. Are you really supposed to be my sibling?"

Adam cannot help but give a laugh. "I just fell out of the damn sky. How could I be…oh…oh…oh this is JUST too good." He says, laughing at the end. "I am your sibling. If you can't tell, your brother. I am Adam. Number one. Your commanding officer." He figures he can tell Trey as much as he wants to for the time being. "We all look hardly like each other." Adam shakes his head. "Tell me, do you have that Mister Fuzzles of yours?" He's testing to see if the trigger still works. Since apparently Trey has mental damage.

Trey cocks his head to the side, obviously confused by Adams comments. "Hmm, well obviously I can tell you are a boy. No one could confuse you for a female." He scrunches his nose up. "How many of us are there?" He furrows his brows now. He's confused and doesn't know if he can trust this guy. It's all too convenient and so he takes a step back, especially when Adam asks him about Mister Fuzzles. "Yes, I still have him." The rabbit is sadly sticking out of his backpack or he probably would have lied. "Why?"

Good thing Trey didn't lie to Adam, never good to lie to a telepath. "Five of us." He says, before approaching Trey. Adam isn't as angry at Trey as he is with the others, Trey had an accident, Shiro did it by his own accord. "Adam, Najji, Trey, Shiro, Quintessa. The GEMs." As he gets closer and closer to Trey. He asks. "Mind if I see him right quick, brother?"

Trey just looks at Adam in disbelief, "Really? Five of us?" He worries his bottom lip. He was looking for family and here it is but they were supposed to provide him with answers and supposed to give him his memories back. To say he is disappointed is an understatement. When Adam asks to see Mr. Fuzzles, he frowns at him. "He's in my backpack, see?" He doesn't like to give up his stuffed animal to anyone. Not even someone who's supposedly his brother.

A sigh comes over the psychic. "Don't make me make you give him to me. I promise I'll give him back." He isn't totally without a heart, it seems. He looks to Trey, searching his thoughts for anything relevant to the rest of the GEMs. He doesn't ask for permission, as he feels he doesn't need any. He's less predatory right now, as Trey is, well distrusting. But the telepath's patience is wearing thin.

Trey just looks at his 'brother' and he scowls at him. "I don't want to give him to you." He crosses his arms over his chest. His brain is pretty much a blank canvas before he arrived through the portal. There are a few boys that he has feelings for, his hate for psychics. Especially Jono and Topher. He honestly doesn't know anything about his siblings. Just that someone named Jennifer said that people were looking for Trey claiming to be siblings. He takes a deep breath, "How do I know you're my brother and not just someone who knows about me?" He decides to stop letting his desires for knowledge of his past to overpower his instincts.

Adam sighs yet again. "What more do you want. Oh." With a gloved hand, Adam reaches into his shirt, taking out dogtags. '#1GEM Adam' is all that is listed on there, no birthdate, no blood type, no address. "Remind you of something?" He also pulls up his sleeve to show his wrist tattoo.

Trey just shakes his head at Adam. "I want my memories back. I want to know who I am. That's what I want." He takes a step back from Adam. "You were supposed to just make them appear magically. And you didn't." He grumbles at that. "I have no reason to give you Mr. Fuzzles."

"I /can/ give you your memories back, if you'll come back." Adam says. Though he is powerful, he's never tried to recover memories, only erase them. "It's not magic, though." He informs. "So, make your choice, let me give them back, or walk away, never knowing what you had."

Trey scowls at Adam. "How can you give me my memories back? Others have tried and failed. And what does giving you Mr. Fuzzles have to do with all that other stuff." He scowls at him. "Where are we heading back to?" He doesn't like all of his not knowing and uncertainty. He just scowls.

Adam looks to the weather manipulator. "Because I am the best. I was made that way." He offer before delving deeper. "Nowhere yet. Now, you're going to help me find the others. Would you like to help me?" He asks Trey. He isn't shy about forcing Trey on the subject, but he still has not been able to test something.

Trey sighs, he really has no choice and Adam probably knows that. He just holds that deep breath and then slowly releases it. "I have no choice do I? I mean if I want my memories. I should probably go along with you. There is nothing to lose, I can't lose any more memories right?" He moves a step closer to his older brother. "What are our parent live?" He has to assume that if their are five siblings, they must have parents.

Adam smiles to Trey, holding a hand out to his younger brother. "We don't have any. Well, we technically do. But we've never met our mother." He says, sounding as if it doesn't phase him. "I promise, you will not lose any more memories, Trey. But I will need you to keep quiet about certain ones you have now."

Trey frowns at that, "So much for having a loving mother and father to look forward to." He just moves closer to Adam and he takes hold of the psychics hand and he says to him. "Which memories are you talking about? That you want me to keep quiet about?" He's confused a little and yet he does seem to like holding onto his brother. Trey is a very tactile person, touch is important to him. Probably why his trigger is a physical object, a very pleasant feeling stuffed animal.

"Don't feel bad. We have each other." He offers before looking to Trey again. "The ones about me. The others haven't found you yet. And I need them to think that I am not here. Now, I can do this two ways. Order you to not speak of me, or mention me. Or you give me your word." He knows only one is absolute, but that one is also one that may have negative effects.

Trey bites his lip and he suddenly finds himself moving closer to his brother after he explains that they have each other. "I wish I remembered you. There is a big void and I feel like it should be filled now and it still isn't." He sighs and rests his head against Adam's shoulder. "Alright, I won't tell anyone that you are here. It will be our secret." He sighs, "I don't have any reason not to trust your judgement. Just wish I knew what's going on." He is used to following orders and even though he doesn't remember anything, this feels right.

Adam places a hand on Trey's hair, giving it a tussle, a light one. "That's for me to worry about. I'm the CO." Yes he's still using military jargon. "So, I have to leave you. Wherever you're staying, stay there. But as soon as they find, you, mark…this mailbox." He points to the mailbox in front of them. "With a white X. That will signal me to come and get you."

Trey listens and he nods his head. "Alright, I guess that is what you want me to do. That is what I will do." He takes a deep breath and then pulls away from Adam. "I guess that's it. I should get going, hopefully my memories will be back soon." He sighs.

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