Ayame "Kage" Kisake
Ayame Kisake
Portrayed By Shinya
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 28th
Age 30 (eternal 30)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Kage
Place of Birth Osaka, Japan
Current Location New York City
Occupation Does Thief Count?
Known Relatives Parents are Deceased
Significant Other The mirror?
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Invisibility, X-Ray Vision, Locate Objects, Life Force Detection
First Appearance ???

Why yes, I am better than you. Run along now.


Ayame Kisake was born the only son to a wealthy family in Osaka, Japan. He was raised to be proper, have the best of everything, and anything he ever wanted. His parents spoiled him. At the age of 5 he took Kung Fu, and at the age of 7 he started learning Gymnastics on top of that. He went to the best private schools from an early age up until his High School years. Through out school he always got very high marks, and was a star performer on the Gymnastics team. I wouldn’t say Ayame loved his parents or his parents loved him, it was almost a very business like relationship, but it didn’t bother Ayame as long as he got what he wanted, even if he couldn’t have it, he would find away to get it, which helped lead to his thrill of theft.

When Ayame Kisake turned 12 though, he started to discover his powers; first it was simple things, like he always knew where he left things or where to find something. At first he didn’t think anything of it, until he was watching Television and he could tell the exact spot an item was just from seeing it on Television. Shortly after he discovered he could see through things, like the lockers at school or an adjacent wall. Over joyed with his power, he didn’t let anyone know about it. Using it to his advantage, and claiming what he wanted. It got even easier when he was trying to steal an action figure he wanted out of a classmate’s locker, and a teacher came around the corner. Thinking he was in trouble he froze up, waiting for the teacher to yell at him, but the teacher just walked by, shut the locker, and never said anything to Ayame. Looking down, he realized that he was invisible. This made Ayame ecstatic, to him the world was his. Over time he also discovered his ability to detect peoples life force. Being the selfish, spoiled kid Ayame Kisake was, he used his powers to every advantage he could.

Later years came and Ayame discovered his was a mutant, which caused him to only think he was better than the rest of the world, studying up on various famous mutants. There was one always caught his attention, Magneto. Magneto had this power about him, this aura, he was proud, and he was a mutant elitist. Since it seemed there was a lot of mutant activity in America, New York to be exact. Ayame arranged to go to college in America, and learn English and study Engineering and Applied Sciences. It helped him in understanding computers, and how systems were set up, and how to crack the programs. He graduated from Columbia University in NYC, and kept tabs on Magneto and his Brotherhood whenever he could. Through out the years he kept up with his Kung Fu and Gymnastics becoming quite an opponent in combat, and extremely flexable.

Also in High School Ayame became obsessed with his beauty, contantly being told how beautiful he was. He became very stylish in his dress, and always looked his best. He became so obsessed with his beauty that he started to dress beautifully like a woman as well. Even though Ayame is straight, he has quite the affinity for woman’s clothing. Enjoying the lace and frills, latex and skirts, and even make up.

Once Ayame Kisake graduated college, at the age of 22, his parents help set him up with an apartment in the city. Even though Ayame had everything, he still wanted more. During High School and he started off small, stealing wallets and stealing from convenience stores. Eventually while he was in College the thrill wasn’t there anymore, it became boring, so Ayame started breaking into apartments and stealing things like jewelry, artwork, and other valuables he found lying around the place. The thrill is what he loved the most about being a thief; it never was about the money. Eventually Ayame got caught up in himself, his ego and pride grew, no one could touch him. What made it even better was that he was stealing from the human scum of the earth.

By the time he was 24, even apartments got boring for Ayame, and he wanted to achieve larger goals. Unfortunately he had a problem, his filthy human parents were in the way, and if he could get rid of them, their fortunate would be his. Also it got rid of his horrible ties to the humans. He really didn’t know how to kill them, so he put out a hit on his parents, paying good money for their ‘accidental’ deaths. Everything went out perfectly, Ayame Kisake got the phone call that his parents had died. He came back to Japan, shed a few crocodile tears, and collected his massive inheritance.

Once he got back to America, he started investing in gadgets to pull of high end jobs, such as museum robberies. His mutant gifts made it easy and fun. Ayame thoroughly enjoys the high he gets from stealing, the greater the risk, the more fun it is. He still wanted to seek out Magneto and his ‘Brotherhood’, see if he can join the ranks of proving mutants are the dominate species.

For the last three years he’s been living his life as a professional thief, stealing what he likes, and on occasion hires himself out for the right price. It isn’t easy to contact Aya though. He gives people a phone number to a pay as you go, untraceable phone, so they can leave a message. He gets in contact with them and arranges a meeting. At the meeting place, he’ll spy on the person for a while before he actually arrives late. If he doesn’t like what he sees or feels suspicious, he won’t even meet with the client. If he likes what he sees and the deal appeals to him, he’ll take the job. He doesn’t view it as working for someone though, in his mind they are always at his mercy.

Now that he’s older, he’s kept up with his kung fu and gymnastics. Also becoming a Yoga Teacher as well. You have to have a legit job as a front. It keeps up with his flexibility to be able to pull off the jobs he likes. With his family’s fortunate now his, and his years as a professional thief, Aya has developed a lot of the high end tools that he needs for the jobs, most of them top quality.

Theme Song

Frank Sinatra - Luck Be A Lady


Invisibility – Kage can make himself completely invisible, including any objects and clothing on him, as long as he’s in contact. Now also with contact he can make to other people invisible but he has to hold onto them. He can make an object that’s no more than 7’ feet tall/3’wide invisible as well if he touches it, and as long as he maintains contact. Infrared vision will still be able to see Kage and what/those he makes invisible and he’s still able to be felt while invisible.


February 7, 2010 Kage approaches Magneto and in turn Magneto proposes a test. A Challenge


  • "I said it!"


  • Kage is extremely vain.
  • Kage cross dresses because he believes he's /that/ beautiful.
  • Kage tries to keep up his flexibility with Gymnastics and Yoga.
  • Kage honesty thinks he's better than you.
  • Kage hates going by his 'human' name.


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