2010-05-04: Back Alley Brawl


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Summary: Corrin stops Eris from attacking an old man. They get into a fight and July shows up to complicate things.

Log Title: Back Alley Brawl

Rating: PG (V)

NYC - Mutant Town - Back Alley

Heavily littered with newspapers, knocked over garbage cans and other unidentifiable pieces of refuse, this alleyway cuts a narrow pathway between two of the older buildings in the neighborhood. The mouth is lined with dumpsters and garbage cans, making it a bit of a deterrent for people seeking this alley as a pass-through. This doesn't stop homeless and fringe elements from using it, however.

Rusty fire escapes dot the sides of the close buildings; they are close enough that one could easily jump from one side to the other but a slip from one of the higher landings could be fatal. Light even during the daytime hours is sparse, though it's easier to see down from one end to the other in the day. At night, it's nearly impossible.


The storms seem to have passed for the day, though the cooler air they pulled with them lingers still. There is a chilly breeze in the air that has caused the denizens of the city to pull their light jackets back out of the closet. It is late enough that one cannot see from one side of the alley to the other. A stray breeze carries a few pieces of litter out into the street.
The wind also causes a voice to drift out of the alley. The voice is female and does not sound happy. If one were to venture within they would find a fierce looking woman in black and green holding an elderly man against a wall. "How DARE you TOUCH me you human filth! I want what you owe me and I want it now."

Corrin pauses at the alley mouth and scratches his head. He has an address in one hand, and according to it, that place is… here? That building is #104, and the next is #108, and the scribble on the note says #106. So, here. Is he missing a whole building?
It occurs to him that the address may be one of those makeshift ones, the kind where the city shoehorns a number between two others without anything new actually being built. So, maybe #106 is a back door… and that means down there, in the dark.
Dark, he doesn't mind. Stink, on the other hand… this is probably not a good apartment possibility. He picks his way past the Dumpsters and the trash cans and a pile of … stuff, and he hears the woman's voice. Aha! "Hello?" He can't see too well in the shadows here; he hasn't seen the old guy yet.

The man being held up makes a gasping noise and tries to fight back against the woman, but she is apparently much stronger than the other. Eris hesitates for a moment when she hears something approaching in the alley. She looks down at a couple of rats as they run past her and disregards the sounds. A few moments later she hears the voice. That causes her to stop, backing up from her victim for a moment to watch the darkness.
The man takes this moment to pull away from Eris, darting down the alley in the direction of the voice. A loud curse can be heard coming down the alley before the man emerges from the darkness and mutters a quick warning to Corrin. Something small strikes the wall next to the man, causing him to dart out into the open street. If one were to look for the thrown item, they would find a small crystal throwing star.

"What?" Corrin is startled by the warning… are the rats that big in here? Then the throwing star hits and he realizes that it isn't rats that he has to worry about.
"Hello," he says, turning to face the woman heading in his direction. "I take it that star," point to the wall, "was yours." He steps sideways as he turns, so that she'll have that much more trouble getting around him. In his world, people run for two reasons: they're bad, running from good, or good, running from bad. But only the good stop running to warn perfect strangers, so. "What seems to be the problem here?"

Eris continues forward in the direction the elderly man ran, her heels clicking authoritatively in the alley as she approaches. She stops when she reaches Corrin and looks him over quickly, evaluating him before dismissing him as a non-threat. "The problem? That wretched creature owes me money. Though now I have a new problem. That would be that you are in my way. Do you want to fix that problem for me or do I have to do it?" She places her hands on her hips and taps her foot impatiently. She really does look too well dressed to be hanging out in a back alley. Most women wouldn't wear so many gemstones in broad daylight, let alone such a dark and shifty place.

"There are better ways to resolve problems than to throw stars at them." Corrin does move. "Talking helps. First to find out what the real problem is, then to figure out a solution that works for all parties. And if that doesn't work? There's always better choices made before the problem begins." He looks Eris up and down. Where'd that star come from? Those jeans are real tight; you'd think if she had more, they'd show. He looks back up at her face and raises a brow. Her move…

Eris smirks at the man at first, but when he starts to tell her that she can talk about solutions she kind of looks like she might vomit. "Right. Well I 'talked' to him yeasterday. And I was 'talking' to him today. But I'm done 'talking'." She makes air quotes when she says 'talk'. "Now I get to hunt him down thanks to your interfearance. I think I'm really not in the mood to talk to him anymore, though. The time for talk is over." No, she doesn't seem to have any weapns on her. Just some shiny jewelry and belts.

"So talk to me, then. What did he do? What did he not do? Why can't you talk the problem out? Give him more time, or whatever it is that the problem is." Since Corrin doesn't know what the relationship between Eris and the old guy is, he has to speculate. But money is probably part of it — money usually is. And he's still not getting out of her way. Isn't acting tough, though — just earnest.

Eris sighs heavily and glowers at the man. "Seriously? Why don't you go talk to some kid in second grade about how talking will fix things. I live in the real world, so I know that doesn't work." She surveys the man once more. "It's none of your business what he did, and he's out of time. So why not scamper home and watch some Dr. Phil? I've got more than a few stars." If so, they are no where to be seen.

"I'm talking to you because talking is a good way to defuse hostility, to clear conflict, and to give that guy you were abusing more time to get away and get whatever it is he owes you together so that you don't have to beat him up, again, the next time he sees you." Smile. Corrin shrugs. "That's the real world, too, miss. And it's a lot less troubling for everyone, in the long run."

Eris is reaching her limit of annoyances for the evening. "I don't need the money. It's the point that he didn't get it to me in time that matters to me. Besides, beating up worthless humans is how I destress." She holds out a hand in front of her and there is a slight cracking sound in the ground beneath her. "Maybe I should pick someone else to release my tensions on, eh?" There is another cracking noise before a crystal blade grows out of the ground in front of her. She picks up the sword with ease, though it looks slightly too large for her to be able to pick up at all. Actually it looks a little too large to actually be swung properly in this alley way.

Corrin startles and takes a half-step back when the crystal sword appears; that's not normal. He tilts his head as Eris picks it up, plainly curious. "You're stronger than you look," he says. "And unless you're going to do something unusual with that thing, not that good a fencer. You're not going to be able to go to full extension in here with that without binding it with either the walls or the fire escapes." Point, point. "I suggest shortening it by at least three inches."

Eris smirks at Corrin. "Stronger than I look? You have no idea." She ponders for a moment. Most people are not quite so calm when they first witness her ability. The woman quirks a brow at his comment and attempts to hold the blade sideways, finding that he is correct. "Ah, well I think five would serve me better." A few inches of the sword simply cleave off the back end, falling to the ground and making a clattering noise.

Corrin nods. "Yes. That's better." He steps to one side, examining the way Eris is holding the sword, and suddenly, there's a glowing golden katana in his hand. "We have different swords, so keep in mind that you shouldn't use the point on yours; it's built for slashing and brute-force chopping. Mine," he raises it in salute, straight up in front of his face, "is a cutter and a slicer. Different technique."

Eris suddenly laughs when she sees the glowing katana. “Ah! Another mutant! So you would stand in the way of your own sister to protect a worthless human?” She hesitates for a moment, not expecting a sword duel. “I am aware of how to use different swords effectively.” She narrows her eyes and steps back. “Let’s see how well you can wield that weapon, shall we?” The sword she is holding is still huge. If it is truly made of solid crystal it must weigh about fifty pounds. She charges the man and swings the sword high over her head, bringing it down in a diagonal slash.

July was just walking through the zone, having come here just to get to know the Mutant Town, when she hears, then sees the old man running from the alley, and she frowns. She looks around, and goes to a different, nearby alley to change into her outfit, and then she runs to the alley where the old man ran from, dressed in her blue-and-yellow X-school outfit, with her arms bare. "Hey!? What's going on here!?" she asks, frowning at the two.

"Why is it that so many mutants excuse their bad behavior with a cheap shot like, 'It's just a human'? You're a human, you nit! Your parents were, and you are! You just make sparkly things, and I make glowy ones, and someone who doesn't… does something else! Like sing! Or be the best damn neighbor you've ever seen, and you don't need powers for that!" He slithers aside from the overhand strike, golden sword coming up in a bind that should push the crystal sword out of line and leave Eris' side open. "God, mutie bigots are so narrow-minded."
The moves are smooth — he's good with that sword. But the smooth goes ragged as July appears — kid! In the middle of this! Oh, sh*!

Eris's strike is pushed down to the side. She smirks at the man and pulls the sword back to a defensive pose. "So it is a real sword." She laughs at his comments. "My parents were probably human, yes. Just as the first humans had some sort of Neanderthal as their parents. The ability to physically change our surroundings is far superior an ability to a nice singing voice."
Eris glances up at the new intruder and makes a distasteful face. "Who are you? And why are you wearing that horrible outfit? Go back to the circus you insolent child and leave the adults to their fun." She flicks her wrist at July in a seemingly meaningless gesture. There is a loud noise as a large crystal needle becomes embedded in the trash can next to her.

July gah's as the crystal suddenly impales the trash can next to her, and she turns to frown at Eris, "Just so you know, I've seen allegedly powerless voices change the world. Hitler was one of them. Nelson Mandela. Gandhi. George Washington. Caesar of the Roman Empire. Voices without powers that changed the world as we know it." she says, getting in a ready position and rushing toward Corrin. He's the one that didn't attack her out of the blue, then in her mind the other female mutant is the bad one.

"Hey!" Corrin protests Eris' snotty commentary, then, "HEY!" as she throws a crystal needle at July. Or near her, at least — intimidation is an attack, anyway. "Pay attention, Red!" The gold sword comes up and the tip flicks toward Eris' face — back up, woman. AWAY from the girl behind him. You don't touch her without going through him, because he isn't assuming the weird outfit means something other than teenage fashion sense.

"Save your pointless prattle. If any of those people had any real power they would have done so much more to change the world than you could ever imagine." And then there's a sword in her face. She leaps back quickly and holds her sword in front of her again. "Oh, going to protect the girl are we?" She smirks. "I don't need to go through you to get to her." What does that mean? She doesn't demonstrate quite yet, though that was another blatant threat toward July. It seems she's trying to intimidate the girl away.

July frowns slightly as the other woman jumps away from Corrin and point the sword to her face. July just sneers at the woman and taunts. "Don't brandish that sword unless you plan on using it, old hag, or else beat it." Ooohh bravado! "You better put that sword away before you end up poking your own eye off." she arches one eyebrow.

"But how much can you do to her when I'm doing to you?" Corrin moves forward, crowding Eris back, trying real hard to get inside her best swing range and stay there. The sword in his hand flashes down toward her knees, then up to her right shoulder. He's a bit cramped in these moves; he's working inside his best reach, too. He isn't trying to cut her — he wants her to figure out this confrontation is more trouble than it is worth and to leave (preferably in a different direction than the old man took…)
To the girl behind him, he says, "Miss? I advise you back off. I can handle this." Probably. Hopefully…

Eris backs up as Corrin approaches. In this confined space it is difficult for her to use her weapon effectively. Unfortunately the man isn't giving her time to create something more versatile. The fact that he isn't trying helps Eris to avoid his attacks easily, but when July speaks…"OLD HAG!? You wretched little freak!" She stomps on the ground, causing the cement beneath July to make a loud cracking sound. The distraction caused by the girl causes Eris to suffer a slash to her left shoulder, throwing off her concentration for a moment. She still achieves what she had intended to do, but her aim is a bit off. A large cluster of diamond spines erupts from the ground a few feet away from July.

July gasps as the ground shakes and the crystals erupts. She manages to dodge all the crystals that attempted to hit her, though some scratched her suit, and she frowns at the woman, and smirks, "That's the best you can do, old hag?" she smirks, and then she turns to look at Corrin, smirking, "If that's all she can do, I believe you got it covered, but I'll stick around to watch you kick her ass." she nods.

NOT what Corrin wanted; he pulls back from the slash on Eris, lips peeled back from his teeth. He didn't mean to hit her, because now that he has, she knows his single biggest weakness with his sword. Not good.
He redoubles his efforts to keep Eris' attention on him… and then the cement cracks behind him and crystal spires show up, and he backs off of Eris to see that, see where the girl is, see if he's got something else to worry about…!
"Girl!" He's trying to be calm, but this situation is going south, and he doesn't think she realizes it. "That is NOT everything she can do. She did something else when you first appeared, and she can and will do it again. Please stay back!"

Eris clutches her shoulder, expecting to find blood there. Instead she finds, "No cut? Your swords can't cut me?" She laughs and glares back at July. "He's right. Not my only trick. I can also keep you from getting older." Eris's sword suddenly collapses into dust. She holds a hand out behind her, taking advantage of Corrin's distraction to grow a new crystal star. The star continues to grow until she is holding a quartz shuriken about 2.5 feet in diameter. "I can kill you before you get the chance!" She spins quickly and unleashes the blade, sending it sailing toward the girl.

July is distracted for a moment by Corrin's warning while she steps out of the 'crystal flower' formation, that she doesn't notice the shuriken until it is almost to her. Her eyes widen as the shuriken strikes her squarely on the chest, impaling her and throwing her away. She lands on her back, skidding and remaining motionless for a few moments. But then she ugh's and stands up slowly, but apparently unharmed, save for the shuriken impaling her. She looks down at the crystal thing impaling her, and sighs. "Oh man… it was a pain to get this suit." she shakes her head, and then looks at Eris with an angry expression. "You're going down, old mummy." she says, as she pulls the shuriken off and drops it on the ground. There is an obvious hole through her body, but no organs can be seen, just a solid block of flesh that soon closes back to normal, but the hole on the suit remains.

Corrin freezes in shock as July is impaled and thrown backward. "Ohmigod…" Forget Eris. The sword disappears from his hand and he runs to her side… just in time for her to start moving again. "Don't move…?" As she gets up. "Uh…" More shock. His turn to watch, he's that flabbergasted. Yes, it is Mutant Town… but … but… but…!

Eris's look of elation turns to one of supreme annoyance as she sees the girl get back up. "TWO mutants? I don't have time to deal with this." She is interested in July's powers, but she'll have to learn about them some other time. "Watch your back, kid. I won't forget you." There is another cracking sound beneath her as she summons forth another large crystal construct. This time it is a rather sizeable wall to separate herself from the others. She'll run down the other side of the alley and try to hunt down the old man for a little while. She'll return to collapse her crystal constructs later, no need to leave around such things just yet. If the other two take the crystal shuriken, it will collapse within the next week.

July dusts the former hole on her chest and calls out, "Yeah, write it down, old hag, or your old brain may forget me!" she laughs, shaking her head as the other woman leaves, and then she turns to look at Corrin. His look of surprise is priceless. "I'm fine." she says, nodding.

Corrin stares at July, then picks up his jaw. It's around here somewhere… "I… see," he says. "I… do not believe I have ever seen anyone do that before." He looks down the alley in the direction that Eris ran away in, then back at July, and he wipes his hands down his jeans before offering his hand for shaking. "Hello. I think it is time we introduced ourselves to each other. I'm Corrin."

July chuckles softly, smiling softly, "Yeah, I'm unique." she giggles, reaching a hand to shake Corrin's offered hand. "I'm Elastica. Nice to meet you." she says with a smile as she nods, shaking the guy's hand. "Sorry if I intruded in your little sparring session, but I just couldn't walk away just in case she'd do something that could be avoided."

Corrin's handshake is firm. He looks over his shoulder at the crystal wall as the two of you release hands and says, "I was worried for you. I didn't know you couldn't be hurt that way, so…" He shrugs. So he altered his actions to protect her, when she didn't need protecting. Live and learn.

July smiles, her handshake is firm too, and then she relaxes once it's done. "Yeah, not much can hurt me." she says, nodding softly as she looks at the crystal wall again. "I pissed her off. Good." she nods softly.

Corrin looks back to July and he runs a hand through his hair. "Um. I don't know that that was a good idea. She knows what you can do now, and that could cause you problems in the future. For instance, if I were her, I'd go for cutting you into pieces. It might kill you, or might not, but it is almost dead certain to slow you down."

July shakes her head softly. "She doesn't know all I can do." she says, smiling, "And, from what I saw, she's easily tauntable." she grins at that. "And enraged people make sloppy mistakes." she nods again to that. "I'm sure I can handle that. Otherwise, I have allies I can call to assist me."

Corrin is tempted to say that smug people make sloppy mistakes, too, but… "Be careful if you see her again. That's all I ask. And keep your friends on speed-dial, just in case." He's a bit disturbed that she takes his comments about cutting her to pieces so calmly. It sounds like she'd survive it just fine, but…!

July smiles, "Don't worry. Thank you for your concern, mister Corrin, but I know what I'm doing. I was well trained. I'll be prepared. Of course, there is some unknown since I'm sure creating crystals out of nowhere isn't all that woman can do, but I think I can take her." she nods again, but then she looks down at the hole in her shirt on her belly, then down at her back, and she actually stretches her neck longer so she can take a good look at her back, "Damn. The suit is ruined." she sighs, and then she retracts her neck back to normal. "Any ideas where I can get a new, decent uniform?" she smiles a bit.

"You mean, wherever you got that one won't be good for another?" Corrin ends up scratching his head again. "I'm not much for uniforms myself…" Which doesn't sound quite right to himself, but never mind that. "I've heard rumors around the 'Town about someone named Jesse who does costumes. Good ones, if the rumors are to be believed. I wouldn't know, I haven't met the man."

July chuckles softly, "This one was a gift for graduating." she shrugs softly, and sighs softly, shaking her head, "Still. I'll have to go home with a hole on my uniform." she says, and then glances at the crystal wall for a moment, "By teh way, what can you tell me about that woman? What did you see she do before I arrived?"

Graduating? She must have understanding parents, which is more than many mutants have. Maybe that's why July isn't the bigot so many other mutants Corrin has met are. "Her? I can't tell you much. I don't even know what she calls herself. She was threatening this old man — I think he owed her money or something — and I interrupted her. He got away. I stalled her to give him time to run; I hope it worked."

July nods to that, smiling, "Yeah. I'd say, that old man could win a marathon, so much he was running." she giggles a bit to that, while jerking a thumb in the direction the man ran to. "So what I saw is pretty much all we know she does. Hmm. Interesting. At best, that's all she can do. At worst… we barely scratched the surface of her power pool."

From what Corrin saw, Eris had plenty of power. Generating objects near and far? Projecting them? Using them to crack concrete or block and alley? AND enough super-strength to swing a crystal sword around like a toy? Alpha class mutant, most likely, or a very high-end Beta class, and Corrin doesn't wonder how he knows that. "Like I said, use caution around her," he says. "You don't know what else she has, or what tricks she might have up her sleeves, or whether she has friends of her own to call on. If you must go after her," and from the fact July has a costume, he figures that's probably a given, "then don't go after her alone. You don't want to get caught by yourself with the walls caving in around you." A statement which makes him blink a couple of times. "Now, it's late, and I think things have settled down. You were probably going somewhere…"

July chuckles, "I have my tricks as well, but, don't worry, I don't plan on facing her unprepared." she says. She smiles and nods softly. "If a ceiling does cave in around me, I'll survive." she winks, giggling a bit. "And as for the reason I'm here… I was checking the neighborhood. Honestly." she shrugs, "But if you gotta go, it was nice meeting you, mister Corrin.

"And you, miss. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Corrin nods, and looks around the alley once more. Bad guy gone? Good guy victim gone? Evidence… glittering. Right. He'd better head back to his hostel. He has work in the morning. "Good night, and be safe." He heads back to the street. Light! Light is good….

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