2010-07-27: Back from the Future


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Summary: No-longer Not-Connor and No-longer Not-James share some downtime, both being back where they belong.

Date: July, 27, 2010.

Log Title: Back from the Future

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

The sound of a Blackbird coming into the X-men Hangar is one that only a few on the mansion grounds would be aware of outside the staff, and only one has gone out in the last two days. It's been about a half-day since it was back, and word has filtered up through the grapevine that a fixed Connor is now in the medical bay. Still with some bandages on his face, shoulder, and leg from the beating he'd taken in the fight, and a small but permanent scar on his cheek inside the smile and frown-lines as a permanent reminder of his future self's involvement in his life, he's resting on one of the beds working on his powers. twelve ball-bearing sized rubber balls floating around a tennis ball at the central point and running concentric rings in shifting orbits.

Being on security has a few inherit advantages for James—one of which is knowing the comings and goings of select guests. But, even knowing that Connor has been back for 36 hours isn't enough to get the hyena to visit faster than he might otherwise. Having finally 'found the time' to enter the lower levels of the mansion, James walks towards the student's bed, "Hey heard you were back."

Connor offers a bit of a tired smile in reply as he 'collapses' the puzzle back in on itself, and floats it all into a bowl before releasing the field, and letting everything clatter around inside. Folding his arms in front of him, he tilts his head a bit and then gives a nod before saying, "Back in both ways. Still not getting all the neurons to fire correctly, but apparently Doc can fix the damage Barnes' people couldn't. How're you?"

James pulls up a chair, invited to do so or not. "Not firing on all cylinders sounds about par," he says with a smile, "If not, then I'm in the wrong room." He leans back and pulls a leg over his knee, "Ehhh….better? You missed all the excitement. I guess I tried to kill Lucas, Robyn, and Jinx. Nearly had two of the three before staff ousted some million-year-old dead chick from my body." There's another shrug, then a forward look at Connor, "Sorry. I didn't know it was going on." He gives the room the once over, forgetting the former subject, "Anything you need?"

Connor gives a brief chuckle, "You know… back in April, if you'd told me that, I'd have thought you were pulling my leg… newbie hazing… but after the last month… I'd be more inclined to think you're lucky that was all." Sighing once, he looks down at his hands, watching them clench and release slowly, "Me? Not your fault. But I still blame myself… the rock thing. And… that I've been misreading a LOT of things around here. A lot." His shoulders shift, making him wince from the soreness, "Need? You want the whole list, or just today's?" Trying to add a lame laugh at the end, "This is enough, I guess. I wouldn't blame anyone else for staring at, or avoiding me for whatever I did when my future-me was here."

By 'sorry' James meant he was sorry for what he himself did…but he's not going to let the misinterpreted sincerity go to waste. It makes him look good, and he needs those points in his corner. "Ehhh, I have a history of attracting the wrong types. Now you know why I don't date." He leans forward, knees now supporting his elbows, "I wouldn't worry too much about the rock. The direct result was my issues were outed. We just…got lucky. No harm no foul, right?" He's almost convinced himself of that, considering the harm he almost caused the others. "And yeah, you didn't make any friends while you were on vacation. I'd…take it slow with Jinx. She's got a slow, red-hot burn about her. Robyn…he's probably already forgotten." The hyena grins a little, front teeth exposed, "Personally I didn't think he was that bad."

The one in the bed seems a bit less convinced of no harm no foul than the attending friend. But after a few moments of silence, Connor unclenches his fists, and says quietly, "I wish I knew what he said, what he did… I think the memories might be there… it's my brain he was in after all… but I'm not sure I want to know. Bad enough what's still banging around there…" Pausing and then shakines his head, he perks up a bit, "Glad he got along with one of my friends… but hey… done is done, right? Get over it and move on." And as easily as it's said, the belief seems to faint if not nonexistent, "What's the gossip? Seen Rashmi yet? She came back with the asian telepath with the purple hair… lady who apparently was hanging out with future me… but I think it was more." Waving it off, "Anything cool going on?"

James shrugs, "Asking the wrong person. I kinda checked out for awhile there after my body was vacated by 'Selene.' But…" He reaches into his pocked and pulls out an old, faded photo that looks like it was forgotten then washed and dried repeatedly, "He wanted me to give you this. Said 'Family's where you park your ass…'" Or something to that effect. "Oh, and don't fuck up." The gnoll stands to make it easier for Connor to take the picture, "They…they redid all the teams. And Lucas is like co-leading the Paragons or something. So, Hell froze over while you were out."

Connor takes a look at the picture, and then frowns, "Hey… did you forget this was in your pants or something?" A broad smirk playing off his lips as he takes the faded picture and folds it up, "Great… I can't go a day without telling myself what to do." Sitting back, he listens to more of what's said, and then proceeds to laugh, "Oh great! I just finish breaking in all my old team-mates, and now I get new ones?! And Lucas is what? Oh right… he graduated. Someone needs to tell him to get off his ass and go to Juliard. Enough of the whining. He's got a talent and it's wasted goofing off in the music room. So… that means you've got the room all to yourself. Liking all the space?"

James tilts his head when asked about the photo, ear pinning back, "Noooo…what makes you ask that?" To the rest, he shrugs, "Well…his stink is gone. But it's only a matter of time before it's replaced with a different stink, you know?" He lights up a little, "Reminds me, your ex-roommate left. Didn't make it half a year. Dunno the details…just that he won't be returning." Surly, that's worth cheering about. "And the new teams aren't so bad. Upside is you're on Sam's team. Down side is I dunno if you were already. I peaked at his list…was hoping I'd end up on it."

"No loss with that… too much anger there… and not enough willingness to try," Connor says on the subject of his ex-roommate, before giving another grin and a shrug as he continues on, "I was under Doctor McCoy. He taught me a lot… I wish I was still learning from him, but… maybe the change would have been needed." His eyes lower a bit though, "Too bad we're not in the same group… would've been fun. There's still that auxiliary team thing though… think on it as a chance to hang out."

"Well, you don't have any choice…I hear Hank took sabbatical or something," James says as he screws up his face, "Funny, he didn't look Jewish." He snaps his jaw shut at the mention of an auxiliary team, "I dunno…I'm sorta an army of one. I think I'm starting to prefer the loner routine. I was (almost technically) off grounds for like 3 days and no one came looking for me." Well, aside from staff tracking his phone and the security detail keeping tabs on one of their own. "I didn't miss the company. I might ask to be allowed to do an extended camping trip before school starts again. Just me, 2 weeks, nobody, nothing, and nowhere."

Connor replies softly, "Oh." Letting that sort of sum up his feelings on the whole thing, and then he closes his eyes for a few moments as he takes a deep breath and adds softly, "I know how that goes. The last week for me was actually nice. I was in a big mansion, no one else around, just the lady who was there to help me. I wasn't allowed to see any news, or television, so I got to read. Huge library too, a lot of classic stuff. It's not that I didn't miss my friends… it's just…" And he looks up at James, and then reaches out to touch him on the cheek, "I'll be here when you get back, James. Won't claim for anyone else, but however long you want to yourself, I've got your back."

The touch never lands, the hyena backing up and away as Connor reaches, eyes slightly narrowed. After a pause, we waves a hand in the air and turns to go, "Anyways…I've got things I need to do. So….you need anything, let me know, alright?" He's already walking towards the door, not waiting for the answer.

Connor's hand falls to his side and he nods once, a bit of a disappointed frown forming on his lips before he says, "Will do… oh… if you could get Robyn to stop by and bring my phone? It wasn't in my stuff. I'd be grateful. I'd ask him myself, but… you know… that whole walking thing is still kinda not working." Just mumbling the last bit out as the room is vacated, leaving him with just the attending nurse once more.

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