2012-10-20: Back Home


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Summary: Quenton and Nicholas wake up back home to a bit of a crowd in the medbay.

Date: October 20, 2012

Log Title: Back Home

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

It's been hours since they Blackbird has come back to Xavier's. Medical tests have been run and X-Rays have been taken. Dr. Cecilia Reyes and Dr. Jane Foster have been hard at work deciding what steps they need to take to help them recover. Nicholas's condition can be described as nothing less of horrible, both his left arm and left leg are broken and haven't been healing right, he has a respiratory infection, an angry red brand is on his right forearm of the letter 'M', the word 'Mutant' carved into his chest and not to mention the countless cuts and bruises that cover his body along with dehydration and malnutrition. There's a groan that escapes Nicholas before his eyes snap open and he bolts upright in the bed. Wait, in a bed and there's a blanket over him. He looks around the medbay in confusion and in a horse voice, barely above a whisper, "Is it really over?"

Hildegarde is sitting in a chair next to his bed reading a book. The woman had remained behind to assist in preparations for the injured and had helped move them down into the medical bay. She has only recently sat down after checking up on everyone, deciding to stay next to Nicholas until he woke up. She sits her book down and reaches out to touch the boy's hand. "Nicholas, you're awake. Yes, you're home now."

Quenton's superior immune system has began fighting off his own infections and illnesses by now, though the cuts and bruises are still there, they seem so superficial now that his powers are back. Still, the injures that scar seem to have been amplified somehow by his rage, his glasgow smile burnt a little at the edges, his brand looking like someone dipped it in acid instead of heated it up. His head is turned towards Nicholas when he wakes, and he's heavily sedated, not by actual drugs, but by the exhaustion from raging, especially after being tortured. "Home? We in heaven? Do we still have one of the Purifier darts? I need one of the Purifier darts. For Shane." He's probably making no sense.

The soft tapping of a cane heralds Sophie's arrival, as the blind girl slips through the door. She moves to one side, so she isn't blocking the way in or out in case someoneneeds to go that way, and clasps her hands around the top of her cane. She stands there, listening for a few moments, before the tapping of the cane resumes and she moves further into the medical bay. "Dr Reyes?" she asks, raising her voice just a little. "I heard we got Quenton, Nicholas, and Warlock back, and they're hurt. Can I help?"

Jill, leaning against the wall while seated on a particularly uncomfortable metal stool, has somehow still managed to fall asleep with a cream colored blanket wrapped around her shoulders and two completely drained blood bags on the counter nearest to her. She jerks awake at the sound of voices. Her eyes are back to normal, for a vampire that is, blood ruby red but clear, if still half-lidded with sleep. "What?!" she suddenly blurts, blinking around in confusion at exactly where she is.

Dr Reyes comes out of the room to see her patients are waking up. "Good you're both awake." She walks over and checks the IV on Nick, seeming satisfied and then on Quenton. "Sophie, right now I want to continue running tests, I don't if your healing would be entirely beneficial right now as with Nicholas, I want to get him into surgery for his arm and leg tomorrow." She states. "They're both sick as well so I want to keep an eye on them and how they are healing." She looks over at Jill and smiles. "It's good to see you in my Medbay again Jill. If you're hungry please let me know. Hilde, thank you for watching over them, I'm going to go back into my office and look over their files more."

There's another groan from Nicholas and he shakes his head. "I just grabbed the one, maybe someone else got one and we can use it for Shane." His hand goes up to his neck and rubs it. "It feels weird that the collar is gone, but good weird." He tires to prop himself up as he hears Jill's voice but fails miserably. "Jill…you're really here." He wants to say so much but he feels like he can't find the words. "Good." Hilde and Sophie get a weak smile. "Hey, I have a bed, I'm good."

Hildegarde stands up as the doctor approaches, nodding and smiling at the woman. "I wouldn't be anywhere else right now. If you need anything let me know." She turns back to Nicholas. "The colars, they kept your powers off, right?" She has a determined look. "Like that thing in Africa…And the darts." She doesn't voice her concern, but she fears that getting the kids back isn't going to stop the Purifiers. "Can I get anyone anything?"

Sophie bobs her head slowly. "Si," she replies softly, as she starts making her way towards… well, somewhere. "But, I can try to help Quenton, si? Is anyone else here who is hurt?" She comes to a stop, and tilts her head to listen. "Where is Quenton? Would you speak, one more time, so I may find you?"

"I just… wanna see Shane." Quenton pulls his crimson eyes towards Sophie, and he admits, wetting his maimed lips, "Yeah. I can probably use your help." He's breathing heavily, but otherwise, he's just tired and sick. Pneumonia and rage-burned. He's not steaming anymore. "And maybe some food. Something that doesn't come out of a can."

"Thanks Dr. Reyes, Miss VonReginleif, but I just ate. I'm fine." Shivering under the blanket despite herself, the blonde vampire shuffles closer to the occupied beds. "Hey buddy," Jill whispers, reaching down to touch Nick's hand gingerly, holding the blanket like a shawl with her other hand. "And hey to you too. I'll go get Shane in a minute, but let Soph try her stuff first," she offers to Quenton, smiling tiredly and giving him a light touch on the shoulder. She has no idea where or how badly either boy is injured and is treating them as something fragile and precious. "Over here Sophie," she says, reaching out to touch the other blonde girl on the shoulder and guide her closer. "I've got a second belly button, if you wanna try healing the dead."

"Knoephla Soup sounds amazing right now." Nicholas says as it's one of his favourite comfort foods that his Mom used to make. "I'm sure as soon as Shane hears your down here, she'll come running Quenton." When Jill comes over and touches his hand, he grips it tightly. "I missed you so much, I thought I'd never see you again. Don't disappear again, please?" He looks over at Quenton and gives him a grin before he just starts laughing which eventually turns into a laugh mixed with tears. "We're alive Quenton….somehow we made it out of there. I'm glad I didn't make any extreme promises with you when I was convinced it was our last night alive."

Sophie keeps moving, until her cane encounters Quenton's bed, and she comes to a halt. "Poderoso Dios, gracias por el regalo que me has dado, para quitar las heridas y los dolores de mis amigos sufren," she murmurs. "Shhh, hold still," she adds, going back to English as she pats about on the bed, until she finds Quenton. She rests her hands over top of the wounded boy, and her palms take on a soft, soothing white glow. The healing energies flow into Quenton, invigorating him to heal. "It will end… all the pain will end, si? And you will feel better."

Hildegarde frowns slightly, "Ah…Soup. Well I could try to make you some and have it sent down here later today, but I believe the doctor wanted to keep you on specific diets for now. I will check with her shortly." She frowns at Jill. "I am sorry I did not come to assist you. I am glad that you all made it back alrighty."

Sophie keeps moving, until her cane encounters Quenton's bed, and she comes to a halt. "Poderoso Dios, gracias por el regalo que me has dado, para quitar las heridas y los dolores de mis amigos sufren," she murmurs. "Shhh, hold still," she adds, going back to English as she pats about on the bed, until she finds Quenton. She rests her hands over top of the wounded boy, and her palms take on a soft, soothing white glow. The healing energies flow into Quenton, invigorating him to heal. "It will end… all the pain will end, si? And you will feel better." She smiles softly, and bobs her head once. "I will try, Jill, if you wish it."

"Hey, man, what happened in the cage…" Quenton's overset by a series of hacking coughs. "What happens in the cage stays in the cage," he says, jokingly, before he closes his eyes. "Oh. Man. Thanks for taking me out back there. I just… I -needed- it," he almost whispers. He does hold still, now, breathing becoming more gradually relaxed as Sophie's hands draw over him.

"It's, it's a long story," Jill tells Nick soothingly. "And I promise I'll tell it to you, but just rest now, okay? It's all over. You're safe now." She squeezes his hand back. Turning to look at Hilde, Jill just shakes her head. "Don't be. It all worked out okay. I've never seen anything so crazy. So… scary." A shiver runs through her. Pulling up the hem of her bloodstained shirt, Jill reveals a nasty looking exit wound caked in dried too-dark blood just to the left of her belly button. "It looks worse than it is. I've never been shot before. I really didn't like it."

"I'm just glad I was able to find the right thing to take you out." Nicholas looks over at Quenton and nods. "Anytime." He says before looking around. "I think I'm going to fall asleep." He can barely keep his eyes open. "If this is a dream…well it was a good one." He continues to hold onto Jill's hand until he does fall asleep, which is fairly quickly.

Hildegarde smiles down at Nicholas and looks as though she is going to pat him on the arm, but she stops herself at the last moment, deciding she might be too strong for such an action right now. She looks over at Jill's wound and grimaces. "Oh Jill, that does not look good. I do not even know…Hopefully the doctors can help you with that.

Sophie continues to smile softly. "Better now, si? I—" The blind girl sits up straighter, and her head snaps around to face in Jill's general direction. "Santo Dios! Jill, I did not realize you meant that you were shot!" She blanches softly, but continues to work on Quenton; her hands stay in place, as she keeps up her work. "I will be there in a moment, si? …Quenton, how are you feeling? Is it helping?"

"Better. Not sick. I just wanna lie here, on a bed. We didn't have a bed. We had a bench. Just the one for the four of us." He's sounding less feverish now, though oddly, steam rises from his brutally maimed lips, the scar on his eye, and the brand on his bicep. Quenton sniffles once. "Holy shit, I thought we were going to die," he says, lifting his hand to palm his face.

"No, it's fine, really," Jill insists quietly as she realizes that Nick has already drifted off to sleep and is still holding her hand. Now she's afraid to move. "They don't even hurt anymore. I should heal up just fine, it'll just take a bit. Keep doin' what you're doin'. He's more important." She nods at Quenton. "I'm glad you're alive, too. I don't know… know what…" The words simply don't come and she falls quiet, trying to smile but finding it difficult.

Hildegarde turns suddenly as she hears a tone from her i-pad. She leans over and picks it up, clicking a few items on the pad and turning to the others. "I am also glad that you are all alive, but the doctor would like me to stop by her office for something." She picks up a small bag and turns to head out of the room. "I will come back to visit when I can, I have my phone on me if you need me."

Sophie withdraws her hands from Quenton, and the glow fades from her palms. "Good," she murmurs. "Let me know if you feel any more pain, si? I love all my friends, Quenton, and I hate to hear of anyone to be in pain." The blind girl rises from her seat, and moves towards where she last heard her vampiric roommate. "Jill? Is there a chair beside you? Please, speak once more so I may find you."

As carefully as possible, Jill slips her hand from Nicholas' with a featherlight touch, trying not to disturb him. "I'm here," she says quietly, moving and reaching out again to rest her fingertips on Sophie's shoulder. Unexpectedly, she puts her other arm around Sophie and simply hugs, clinging to her. It's a little awkward, but heartfelt. After a moment she releases her roommate. "C'mon, let's let them rest. We can go tell Shane and then try the healing thing back in the room."

Sophie gasps softly, but allows herself to be pulled into the hug and returns it in kind. "I am glad you are safe, Jill," she whispers. "Though I fear for us all, tonight at least, we are safe and can rest easy, si?" She squeezes her arms tightly around Jill's waist. "And the boys, also. All has turned out well." She slowly stands back, and holds out her left hand. "Back to the room, then? Will you lead me?"

"Yeah, everything's okay for tonight at least," Jill agrees with a sigh. Taking gentle hold of Sophie's hand, Jill leads them through the automatic doors and out into the hallway to the elevator. "It's been a long day and I don't think I've ever been so scared. It was… crazy. And awful, on so many levels. And I'm afraid of what happens next." She squeezes Sophie's hand as the elevator doors ping and open up. "And I really really don't wanna tell Shane what happened to the jacket she let me borrow."

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