2009-08-01: Back On And Off Campus


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Summary: Antonio comes back from vacation and goes out to lunch with Owen.

Date: August 1, 2009

Back On And Off Campus

Rating: PG-13

Quad, Xavier School and The Food Court, Salem Center Mall

A cloud of DarkForce appears atop the Dining Hall and deposits a fuzzy Owen Folger. He looks around before picking up a frisbee and teleporting back down to ground level. "Here ya go guys," he laughs, tossing the disc to a group of younger students that run off cheerfully with it as Owen stretches.

Antonio is just gotten back after his summer vacation. He spent a lot of time in Monaco soaking up the sun and such, and now he is back to do his senior year. He is currently wearing a tank top, a pair of shorts and some flip flops. He deposits himself in a lawn chair for a moment to kick off his shoes and pulls off his shirt before yanking down his shorts to reveal a pair of swimming middies. He then lays back on the pool chair and tucks his hands behind his head taking in a deep breath and smiling as he closes his eyes.

Owen is just in baggy cargo shorts and a tank top right now so the fuzz is getting shown off. Beginning to walk, he blinks when he spots Antonio. Smiling, Owen offers a wave to a few people he passes before strolling over to lean in Antonio's light. "Well, long time no see."

Antonio notes the sudden difference in light and raises a brow before opening his right eye to look sideways at Owen. "Si…It has been a long summer." He reaches up a hand to smack the fuzzy on the arm, half out of friendship, and half to get him out of the light. "You look well." He says with a smile, reaching over to pull a pair of sunglasses out of his shorts pockets, then once they are slipped on, he leans back to continue to sun himself. "You should have the hair more often…it looks good on you."

Owen smirks, exaggerating rubbiung the smacked spot as he returns to his non-fuzzy form. "Looks like you've been doin' pretty good yourself," he remarks. "And you're not the only one tellin' me the fuzz should stay…"

Antonio has his headband off, and his hair is shorter, letting his ears stay pointed and seen. "I have been well. I spend much time in Monoco this summer. Is very nice. Warm. Beautiful people. A little strange…they have the women with the veils…" He shrugs a little bit and smiles a bit when he sees the smirk. "You have a good smile…"

Owen nods. "Monoco, eh? Your roommate didn' know ya went on vacation," he says, chuckling. "Ya atleast have a good time down there?" he asks, sitting down on a nearby lounger. "Thanks. Ah like the new hair-cut. Glad tah see ya ditched the headband too."

Antonio shrugs a little. "I wear it when I go out." He offers with a small shrug. "And si. It was good. Good food. Good weather. Is very nice. Is stange. Everyone wants to do what comes natural, but no one will say it out loud. Is strange."

Owen blinks a few times, looking at Antonio. "Okay…sounds like an interestin' vacation spot," he says, shrugging a little. "Well, glad tah see ya back anyway. Classes'll be startin' back up for you guys soon enough."

Antonio gives a nod of his head and then pauses for a moment. "Not you?" He asks curiously, tilting his head to the side.

Owen shakes his head, plucking a blade of grass off the lawn. "Nope. Ah graduated. Still stickin' 'round the school though. Ah'm still learnin' control over mah powers an' workin' 'round the place."

Antonio gives a nod of his head and offers a small smile. "Good, I want to know you more…we did not have much time last semester….Maybe you will let me take you to dinner, or something like this?" he asks, hopeful.

Owen blinks a few times, surprised by this. "If ya'll want, we can head out now. Ah got nothin' for the rest of the day," he offers. "Dunno where we could go but Ah don' mind gettin' some food."

Antonio blinks himself in surprise. "Serio?" He chuckles and quickly hops up, scooping his clothes. "I will go put on clothes. I will meet you back here in a small time?"

Owen tilts his head to the side. "Serio? Got no clue what that means," he says. "But Ah'll meet ya down here. Gonna go grab a quick change of clothes too," he chuckles.

Tony is gone for maybe 10 to 15 minutes before he reappears wearing a rather nice T-shirt that seems to have been made for him. A pair of well fitting D&G jeans, a pair of white puma's and his black headband as well as a few other accessories. He idly tests his breath with a hand as he sits and waits for you to return.

Owen reappears shortly afterwards out of a DarkForce portal in jeans and a t-shirt. He checks his pockets a moment before offering a fanged smile. "Well, ya didn' have tah get all dressed up for me but ya look good."

Antonio grins a little and offers a slight nod as he looks away, his tan cheeks going a bit red. "Grazia." He offers before going silent for a moment. "Uhm….We go to town? Find a nice place?"

Owen nods, fuz fading away. "Yeah. Wanna go into the city or just Salem Center?" he asks, unaware of the blushing.

Antonio shrugs a little. "Close by is good." He smiles as he starts heading towards the gates, hands in his pockets. "What are you hungry for?"

Owen follows along, hands behind his head. "Ah dunno. Jus' hungry in general," he says, chuckling. "Could go get ice cream at cold stone if ya want."

Antonio points to the mall in the distance. "How about there?" He asks."They have many different kinds of food? We can eat and then look around?"

Owen seems quite curious about a few things in the mall, having never spent much time in one before. When they get to the foodcourt, the DarkForce user takes a deep breath. "Sounds good tah me."

Antonio gives a nod and noting all the people he sucks in a deep breath and brings his hands up on instinct to make sure he is still wearing the headband. He looks around the food court choices, walking towards the chinese booth quietly. "This smells good…"

Owen is drawn towards a nearby cinnabon as he nods in agreement. "Yeah. Lots of different foods all over the place. Smells great!"

Antonio smirks a little and points out a table. "I will meet you there." he offers as he darts towards the booth and starts pointing out the different things he wants to the overly helpful lady. He ends up coming back with a huge plate full and a large soda before he takes his seat.

Owen strolls back towards the table with one, big, hot and sticky cinnamon bun. He chuckles when he sees Antonio's food, sitting down.
"Got a lot now, did ya?"

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "I think I like this very much." He offers, as breaks apart a pair of chop sticks. "I have no visited, yet…would be nice…" He offers as he pops a dumpling into his mouth. "You have…uhm…" He grunts and bows his head forward, tapping the sticks against his forehead. "Dolcedenti….er…Sweet…Sweet-tooth?" He asks, looking up for confirmation.

Owen quirks an eyebrow. "Not visited what? Here? China?" he asks, a little confused. He starts to eat part of his treat with the plastic fork that came with it, dipping it in extra frosting. "Yeah, guess Ah do," he replies with a little laugh.

Antonio indicates between bites with a stick. "China." He smiles as he watches you eat and stiffles a small laugh. "You are from the south, yes? Where there is more agriculture…more conservative, si?"

Owen nods and then again when asked where he's from. "Yep. Right down in Fulton. Why?"

Antonio shrugs a little bit. "I said before. I want to know you more…" He looks around for a minute and then back to you before offering. "I like you." He makes a small sort of passive shrug.
Owen blinks, tilting his head to the side. "Oh? Well…Ah guess Ah could tell ya stuff if ya want," he offers.

Antonio gives a nod. "Si. This would be good." he offers, sitting up and leaning over as if making himself appear more interested.

Owen takes another bite of his food, nodding. "Well, what would ya like tah know?" he asks. "Gotta have a place tah start," he chuckles.

Antonio gives a shrug of his shoulders. "Uhm. How did you come here? Your family? What you like doing for fun?"

Owen blinks. "Ah took a train up tah New York. Was a long trip," he chuckles. "And mah family…is big," a pause for more food. "Ah like tah do a buncha stuff…relaxin's good."

Antonio gives a nod and takes another bite and listens smiling a bit. "Relaxing is good, yes…." He scratches his head and shrugs a little. "Do they know?"

Owen blinks a few times, finishing half his treat off. "Does who know what?"

Antonio sips his drink for a second before offering. "Your family…about you…and the…" He takes his chopsticks and puts them at the corners of his mouth to indicate fangs.

Owen snickers. It takes him a few moments but he eventually recovers. "Yeah. They know about the mutant thin'. School approached 'em with me."

Antonio seems to light up when you laugh, seemingly pleased with the response. "That is very nice." He offers as he lets the conversation drift to your court, idly drinking again.

Owen leans back, taking a sip of the carton of milk he bought to go along with his cinnamon bun. "So…" he pauses, voice hushing a little. "You an' Vlad…you two goin' out?" he asks idly, curious.

Antonio grunts and makes a face and instantly shakes his head. "No….no." He offers with a grumble. "I like him, but not like I like you. And he…." he shakes his head. "Very very quick…wants sex very quick. I am not ready for it, I want a good guy."

Owen chuckles and nods. "That he does…" he trails off. There's a delay where Owen sighs quietly. "Findin' good guys ain' that easy."

Antonio gives a nod of his head and then scratches his head. "You do not like me the way I like you, si?" He asks looking down.

Owen smiles and reaches over to pat Antonio's arm. "You're a great guy but Ah'm sorta datin' someone already. Sure…we let one another fool around with other guys but…yeah…" he trails off.

Antonio gives a nod of his head and offers a forced smile. "Is good…."

Owen feels a bit bad but keeps his smile up. "Either way, Ah'm still your friend. Ah'll keep mah eyes open for some good guys for ya even," he says with a little wink.

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "Si…." He offers going back to his food to seem only interested in it. "Yes….Thank you…." Then he goes quiet.

Owen looks down quietly. "Sorry," he murmurs. After a few moments, the DarkForce user looks up with a grin. "How's about you an' me go have some fun when we finish here?"

Antonio shakes his head and pushes his food away. "No, I am the one who should apologize. I did not know. I…mi dispiace…" He offers before scooting back in his chair.

Owen sighs again. "Naw…ya don' need tah apologize. He finishes his food and then closes the box. "Are…ya okay?" he asks, sounding concerned.

Antonio smiles again and nods. "I am okay, yes…" he offers, leaning across the table to give you a pat on the shoulder. "I must go. I will talk to you later." With that he stands and heads away.

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