2009-06-11: Back To The Future Without A Delorean



Summary: Jared lands in the future and prepares for a jump to confront Doctor Sting.

Date: June 11, 2009

Log Title: Back To The Future Without A Delorean

Rating: PG-13

Avengers Tower, New York City - Possible 2026

When Jared's jump occurs, he ends up pulled away from Daisuke and Eddie. The ride is smoother than the last ones but it still yanks Jared away from from his friends. He ends up dropped somewhere quite grassy. Still dressed like a cowboy, the healing mutant ends up in a vast, grassy field. The area is beautiful, some kind of valleyu judging by the mountains in the distance. And while he's no longer with Daisuke, Eddie, Jordan, or Julian…Jared isn't alone. There are robots. Lots of them in the middle of a fight with several teenagers in costumes. Mutuant, human, alien, and other things all together, it's a nice mix for Jared to sense.

Jared rolls into his fall as he hits the grass, saying a few choice words he rolls to his feet looking around. Catching the group of brightly clad teens fighting some robots with his powers he takes a second to see just what they look like, and the number of people involved, before looking over the bots while he takes a five count to decide exactly what he is going to do. While he is taking that five count he says, "Skeets, either give me a basic Alpha squad costume, or if you don't have it, pure white costume, domino mask, Red Cross symboles on the shoulders."

There's upwards of forty robots but none look all that intimidating. Meanwhile there's about eight teens, three mutants, two humans, two different aliens, and one that just doesn't register right at all. The smallest teen in the grounp, dressed in black and purple, gets tossed to the ground near Jared. "Ow," he says.

Skeets meanwhile flickers. "Don't be so boring," he says. With a flash of light, Jared's given a new costume. Boots, black pants, white t-shirt, what looks like a leather jacket, white gloves with red crosses on them, a white band around his upper arm with a red cross on it, and a plain white domino mask. "There," Skeets chimes.

Jared makes a growling sound as he sees, and feels, the teen in black
and purple tossed and slam into the ground near him. "We are gonna have to talk about your attitude later." he says almost under his breath as he goes running to the teen. Looking him over he lays a hand over where he looks most injured if he is actually hurt much. "Give it a second you'll be alright kid. So why are the lot of you fighting off a bunch of cut rate looking robots?"

"Oh hush. I have to have some fun," Skeets mutters.

The teen, looking a litle green, has a gash on his chest. Strangely enough, the wound is already healing slowly. He jumps when he sees Jared. "Woah! Who are you? How'd you get in here?!"

Jared galres at his wrist a second but will ignore it for now. Instead he places his hand on the already slowly healing gash, "I' apparently surpluse to requirements but is still trying to help. How about you answer my questions now, or at least give me a reason not to be annoyed at you grilling me. Hows that sound?" Ok, so Skeets is not the only one around here with attitude, but Jared has been ripped away form his loved ones, again, is lost in time and space, and just about had enough with this cross time caper. If he gets some answers out of the injured teen he is probably going to look for something he can use as a weapon and smack some robots around.

Before the teen can answer, a loud-speaker clicks on. "Woah! Hold up in there! Simulation over!" comes a voice over the speaker. The robots stip and step back. The teenagers all start to gather around Jared and the healing teen. As the wonderful landscape fades away to plain, chrome walls, the kids start asking questions, likely too many at once for Jared to answer. A door on the far side of the room slides open and someone that'd register as a human starts walking towards the assembled group. Sure don't look it though. It looks like Iron Man.

Jared blinks as the grass field fades away and leaves a steel room. "Oh great, a danger room set up. This means I don't even get to kick a robot around. " As the barage of questions comes Jared sighs, takes the hand not placed on the open gash and puts two fingers in his mouth before letting out a loud shrill whistle. "Yo! Shut Up! Can't answer if your all going at once. Now, where and when are we? And no smart ass answers, full date with day month and year if you please?"

The teens all go quiest at the whistle, suprised. "Well, thanks for telling me how to get them to be quiet," comes the computerized voice of Iron Man as he comes up to the group. "Hit the showers kid. And I mean -shower-," he shoots as meaningful a look as armor can at a pair of teenagers, one in blue and white and the other in black. They both blush and the kids all start heading for the door. Iron Man then turns to Jared. "You're in the Avengers Tower in New York City. This is the year 2026. And I see you have something that belongs to me."

Jared stands up and lookes over Iron man, then takes a second to get a good look at hat his life signs feel like before answering. "Great, so that means I am…32 years old somewhere out there. If your talking about the annoyingly smug smart ass of a computer stuck on my wrist then your welcome to have him back if you can figure out how to track down my friends and get us all back to when we are supposed to be…and maybe slip me info on where to find Dr Sting in 2009 so I can beat the crap out of him before he ends up with time traveling armor."

Iron Man and Skeets laugh a bit. "Sorry, can't help you there," Iron Man remarks in regards to Skeets. "Not without amputating your arm anyway," he says in a tone that makes it hard to tell if he's joking. "And if you're Jared Parker-Mayfair, then yes, you're thirty two out there and going on thirty three next week. Currently in California tracking down a group of students that borrowed a jet," he says, getting data quickly. "Come with me," he says, starting to lead Jared out of the room and towards an elevator.

Jared raises an eyebrow at Iron Man and shakes his head. "Right, and I just bet your gonna refuse to answer if I ask if you know why I changed the name. I had thought about amputation, but was gonna leave that option for after we could get home." Jared follows behind Iron Man to the elevator. "So if you have the info on who has your stolen tech already, I am guessing you might already know how this cross time caper ends up. Any hints or advice, or is that going to risk screwing up the time line?"

Iron Man just laughs as the doors close. "Actually, you never told me. Just yelled at me when I called you 'Stone'," he remarks. "Doctor Sting, another time traveler, stole my experimental unit," he pauses. "I can only tell you you're nearing the end of your journey. We're going to my lab," he explains. The elevator stops and the door opens to a large, green man with blond hair that registers as alien with Jared. The guy jumps and looks up from the folder he's carrying. "Whoops," he says, stepping aside so Iron Man and Jared can actually pass by.

Jared actually laughs as he hears about his older self yelling at Iron man. Sounds like him, even if he can't think quite why he would change his name given its the last real link he has to his mother. "Same lab that Dr Sting broke into to steal the time machine from?" As he passes by the alien Jared gives the Spock look and does what he can to remember as much about what he is feeling as he can, just in case it might be useful later.

"Nothing to worry about, Hulkling. Just a wayward time traveling mutant," Iron Man says as he leads Jared down the hallway. Hulkling offers a smile and wave as Jared passes, getting into the elevator. "Sting infiltrated while the Avengers were dealing with an incident with the Zodiac," is all he says in a rather annoyed defense. Past a security door an a few sentry robots, the enter the lab. "Only the Young Avenger trainees were here and were engaging in some…questionable activity…" he trails off. "It was a party IronButt. Take the stick out," comes from the door, that same masked figure with the healing factor striding towards Jared.

Jared stops and blinks as he hears the name Hulkling. "Hulkling? Damn, and I was thinking that Wiccan was lucky back in the day…." Jared mutters as he follows IronButt, er Iron Man, into the lab. "Defensive much? At least the rumors on the boards about the down time activities of the Young Avengers in my era sound like they have not changed.

Iron Man just gives Jared a -look-. Regen meanwhile walks over and looks down at the teen. "Why are you wearing my old costume?" he asks. Before the older healer can ask more, Iron Man clears his throat. "You just met the Young Avengers down in the simulation room," he says. "Are things ready, Regen?" the armored man asks. "Almost. Got about an hour and a half until the jump is charged. Then its time to go."

Jared returns Iron Man's look with the most infuriating grin he knows compleatly unimpressed with the older super heroes obvious displeasure. As Regen shows up Jared is already watching him with the same grin, and a Spock like raised eyebrow. "Because I was dropped into a fight and did not want to take on a group of robots dressed like a cowboy. Let me guess, this jump will be where you land just in time to shoot Sting in the back and set off everything I have gone through in the last 72 hours?"

Regen smirks, shaking his head. He reaches out to ruffle Jared's hair. "No, this jump is me sending you to where we tracked one of your friends and Sting," the healer chimes. Iron Man mutters a curse and picks up a small device. "If you'll combine this with the portion of the control unit you have it will be helpful," the armored hero states, holding out a red and gold device.

Jared pulls out the peice of Dr Sting's time control unit he has and holds it so that Iron Man can take it and combine it with what he has however it is supposed to work. "You know who it is that got dropped with Sting? That, and do you have any nice vibranium black jacks or tonfas I could borrow…just until we are done with Dr Sting…."
Jared also looks at Regen, still smiling, and says very quietly, "Rub my head like that again and your pulling back a stub."

Iron Man gets to work, combining the devices with a few sparks. Regen meanwhile checks his device. "Howl just got dropped there. Direct transport from Sting's period of origin," he says. "Vibranium Black Jack? What's wrong with you?" the healer asks. "I don't have any vibranium but I can give ya some steel-alloy onces I used to use…"

Jared innocently grins at Regen as he asks whats wrong with him. "At the moment my boyfriend is apparently alone with a time travling villian. Steel alloy works almost as well for me, although it does not have quite the umph of Vibranium."

"Yeah, well, Black Panther never was on the best of terms with me so all I got was the steel alloy when I my weapons," Regen sighs. Iron Man continues to work and after a few moments, hands the device back to Jared. "Here. If you can get one more part of the device, you'll have the master override and be able to go anywhere or anywhen you want."
Jared holds up the device and frowns rather unhappy. "Ok, so I have
Howel alone wiht Sting, or Mister Faith who just happens to have another peiceof the device which would let us turn what we have here into a master override and get us all home faster. Any chance you can track down Mister Faith and jump me there instead?"

Iron Man frowns behind his helmet. "What your brother has amounts to a temporal cellphone," he says simply. "It will be helpful but not part of the Master Override," the armored avenger declares. "C'mon, kid. Lets get down to my weapons locker," Regen says, patting Jared's shoulder. "And don't worry so much. Your boyfriend's alive in our time period," he says, leading Jared back to the elevator.

Jared eyes Iron man and sighs. Ok, now he just has to figure out which peice he needs to take control of things and get everyone home. At least the pressure is on him not Eddie or Daisuke, he can take the pressure. "Sure, lets check out the weapons locker. And since we have an hour and a half before I can do anything apparently, maybe we can find someplace where I can hit things till I can be jumped again."

Once the elevator doors close, Regen looks down to Jared. "I'm not supposed to be telling you this but quite frankly, I don't give a damn," he begins. "The size-changer in your little group has what you need. And once you get it, something's going to happen. I litterally can't give you a specific as I don't even know what it is…hate time travel…but what you need to do is make sure you send the squeaky one and not you. You need to stay because you're important," he says quicky. When the elevator opens again, Regen nods and goes 'happy' again. "Yeah. You can use the gym before we jump," he says, leading the way to a dark and very locked room. Once all the security measures are undone and the big door slides open, Regen walks over to a locker and pulls it open. He takes out two metal baras about six inches long each and tosses them to Jared. "Press the buttons and they open up to tonfa. You know how to use 'em?"

Jared eyes Regen as he goes all serious and gives him the hints on what to do that he is not supposed to give. He makes a note that apparently he is supposed to send Eddie after the size changer with the control device because thats what is supposed to happen to make things come out right. When the weapons are tossed to him Jared catches them and presses the button to open them into tonfa. "I've had more lessons in gymnastics, but I am sure I can handle them."

Regen chuckles, closing up the locker. "C'mon. I'll teach you some moves then. And remember what I told you. You stay at the show," he ssays, starting to head out of the room. "You can try and hit me all you want," he adds, the smirk almost audible.

Jared nods at Regen and really wonders whats going to happen, and then later grins. "Given the way you glow I have a feeling I won't even be needed to erase the bruises I am gonna give you old man." Jared still has a large amount of stress, and anger, built up inside but the idea of trading blows with someone like Regen has him feeling oddly excited, like ust before Wolverine handed him his ass in the danger room.

A laugh comes from the masked man. "Who you callin' old? Technically I'm only three," he states. "Accelerated growth," he adds. "And you should consider yourself lucky you have a healing factor, kid," he says, stepping into the elevator once more. As they walk a few people pass them including a woman in purple with a bow and arrow, a young man in black and blue spandex that offers a telepathic 'hi' to them both, and someone Jared would recognize as Jarvis the butler to the Avengers.

Jared grins as he follows behind, "Your the one I am calling old. Just because you were born yesterday does not change that fact. Trust me, I know just how lucky I am to heal the way I do. Knives, bullets, a city buss, All these things in the first couple of months of having powers proved just how good a thing a healing factor can be." Jared is making a mental note of all the heroes and others he passes that he knows about in his time, including Hawkingbird, and at the telepathic 'hi' reacts with his first instinct at possible telepathic intrusion, naked mental images of several people he knows.

The telepath doesn't even seem to react, just continuing on his way into a room marked 'uniform supplies'. Regen leans into the elevator and waits. "Yeah, well, prepare to get 'ass handed to you by genetic construct hero' added to the list," he says, waiting for jared to board and then pressing the door close button.

Jared grins evily, "Scarier people have handed me my ass. If you ever see Wolverine you should ask him about the first time we met."

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