2010-06-28: Back To The Scene


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Summary: Connor meets Laura when exploring where Ahab appeared, Robyn shows up to help.

Date: June 28, 2010

Back To The Scene

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

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It's the sniffing that clues him somehow, and Connor steps off the hill, "You're… different. Aren't you. That school… Xaviers, right? Or… am I just guessing?" Stopping as he moves up next to her, looking back around once more, and then turning back to look up at the hill, shoulders and jaw tensing for a moment before he turns his head to look at her, "I can't really explain until you answer that question."

Laura stiffened slightly, turning the full force of her penetrating emerald gaze on him. "Yes." a pause. "I…sometimes, attend Xavier's. have not been there in many months. I just returned a few weeks ago." Laura watched him for another long moment, seeing the tension easily in his form. "You are a mutant as well." t was not a question, but a statement of fact. It was the only reason children were sent to Xavier's. It was a safe haven for them to cultivate their abilties, and learn without fear of being judged or cast out.

Relief spreads on his face as Connor nods once, but the goes serious again, "Okay… Both the people who were attacked were mutants, and so was my friend. And the guy who attacked them is apparently called Ahab. And he's not from around here… really not from around here." Moving off a bit so as not to be heard so easily, the young man does a quick check for others potentially listening, "He's from ten years in the future. A student from our school was taken by him in the future and turned into some kind of slave or servent of his. Anyways… I tried… well… throwing a big rock at him, but instead I hit my friend, James." Stopping a moment, he turns his head to face away, "It was messed up, but it was my fault. I normally check my shots, but I wasn't thinking right. Normally… it goes better than what happened."

Laura moved passed him, green eyes scanning over the scene the battle had taken place. she moved with a predatory grace, her movements graceful, almost languid. Kneeling down where the boulder had been before Connor ha heaved it, the same unnatural muscle flexed in her right forearm, and two tandom adamantium coate claws pushed their way past muscle and skin. She pushed the blades into the earth, churning it up slightly as she knelt over it and sniffed again. A slow nod of her head, and she was moving, to where the boulder now lay. Repeating the same process, thoughshe allowed the blades housed in her left forearm to push out as well, as she turned the earth over and over, trying to revive the scent. "Frome the future? I didn't realise that was possible." she replied, though slightly distracted, in full tracking mode now.

There is no scent of Connor on the boulder itself, but there's several stress fractures that could only have come from compression. As he follows along with you, he replies with, "Well… if you think about it like this, it becomes possible… you can't travel to the future because you don't know where it is, or what it is. But you can travel to the past because it's happened, already established. And one of the people he has works with time. She's actually a student too." Walking back and forth, pacing things out for himself, "I don't know why anyone's gone looking… or why anyone's… I dunno… I've been… trying to cope with what happened. I don't take failure well…"

Slender fingers traced over the fractures in the rock, her lips pursing together as Connor explained the matter further. "I see." was her only response to it all. It was still something she did not fully understand, though it could be sorted through later. "How did you lift the rock?" She asked, more for her own curiousity then anything else. Laura glanced back up at him, pulling both sets of claws back into her body for now. The lack of the boy's scent was strange, though, again it was something to think through later. She could smell the fraint traces of the other's who had been there, though the trail was very old indeed. "Is your friend going to survive? The girl who goes to your.. I mean our school, has she been brought to any of the professor's there?" Not that Laura was exactly one for cluing in the staff at Xavier's often, but this did seem like one of those 'tell an adult' kind of times.

Walking over to the rock, Connor runs his hands over it, and then turns his head to look at Laura with eyes that begin to coruscate with blue-green energy. While they were muted and only seeming an odd-shade before, power flows there like pools of water reflecting light, "James was fine after a couple days rest, but he's got enhanced healing to help with that… Heather is… well… Heather. Enough said. Honestly… all this happened right as school was ending, so everyone might assume Cam just went home. I told a couple of the other students, but the staff isn't making an issue of it, or trying to track his phone. He might have done something after… all the weirdness… and threw the staff off the scent of anything wrong. I couldn't know more until we ask someone… or get into the security system and check his phone's GPS tracker."

After receiving a note that Connor headed down to Central Park, Robyn had a good feeling as to why, after all him and his roommate know each other pretty well. It's taken him awhile but he's finally gotten to the park from Xavier's. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a black Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt. Any scents coming off of him are combined with the smell of clay. "I figured you were down here checking things out." Comes a voice behind Connor. "Still looking into Cam being missing?" Of course he's heard the story. "I think Chloe knows a bit about Heather. She was talking about her a bit before I met Ms. Frost. Chloe has something about a puzzle with a watch Heather left and the date twenty nineteen." Offering what bits he's heard.

Green eyes narrowed as she watched the muted colors of Connor's eyes shift and brighted slightly. She stood once more, giving a nod, as if that explained how the boulder had gotten to where it was currently. "I do not know Heather. Or Cam." she replied. Laura really didn't know much of anyone at the school, except for those she'd run into in her brief stints on the grounds. Getting distracted yet again, she turn in the direction that Robyn was coming from, sniffing quetly and moving forward to meet him as he came into view. She said nothing. Only listened to the broken bits of information the boy gave, and tried to piece it together with what Connor had told her. "Gaining access to his phone's GPS is an option." she murmured in a low monotone, finally, turning to face Connor once more as she spoke directly to him.

There's a soft smile as Robyn comes along over the hill, and then Connor looks back at Laura, "Didn't get your name… but this is Robyn, my roommate. Anyways…" He pushes off the rock and walks towards the spot that Ahab was at, "The watch isn't meant for us… or rather… it's not meant for us now, but us later. I tried to tell Chloe that, but as usual… she things her running six times faster than the rest of us makes her six times more correct. Inside the watch on the battery is her name and a date. Also there was a date pre-set in the watch's alarm. I had her memorize it and put it all back just in case." Looking around for a moment, the young man thenshakes his head, "We're not going to get anything here… sorry… I don't track well when my emotions are peaking. He was here… where I was standing. He called me a name. Volk. Russian for Wolf. And that's been bugging me more than anything else.

Robyn puts a hand out to Laura and smiles. "Like he said, I'm Robyn. And Volk…well…time travel is involved right? It could be what you're called in the future?" He says nodding. "And that's true, our phones do have GPS, maybe I can talk to my team leader?" He shakes his head and tries to think on things. "So this watch puzzle…is a puzzle for the future? I hate time travel. Jordan's been through it."

"Laura." she replied, turning her attention once more to Robyn, shifting in place slightly as her attention split between the two boys and the very very faint trail of what had happened there a week ago. "I am not emotional. And I can smell.. something." she replied, not really sure wich scent belonged to who, considering she knew none of the people involved. "If you would like assistance, I am ble to help. I would reccomend trying to find… Cam. Or Hether, if you do not know her location either. Can you gain access to the security ystem, or do you require help with that as well, I do not mind." All this was spoken towards Connor, though her eyes remained focsed on Robyn. Laura's gaze flickered down to the outstretched hand, then back up to his face as she gave a single nod, though she left his hand hanging out there, with no inclination to return the gesture of greeting. "Laura." she murmured again.

Closing his eyes for several moments, Connor just stands in his spot, but then opens his eyes, and his voice sounds more confident than it has before, less stressed, his body languages goes almost military-relaxed, "Cam's power.. if I remember… lets him find anything. So this Ahab is looking for something, something he can't locate on his own, or he knew where it is some time from now, but is trying to short circuit things by getting to it early. If you knew most of what would happen within a set time period, and knew what was needed to accelerate plans and timetables by pushing certain things, it's easy to influence them to happen much earlier than planned. Right now, mutant registration is a powerkeg… rallies happen here weekly, half the staff is on guerilla websites proclaiming them mutants and enemies of humanity. If I was him… my next move would be to usurp key players from where he's from now to circumvent any resistance or curt-tail any response from… well… the mutant community."

"Who else was here when Cam was taken? And seriously, it's just weird cause like you said Cam's only power is to find things..or anyone." Robyn says as he brushes his hair out of his face. "So…who else was here when it happened? That might help us figure out who to talk to. James is out of the picture cause he doesn't really remember anything except the rock." Robyn then gives Connor 'a look' as if he's expecting to see the guilt even though he knows it's not deserved. "Okay so besides Heather, who are these key players? We have questions but how do we find answers?"

Laura stood there in silence, seeming to almost drift off into her own mind, though she was listening intently to everything that was being said. "Ahab is the only name hegave?" she asked finally, looking between the two as she spoke. She shfted from one foot to the other and back again, turning away from them as she waited for the answer, looking over the hillock once more, to see if she'd missed anything upon first inspection.

Connor grumbles to himself, "I don't know how he got in the way… I checked my shots…" But then he waves his hands as if to dismiss things just as quickly as they come as he mutters something softly in passable Russian under his breath. Finally he looks back up, "Right now? Heather, Chloe, another Heather, and myself. I don't know the name of the other guy who was taken by Ahab… he was just someone who looked like he as busking, or just playing in the park. There wasn't enough time. The faces are there, but I'd need a telepath and an artist to pull them out. I don't draw anything more than doodles." Smirking a bit afterwards, but then he looks up towards Laura, "I really hope Mister Summers doesn't get too pissed at us, but I think we're going to need to see where Cam's phone is. If we can get those coordinates, and I can get an image from Google Maps or a satellite photo, I can get us there."

"I miss Cam's cooking." Robyn says and it's not just the cooking he misses, he liked Cam. He thought he was a really nice guy and a good person. Hell the two have hung out on occasion. "I dunno, I mean I'd suggest researching the name Ahab but if he's from the future, how much are we gonna be able to find? And that's a good idea, talking to Mr. Summers. Oh! And there's a new headmistress Ms. Frost. She doesn't seem too bad maybe I can talk to her? If she has time inbetween getting rid of all the soda in the school and making the cafeteria more Fung Shui."

With a short buzzing sound, Laura was fumbling through her pockets until she produced the stolen cell phone Edward had plucked off their hostage a few days prior. she scowled down at the thing as it vibrated and flashed her employer's name repeatedly. Taking a few steps away from Robyn and Connor, she flipped it open. "Yes, what is it?" she asked, not bothering with a greeting. Laura have a few short nods, as Edward rambled in her ear about something in Hell's Kitchen. "Understood. I can be there shortly." Without a good-bye either, Laura snapped the phone shut and shoved it back into a pocket. Turning on the heels of her boots to face the pair, she murmured; "I have to go. If you need help, I should be back at school tonight or tomorrow."

"Oh… kay…" Connor stretches out before exhaling once before turning to Robyn and murmuring, "Okay… this is going to sound weird, but we can't involve Heather in this. Anything we do with Heather in the present will be known by Heather in the future, who was the one who took Cloud. She can't anticipate what she doesn't know… and does that make ANY sense to you? At all?" Almost a pleading look to his friend before turning and offering a belated wave to Laura's departure, grumbling softly, "She didn't even ask for a cellphone number… I pegged it right… weird. But our kind of weird."

"Thanks Laura, it was nice meeting you." Robyn calls out before looking at Connor and nods. "Yeah, it does make sense. You tell Heather something now, she'll know it in the future. So..we should talk to who we can. Find out who the other person who got kidnapped was. I dunno, maybe there's a picture somewhere? And Cloud…maybe we can track him too? If she took Cloud that could be a link?

Connor turns… blinks… and then suddenly laughs, and pats Robyn on both shoulders, "That's it! That's the piece that's missing! What if Heather from the future forgot to take away his phone! We gotta get back… we gotta…" He then stops and sighs, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, "Maybe… we isn't so much… I mean… Robyn… I don't want you to get hurt. You've said as much you're not a combat-type. I can't stop you from coming though… as much as I'd want to for your own safety…"

Robyn scowls at Connor and sighs. "Well I'm glad you got your missing piece but I have been training in my powers for over a year. Longer than most the people we're friends with. And I can do stuff none of you can. I've also been practicing self-defense with Forge." He says as he's not going to get stopped from coming along. "Because that's my lot in life is it? Sitting on the sidelines and watching people I care about an get hurt? No. You're not going to stop me from coming along with you."

Connor lowers his head a bit, "I didn't say you couldn't… but dammit… I'm trying to say I can't be everywhere at once, and it'd really really hurt if you got hurt… mainly because I think Jordan would kick my butt." Smiling a bit as he looks up, "Jinx might also be useful along for the ride… she saw everything that happened. But we should get back to campus, and find out if we can locate Cloud's phone. It might be the first good thing to happen so far."

Robyn smacks Connor on his arm lightly and he's got furstrated face but his eyes don't show it as much. "Jordan's not my keeper. Neither are you. You all are allowed to get hurt infront of me but I'm not allowed to take the chance? I'm not a child Connor. I can take care of myself." He says as he nods to Connor. "And don't you think it'd hurt me if you got hurt? We're not on a one way street Connor. Okay let's go find that phone." He says with a grin.

Connor replies to the smack with a push, "Hey… older brother here. I'm the oldest of three, and so I -get- to be protective, got it?" But there's some of the glimmer back in those blue-greens of his once more, "I've been training on reactive and defensive teleporting. I go in on regular Excelsiors time to do it too." Sticking his tongue out as he moves with Robyn down to a spot where no one is looking, and begins to flip through his phone images to locate one for Xavier's and begins to generate a portal…

"Oh yeah, oldest by 5 days. Practically makes us twins. And like I said, I've been training the longest." Robyn says with a laugh as he sticks his tongue back out at Connor. "Alright, why don't we just go back to the room? I thought you knew that well enough?"

Connor's focus is interrupted by that, and he sighs once, "I almost had the image resolved too! Allright, allright…" And he closes his eyes and focuses once more, this spot so familiar no image is needed. There's a moment of effort, and sweat appearing on his brow as Robyn can feel the shift in the air, and the subtle tug towards the spot that he's focused on. Soon, in true Stargate-ish fashion, a wormhole appears in a spiralling expanion and rush of blue-green energy, "There… done…"

Robyn smiles and looks at the portal. "Alright then, see ya back in the room Daniel Jackson." He says before stepping through the portal and getting ready for the odd group of images he'll see of himself.

Connor grumbles to himself… "I liked Jonas Quinn better…" And hops on through himself, this experience the most normal thing of his day so far…

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