2009-12-29: Bacon and Eggs


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Summary: Late-night snacks, ethics, genetics and trash-talking late night in the X-kitchen.

Date: December 29, 2009.

Bacon and Eggs

G Log Rating.

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Even late at night, Heather doesn't stop needing sustenance. With her appearance at the school, their food bill has probably risen… well, not much, considering they anticipate mutant appetites. But she has been making a lot of food. Right now, she's actually making a relatively normal meal. Bacon is frying, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and there's something cooking in the oven. If one had a sensitive smelling, they would know it's oven hash browns with melted cheese on them. The girl zips around the kitchen at about five times a regular person's speed, and a fancy tape recorder rests on the counter.

Dallas wanders in from the Rec Room, wearing jeans and slightly too small white t-shirt that has a rather horrible silk screen of a trio of demonic looking bears, fat and lazy, lounging on a pile of human bones. The captain reads 'Wisconsin Dells: Send More Tourists!' Given how faded the shirt is and the size, it's probably a treasured (for some reason) artifact of vacations past. He has a textbook in one hand, finger marking the page in the closed book and his expression is intent on the smell of frying bacon as only a growing teenager can be. Not wanting to scare anybody this time, he clears his throat as he enters the kitchen and sees the girl cooking. "Ah… hi?"

"Woo Hoo! Finally!" Someone in the mansion is happy, and glad that everyone that sleeps are in the dorms so that he can race through the main house happy as a clam that he is perfectly normal…or at least as normal as he gets again. Wearing a black muscle shirt, some sweat pants, and with bare feet the teen slides through the door of the kitchen grinning like a maniac. "I'm me again! No more fur, no more floppy ears, no more stupid tail! No….hey is that bacon?"

Heather spins around on her heel and stops moving around as soon as someone speaks to her. Aside from a bit of twitchiness she seems normal when she's not moving. It's only when she moves, like she does when she grabs her tape recorder, squeaks at it and then plays, "Hello. Are you studying?", that she appears to be at all out of the ordinary. She hits the play button again when Jared comes in, the device saying, "Should I start frying some more bacon?"

"Bro!" comes rather suddenly. And just as suddenly, Jared's got an Eddie jumping up to hug him from behind. "You're not fuzzy anymore!" he laughs. "Oh, hey Dallas. And Heather," he chimes. He's apparently recently woken up after unintentionally falling asleep somewhere in the mansion as his jeans and Human Torch t-shirt (bearing a picture of Johnny Storm and the words 'Hot Stuff!' in flaming letters)are a bit wrinkled.

Dallas steps aside when Jared comes in, his eyebrows raising at Jared's words apparently and he grins at the enthusiastic Eddie. "Hey." He watches them a second and then turns back to Heather, clearing his throat again and holding up the book. "Ethics. Which seems to be a fancy way of saying 'justifying doing stuff even if it's bad, as good'." He pauses and asks, "I don't guess there is any of that bacon left?"

Jared laughs as he gets hugged from behind by Eddie. The tall teen is happy enough to be normal again that he just turns grabs Eddie and spins a moment. "Yes! Normal again!" With a grin Jared looks at Heather, "You do not know how much I could devastate a plate of bacon. I have hardly been able to eat meat for the last few weeks because of the stupid rabbit thing." Jared does stop to eye Dallas, "That sounds more like philosophy. Ethics was more….deciding what is right and wrong without using religion as a justification."

Eddie squeaks when spun, holding onto Jared. He's missed Jared being Jared and not a rabbit. "Man, Dai's gonna be happy too!" he says, humming a little tune a moment. "Ethics is easy. I totally aced Mr. Anderson's Mutant and Metahuman ethics class over the summer," he says. "I'll let you guys have all the bacon," he chuckles.

Heather gestures at the pan and plays on the tape recorder, "Hello, Eddie. (Pause) I'll give this batch of bacon away." She starts plating the eggs and bacon, and puts some of the pancakes onto a plate before putting more batter on her skillet. She dashes towards the fridge, grabs more bacon, and plops it into the now empty bacon pan. "I'll just make some more," plays the recorder, which also scoffs, "Ethics? How silly."

Dallas rolls his eyes and gives the book a despairing look when Jared corrects him and then Eddie talks of easily passing the classes. He doesn't /quite/ throw the book on the table because, well, it's not really his, being school property and all. But he gives the impression of wanting to do so. The antics between Eddie and Jared get another arched eyebrow, but the energy is infectious and he can't help but grin a little even as he sinks into a chair and slumps over, folding his arms on the polished wood and resting his forehead on it. To Heather, he replies, somewhat muffled, "Easy for you to say, you don't have to pretend to know it by the end of winter break."

Jared hehs and lets go of Eddie before shaking his head at Heather, "No no, you already made yourself a breakfast. You eat, I will cook my own. Give me a reason to sear some meat without feeling ill. You go sit, eat, enjoy." Jared gently but firmly moves over to the stove and shoos Heather off to go eat what she made for herself. "The key to ethics is the same as English. Don't make anything up, stick to your guns when you believe something, and BS is your friend."

Eddie wobbles slightly when he's set down and then moves over to sit by Dallas. "Jared's right," he says, glancing at the book. "I can help ya study if you want."

Heather nods her head rapidly at Dallas and slides the plate of bacon over towards Dallas and Jared. Given that she was just cooking for one, it's quite a lot of bacon. She settles on eating the eggs while everything else cooks. She slides the plate back a little ways so that Dallas can access it, though, when Jared shoos her away, placing it next to her eggs. "While you're there, make sure that the pancakes don't burn. I have learned that burned pancakes are unpleasant," plays Heather. She shrugs and the machine continues, "Who needs ethics anyways?"

Dallas looks up as Jared speaks and considers him a moment, finally nodding to what sounds like reasonable advice. Eddie gets a grateful half-smile. "Dude. I swear, if you can boost my brain or something, I'll detail your car or clean out your gutters. Whatever." Heather's words get a surprised look and he says, cautiously, "Um, people who don't want to end up supervillains?"

Jared nods at Heather, "Burn pancakes are a horror, not as bad as trying to clean them out of the toaster though." Yes, he has had toaster pancakes in the past and he actually thought they were good….till he moved in with the Dads and had the real things. "Eddie can do danged near anything, if he cant boost your brain at least he can find a way to help remember things. And there are Super Villians that have ethics…warped and bizarre ethics, but ethics."

Eddie nods. "Burned breakfast is bad," he agrees. "Remember when I accidentally burned the waffles, bro?" he asks, remembering the smoke alarms he set off. He blinks a few times at the notion of boosting a brain, blushing slightly. "I don't know if my powers will work that way but I can definitely help study," he says. "And you don't have to do anything for me," he grins. "We all need ethics, Heather," the power booster adds in a serious tone.

Heather stares blankly at Dallas as he gives his response to her. "I'm not a supervillain," is all she plays as her response to him. She slides her bacon a little closer to herself and takes a few strips, putting them on her plate of eggs. She considers Jared's words for a moment and looks at Eddie for a few moments, deep in thought. She plays, "What exactly are your abilities, Eddie? I don't think I was ever told."

Dallas frowns again, still resting his chin on his arms. "Well, I can sort of see the point that people like Magneto have. Some right ideas maybe. /Way/ wrong playbooks, though." He turns his head slightly to look at Eddie and replies, "You just fear my mighty brain on mutant crack!" His tone is entirely amused and playful. Especially given that he doesn't consider himself more than average. Less so at Xavier's. He looks back to Heather and nods, "Sorry. No offense. I'm just stressing over this stuff. I didn't mean you personally, though." He grins as she asks the question that substitutes for 'how's the weather' at Mutant High.

Jared laughs a little, "I remember Eddie, waking up to a fire alarm is always a fun thing. Not sure Magneto has the right ideas at all, listen to what he said back in the day sounds just like what the Nazis said. Master race, getting rid of the lesser people, all of it." Jared grins a little as the inevitable question that comes up any time 2 students that don't know each other comes up. "Eddie is a power booster and can copy the powers of one other person. I am a healer and can sense life energies. How about the two of you?" Jared asks the last as he starts transferring the first cooked strips out of his pan into a plate covered with paper towels to absorb the grease.

Eddie looks a little wary as Magneto is brought up. He's thankful Jared takes care of things for him though. He starts to answer Heather's question but stops and smiles sheepishly. "Dallas has this really cool shadow form," he chimes in. "and Heather…" he pauses, looking at the girl thoughtfully. "Judging by her speed and the tape recorder either has some kind of temporal accelerated state or a really out of control speedster body," he guesses. "Am I right?"

Heather stares for a few moments at Eddie and notes on the tape recorder, "Funny… my mom has the same power. My dad is an illusionist. Codenames: Upgrade, Mindbender." To anyone with extensive knowledge on superhero trivia, Upgrade and Mindbender were supervillains caught in St. Louis a couple of years ago with the same powers. She tilts her head slightly at Eddie and then breaks her gaze, getting her tape recorder ready to play another message, nodding at Eddie. "My ability is that I exist outside of regular timestream. I'm caught in Fast World, where every Slow World, your world, second gets stretched into five."

Dallas says, "All that supremacist stuff is nonsense, of course. But the idea of mutants working together, building societies, doing things that baselines can't and all that? Those are good ideas. I'd say we'd have to share whatever advances we made and not try to make anybody feel second class, though." Apparently, Dallas has been thinking on ethics without the benefit of the book. Or even getting that's what he's doing. He nods at Eddie's words. "Shadow. Strong. Dallas smash!" Heather's explanation causes him to give her a closer and more thoughtful look, but he doesn't say anything.

Jared nods at Eddie, and frowns for a second at the mention of Heather's parents. "Oooh…" He is not sure what to say, being a super being fan boy second only to Eddie he knows exactly who Heather's parents are. "Thats getting pretty close to the Xavier philosophy there Dallas. Not the building things humans can't, cause they can just some of us have a leg up, but then some of them can do way better than we can. Like Stark Tech, totally human enterprise best nonalien tech on Earth."

Eddie frowns quickly at the mention of Heather's parents. "No. My powers work differently. Much differently," is all he has to say on the matter. He then nods to what Dallas and Jared say. "StarkTech's good. And the stuff Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Pym make too," he says. "and he may be a super villain but Dr. Doom makes some amazing stuff too."

After rewinding her tape again, Heather continues her message, giving her own codename, "Codename: Timeslip." She scratches her head lightly and just chows down on the food on her plate, finishing it off rather quickly and zipping around to check on her hash browns. She pauses slightly at Eddie's response and then plays, "They do? Oh. I guess my mom could not imitate." She shrugs a few times rapidly, "Or at least from what I have seen." She pulls her hashbrowns out of the oven, just quickly lifting them out with her bare hands, the contact not being long enough to harm her.

Dallas grins at Jared. "Well, he says he's totally human. But there's a lot of reasons to stay in the …ah…." He cuts himself off and glances at Eddie with a bit of mortification at that particular analogy, given the company. He gives a head tilt and shrug, a silent 'sorry, my bad'. Looking back to Jared he says, "Well, that's what he says, anyway. Good point on Doom and Pym, though. You always hear about them coming up with some cosmic whack-a-mole machine or other." The boy's grasp on hard science is amazing, apparently. Well, in it's absence. He misses the byplay on Heather's parents, being far more interested batting averages than costumes until this last month. He does ask, "So mutant parents have mutant kids? I know it's, um, genetic but I just thought…." He trails off, looking uncomfortable again for a moment.

Jared slips outa the way as Heather starts zooming around checking on the hash browns and the like while he finishes cooking the half pound of bacon he had, kills the fire on the grill there and moves to get some bread for a BLT, or at least a B since he is not sure he wants to see lettuce again for a few days after his tiem as the white rabbit. "Although you might want to be careful calling Doom a villian out loud. I mean, he is but there are a couple of people around here that might reprogam your cell phone if they hear you call him that." Jared slips a lot of bacon onto some bread and takes a rather joyful bite before saying, "Not always, some mutants have kids where the X gene stays latent and never develops into anything, but usually having one or more mutant parent ups the chances."

Eddie nods. "My powers are based on how much faith and confidence I have in my targets. I'm gonna be a super hero," he says firmly. He blinks a few times at Dallas, missing whatever he was about to say apparently. "And a lot of mutants have baseline parents. Both of my biological parents are flatscans but both my other brother and my biological brother are mutants too," he says, choosing words carefully when referring to his biological family. "What's wrong, Dallas?"

Heather nods her head a few times at Eddie and notes from her tape recorder, "I don't know what I'm going to do. I wonder if I'm cut out for being a superhero." She shrugs and starts plating the hashbrowns. "Both my parents are mutants, so I think the chances that I was born a mutant would be a lot higher than someone with no mutant abilities at all."

Dallas grins at Jarred. "I'll remember that. Doom fanboys. People are weird." He pauses at the explanation of the genetics from the three of them and then looks back to Eddie at the question, obviously considering waving it off as nothing. After a moment, he says, quietly, "This just keeps getting more /real/, you know. Last month, it was all, 'Am I going to make the varsity b-ball squad.' Then it's 'Am I going to accidentally kill somebody.' And then it's 'Ok, superhero. I can do that.' Now it's like, 'If I ever have kids, (not that that's really going to happen), I have to worry about them going through this stuff.'" He shrugs. "Every time I think I've got a grip, the rope gets a little slicker, you know?" After a moment he snorts and says, "Ok, I'm whining. I've met a kid made of water and a girl who is rubber this week. I think I can handle my life, compared." He runs his hands back through his hair, scrubbing vigorously, as though symbolically dislodging the existential dismay. "Sorry."

Jared shakes his head at Eddie, "Bro, you are a super hero already, all that is waiting is for you to graduate and then end up an Avenger, that is if they try to steal you away from the X-Men." Jared nods at Eddie's description of his biological family, "Yeah, and my Mom and her side of the family were as normal human as you can get, but Dad…turns out he is a mutant married to great guy that happens to be a mutant, with an adopted son," here he points to Eddie, "And I think some of his siblings are mutants…although Dad does not really talk about his family much. I know how you feel Dallas. This time last year I was focused on getting to the Olympics and all my family in the world was my Mom. Now she is gone, I have an awesome brother, to Dads, my best friend in the world turned out to be a mutant too, and thanks to being a mutant I can kiss my dreams of ever getting hte Gold good buy."

Eddie just blushes when Jared speaks, squirming a little. "I'm sure you could, Heather. You just need training and the right outlook," he says with a smile. Listening to Dallas, Eddie nods slowly. When the blonde finishes, Eddie reaches over to slip an arm around him for a hug. "Don't worry, Dallas. We'll all do fine," he says with a grin. He keeps quiet on the 'rope getting slicker' thing. For him, his powers manifesting was one of the best things to ever happen to him after all.

Heather considers what Dallas says for a few moments and plays, "I don't know if I can even have kids to worry about. With a Slow Worlder. The mechanics seem a little bit…" The voice on the recorder trails off, and she starts prodding at her cheese covered hashbrowns with a fork. "Well, this place has been providing me with the training at least," and probably the outlook is something that Xavier's will try to guide Heather on a lot. There's a reason she was brought here, after all.

Dallas blinks at Jared's assessment of Eddie and gives the other student a nod. Anybody who gets taken to lunch by Captain America is probably already in the 'superhero' club. He turns back to Jared, his expression sympathetic. Especially with the part about not getting into the Olympics. He stiffens slightly as Eddie gives him that hug and then relaxes, once again reminding himself that things are different here. He even returns it this time, leaning into Eddie for a moment and putting his arm around Eddie's shoulder in turn for a brief moment. He lets go and turns to April as her response comes and then blushes as he gets what she's saying. He pauses, opens his mouth, shuts it again and then finally says, "Ah, wow. Yea. Ok, another one in the 'my life doesn't suck' category."

Jared shrugs, "If you look at some of the heroes out there, you don't even need the out look. Just the desire to do good, and the will to do the right thing." Jared shrugs and sighs in contentment as he takes another bite of his sandwich. "I am not a religious person, but there is no greater proof of the existence of a God than bacon or chocolate."

Eddie just continues to blush, still grinning. He seems oblivious to Dallas stiffening, just being a huggy type of person. Especially lately. Humming a little tune again, he turns bright red when Heather mentions mechanics and quickly looks away. "That's what I meant, Bro."

"But… Bacon was evolved from pigs," plays Heather, in response to Jared. She shrugs her shoulders and starts to just mow down on the hashbrowns. The girl can pack away a heck of a lot in a single sitting, that's for sure. She shrugs and says, "I think my outlook is good. Maybe it isn't? I don't think about it much."

Dallas considers Jared's words. "Maybe chocolate-covered bacon. But you know, the Elvis diet is probably not a good plan." He gets up and goes to root in the fridge, shamed out of stealing Heather's food by Jared's refusal to take any. He comes across a sealed plastic container of fried chicken and all is right with the world. Returning to the table with a drumstick in his mouth and the container in his hands, he has to set the latter down and take the former in hand (and swallow) before he can say, "Nothing says you can't believe in God and evolution. We're kind of proof of that. Given the power we throw around, most mutants should, um, explode in the womb or something." That thought causes him to make a face but …chicken. He continues eating.

Jared grins and laughs a little. "Bacon is Pig belly sliced and fried. As for the Elvis diet, not like it is gonna bother me. My powers heal me like everyone around me, and keep my metabolism at peak human possibility. Heh, I could eat like the Blob and still keep my hot gymnast figure. As for the whole exploding in the womb thing, why do you think most of us don't end up with active powers till we hit puberty? Keeps that from happening."

Eddie just sits and lets the others talk, humming his little song. After a moment he gets up and heads over to the fridge. A moment later he returns with a bottle of chocolate milk and continues to hum and listen while he drinks.

"Chocolate covered bacon? You can do that?" plays Heather, like the prospect is a little bit enlightening. She isn't really terribly concerned with her eating habits, and is more concerned about just tasting different things. She polishes off her hash browns and then stares at the pancakes for a few moments, which have been cooking for a touch too long and have started to blacken. She just flips the ones on the grill into the garbage and takes her plate of pancakes that she had earlier. The tape recorder plays, "Ugh, I do not even want to think about things exploding from the womb. I think my body is too hostile environment for a Slow Worlder baby. And I think most babies are Slow Worlders."

Dallas laughs along with Jared at the 'Elvis diet' statement and then his eyebrows lift and he turns back to the fridge to to spend a moment or two digging out a bottle of water before returning to the table. He laughs quietly, swinging around Eddie as the other young mutant heads to the fridge, Dallas half-pirouettes out of the way as though he's engaged in a fake and pass maneuver on the court, already wise to the fact that Eddie is perhaps not the most graceful of his new friends. Dallas cracks the lid and takes a swing, noting, "Yea, but the whole puberty thing is pretty, um, convenient, isn't it? Have we even been around long enough for that to happen all the time?" In contrast to his fast and agile footwork, his voice is a little slow and heavy as he works with the very outer limit of his limited understanding of genetics. Even after reading Dr. McCoy's book on it over the last few days and dreaming of little blue gametes fighting crime. Heather's words get another grimace and he says, "Ok, let's pretend I never said the word 'womb', ok? Especially in the same conversation as bacon."

Jared laughs a little and grins, "Oh yes you can do chocolate covered bacon. Just as treats, or I have seen the maple bacon cookies too that…well as scary as they sound just make you wonder and dream. As for the whole baby thing. Your moving in 16/4 time, we are in /4 time, better than even odds that a baby would keep in your time at least till born. As for the puberty thing, its a matter of all the stresses on the body happening with puberty. The chemical changes, the body alterations coming from commands in our DNA and wham the X Gene goes active and bizzow we are shooting energy from our eyes, or drawing lightning from the heaven…."

Eddie nods along, keeping quiet save for the humming. "Mutants that manifest powers at birth are called Changelings…don't know why," he chirps.

Heather plays on the tape recorder, "Changelings? I didn't know that. How strange." She puts syrup on her surviving pancakes, zips over to the remaining pieces of bacon, puts them on the pancakes and rolls them up. "Do you think a baby would move in the same time as me? It wouldn't be made out of the same stuff as me. And if the pregnancy lasted for 9 months in slow world…" plays Heather, while the girl just stares off without eating, perhaps horrified, "That's… almost four years in fast world." She shakes her head quickly and just eats the pancake/bacon roll-ups.

Dallas blinks. "They do that? Get born with powers?" He shakes his head again. "I'm giving up trying to understand this stuff. I'm not made to do the science. I'm going to stick to working with the squad and hitting things." Nope, he's just not even going to think on the reproductive cycles of speedsters any more. He pauses and turns back to Eddie. "That reminds me. You know … you've been on the squad the longest. You're pretty much team captain by default."

Jared takes another large bite of his bacon sandwich and says, "If from…" Jared takes a moment to finish chewing. "Its from the old myths about Fae creatures stealing human babies and replacing them with other beings." After a second Jarede blushes a little and looks at the others, "Sorry, four things I know and care about. Heroes, Literature, Medicine, and Gymnastics. And if you had a kid it the pregnancy would probably be 9 months fast world time. Yeah, usually changing kids are born from multi-generational mutant families, 2nd or 3rd generation mutants and its usually just physical mutations."

Eddie blinks a few times and then smiles at Jared. "Thanks, Bro," he says. A swig is taken of his drink before he looks to Dallas. "Yep. Both Multiple Man and Mr. Wagner are Changelings. There's even a student or two here that is," he says. "And it's really rare so getting so many in one place together is like…even rarer," he chuckles. "And if you wanted a baby that bad and were worried about your biology…you could always adopt," he adds for Heather.

Heather plays to Eddie, "I've considered it. I have had a lot of time to consider things. I worry I would be too choosy if I was adopting. I would look for the absolute best baby, and it would be dreadful because all the other babies would feel like they don't measure up to mine." She finishes off her pancakes, squeaks something quietly and then plays on the tape recorder again, "I've considered also just never having children."

Dallas shakes his head and says, "I think you'd want to wait until after graduating, maybe even college, before that stuff." He finishes off the chicken and carries the Tupperware container to the sink, rinsing it as he looks back. "Unless you're a lot more confident about graduating here than I am." And into the dish washer the container goes. Dallas leans back against the sink and watches the other three for a moment, not sharing his thoughts.

Jared shrugs, "Never really thought about kids, but unless Dai or I have a secondary physical mutation we don't know about then at least we don't have to worry about unplanned kids coming along." Jared can't help but grin a little as he says that. "Adoption is always a good way to go. Without it never would have ended up with a great older brother."

Eddie just shakes his head at Heather and goes back to his drink. Still humming, he blushes when Jared calls him great. "Broooo…" he trails off, embarrassed. Yes, big talkk Jared is the younger brother to tiny little Eddie.

Blinking a few times at Jared, Heather observes, playing on her tape recorder: "When I first arrived, I thought there were so very many boys and so very few girls that I would do very well for myself. But then I find out that all the boys are taken by each other." She then glances over towards Dallas and plays, "Oh, I'm not thinking of children now. I have just spent a lot of time considering all kinds of things, and that happens to be one of them. Graduation is so far away and I have so much catching up to do."

Dallas can't help but smile a bit wistfully at the sibling byplay, his expression going briefly distracted as he thinks of home. And then he coughs as Heather's recording rather undiplomatically says what's he's been thinking for the last week or two. He takes a drink of water, studiously not quite looking towards anybody at the table and says, "Ah, well. I'm sure everything will work out the way it's supposed to." He doesn't clarify if that statement is about reproduction or who is dating whom.

Jared laughs, "Bro me all you want, your a great brother. Better than anything I could have hopped for back when I was wishing for more relatives than just mom." Jared gives a look to Heather and then Dallas before shrugging. "It is kinda odd, half the student body is gay, and that includes a few of
Eddie shakes his head. "Then you're just not paying close enough attention, Heather," he states matter of factly. True, there are a lot of gay students but there are still many more straight students. He gets up, rinsing his empty drink bottle and then tossing it into the recycling bin. He then walks over to grab Jared for a tight hug. "You're greater."

Heather nods slowly at Eddie (which just looks like normal nodding) and plays, "I do try to pay attention to these things, I really do. I'm not very romantically inclined, but knowing who is eligible is something on my mind. I do not mean anything by it." She shrugs and begins picking up all of her dishes, bringing them over to the sink to wash them off.

Dallas rolls his eyes as the brotherly affection continues, "For god's sake, somebody punch somebody before this turns into a very special episode of Gossip Girl." He pauses and then, as he is apparently inclined to do with any topic that makes him uncomfortable, he ignores the discussion about gay and straight students with a kind of studied obliviousness that can only be practiced. "Ok, well, I guess it's time for me wander back home and listen to Trey snore." He grumbles, "They gave me somebody with a stuffed animal. Seriously brings down the cool factor in our room."

Jared eyes Dallas and grins, "You offering to let me use you as a punching bag?" Jared finishes off his sandwich and puts his dishes away before heading over to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of cranberry juice. "Never looked for, never expected, never wanted romance till I met Dai. It hits you weather you want it or not. Could be worse, could have a room mate that changes size in his sleep."

Eddie frowns when Jared calls Dallas a punching bag, giving him a little shove. "Bro," he pouts. "No picking on my teammates," he says. "All I ever wanted was to be a superhero…then I met Ricky and well," he turns red again. "Hey, I room with one big, fuzzy stuffed animal," he says, grinning. "I should get back to bed too. C'mon, Dallas, we can walk back together," he says.

Heather smiles and notes, "Well, I hope that I find someone unexpectedly like you two found Dai and Ricky." She starts the water over the dishes and watches as most of the other late night students seem to be preparing to leave. "Have a good sleep."

Dallas's eyes widen a little and he grins suddenly. Obviously trash-talking is far more in line with what he's used to from other guys and it puts him at ease instantly. He gives Eddie an exaggerated 'I'm not worried' expression and says, "Don't sweat it, Eddie. The poor guy is just having some kind of breakdown or something. Hallucinating he can beat me." That's some prime bragging coming from somebody who has to look up almost a foot to smirk at Jared. "And you have a point about the size thing. But you know, the taller they are…." He looks back to Heather, eyes still twinkling with amusement and says, "You too. Um, if you do."

Jared grins and finishes Dallas's statement for him, "The easier it is for them to kick you in the head. Don't listen to him Eddie, your friend is the one that is hallucinating. Talk about delusions of adequacy, but for you Eddie I will leave the teasing of your team mates aside….just so long as you tell him who in this room managed a full fround with Mister Logan in his first danger room training.

Dallas laughs at Jared's version of the old saying, giving him a nod and grin and then both eyebrows go up at Jared's own boast. He looks sideways at Eddie and lets himself be dragged away while saying over his shoulder to Jared, "Are you sure that wasn't just your grandma? I could see people getting confused…." And Eddie gets, "We so need to schedule a danger room session now. So I can school both of you." And on that entirely optimistic, dare we say fantastic, note, he gets while the getting is good.

Heather nods at Dallas and notes, "I sleep occasionally." She waves as Dallas and Eddie as they disappear out the doors, quickly scrubbing off all of the dishes she was using, before telling Jared, "I'm going to my room now. Sleep well, too," and zipping off herself.

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