2012-03-26: Bacon Smells Delicious


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Summary: Feeling better, Ahmed makes a gourmet snack bar in the Rec Room.

Date: March 26, 2012

Log Title: Bacon Smells Delicious

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's another day where the poor foos ball table is neglected by the new generation of students. It's not to say that they might not be interested, but that very few kids from after the 80s even know what foos ball is! On the other end of the room however, the pool table has been temporarily converted into a buffet stand, and Ahmed is putting out some of his best stuff there for others. Hand-made breaded chicken tenders, a chicken garlic alfredo pizza with fresh basil, various munchies and goodies… all basically hand-made high-end versions of junk food. With the last bits getting set out for anyone who wants it, Ahmed plops down in a spot with a plate of sushi grade tuna, and grins, "Afternoon off… awesome." And picks up a raw cube of fish, making it mock swim in the air, before chomping it down!

Taylor walks through the door, sniffing at the air now to come see what's happening in the recreation room, seeming unable to resist the pull of food smells wafting through the halls. Today, Tay is wearing a pair of loose jeans (loose enough that boxers are showing just slightly) and a black t-shirt with a pink 'Barbie' logo on it. The outfit is probably intentionally confusing. Taylor then peers at this tuna that Ahmed is eating. Begging eyes, engage.

Hands shoved in the pockets of his hoodie, Nicholas walks into the rec room, not because he's hungry but because he wants to watch some television. Seeing Ahmed there he gives his usual small smile to his roommate. "Glad to see you're back up and about Ahmed." He says as he plops down on the couch and telekinetically pulls the remote to him. He reaches over and ruffles Taylor's hair and says to her, in a teasing yet chastising way, "Ask, don't beg." At least there isn't an insulting tone to his voice.

Ahmed seems to have come prepared for Taylor, and the beggy-eyes are met with a piece of tuna cut like a fish. He dangles it over Taylor's head for a few moments, and then drops it like a piece of popcorn to be devoured, "No more gravelly voice for me…" Sounding like his old self, "I got permission from Mister Parker to make some stuff for everyone. I figured since there's so much other stuff going on, we could use some fun. I made everything I've ever seen you eat, or at least my takes on them." Another fishy tuna comes up, and this time he eats it slow, right in front of Taylor as if taunting, "How's Orion? He getting used to things?"

Taylor is quite glad to take the piece of fish offered by Ahmed, in the way it is administered, before Taylor blinks a few times at Nicholas's words and the feline mumbles a sheepish apology. Taylor glances towards the spread and then says, "It looks like you put a lot of work into making stuff, it smells really good… I was smelling it when I walked into the school."

Nicholas flips through the channels before the television settles on Nick Toons, in which Danny Phantom happens to be playing. "Yeah it does Ahmed, actually, lemme see what you made." He says before actually getting something to eat, granted it's not much but a slice of pizza and a chicken tender are enough for his lack of appitite lately. "Well, at least you sound like Ahmed now. And…wait, what?" He says registering that Ahmed said 'everything I've ever seen you eat'.

Ahmed would blush, but the pale skin and light layer of fur on his face barely shows anything as he rubs the back of his neck, and then looks away, "I watch what people eat… how else am I supposed to know what kind of things they like? It just seems rude to ask, y'know?" This leaves his plate of tuna bites unprotected!

The unprotected tuna is grabbed for, even as Taylor actually asks, "Mind if I have a bite?" The feline student doesn't seem particularly aware of the incongruency between action and word. The teen peers towards the television at all of the motion that it presents. "I don't think it's so rude to ask what eople like though…"

Nicholas shrugs to both Ahmed and Taylor. "I don't know, maybe strangers yeah, but we're friend Ahmed but you seemed to peg that I eat anything out of a box and can be microwaved." He says as Nick can easily burn anything with his impatence when it comes to cooking. "If you make anything German, I'll probably eat it." He says with a hint of a smile.

Ahmed whaps Taye on the head when the fish is grabbed, and then makes a growl-sound in his throat about future endeavours, before relenting and saying, "Sure. Here." And he gets a smaller plate to put a half-dozen pieces on, "Lunch Stealer." The accusation holding very little weight though. At the mention of German Food, he tilts his head to one side, "What the heck is in German Food? Is it like all sausages and stuff?"

Taylor's ears splay at this whapping, and the feline student shrinks away from Ahmed a bit, though seems to have no objection to taking the smaller plate of tuna from Ahmed with a pleased, "Thank you." Taylor then glances towards Nicholas and says, "I'm more used to Russian food, myself… I've never really had much German stuff…"

Wandering around after class Mikhail is a little bored, theres nothing much happening at the Mansion and he isn't allowed to leave it because of the lcokdown (still being punished for breaking it last week). Wandering though the school the feral teen catches the scent of slightly nicer smelling junk food which oddly doesn't seem to be coming from the kitchen or cafeteria, following the scent to the rec room he crouches at the door when he hears a growling sound but quickly straightens up again when he realises it isn't a threatening growl, not nowing the other students he walks in without getting to close straight away, "Heya".

"Yeah it's a lot of sausages, potatoes and stuff. I think it was Taylor I was telling that my Mom used to make Knoephla, which I miss." Nicholas says as he picks at the food that Ahmed made. "It's really good Ahmed and, thanks, for making it all." He then shrugs. "I'm all German decent…so…yeah." He says as he knows Ahmed is Jewish so it's a bit awkward for him. He's about to say something else but then the strange comes in and the blonds guard goes up, as he just looks at Mikhail.

Flopping his head over the back of the couch bonelessly, the thundercat faced teen looks at Mikhail for a moment, and says, "Hey… foods all free to eat. Help yourself, but remember… gotta share. I'm Ahmed." Then up comes his head as his nose twitches at the odd scent of the newcomer, causing his hackles to raise for a moment, and then he gives Nick a skeptical look, "Yeah, so? I'm a Kurd… most of my palate was halal until the change hit." German doesn't seem to offend someone who's family hated Russians more than his kind, "Knoefla…" mispronouncing it, " Right…" And he begins tapping onto his phone to search for it, "I ain't serving it in lederhosen, and anything with beer I'm not allowed to make unsupervised… capiche?"

Taylor eats one of the bits of fish from the plate prepared by Ahmed, and the feline headtilts lightly at the other students, eyes settling on Nick, "Yeah, you were telling me about that. It actually sounds like it'd be pretty good…" The feline considers that for a moment and then looks towards the newcomer, raising a pawlike hand in a wave to Mikhail.

Mikhail makes a note of the three student's scents, the guarded way Nick is looking at him and the two new cat-like students, which makes three now, "I'm Mikhail", he grins a fanged grin as he's invited to join in and jumps over one of the sofas on his way over to where the others are around the pool table, "I'm not crashing a party am i?", the Romanian teen knows enough from TV that that is considered rude.

"Nick." The telekinetic offers to Mikhail before nodding to Ahmed. "I dont' even think I know what halal is. And you don't need to serve it in lederhosen, that stuff is embarassing." He says focusing on the cartoon on TV. "But Knoephla is like a chicken and dumpling stew, soup, kinda?" He tries to explain. "And thanks agian Ahmed, for doing this." He appricates it more than he could really say.

The mention of a chicken stew makes Ahmed lick his chops, and for a moment his body takes that plastic-like sheen from his ectoplasm before settling back down once more, "Coolness… and no you're not." Said towards Mik before he continues on, "Halal is kinda like Kosher… certain meats and cuts to meet with some of the teachings of the Qu'Ran. Not everyone does Halal, it's dependant on region and religion… but ensuring halal foods means most anyone from the middle east will buy and eat."

"I'm Taylor," says Tay, in response to Mikhail, and then listening passively to what Ahmed says, and the feline nods, "I guess I didn't know that there was anything in the Qu'ran for dietary stuff except for, uh, no pork."

Mikhail looks at the pool table of food, "Wow, theres a lot here, must've been a while, did Christopher make all this?", he listens to the other three for a few before asking, "What are lederhosen? is that a type of food too?", he's never heard of Kosher either but he can guess from Ahmed's description of halal.

"Nope, Ahmed did." Nicholas says pointing as his catlike friend. "And it's a type of awful pants." And that's all Nick says on the subject of Lederhosen. "Ah, back home we just ate whatever, but it's not like you get all this crazy stuff back home like you do here. Can you not eat pork?" He asks Ahmed. "Like, no bacon or sausage?"

Ahmed turns himself and sprawls out on the couch, hidden away from Mikhail, and staring up at the ceiling as he replies, "Yeah… For some reason the whole Kosher and Halal thing means no pork. Pigs were considered dirty beasts and unfit for consumption. So I've never had any of that stuff. I've done Turkey sausage and chicken sausage… and that stuff's cool. Never had bacon… but it used to smell awesome."

"Bacon smells awesome to me," notes Taylor, head tilting lightly, "If I smell bacon, it's hard to resist seeking out the source." Taylor glances towards Nicholas and then nods, "Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I pretty much ate anything that was food without much regard for the source… there weren't any special rules or anything."

Mikhail smiles, "Cool, it smells really good, i could smell it from way away", he frowns at Nicholas, "Pants are good, they keep you warm", while he can't see the point of rules with food he can't really call it weird, kinda pot kettle coming from someone who eats squirrils, "Cooking bacon does smell really good but you have to wait for it to cool down or you can't taste for an hour"

Nicholas looks at Ahmed and doesn't say anything cause he doesn't want to rub it in that bacon tastes as awesome as it smells. "Well Ahmed, maybe this weekend we can catch a movie or something, hang out. You too Taylor, just, maybe keep my mind off of Jill being missing." He then stands up. "I gotta get to class, but I'll see you later tonight. Thanks for the food Ahmed, I'll have some dinner too if it's not all gone." And with that, Nicholas gets up, putting the remote back on the table, and heads to his next class.

Ahmed holds out his hand and works up a shooter-marble sized ball of ecto, which he lobs at Nick as he goes to take off… and misses, "See ya!" His plate is somehow empty by now, having munched it down between words, and he pokes at it a few times, looking despairing. And that's when his head shoots up, and he says, "My Banana Bread!" And suddenly he's leapt over the couch and is off down the hall after Nick!

Taylor raises a hand in farewell at Nicholas and says, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind catching a movie, too…" The feline frowns slightly at the mention of Jill being missing, before turning to say something to Ahmed but, by then, the other felinoid student is bounding off out of the room! "Oh," says Taylor, looking towards Mikhail, "Uh, yeah, you probably want to avoid eating bacon right out of the pan."

Mikhail sighs as the the two boys leave the room getting the feeling that they maybe didn't like him very much, "Bye". He nods at Taylor, "Yeah, i got told that after, i also got told not to put pizza into the toaster but i learned, but still sometimes when i smell something nice i can't help myself".

Taylor headtilts for a moment and then says, "Yeah, I know what you mean… I react a lot differently to scents than I used to… I mean, I liked some smells before, but now it's like, I dunno, I just can't resist."

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