2010-06-16: Bad Good News


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Summary: Theo is ecstatic as he tells Scott about his new job working for Tony Stark. Scott isn't so ecstatic.

Date: June 16, 2010.

Log Title: Bad Good News

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Garage

Home to various cars of teachers and X-men, the garage can house at least twenty vehicles. There is also an area that has a auto body shop set up so students and teachers and work on their cars. Almost any tool a mechanic needs can be found in this garage.

Taking some time out of his day to work on his car, Scott's underneath such a piece of auto. The skateboard underneath him, ratchets making their presence known. A pair of black work boots can be seen under the jeep. There is some music of an eclectic (nice word for 'old-ass 80's') nature playing on a nearby boom-box.

Theo has been on cloud nine all day. He's friendly to people he's usually a jerk to, he's been smiling, he's been doing all kinds of things which… well…don't really line up with his normal skeptic demeanor. It's an even bigger boost to his attitude than when Hank agreed to tutor him in technology. He checked the headmaster's office first, but Scott wasn't there, so the garage is the next check, knowing from past experience that he can often be found in Theo's favorite place on the campus.
Through the door he comes, his new little robot following after him. Undoubtedly Scott may have seen the little four legged spider-esque creation while it was worked on, and now it's finished it's been with the technopath almost anywhere he goes. While often Theo tries to get opportunities to use the teachers' first names, today it's "Mr. Summers, how're you doing? I was hoping you'd be here." Of course, he can't see Scott's face, but then, who else would dare touch his cars?

The Headmaster's wagging feet stop as he hears someone addressing him from up there. The tinkling of the spider's legs and his voice give him away. "Just doing some tightening, checking up on things on the underside." He's heard students address him with such happiness before…but they were the non-pessimistic ones. Soon the ratchets stop and Scott lays down his tool. "So, now that you found me, what did you need me for?" He asks, his voice having a little more of a content demeanor than usual, emotion, from Scott? Too bad no one can take a picture of his face for proof.

"Well," Theo starts, getting straight to it. "I have some good news, I just got a job. Well, I got a job when I turn sixteen in a few weeks," he explains. "I'm going to be working for Tony Stark!" He almost shouts it, as if it's the best thing that's ever happened. "I got to meet him the other day," the technopath explains, gesturing to his little robot, "and he liked Proto so much that he said he wanted me to start working in his research department so that I could learn more. Isn't that great?"

And there it is. The news. Scott gets quieter and quieter, not knowing what to say. underneath the car and his glasses, he closes his eyes for a bit. This is the happiest he's seen Theo since…ever. But Tony Stark? One of the most unstable men he's ever had the 'pleasure' of knowing? "Yes, that is good news." A silent sigh as he says that. Apparently he doesn't want to rain on this parade. Damn you're getting soft, Scott.

Theo is too engulfed in his own giddiness to realize that Scott isn't sharing the same enthusiasm. "He wanted to know if I had a place he could send the paperwork, and so I told him to send it here. I know when he looks up the address, he'll realize where he's sending it, and I figure he probably already knows about the school. So he'll probably figure out I'm a mutant before very long," he continues, getting a little calmer. "So I was wondering if I could ask you two favors?" he says. His voice is now quite sober, though still ringing of cheerfulness. He shifts his weight back and forth with an edge of nervousness..

"Listen, Theo. I know you're excited, and you have every reason to be. But you need to be careful once he finds out. Do not tell him any information about anything below the first floor." Cyclops wants to make sure that that is covered ASAP. He scoots out from underneath the Jeep and picks himself up, taking a seat on the roller board. "And what kind of favors are these?"

It wasn't a concern that the teen had expected to hear. "Um, sure," he says with a slightly bewildered tone. He had actually expected that the heroes traded information like that a little more freely, so it was a good thing that the headmaster laid that out for him. The little robot comes over to stand behind Theo, and he sits down on it as his own seat. "Well, the first one is just…I don't want him to know what my powers are. If he knows, he'll think I'm just good with technology because of my powers. Which isn't true, I work hard to learn what I learn. I don't want to get sold short." He folds his fingers in front of him, and holds onto one knee. "The other one. I want a car. I'll pay for it, and with the money I'll be making I can cover the insurance. I've been saving the weekly allowance, and I even have one picked out. But I can't sign the papers because I'm not eighteen." He gives a toothy smile which almost seems like an apologetic wince. He's not sure how that request will go over.

"I can see where this is going…" Scott says, looking at Theo. "For one, did you complete driver's ed?" A second later another statement. "You also cannot park it here. Rules are rules. Lastly, do you know how hard Manhattan is to drive through?" He'll be honest here, something that the rest of the school does when they want to go to the city. "It would honestly be easier to take the train down to the city, Theo."

"It might, but I really would like this car" Theo says, and surprisingly, doesn't try to come up with further rebuttal. Why? Well, maybe he can ask Tony the same question in a few weeks. "Well, just don't tell Mr. Stark about my powers if he asks. I'll let you get back to your jeep."

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