2009-08-01: Bad Role Model


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Summary: No one ever said Keth Flinn was a good role model. He's still gonna teach Kael what he can…but breakfast comes first.

Date: August 1, 2009

Bad Role Model

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

First day in August, and pretty early in the morning. About nine a.m. to be exact. And up in his penthouse, Keith Flinn, white haired wind spirit, is awaiting his little protege. Dressed in nothing but pajama pants right now, he's got about a day's worth of stubble and is sipping a cup of coffee while peering out the windows. Since it's going to be a training session, Keith sent Jon, his old english butler, to pick Kael up in Salem Center. An expensive car would've come to get the kid, and he should be getting to the top floor of the huge building sometime soon. "Probably should've told him about the others…or the others about him…" the wind spirit muses, chuckling.

The expensive car made the boy look in awe when he got into it, and he was too busy looking around the cars to look at the sights of the city. He lives here. He's seen it already. When he got to the building, all he could mutter was a '… Whoa' before he headed up to the top floor. The boy still looks wired from the party he had the night before. Freshly turned Seventeen and still wired from all that soda and sugar. Even though he /had/ slept. He stops in front of the door and gives it a few knocks before he waits a bit, a small bit of wind swirling around him; mimicking his good mood.

"You can go in, Mr. Langford. Keith is expecting you," comes the voice of the man that drove Kael to the Marc. The brittish man reaches past Kael to open the door. Inside, Keith's Penthouse is a big place. And one whole two-floor wall is huge windows revealing the balcony and cuty skyline. Keith glances over and smirks. "Well, about time my little protege got here," he says, not caring about the shirtlessness. "How ya been, Kid?" he asks, walking over to ruffle Kael's hair. "Thanks for getting him, Jon," he adds. "Think nothing of it," Jon remarks with a smile, hanging his hat in the closet and heading towards the kitchen.

Kael steps inside of the place, his jaw hanging open slightly as he looks around the place. "Whoa…" is all he can get out before he lets out a laugh at the hair ruffling. He's just used to it now. "I've been good, had a party last night back at the school to celebrate my birthday. Was quite amazing to say the least." He grins wide. He's just lucky his tongue is blue still from all the Game Fuel Mt. Dew he drank.

Keith smirks as he glances around. "Yeah, my place is nice. 'Course other people live here too. If they wake up, you can meet 'em," he remarks. "Though two of them are likely to be naked so…keep ready for that," he says, laughing. A few blinks and Keith looks Kael over. "Your birthday was yesterday? Well, sorry I missed it. Happy Birthday then, Kael. Want something to drink? Breakfast?"

Kael chuckles a bit before he puts a hand to his stomach. It growling a bit loud, he hasn't eaten in a good bit. "Breakfast would be good really. Haven't had a real one since I've been at home to be honest." He walks a bit further into the place, and then looks back at Keith. "… Naked? Somehow… that doesn't surprise me." After living in a school of mutants. Nothing really does.

Keith leads Kael over to the old, beat up, and rather comfortable couch parked in front of his massive TV and entertainment center. "Right. Well…what do ya want? I've got two great chefs around, I'm sure if you can think of it, they can whip it up," he says. There's then a shrug. "Hell, you could stip down yourself if you wanted. Don't matter to me. Pretty sure the others won't care either. So, whatcha wanna work on today? Flight? Lightning?"

Kael hms a bit, plopping down on the couch; taking his shoes off before he sits crosslegged on it. "I was actually wanting to learn how to make walls and domes of wind. When the Green Gak thing took our powers, Max told me that it made a wall of wind around where it crashed in the school to block everyone." He lets out a soft laugh at that, "I guess that's good a talent as any to have, and the dome would be something to help protect." He rubs at the back of his head, shaking it before he says, "I think I might be able to think better on a full stomach. Eggs and bacon would be good right now." Totally. Basic.

Keith nods, heading over to the kitchen door. "And how do ya take your eggs?" he asks. "So ya want a defensive move, eh?" he asks, blowing a breeze through the appartment. "It's not that hard to make a wall, just maintaining high winds in a constant direction and area," he says. "And domes are differed. Of course there's also a cyclone defense…" he trails off.

Kael raises his eyebrow at that last part and he sits up on his knees and turns around. "Scrambled, please. ANd… cyclone defense?" Now that caught is attention as his eyes just shine at that prospect and he lets out a low chuckle at he thinks of that as well. This kid has an overactive imagination.

Keith nods. "Jon, could ya whip up a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon for Kael?" he calls into the kitchen. That done, the man strolls over to the couch and nods. "Yeah. Pretty much just whipping up a tornado around yourself to block things coming your way," he says, lifting his hand. A moment later, his hand becomes obscured but a very high wind spinning around it. "Kinda like this but bigger and for not as long."

Kael turns back around, plopping back down onto his rump and he watches the winds for a moment; tilting his head a bit as he lets a light breeze under his control flow over and get caught in the cyclone. He blinks a bit and lets out a laugh. "I don't think I can make the winds go that fast." He gnaws on his bottom lip a bit and says, "The only real thing I've done with wind is blast it in a direction. Almost ran up a wall once before I slipped."

Keith smirks again. "Well, I am the wind itself," he muses, letting the wind die down. "Running up a wall, eh? Careful with that," he says, stretching. "So how fast can you make your wind these days?" he asks. "Definitely gotta work on your stamina if you're gonna do anything cool," he says. There's a pause. "Hey…you know any artists?"

Kael blinks a bit. "Artists? I know a guy who sculpts. Not really sure on any painters." He hms a bit and shrugs slightly before he says, "I don't know how fast my wind goes. I… don't really know how to gauge that." Fast. Really fast. Oh my god I can't control it fast? He chuckles a bit, "I think I need better shoes before I try it once more."

Keith nods, sprawling where he sits. "Well, if you find anyone that knows how to draw, send 'em my way? I got a job for 'em," a pause. "One of those interior designer types might be helpful too," he says. "Dunno how fast your wind can go? Man…what are they doing with you up at that school?" he wonders. "I got a gizmo upstairs that'll figure it out."

Kael lets out a small laugh. "It is the summer. And the squad stuff isn't really about power training than it is physical training. And I haven't been seeing Storm as much as I should be." He nods a bit, "I'll try and find out, I'm usually outside these days. It's just such great weather to have fun." A wide smile before he blinks a bit. "A gizmo?"
Keith nods. "Some thing I got from this guy I slept with a couple years ago," he says, shrugging. "Says the weathermen use it to tell how fast wind will be for forecasts and stuff," he says. "Well, after breakfast, we'll find out how fast you can blow," he pauses then laughs. "Your wind that is. Though if you wanna find out the other…" he trails off with a devilish smirk. "Breakfast is ready, Keith," Jon interrupts, Keith glancing over his shoulder. "Thanks, Jon," the wind spirit says, getting up and heading for the kitchen. "C'mon, Kael."

Kael blinks a bit and laughs before he hops up onto his feet, and follows Keith into the kitchen. "That'd be cool. Though, how would knowing how fast I can make the wind go help in anyway." He hops up onto a seat and looks back over at Keith, as if waiting for an answer.

Keith's kitchen is just about as big as one would expect it to be. And there's a lot of chrome. A lot. On the table, two plates of scrmabled eggs, a pile of bacon, and a small gathering of toast is ready for the wind users. "Knowledge is power," he replies with a vague gesture as he snags toast. "Besides, you wanna know and it might be helpful in figuring out how to get you flying or making shields."

Kael ahs a bit, thinking for a second before he takes a bit of eggs and he smiles a bit. "He's a real good cook!" A winning score from this teenager before he swallows and says, "I'd tried to fly at the school a few days ago, but I got like… my height off of the ground before I fell on my rump. Couldn't sit right for a day or so."

Keith nods. "Jon's great. You should try Xane's cooking too. He's a professional chef that lives with me," he remarks. When Kael mentions his failed flight, Keith laughs. "Man, if your ass is gonna hurt that much you should atleast get a nice hard f-," he begins, only to be interrupted by Jon peeking into the room. "Don't forget that you have that meeting tonigh," the butler chimes before making a quick exit. Keith blinks and then shrugs. "Like I said, we need to work on your stamina. That way you'll be able to fly eventually and do other stuff."

Kael chokes down a laugh as he covers his mouth to keep the food into it, and he swallows what's in there before he lets out a bright laugh. He snickers softly, blushing now as he asks, "Can I get a drink? Juice maybe?" He clears his throat before he says, "My stamina is slowly getting up there, squad training is helping with that."

Keith nods, getting up and heading to the fridge. "What do ya want? Coffee? Juice? Beer?" he asks. "Well, we'll work on it a little more here and I'll teach ya some wind tricks too. Like how to eavesdrop on someone with the wind," he says.

Kael gets a little devlish glint in his eye at that, and he says, "Juice'll be awesome. Orange if ya got any." He chuckles a bit before he says, "Can ya even change the temperature of the wind? Or is that way out of my league."

Keith comes back over with a bottle of orange juice for Kael and some kind of smoothie for himself. "Yeah, I can. Pretty sure it'll be a long time coming before you can though."

Kael hms a bit, taking the bottle of orange juice, "Darn." He hms a bit, having eaten a good bit of his food while Keith was getting drinks and he asks, "I'm gonna guess that it's going to take more stamina to sustain a wall of wind than a blast of wind… right?"

Keith nods, shaking his drink. "Yeah. Wind blasts…yours anyway…a short, jab-like attacks. A wall is a defensive move. It's gonna last longer and hold up better."

Kael takes a swig of the juice and he says, "My blasts of wind from what I've seen are more like spheres in shape. They remind me of basketballs when I hold them back long enough." He hms a bit and takes a bit of bacon before he says, "Though, the just blasts are like standing in front of a giant leaf blower. THough I guess those would be gusts."

"Yeah," Keith begins. "That sounds a bit right." the wind spirit goes on. "Basket ball eh? Try makin' 'em smaller."

Kael laughs a bit. "Well… I tried making them smaller, and they keep on blowing up. Makes for something good to practice on a hot day though!" He smiles a bit before he just goes back to eating.

Keith sends a cool breeze ruahinf past Kael, eating his breakfast as well. "Alright then. We'll work on a couple things today…but first," he snags another piece of toast. "Breakfast."

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