2010-05-03: Bad Roommates And Good Coffee


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Summary: Connor meets his new roommate, Quention and there is much animosity, Robyn helps Connor to relax.

Date: May 3, 2010

Log Title Bad Roommates And Good Coffee

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Connor and Quenton's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Connor chews the side of his lip for a moment, his hands going down into his pockets for a moment for some reason, bunching into fists and then settling once more, as he tilts his head a bit, "Oh… right. I'm an energy manipulator. I use an energy that lets me teleport, so sort of intangible… and do a few offensive things… it's all physics heavy… but I'm happy to give you the full rundown if that's your thing. And you?"

Quenton stares blankly at his roommate, shaking his head. "I can fly. And punch things really hard," is his only answer, his crimson eyes briefly flicking to the window. "You can give me a full rundown, but I don't exactly know what intangible means, so…" His attention returns to his room mate. "You've been in this room alone for a month, then?"

There's a knock on the door to Connor's, well now Connor and Quenton's room. Robyn is hoping his friend is in cause he wants to pick up some movies from Connor. "Hey Connor?" He calls so that way his voice can be recognized but who knows, classes in all, his friend might not be in his room.

Connor nods to Quenton, and is about to speak up once more when the knock comes. Pausing his thought, he pulls his hands from his pockets, and says loud enough to be heard, "Hey Robyn! C'mon in!" Then going back to Quenton, he adds, "That's Robyn… he's one of my friends here… and actually a really cool guy. I should warn you… this place is pretty different from any place you've ever gone to school before. But you can fly? That's actually pretty cool… I only know a couple people here who can do that."

Quenton glances over at the door, his lip twitching briefly as he does, before rising from the bed. "I'm more into the punching things," he explains without humor, rolling his shoulders. "He's your friend, so fuck if I care." He turns to the window and heads over to it, looking out. "I don't care if it's different. Everybody does them, they let me do me, and there'll be no problems." His tone was once more dry, as if Connor had a veiled threat in his warning.

Robyn walks in, dressed, as usual, in all black. He's got on his black jeans and a black t-shirt with the jolly roger symbol in the chest and Robyn looks every bit the 'emo kid'. "Hey Connor, I just came by to see about the movies." He says with a bit of uncertainity as walks in just in time to hear Quenton. "Wow, new roommate?" He says and gives Connor a look that says 'aren't you just paired with Mr. Sunshine'. "Um..hey, I'm Robyn, Robyn Larkin." He says holding out a hand to Quenton. If he can deal with Lucas he can manage Quenton?

Connor gives a slightly wider grin towards Robyn, but his hands snake back into his pockets, and flex a couple times before he takes an even breath and replies, "Yup… I was just going to give him some of the lowdown… warn him about a couple things… like how standoffish most can seem at first. Maybe help him avoid the shock I've been through, you know?" Trailing off almost lamely. Standing up, he goes to his closet and opens it. Perhaps to his dismay both can spot how well-organized it is, how everything looks… ironed or pressed… and there is in fact an ironing board in there! Reaching up to the top shelf, he pulls down a CD book, and unzips it, "So… pick your poison." Settling it down on his bare desk while he gets some clear blue jewel cases.

Quenton glances at the hand dubiously before raising a closed fist and holding it out towards Robyn. "Quenton Michaels," he says dully, his red eyes taking in the stranger's clothes. "What's your gimmick? Don't think your parents loved you enough?" His gaze shoots towards the closet where he rolls his eyes at the iron board. "It's going to be a long day," he mutters, more to himself then anyone.

Robyn gives Quenton a confused look. "No….my parents love me just fine." Robyn says as he gets along wonderfully with his parents. "There is no gimmick, I'm just me." He says before looking back at Connor and taking the CD book and starting to flip through. "Wow, you've got a lot here. The hard part is picking which poison, so many awful flavors." Robyn says looking through all the bad movies and trying to see what titles catch his attention. "Well if you ask me Connor, I think it's better Quenton finds out on his own. Ya know, learn the hard way like everyone else." It's the attitude that makes Robyn say that.

Connor looks back and forth before he lets out a deep breath, "Okay… let me lay this out for you…" And he looks directly at Quenton, all the normal affability in his tone and demeanor gone, "I have a compulsive disorder… I've had it since I was twelve. I can't stand my personal space being disorganized… to the point that I might clean, and clean obssessively. I also clean when I'm stressed. I know that seems weird, and I know that makes me look like a freak… but I'm coping. If you don't think we're going to get along… I'll talk with the staff, and tell them my problem is making you uncomfortable, and see if I can swap you with someone you'd get along better with. But I'm not going to sit here all day and put up with you acting like I'm going to be nothing but a pain in the ass. Got me." Hand slipping from his pockets as he stands up, and there is a sudden and almost dangerous aura of calm around him.

Quenton now tilts his head, his hand dropping and clenching into a fist, his eyes narrowing. "You leave me alone, I'll leave you alone. You fuck with me, you're the one who drew first blood, not me. Do you got me?" He shakes his head. "I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to learn how to control my powers and get a handle on school. Otherwise, leave me the fuck alone." His eyes trail over to Robyn before he turns and strides to his bed.

Robyn just stares at the two for a bit and he just sighs. "You know what Quenton, you're going to get really far in this place with that chip on your shoulder. Noone's trying to 'fuck' with you. You have no reason to be an asshole to Connor, he was actually trying to be friendly and welcoming. We're all here to learn how to control our powers and get a handle on things so you're not unique in that regard."

Connor takes a breath, and then another, his eyes closed and cycling through his nose and then his mouth, until the tenseness in him fade once more, "Allright then… I'll request you get your own room, Quenton. I'll tell them it's because I don't think we'll fit well together because of my problem. That way it's not on you. But anything else after that… you're on your own. You're going to find real quick… this lone wolf attitude of yours? It doesn't cut it. And there's bigger wolves here than you. A lot bigger… and they'll cut you down to size pretty damn quick if you give them any shit. I just didn't want you to feel unwelcome. I'm sorry if that's how you want it. Excuse me." And pulling a shoulder pack from the closet, he unlocks and opens a drawer, taking out a laptop and a few other things, then a second drawer and some schoolbooks. Once he's ready for the day he locks his things back up and starts towards his door, not meeting Quenton's eyes anymore.

Quenton shrugs a shoulder as his eyes follow Connor towards the door. 'He looked like he wanted to start a fight,' is his only words to Robyn. 'Go request that. Fine with me. I don't give a fuck about those bigger wolves. Again, people leave me alone, I'll leave them alone.' His eyes then move to Robyn. 'Maybe you two can tell all your little friends I'm an asshole so they can stay away from me, too.' He then begins to stuff things in his duffel bag, shaking his head.

Robyn looks at Quenton and almost wants to laugh but he just shakes his head. "Look closer, you'll be able to tell you were the one who wanted to fight, Connor was just trying to be a good guy, like he is. And don't worry, I won't tell my friends anything about you, it's not worth it." Robyn says as he goes to follow Connor our. "Hey Connor! Wait up!" He says as he goes to follow him out of the room.

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Boy's Floor

The second floor of the building also known as the Proudstar Wing. A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the boy's rooms. At the end of the hallway there is a bathroom and a shower room for the boys.

The far wall is cast in an eerie blue-green light, as Connor is staring at the wall, hands in his pockets, breathing to the point of looking like he's hyperventilating… his power active so strongly at the moment that his eyes are subsumed in the glow of it, his body's protective field up unconsciously… as he makes every attempt to get ahold of what almost seems like panic…

Robyn rushes out of the room after Connor because he came to see Connor and he doesn't want to be stuck in that room with Quenton. He rushes over to his friend as he notices that Connor is not looking to well and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Connor, are you okay? Really, you shouldn't let an asshole like that work you up, you're better than he is and don't deserve that." He says giving Connor's shoulder a light squeeze.

That hand passes right through… going through his body and feeling as if it tingles the entire way, like it had fallen asleep. Connor starts mumbling, "Going to have to clean the whole room now, can't do it, flip the mattress, maybe it'll help gotta… I can't…" Putting a hand over one eye, as he makes a pained noise, "Robyn…" Coming somewhere close back to reality… he slumps, and the glow vanishes, "Sorry… I… it's my fault. I could just leave well enough alone… but I… I kinda hoped… y'know. It just hurts to be disappointed." Looking back towards the other young man, his eyes still are verdant, the whites barely visible, "He'll learn… and I feel so damn sorry for him now."

"I know, I kind of feel sorry for him too but I also thing he was doing it purpose, to try to push people away, or he wanted a fight. I'm not sure. Maybe give him a week and things will get better." Robyn says as Connor slumps and the glow vanishes, Robyn reaches his arms around his friend to give him a hug. "Connor, I'm sorry, you didn't deserve to be treated like that, I know you were just trying to be friendly, cause you're a nice guy Connor. You really are. How about we go for a walk, maybe head into town and try to relax. Who cares if you're a neatfreak, it's who you are."

Connor suddenly and rather intensely returns the hug, and then pulls back, and the beginnings of tears are in his eyes, but he's smiling, "Maybe they should bunk him with Theo… they seem like the type who deserve each other." Chuckling a bit before he wipes his eyes, "I can't expect him to understand… he's probably got a reason he's like that… I've got enough patience to see if he changes at all. I just… look Robyn…" Again wiping at his eyes, and then taking a couple calming breaths, "I realized something yesterday. I haven't been accepting my part in things. Managing my mental issues, responsibility with my gift… all of that. I'm trying to change that. I've been selfish for the most part… and I could have been better about it. I… I made in there about me, when it should have been about him. I'll apologize… but after I ask he be moved."

"Are you sure you want to ask him to be moved after knowing eachother maybe an hour?" Robyn says though he doesn't really see the light at the end of the tunnel but he hopes it's there. "Come on Connor." He says taking his friends hand and leading him down the hall. "I'm gonna do something for you today, we're gonna go out and see Salem Center, relax a bit. Maybe once things relax a bit you can go back and try a second time with that Quenton guy. And you haven't been selfish Connor, hell I can say I have been since I use JOno and Addison as a crutch for mine."

Connor sniffs once, and then chuckles, "Great… I never miss a day of school back home… even went in when I was sick… I'm here a month and already playing hookie on a school day…" And with that he seems to brighten a bit, "Oh… I've got a session with Jericho… he's agreed to do his thing… and help me figure out what's up… maybe help me get a handle on it. I don't like that I'm more powerful when I'm sad… or angry… or feeling something like that. Happy or calm… it doesn't work so well. Weird, huh?"

Robyn grins and looks at Connor. "I'm a bad influence." He jokes. "And Dr. Parker-Mayfair is great. He helped me out after that whole demon thing since I had some pretty horrible memories that I had to get over. And no, it's not where. When I'm mad I kind of react, mad, scared you know, more negative emotions, like it's a defense. When you're happy or calm you don't need that defensive reflex." Robyn says leading him down the hall. The ultimate destination, The Grind Stone in Salem Center. "I think Jeri will really help and I'm sure you'll be able to get a handle on things once you understand it all."

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

Connor follows along quietly for a bit, his hands in his pockets, his collection of movies, laptop, and two of his schoolbooks making his otherwise moderate-sized shoulder pack bulge. There's not much life to him as the entire affair seems to have bothered him a bit… until the smell of coffee wafts from the shop. It's an interesting transformation to watch him go from blase to actually excited as he looks at you, "You guys have an actual coffee shop here?! How come no one ever said!"

"There's one in Salem Center, yeah." Robyn says with a chuckle. "It's a nice place to go to get away from the school. I mean, I didn't know if you ever got the chance to explore the town." Robyn has a few times as he goes to the counter. "What do you want Connor?" He asks as he orders himself a black currant italian soda and, or course, a oatmeal meadly cookie almost as big as his face.

Connor breezes it off without even blinking, "Quad shot mocha, two squirts of caramel, one squirt of vanilla, no whip… aaand… the blueberry muffin there… the one with the cream cheese in the middle…" Taking out his card, he offers it up, "And I'll cover both of us, thanks." Moving off with you while waiting for the order, he says, "No… I've been so focused on schoolwork and getting oriented… I never really got out. Bad habit from home too. My parents used to force me to go places… funny, huh?"

Robyn had his wallet out, which is pretty empty but he doesn't care, and was gonna pay but he frowns as Connor offers to pay. "Okay. Thanks." He says as he puts his wallet back in his pocket, and yes it's a black wallet with Jack Skellington's face on it, surprise surprise. "Does that mean I'll have to take over the role of your parents and force you to go out places here?" Robyn teases. "I usually hate being cooped up in one place for so long but I dunno, I need to get out more too."

Connor gets his muffin and his large drink, and moves to a corner with you to sit down. A sip from the heavy drink, and he actually seems to relax a bit, his eye lidding a moment, before finally he sits back and smiles, "Then feel free to drag me along. I need someone to help keep me grounded… and help me sort of… filter things on occasion. It's what Dylan did for me. I know I know…" Holding up a hand to forestall complaints, "It's a crutch… but at the same time… I'm trying to learn how to be myself… which I'm finding I don't much like the person I am. I'm pretty much… well… I don't know. And the things I do know… they're confusing."

Robyn grabs his italian soda and cookie and sits down with Connor and gives him a look. "We all need crutches to support ourselves. I mean with an injury a crutch is to help you heal so you can stand on your own two feet, why can't a person be a crutch to help you manage so you can stand on your own two feet?" Robyn says as the last part of Connor's statement just bothers him. "You are who you are Connor. I see someone whose insanely creative, a neat freak, scared of their powers and just, to me, is fairly normal. I know you have every right to be afraid of a power that might drive you insane though, but what is it about you you don't like?"

Connor closes his eyes once more, and sips at his coffee for a bit before speaking. Where in others you might think that much caffiene would give him the jitters… it actually seems to have a calming affect on the other young man. Finally… after a quarter of it is gone, he opens his eyes and says, "I don't want to be afraid anymore. I've been scared for a long time. Scared I was crazy… scared I wouldn't be liked. and I'm sick of the fear… I'm sick of thinking people are going to judge me as broken goods, so I play social games to seem likable, but forgettable. And… I think I might have a crush on someone… and I don't think it's a good idea."

Robyn looks at Connor and listens to him, nodding. "I can understand that, not wanting to be afraid. Just…my parents always taught me one thing, to be yourself. I know I spout this to everyone but I think it's helped me be happy with who I am. You have to do what -you- like, be true to -your-self, not become an image for people. Otherwise you just won't be happy. It's not about the number of friends, it's not about the amount of money in life, it's about happiness. My parents don't have a ton of money because they did what they wanted in life, and are happy. They passed that happiness down to me, and right now, Sculpting, I love it, it brings me peace and happiness. Maybe I spend too much time locked in an artroom but I love it." Robyn says with a shrug. "And really? Why isn't a good idea?" Robyn doesn't ask who, though he is curious. If Connor wants to tell, he will.

Connor bites his lip for a moment, and just one word comes out from his mouth, "James."

Robyn nods at the word 'James' and he can't help but agree. "I can't say I blame you there. He's an awesome guy and he's…well I'm not goign to get into that without embarassing myself but yeah, I agree that it might not bee a good idea. Not because of you Connor just because, I honestly don't think he wants to be in any relationship. He kind of comes off of A-Sexual."

Connor chuckles softly, and then actually gives a faint blush, covering it with a gulp from his coffee and a couple bites form his muffin, "It's not fair… on him. And honestly… I don't know word one about how he feels about me… and I don't think it's right to ask. I mean… look at everything he's been through. He can't even be… himself again. I want to do something for him… but I don't know what. I'm just afraid these feelings are going to color my judgement… because when you get down to it… he's not… he…" Stopping himself before another breath and a sip are taken, "For a moment last night… he made me feel… useful. And not in a good way… like a resource he could just… tap…"

Nodding to Connor's words, Robyn just listens. "I know, it is tough but James…I dunno. I guess I know a different James than most people do and believe me I can understand the attraction. Believe me. I like….I have a thing for strong guys. Like…that need to have someone who can protect you. I don't know what it is but I can see that cause James is this strong, protector type. So is Jordan, so is this other guy I had a crush on, Dallas. He moved back with his grandfather. But with James….I dunno. I'm older than James but with him, I almost feel like a little brother and I don't mind that." He doesn't know what to say about the resource thing, he's seen different ugly sides of James, that isn't one of them.

Connor puts the coffee down, and then shrugs, "I don't even know WHY I like him… that's what's frustrating the hell out of me, Robyn… until I got here… even considering a relationship wasn't even on the radar. I was ready to graduate, go to college while living from home, and then find some cozy place in the middle of nowhere to just write in… I didn't really care about people. And I was happy like that. Now… well… this is literally become the summer of my discontent." He flops back once more, and looks at Robyn, "But like you said… I have to be truthful to myself… embrace change… let go. And in that find out what I -do- like. I realized something… I haven't done any fun writing since I got here. Nothing silly… nothing just to do it… nothing."

"Who knows Connor, I mean, Jordan is the exact oposite of someone I thought I'd end up with, but I love him. I guess it's that thing I told you, I like that strong protective type." But it goes beyond that with Robyn and his feelings for Jordan. "I dunno, can I tell you something I haven't told anyone before?" He doesn't want for a response and just says it. "Jordan…when something happens and he's gone, I kind of fall apart. I feel like sometimes I'm too dependant on him, or something. I don't know what it is, I don't need him to be happy but I need him to be around. It's more like i need him around to feel safe." He doesn't know exactly how to word it but he does feel like he's a bit -too- dependant. "And yes, you should write. Pick some night and let it be your writing night. Also, we still have a bad movie to make."

Connor reaches up and over and very gently pokes Robyn between the eyes, "That one I can answer… because I'm going through something of the same thing…" A more familiar smile returns as he then says, "You're not dependant on him, you're afraid that when he goes out, he won't come back again… not because of Sinister, or something else… but because you've come to rely on him as your base… your support. Am I right?"

"So is that what it is with James, that kind of 'protective' vibe he gives out? And I know he hates his form but I like his Hyena-ness." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I find physical mutations to be cool, like James, Six, Jade…but I'm getting off topic. He kinda is my support. I never needed one, or had one. Not like that." Actually back home, that was his parents but it's hard for a teen to compare emotional support with parents versus boyfriend. "With James though…he's awesome, and you're awesome, but I don't envy you with that crush just cause…like I said, I don't think he's interested in a relationship."

Connor starts fidgetting… moving back and forth… even reaching down and rearranging his food a bit, and dabbing up the crumbs in a napkin… then even going so far as to get up, get some water… and clean a spot on the table where his food landed… all with an oddly intense nature to it. When he finally settles again, he calms and then replies, "He…" Faltering a moment and covering with coffee, "Robyn… I really can't explain it! I'm trying to think about why… this is just so messed up! I shouldn't even be bothered by it. I never was before… but I think… it's because… when no one else is around… when no one's watching him and judging him… he's nice to me. Real, honest… nice…" Tears forming as if the admission was rather painful it seems.

Robyn reaches over and takes Connor's hand in his and there's a friendly, kind smile on his face. "Connor, believe me, I know. James..he's a complex guy but he's really nice. Him and I have had those moments where he's really honest, nice. He really does care about things and he really is a nice guy, he's just…he's playful in his own way. I think he inheritied the personality of a Hyena when he changed, or he's always been that way, I dunno."

Connor wipes at himself, cleaning up, "This isn't me… normally I'm so much more together than this Robyn… really I am. This would be so much easier if I was back home… be just 'that guy'. But then… people started reaching out, and so did I… now this. I feel like a wreck… hell… worse than that…" And the only-warm coffee in his other hand is downed in rapid order, "Now I don't even want to go back to my own room because there's someone there disrupting all the careful calm and effort I put into things… but at the same time… I didn't even give him a fair shake. There's a reason he is how he is, and that's no excuse for me turning into a sullen wreck because my private room isn't private anymore."

"Maybe you're roommates for a reason Connor, but maybe that's bullshit." Robyn says trying to make Connor grin a bit. "I'm sorry, I wish things were easier, but they're not. But now that people have reached out to you, and you've reached back, how does that aspect of things make you feel?" Is he playing psychiatrist, maybe but not intentionally. "I think when the time comes, you'll be glad that you did."

"Vulnerable", is the first word out of him, without even thinking, as Connor adds, "People… people like you… or him… or Chloe or Mike… or Rashmi… they can hurt me now. I know I shouldn't think of it in those terms… but… I'm trusting them. And I tried reaching that same trust out today, and it was swatted down… and I'm a bit stung by that, I suppose."

"Some people are just jerks, like Theo, but with Quenton, well either he could be a big jerk or it could be his way of dealing with it." Robyn says as he finishes his cookie and pushing his hair out of his face, which flops right back where it was. "Think about it, you found out you're a mutant, you're dealing with super powers then you're throw into a school with all mutants aways from your friends and family. You and I can handle it one way, lashing out is maybe how Quenton is handling. Honestly, we don't know." Robyn says hoping it's more that then the 'big jerk' part. "And about the vulnerable and hurting you now, Connor, I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt you. Neither would Rashmi or Mike." He doesn't know Chloe as well.

Connor shakes his head as he bites into the muffin, catching the crumbs, and eating so neatly it's almost an alien experience to watch. Once he's finished, he then says, "It's part of this… this disorder thing. I've always had poor social skills… I can pretend well, but my own have been lacking. So… one of the anxieties has always been how people will treat me once I've outed myself. Not many people understand mental disorders… they don't realize that it's a literal crap shoot ANYONE's brain functions right in the first place. My first therapist told me I latched onto cleaning because it pleased my parents… they were happy, I could be happy. So… when stress hit, I would clean, and thus… something in my head once everything was perfectly organized according to it… was happy. Comfortable. But that barely seems to explain it properly. YOu know?"

"How you describe it makes sense. I've never had any mental disorders, so I don't know. I just know I don't handle stress too well and I've had to go through therapy with Dr. Parker-Mayfair for trauma, but how you say it, I can understand." Robyn says as he doesn't think any less of Connor for his issues. "I've never had the greatest social skills either. I didn't have many friends, they weren't even real friends, before I came here. I was picked on a bit at school cause I was…eccentric. I was so afraid to even come out of the closet at my old school, but, I dunno. I like having friends now.

Connor finally smiles a bit, "You are not eccentric… eccentric people are rich… you're just crazy." Smirking a bit more as he recomposes himself, and then says quietly, "Thanks… I made a decision to finally own up to a lot of stuff… like I said before. Funny thing is… first person I told was James. And all he did was give me this look… like… nothing I could read… I couldn't tell what he really thought of me… or my decision. Especially with… well… accepting that I've got this condition, and my powers are making it worse. And being responsible enough to manage it until I can't, and honest enough to tell people when I've crossed that line."

Robyn laughs at the crazy comment and shakes his head. "No, I'm not rich, not even close." He says with a smile and doesn't say it like it's a bad thing. "James…well…sometimes he gets kind of…uncomfortable when people open up. I dunno, when him and I end up talking it's usually cause shit has gone wrong and we just end up talking. Maybe just try to be…hrm…not pour your heart out right away and let a friendship build?"

The immediate response is, "You mean… stop being vulnerable and showing him I do have something in here… right?" Patting his chest before motioning towards the stand, "You want something to go?" Connor asks softly, "I think I'm beginning to feel human again."

Robyn shakes his head and stands up with Connor. "Nah, I'm fine. Just anytime you wanna get away for a bit, just say Robyn, I need coffee time, and we'll heat out to Salem Center, okay?" He just wants to help his friend adjust and be a friend for him when he needs it. "And yes, stop being so vulnerable and show him you are something." He says with a smile. "And also, I gotta drag you into the city soon."

Connor sighs once, "Can we wait until I'm a little less stressed before we try New York? Last thing you want to do is unleash ME on a city like that in the middle of a stress freak-out, right?" Grinning a bit before he then slings his pack up and over his shoulder, before murmuring, "Want to cheat back? You know…" And instead of saying it, he just puts his finger in his mouth and *POP*

"Well I don't mean this week, but I think you'd like it there. There's a lot of neat stuff there." Robyn then grins as the cheat is mentioned and he nods. "Sure, that sounds like it could be fun! I've never teleported with you before so it should be fun. Let's go around around back first so we're not seen."

Connor nods once as he straightens himself up, and then says, "Leave a tip for the barista, and I'll catch you outside…" Patting Robyn's shoulder and then ruffling his hair before heading to the front door and outside and around back to wait for him, hands going back into his pockets as he paces a moment, mumbling to himself, "Warn him first… so he won't freak, Connor… you owe it to him…"

Robyn leaves a tip for the barista, putting it in large yellow mug that says 'Thanks a Latte, Have a Grande!' Coffee house humour. He heads around back and smiles at Connor. "So can do you it in one jump? I don't really know how teleporting works, I've only done it once with some weird cat guy when Jono was evil and…long story." He says shaking his head with a smile.

Connor takes his phone from his pocket, and starts looking through a series of images… shots from the school grounds, like surveillance photos… flipping through until he finds one of the main Dormitory hall at the entrance, "This'll do… my teleporting requires me to have an image in my mind… basically… I can't get there unless I know where I'm going." For a good half-minute he studies the image, and then nods, "Okay… it's set… now take my hand." Reaching out with his other hand to Robyn, "And breathe out when I tell you to."

Robyn follows Connors instructions and takes his hand. "Alright, lets go." He doesn't say it but it does show that he trusts Connor. Taking a deep breath he waits for the okay to exhale.

Connor looks back at the image, and mumbles to himself, "Visualize…" Then his eyes close, "Connect…" And you suddenly feel like gravity is attempting to reverse itself around you, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, as he nods to you, and says, "Initiate!"

The sensation of falling for a long moment, accompanied by a bonechilling cold that threatens to seep in… but in that brief moment Robyn can hear it… it's like standing in the center of a stadium of thousands, all of them trying to talk to him at once, all of them clamoring for attention… and then it's gone once more as his feet touch down in the Ramsey Dorms…

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Once they are back at the dormitories, Robyn is just silent for a bit, as if his brain is trying to process what happened and what he just saw/heard. After a few moments of standing there Robyn takes a few deep breaths. "Wow, is that what you have to go through every time you teleport, that's kind of…crazy."

Connor takes a couple breaths to recover himself, and end sup letting Robyn go, and flopping onto one of the couches down here, "No… it's not so loud… unless I take a telepath with me… it's like you're a magnifier… normally… I can barely hear it. I'm just gonna… right here…" And he's out like a light…

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