2011-05-07: Bad Shoe Auction


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Summary: Follows Lemme Break It Down Making sure that Joan is alright after the events in Union Square Tony tries to get her to open up a bit in conversation and ends up showing her his collection of shoes he's only worn once if at all.

Date: May 7, 2011

Log Title: Bad Shoe Auction

Rating: PG

NYC- Stark Towers- Tony Stark's Apt

Union Square turned out to be a bust. All the way back to the Towers Tony told Pepper that he's giving up going out to enjoy walking amongst people and in general, parks and gathering places. Every time he did so something went terribly wrong. When he arrives he's worked all of his angst over the ruined day out of his system and sends the suit off to a corner of his lab. Hopping quickly into the shower to wash off eau de hero he then dries off and pulls on clothing from the small closet beside the bath. Lost yet another shirt, shorts, and pair of sneakers as well as a pair of shades. Riding the elevator up to the parking level he lets security know that Joan is coming in with his car so they don't hassle her, and he himself is standing where he told her to go with the Audi once she got into the garage.

And poor Joan had a terrifying time driving an absolutely amazing car across town. Not only is she driving this super expensive car (What if someone dinged it?!), there's also this adorable dog in it! The woman manages not to have a nervous breakdown by the time she parks the Audi in it's appropriate spot. She climbs out of that car, letting Athena free, and realizes you've changed one bad outfit for another. Oy. That helps though. Joan finds herself smiling. He's Iron Man. An Avenger. Billionaire, and he can't even dress himself. That also makes him very human, which she kind of needs right now. Leash in hand, that's offered to you. "She's a wonderful dog. I'm glad she wasn't hurt."

The car makes its way into the appropriate parking space then dog and woman emerge. "Thank you," for the wonderful comment about his dog. "I'm glad the both of you were unharmed." Meaning Joan and Athena not Athena and the Audi. Had to mentally clarify that. "Would you like to come up? I'm sure I have one of those bags similar to yours stuffed away in one of the kitchen drawers." And if not you're at least upstairs and he can offer you a drink or a snack of some sort. The last hour or two have been incredibly stressful.

Hey, Joan's feeling exactly the same. Phew! Neither car nor dog were injured in the making of this picture. "You're welcome." As she hands the leash over. The bag? Oh, right. Returns to the car for that bag. Almost forgot that, which would have made getting home hard. The offer of coming up has the woman hesitating, but after a moment she nods. For once she accepts it in the spirit it was offered. "Don't worry about the bag. Really. It's something I got cheap at some grocery store. Easily replaced. I didn't lose anything important." Shakes that bag to make it jangle with keys. Yep, still there. Show the way and she walks with you, holding that bag with both hands. "I've never seen that armor before. In person. That was amazing."

Tony shows Joan over to the elevator as Athena prances like she's a princess about to show off her castle in the clouds. The elevator is still at the parking level since it is the weekend so there is no wait at least for getting in. "If I have one it's yours. No sense in having to carry around a broken bag if you can have a new one." That and it would make things easier on Joan. As the doors close on them Tony punches in the floor button though the AI will pick up the signals sent from him to allow the elevator to climb to the apartment level. "Liked that did you?" Smiles over at you. "I'd rather have not had to pull it on in the first place but the situation had gotten out of hand."

Deciding it's not worth arguing about as it's a bag you can get for a dollar, Joan puts on a smile and lets you promise her one. Standing there with hands clasped before her, and around the bag, she finds herself chuckling as you smile. Well, that found a smile in you. "Actually I was intimidated." There wasn't a whole lot of pleasure while that all was going on. "That armor is intimidating." A pause and another nod, "I wish you didn't have to either. That girl Tabitha was frightening. Not because of her appearance, but her behavior. Did you see her? She tore into people. What do they say? Oh yes, excessive force? If she copied me she killed people." Which worries the woman a good deal. "But it was a game for her. Is that normal?"

“What good would I be if I didn't look intimidating? No one fears a cuddly super hero.” Merely teasing the poor woman standing next to him as the floor numbers continue to climb on the finger board. There's a heavy sigh for talk of Tabitha as that girl was trouble incarnate. “She's had a rough life. I did not see most of what happened but what I did notice was disconcerting. His suit spat back information on Joan the second he looked at her as the sensors did a sweep. Invulnerability and super strength. It was a fairly common combination for mutants to have. They've reached the apartment floor where Tony let's Athena off her leash. The puppy races to her water bowl to inhale some water as Tony sets the leash down on a table near the elevator. “Please, come in and have a seat.” If she does he moves towards the kitchen opening cabinets searching for a bag for her. “Would you like a drink?”

"Then it's working as intended." You are making a joke and she's taking it seriously. Yeah, rattled. Not enough she entirely froze, but it's hitting hard now that things are over. Joan doesn't comment about
rough lives, but she does say, "That doesn't justify some of what she did." Head off and the woman stops to watch Athena inhale some water. The offer to sit is kind of missed as Joan drops down to scoop up the nearly empty dish and follow into the kitchen to fill it. Ah, sink. That bag is left on a counter. Water runs and she looks over a shoulder at you. For some reason there's a little smile. "Guess I can't buy my own here, huh? Water? Please." With puppy scooting around feet, that water dish is placed back down, and Athena pet a little.

Tony chuckles. Working as intended? Makes him think of video games. “It really doesn't. I'll end up talking to her in the next few days. There are quite a few things that should not have happened.” Still amused Tony finds the cabinet that houses the glasses. Bringing a glass over to the fridge the button is depressed to fill the glass. Once that glass is filled up he brings it over to set it down on the counter for you. Athena has dove back into the water bowl until she's satisfied then off she goes to find her baby and to drag it over to her bed where she collapses. Long day so far for the poor dog. “Ah,” having finally found the right drawer to pull out one of those shopping bags. Success! Tony crosses across the kitchen to set the bag down next to the broken one. “How're you doing?” He's standing about arms length away from you.

Since Joan has no desire at all to be responsible for Tabitha she nods that Tony will talk to the girl. Nothing is asked of that, as it honestly isn't her business. Glasses are filled and the woman is watching Athena settle down. It's a brief watch and soon her gaze returns to the inventor. "Thank you." For the glass, which she doesn't touch as of yet. Well, and for the bag. Joan smiles faintly for the finding of it. Such a silly thing. Asked, the woman sighs and shrugs. "I don't know yet." Arms are wrapped around herself and she leans back against the counter. "I'm uncertain, unsettled. Uncomfortable is another word." There's a hint of humor there, and eyes shift away as she puts on a smile. "How am I suppose to be doing?" Not an accusation at all, and more rhetorical than anything else.

“About as you are.” Tony's tone is very soft. She has all the time in the world to stop him as he lifts his hands up to rest at her shoulders offering silently for her to accept a hug. She's rattled for certain, maybe its even shocked, and perhaps this could help her. If she wants no part of the offered hug he aborts the gesture and ushers her towards the couch where she can find herself draped by a throw blanket that had been resting atop the couch. In either case he talks to her. “Do you want to talk through it? What was said was no doubt upsetting but have you ever been near that sort of violence before?”

She shouldn't accept the hug, and there is a good deal of discomfort there, but Joan can't turn it down. Uncomfortable as to who is offering, but right now the woman needs that comfort. Slow to react, there's a sigh and she leans against the inventor. Probably shouldn't do this. Yep, she's clearly listening to that inner voice, isn't she? "Not sure what there's to talk about." Voice a touch muffled for face kind of being hidden against a nicely broad shoulder. But as to whether she's been through this kind of thing before? "..Yes." Quiet that. "Two gunmen broke into my home when I was a teen and killed my family. That's how I discovered my powers. I don't do very well with violence since then." That's not exactly the entire truth, but then she shouldn't really be telling this to begin with, even in generals. Joan figures that you are Tony Stark. If you wanted to know anything about her you'd likely already know.

For once Tony has not taken control of the situation simply because he'd rather Joan have the chance to talk through how she feels. Having been outed in public by a remorseless teen, and to have to be around a riot and get accosted is not an easy thing to deal with once the adrenaline started to crash. His touch is light and comforting if a bit awkward for he's not done this all that often. "That's horrible," frowning as he rests his temple to her head. "Did the police manage to send them up the river at least? I know it's nowhere near enough but at least it would have been something." The thing about Tony is that he won't pry into other people's affairs unless it's absolutely necessary. With Joan? She's his friend so why would he pry?

It's better you don't take control. She's uncomfortable as it stands. Just a hug helps though, even if the topic is a troublesome one. A shake of a head and she says, "No." The police didn't catch them. "There was no way to find out who they were." Once she learns Tony doesn't pry she'll appreciate that. For now the woman has a lot of strange concepts of how things work. Imagination and the media make for a skewed world view when it comes to heroes. Joan decides the hug is soon over and gently pulls away. There's that care never to hold too tight, even if she errs on the side of caution. That she wouldn't truly fight Tony over her datapad must make more sense now. "I was placed with a foster family in Brooklyn, halfway across the country. If they attacked anyone else I've never known." But she assumes they have.

Tony apologies for the failings of the police department in regards to the murder of her parents. He can't imagine what it must have been like to be a part of that dramatic event and live through it because of her particular mutation. He's no stranger to death or losing parents but nowhere near her particular situation. Sometimes being known as Tony Stark or Iron Man tilts the scale when someone wants to speak to him which makes things rather difficult given he's not entirely like his public persona's. Not many get close enough to actually see the other side however so if Joan is lucky enough to squeak in under his guard then she'll stand a fair chance of knowing that he's really just a tragic human being under all the gleaming.
When she wants to part the hug Tony releases her though he remains close before offering to move to the living room. If she ever makes known that she's not so much afraid but cautious of her abilities he'll talk with her about it as it would take quite a lot to really hurt him. "Do you know why they attacked your family? Was it entirely random or was there something more to it? I don't mean to pry about this. I am curious and would like to get to know you better. There's obviously a lot more to you than awesome shoes and that you're an amazing motorcycle racer with a savvy business mind."

"Thank you." for the sympathy. The couch is working a magic on her and is allowing her to relax. There's a sheepish look about government things. "I've been in therapy for years." Joan admits. "And considering the FBI have been working on this for years, I've seen my fair share of black SUVs." The smile isn't all that great, but she sure tries. That you think she should meet Jennifer, well that's surprising. "I know her, but no, most guys don't leer." Color creeps into her cheeks as this topic is nearly as uncomfortable as the others. Just in different ways. "I don't get noticed much. That I know of anyway." And if the guys are leering they are doing it from a distance. Joan finds your forbidden shoe collection funny and she covers her mouth with a hand as she glances away. "Do you wear them anyway?" Mindful of that bad outfit Tony is wearing.

"I've had various interesting organizations entering my home since before I was born. At least now I can avoid them in interesting ways," Tony grins mischievously from where he's sinking into the corner of the couch. How could men not be looking upon her appreciatively? Despite the fact that she's tall, slender, and takes care of herself there's other factors such as her smile, her attitude, and lord knows she brightens up wherever she may simply by being there. The blind were indeed blind or perhaps she was blind to them? See? She's trying hard not to laugh which brings about quite the smile. "Of course I do. She can't really avoid me for long though she does roll her eyes at me and always makes me pay later in some fashion. You want to take a look? I warn that my closet is the size of a small apartment and one can get lost in there. Not lying."

Interesting ways to avoid them. "I'd say so." That armor counts as one to be sure. Joan looks down to her boots, stretching out her legs some, toes together as she watches the gleam those spangles on the boots give. "Good." That Tony doesn't avoid his shoes just because someone says they should. The offer to see the closet has her blinking at the man. "..I'm not really sure I should be rooting around the closet of a man I barely know. Especially not a closet I could get lost in. Shoes won't keep me warm when I find myself in Narnia with the magical talking animals." Looks like Joan is already feeling better. "But okay. I can't resist a good pair of shoes. Or maybe a bad pair in this case."

Tony falls over himself with laughter about his closet apparently leading to Narnia. "Aww c'mon…I've got enough coats in there that you could snag a few then go meet the fawn and the beavers and be back in time to watch Robot Wars." Does point at her with his index finger, a raised eyebrow, and a semi-serious lit to his voice, "They're not bad….all bad." With a shake of his head he pops up from the couch with a fluidity than no human should be capable of. "They're mostly sneakers and boots. I think I own one pair of dress shoes that I purposely lose which annoys the hell out of Potts." Shows Joan to his room and directly into the closet as Jarvis flips on the lights for him. There is of course clothing hanging on both sides which surprisingly isn't all that bad when on hangers. One side is clearly for when he must attend important meetings or events whereas the other side is casual and normally what he can be seen wearing. Along the floor on both sides are cabinets that display shoes on slanted shelving that follow the entire length of the wall. Four rows of various oddities chief among them the red n'gold sneakers that are the only pair that are facing in a direction the others are not. For he wears those quite a bit.

"Does she ever win that battle?" Joan asks of Pepper and the dress shoes. All questions stop however once she sees that closet. Eyes go wide for this one. "You weren't kidding." Hands are soon clasped behind her back to keep from touching expensive suits, but those red and gold shoes aren't lost on her. A look back and a smile. "Your favorites?" For they are treated differently than the rest. Doesn't touch those either, but soon she's pulling out a neon pair. "Are you trying to be visible from orbit?" Holds it up for easier viewing. She should have brought her sunglasses. "What's that internet program that lets you see your house from space? You could have a Tony Stark shoe special."

"Not often. Next time I'm at some event look for the picture and check out the shoes. I once wore a pair of Doc Martens that had a glow in the dark sole to some film opening. It was fun to walk through the dark illuminating the carpet." Clearly he's very comfortable in Joan's presence and trying to get her mind off of what happened not too long ago in Union Square. "Nope. If you feel like you're about to get eaten by winter coats I'll rescue you." There's a nod as she spots his most beloved pair of sneakers for which he explains that they were a gift from a college student who had made them as a part of their fashion project. "Would you believe that no one's ever commented on those shoes? Sometimes I just wear things to see if people are really paying attention or not. Like these…" Pulls out a pair that looks like a Picasso painting exploded on them. "I've been thinking of letting Pepper create a shoe auction and whatever proceeds would go to a charity. People can be quite crazy when it comes to stuff like this." Waves the Picasso shoes around before putting them back. "Oh my God Tony Stark wore these like once I'll pay two grand!" He flails his hands about in excitement.

Once had? "Are they gone?" Asked in sadness. A glow in the dark pair would be awesome. Joan puts that neon shoe back where she founds it. People don't say anything? "I think it's because people are trying to be polite, Mr Stark." There's another of those smiles though. The red and gold shoes are awesome, but then so are the Picasso pair. "These are awesome." Said of those. Let her and she looks one of them over, putting it back where it was resting originally. "Oh please. You could say Tony Stark walked three feet near this pair and people would buy them." Sarcasm there. "But you would certainly get a good amount of funding for all this. Or that you would part with anyway." Moves on, and shakes her head over one of the ugly pairs. "I'm not sure anyone would buy this one though." A grimace there. Inside her head Joan's wondering why Tony Stark has to be so adorable? On top of everything else.

Tony nods, "You saw what happens to my clothing when I have to jump into a situation. They were an unfortunate loss awhile back but the cause was worth it, always is." Poor guy goes through more clothing than most people go through socks. "People polite? Are you kidding me?" There's laughter as he goes about pulling out various horrors for Joan to look at. "I tend not to look at those internet sites that blast people about their fashion choices. It's really bad around award shows and things such as the Cannes festival." He's having fun heckling his shoe collection and there are quite a few in there that are actually really fashionable though hidden amongst the crazy ones. "You don't think so? There has to be some crazy person out there that would want purple and blue Doc's with a yellow tread. Maybe we could weed through this mess one day in the future and you could help me unload most of them. I tend to donate money to Children's charities and relief efforts so we'd have to see who needs more assistance." Picks up a pair of shoes that he clacks together so they blink red lights.

A very sad look for that. To lose so much. Joan understands however, as lives come over shoes. Even ones that glow in the dark. The laughter is infectious and there's a warm smile for it. "I'm not talking about internet sites, or celebrity shows, Mr Stark, but the people on the street. I'm sorry, but you are something of a fashion disaster most of the time. No one is going to comment about your shoes when they are trying to be polite." Or maybe she doesn't keep attention because she tells people the truth. "Which sadly means even the neat shoes." Like this pair here. Claim that someone would buy the bad ones and Joan laughs. Not quite the bright laughter she'll be able to once she's truly feeling better, but it's at least laughter. "You have your Maria Stark foundation. Or did you want to select something else? I can certainly look into it. I enjoyed setting up that last event. I'd never done that before." It was quite the challenge. Then the blinky shoes. She brightens some. "You have blinky shoes? I had no idea they made them in adult sizes anymore."

"Hmm, you're probably right. Then again most people want something from me so their more inclined to forgive my fashion horrors. You're actually one of the few who has ever mentioned that I'm a fashion cripple. In my defense when I'm in a suit I'm not that bad." Give or take the sunglasses and the shoes that are on with that suit. "Something else actually. My mothers foundation dispenses funds throughout the year from a list. I'm hoping to find a worthy charity that has slipped through the cracks." Tony talks about how well she did with the art gala paying quite a few compliments though slightly teasing about the Doritos and inquires as to whether someone purchase that horrid statue they'd used as a chair briefly. "Oh! How did those stocks do for you?" Remembers that now! The blinky shoes are sat down as they keep twinkling for another moment before turning off. "They don't make them anymore though I have my ways. I honestly don't know why they stopped as a great many kids at heart would love to have a pair. You remember LA Lights? That was good times."

Joan smiles at the man sweetly, "I'd want you to dress better? Does that count?" For he looks amazing in a suit, even with his bad shoes. "People could even forgive your shoes I imagine if you did." Still teasing though. Like which clothing Tony wears is all that important in the grand scheme of things. Let him be happy with that. The compliments have her looking down, but the statue has Joan looking back and laughing. "No, no one did. It was shipped back to the artist. I nearly charged him for shipping frees, but I am kindhearted." About the charity, "I'll see what I can dig up. Shall I forward things to Miss Potts?" That seems the logical thing to her. Stocks? Oh! "Your advice was spot on. I didn't pick all of them, but those I did have been working nicely. It's only been a few weeks though." And those were long term things. "I very much appreciate the advice." If they go well she's set for life. "Maybe they stopped because of idiots like that guy who did a robbery and then tried to run from cops, in the dark, wearing blinky shoes?" A near grin for that one.

"Oh ouch…" Tony laughs leaning back against the only wall in the closet not covered up by some article of clothing. "It doesn't really matter for I could care less what the masses think about my eccentric wardrobe." Pulls out a shirt that's the same color as Joan's hair currently is. That gets tucked back away as he's laughing about what she nearly did to the poor artist that sent that piece of ….can't call it art. "Oh dear Gods no. If you tell Pepper about this she'll come through here and chuck everything and then where would I be?" Very glad that the stocks ended up working out for you. "You're welcome, Joan." Big brown eyes, and a warm smile as he comes over to where she's standing, "I remember that. I thought it was hilarious to tell the truth." He doesn't want to keep her from the rest of her day so he offers to drive her home and if she accepts they could chat on the way over to her place and perhaps he might even be given her cell number though he could easily pull it off Pepper's phone.

Joan waves a hand in an effort to assure that her words have no weight. "If it makes you happy then you shouldn't dress any other way." Her opinion shouldn't even begin to change that. There's a look about not telling Pepper, but that makes a smile spread, "Oh, I should also tell her that you want to get rid of everything but the suits too, right?" Especially that yellow shirt. She's smiling back though, unable not to in the face of Tony's own. The drive home is appreciated, and while uncertain all over again, Joan does give that phone number. After all, Potts does indeed already have it. There's a good night and Joan goes inside to hide the rest of the night. Today has been the strangest one in a long, long while.

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