2011-08-11: Barnes Interview


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Summary: Vance brings Kai to meet Jessica and Rashmi for a interview to see if he's Barnes Material.

Date: August 8, 2011

Log Title: Barnes Interview

Rating: PG

NYC - Sweet Cafe

Located on the eastern side of the Central Park Lake is the Sweet Cafe, a cozy cafe for diners. With tables located on the raised plaza overlooking the water and an excellent menu, customers can enjoy typical cafe food while they enjoy the serenity of the view. With a moderate wine list a variety of foods this place is comfortable for all sorts of diners.

After hearing that Vance found a potential new recruit, Jessica set up a meeting outside of Barnes. Dressed every bit the professional woman, she wears a grey business suit, heels and her long black hair is down past her shoulders. She sits at a table outside overlooking the Conservatory Water, the night sky reflecting beautifully, with one of her students, Rashmi, next to her as she waits for Vance to show up with the boy he mentioned. Looking over at Rashmi, Jessica smiles. "Just order what ever you would like, even though some of the desserts here may look a bit strange they are quite good."

Rashmi blinks at Jessica, bobbing her head once in understanding and tugging at the hem of her own charcoal-colored suit; her default for showing up to work at Ms. Walters' office. "Thanks, Ma'am, but um…" Tilting her head to one side, she scratches the back of her neck. "…Not sure why you asked me to come with? I mean of course I don't mind, just, sort of confused, is all."

Dressed in a semi-professional manner, but appropriate for the summer in khakis and an orange polo shirt, Vance stands outside the Sweet Caf with Kai. Smiling at the teen, Vance offers some words of encouragement. "This will go well. Just be yourself and all will fall into place." He exhales, "Now or never." He opens the door and nods to Jessica and Rashmi. Holding the door open for Kai, "We'll be meeting with them."

Standing outside the dafe with Vance Kai takes several deep breaths, "You don't happen to be psychic as well as telekinetic do you?", he's dressed in a yellow t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red converse and has his school bag over his shoulder, he looks past Vance at the two women they're meeting, "I knew i should've dress more formally".

Looking at Rashmi, Jessica gives her a confident smile. "Just follow my lead, I'll be asking a few questions in regards to a potential new student. I know you're quite observant so feel free to interject with any questions you might have." She says before Vance approaches. She stands up and offers a hand to her fellow Avenger. "Hello Vance, it's a pleasure to see you again. This must be who you told me about. I'm Jessica Drew." She says introducing herself. "And this is Rashmi, she's here as my guest."

Rashmi's eyebrows rise at her inclusin into this interview, but says nothing — largely due to the fact that Vance and his guest are already in earshot. Following the Agent's lead, she rises from her seat, bobbing her head and smiling brightly as her name is given. "Pleasure to see you again, sir," she says to Vance, extending her hand to the Avenger.

Allowing Kai to walk slightly ahead of him Vance opts to play a minimal role in this opportunity for Kai. He has faith that the teen will do well. Offering another smile and nod, "Jessica. Rashmi. It's good to see you both as well. I'd like to introduce you to Kai Oaken. And yes, he is who I told you about." He takes Rashmi's hand and offers a firm handshake as he quirks his brow as he is still not used to being called 'sir'. With that he remains at the table but takes a seat more to the side to allow his fellow Avenger and her accompanying Barnes student the chance to interview Kai.

Kai walks towards Jessica and Rashmi still taking deep breaths, when his names is given he gives his best attempt of a smile and offers a hand to the two women, "Hello, it's nice to meet you", he's a little worried by Rashmi's presance, he was told thet he was meeting one person.

Sitting back down, Jessica crosses her legs and picks up the menu again to glance at it. "We haven't ordered anything to eat yet, so feel free to look through while we talk business." She's not one to beat around the bush and play cat and mouse games. "So I hear you have a potential student." She says looking at Kai. "Do you care to explain to me more about young Kai here and why he has potential?"

Rashmi shakes Kai's hand when offered, nodding and smiling gently. "Good to meet you too, Kai," she says, before sitting back down again, opening her menu to give it a once-over, perking her eyebrow at Jessica's question and glancing up to show her interest as well.

"Thank you for the offer of food." Grabbing a menu for a moment to peruse, Vance looks up respectfully at his teammate when he is asked about him, "Kai is a cryokinetic, who has had some difficulty with his powers. Though despite that, he has been placed in situations where he assisted in encounters with powered foes including an encounter with Patches. I had tried working with him one on one, but even I found the task of teaching him in private somewhat difficult. I feel with staff and services provided the Academy, he would be an ideal student for training. Also, he is good-natured and kind-hearted and as demonstrated in the encounter with Patches, he assisted in trying to contain a situation. Willing to risk himself when placed in a danger to assist others and the need for him to be trained properly with appropriate influences makes me think he is a good candidate."

Kai really doesn't feel like eating so instead focuses on any questions that may come his way, so far the only question has gone to Vance who gave one hell of an answer, didn't know he thought so highly of him, he flexes his fingers under the table, a decides to ask for some water if a waitress comes over, till then he does his best to sit up straight and make a good impression.

Jessica looks at Kai for a bit almost like she's studying him, but her expression doesn't betray what she's thinking. "Mmmhmmm." Is all she comments. "What about you Kai. All I'm hearing is Vance here talking about you. What do you have to say about yourself?"

As the waitress comes by, Rashmi looks up, folding the menu and setting it in front of her. "Apple crisp, please? No ice cream, thanks… oh, and hot tea. Thank you!" Her order made, she sits back in her chair, slipping a PDA out of the bookbag resting next to her chair. By this point, the redhead has slipped more or less into assistant mode, letting Jessica guide the interview until her perspective is actually needed.

As the waittress comes his way, he orders a scone and looking at Rashmi, "Some tea might be nice too." He smiles to her as he asks for a lemon with the tea and then turns his attention to Kai. Vance can only do so much. If Kai wants this, he better make it happen.

As Jessica looks at him Kai stares back trying to figure out what she's thinking, as the waitress arrives he smiles, "Can i just have a glass of water please?", his attention returns to Jessica when she asks him about himself, "Well like Vance said, i can do stuff with ice but my control with it isn't very good, but i wanna learn how to control it, and i'm willing to do whatever it takes, and i am a really hard worker when it comes to things that are important, i've got report cards and stuff in my bag to prove it", he takes a breath, "I think that this school must be a good thing if you help people with powers, and i want to be part of it".

Jessica orders a green tea and a garlic scone and hands her menu to the waitress. She nods as she listens to Kai. "I'm not asking about your powers, I understand you have them. I'm just wondering why you think you'll be a good addition to the school and why you want to go there. What is it that you want besides learning control?" She looks at Vance for a bit before smiling. "Rashmi here was invited because she showed potential. Not just because she has powers or because she's a hard worker. We saw something in her that not all people with powers have."

Rashmi flushes slightly at the compliment, clearing her throat and tapping a few things into the PDA. "Also, it helps to have a plan… I mean if you were going to apply for a loan to go to NYU, what would you tell them? Is there something you'd want to get out of Barnes, specifically, that you couldn't go to another college for?" Pausing, she flushes again, shaking her head. "…Okay bad question really, *I'm* going to Barnes for a law degree myself… but still. What Ms. Drew wants to know is why her school, y'know?" (re)

"Of course. While I think power control is important, I actually waited quite a few months before actually recommending him. His powers aside, three things stood out for me. When I first met Kai, I became aware that he was being bullied at his high school. And despite the incredible power he has, he chose not to seek revenge. Partially for fear of what might happen to the bullies. Also, when we encountered Patches, he joined in the fight while not having too much control, but trying anyway to help out. Thankfully others were there to assist too. And his willingness to learn, not just about his powers, but who he is, really. A question we all had at that age." Blushing a bit "A question people have at any age really." When Rashmi speaks, Vance nods and half-smiles as he would actually like to know what Kai's answer to that would be.

Kai is quiet for about thirty seconds as he thinks about Rashmi's question, what does he want?, "Other than making sure i don't hurt anyone?", what does he want regardless of his powers maybe?, "Well before all this my plan was to join the army when i get older like my dad did, fighting to protect people back home seems like the best use of my life, it's what my dad did and it's what i've wanted to do since i was a kid, i don't know if your school is the best choice to achieve that but…", he nods, "With or without my powers thats what I want".

"Thank you Vance but I believe you explained that all earlier. My question was to see what Kai hoped to get out of Barnes, not what you want to have Kai get out of Barnes." Jessica says before looking over at Kai. She looks at Kai and gives him a smile and nods. "Tell me a bit about your father, what was his name? Also I'm curious Kai, how did you obtain your powers?"

Rashmi glances up, eyebrow rising as Kai tells his story. Nodding to herself, she notes a couple things down on her PDA, smiling and nodding her thanks as the waitress brings their orders by. With Jessica asking her questions, Rashmi is back in the role of assistant, keeping quiet for now.

Impressed by Jessica's demeanor, Vance nods and offers his thanks to waitress when she brings his scone and tea. He looks to Kai and opts to remain silent for the remainder of the meeting but to offer moral support. He looks between everyone present and cannot help but think back to his own first try and rejection from the Avengers from Captain America. He sympathizes for Kai, and while hoping for a positive outcome, whatever happens, he hopes Kai learns from this and grows, as Vance himself is learning from this.

Kai smiles, "My dad is Micheal Oaken and as corny as it may sound, he's my hero, he wasn't always around when i was growing up but he had a good reason, he was fighting to protect this country and even then he did his best to be there for my birthday and was there for my first day of high school, he's the best dad i could hope for", he takes a deep breath before going into the subject of his powers, "I don't know how i got my powers, but a while back i woke up after a nightmare and there was a layer of ice covering my walls, then a few days later i reached for a glass of water and froze it, and it's sort of continued from there but gotten stronger".

Jessica takes out her smart phone and starts to enter a few things into it as she listens to Kai, nodding as he talks. "Have you ever been tested for the x-gene?" She asks curiously. "I know a lot of teenagers who suddenly get powers are tested if they're a mutant or not. Also did your father react okay to your sudden appearance of super powers?"

Rashmi glances up now and again from her PDA, her attention split between her notes and the conversation. Once everything is jotted down, she takes a bite of her dessert, closing her eyes in appreciation. "Um… thanks again, Ma'am," she says, before settling back in her chair with teacup and PDA to continue her work.

Kai shakes his head, "No i havn't but i met a mutant with Vance a couple of months ago who can see mutants and he said i wasn't, at least not completely, he wasn't really sure what i was", he sits back in his chair, "My dad doesn't know, not long after they first showed up, i moved to live with my uncle because my mom has to travel now for work since she got premoted, so my uncle is my current guardian, i told him about my powers resently after Vance said that i would need to and he's pretty freaked but is doing his best to be supporting, i don't wanna give my dad or mom anything to worry about until im sure".

Jessica nods slowly and she taps a few more things into her smart phone. "How much did Vance tell you about Barnes? Did he tell you anything else about what is it that is taught there?" She hasn't asked about his uncle or aunt yet but she's more curious about his father since he has military ties.

Rashmi blinks, eyebrows drawing together for a moment, but a quick glance to one side overrides her question for the moment; Jessica's is more pertinent to the topic at hand, after all, and there's time for tangents later.

Kai shugs, "Not a whole lot really, he'd known about me a while before he even mentioned a place that could help, and even then all i know is that it's a school for people with powers, i only found out the name resently, i don't know anything else about it, i guess you guys have your reasons for being secretive".

Jessica will come back to that topic a little later but she's curious about his uncle. "So what about your aunt and uncle? What do they do for a living? Are they related on your mother or father's side of the family?"

"Not aunt and uncle, just my uncle Kai Danes, he's my mother's brother and he works as an electritian, he's who i'm names after", Kai takes a sip of water, "We get on well, he was round a lot when i was growing up, him and my mom are close".

Jessica nods as she takes a drink from her cup of tea. "Does he have any military ties at all?" She asks curiously. "You see Barnes is a bit of a military school. We've got strong discipline and we do not go easy on our students. We really want to know what your goals are and what you can bring to Barnes Academy besides just wanting to learn more about controlling your powers. What do you wish to do with your powers, just learn control and never use them again?"

Rashmi looks up from her notes, eyebrows rising in interest. This is, after all, the question that determines whether or not most students get *invited* to the school, much less admitted, and deserves her full attention.

Kai shakes his head, "Nope, dads the only one with a connection to the military", he straightens up when Jessica starts talking about discipline, "A military school, so it would be the best place if i wanna join the military when i'm older?, if i learn how to use my powers without accedentaly hurting those around me, i would continue to use my powers, with my abilities i should be able to help more if a situation needed it, also when they're not freaking me out, i sort of like them".

"Which branch of the military is your father in? And what's his speciality?" Jessica asks curiously. "What are your career goals once you get into the military?" She asks Kai wondering if he has any desire of what he wants to do once he's in. "And sorry that I'm asking a lot of questions but we are quite selective in regards to our students, what kind of situations do you consider necessary? Do you plan on putting on a pair of tights and fighting along side the Avengers?" She says in a tone that's almost mocking of the tights and Avengers.

Rashmi's eyes flick sideways at Jessica, a brief frown touching her mouth, but is there and gone before it can mean much. The PDA is brought back up, notes written down, work resumed.

"He's in the army and works in the field artillery branch", Kai bites his lip, "I would like to either work in intelligance or special forces, mainly counter-terrorism, if my kind of abilities can protect those around me when i danger i'd say it's a nessicery situation, but i don't think my powers match up to the power of the Avengers, also not a fan of tights, i had to wear them when i played Peter Pan in a school play a while back".

"So the life of a super hero has no interest to you?" Jessica asks Kai quite curious by his response. "When I asked which branch I mean Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force. I'm wondering what branch you're interesting in applying at. Also how old are you Kai?"

Rashmi blinks quietly, looking up with a slightly puzzled expression. As Jessica asks her question, the redhead lifts a shoulder, returning to her work.

"If that was what i'd have to do to serve my country, yeah the super hero life would interest me, but i would have to work extremely hard to getmy powers up tothat level but i will do that if thats what it takes", Kai finishes the last of the water in his glass, "He's in the Army and thats the branch i'm interested in, i'm seventeen".

"Why Barnes then?" Jessica asks. "I mean it seems like you have big plans with the Army and being a super powered soldier, why don't you just wait the few months until you turn eighteen and learn how to control them through the Army?"

"The Army *does* have a powers training track," Rashmi says. "I've looked into it; there's too many mutants in the country *not* to offer something for powered people who want to serve. It's not easy, of course, but it's pretty much the same thing…"

"I don't turn eighteen for another nine months and it's to big a risk to wait to learn how to control my powers also i'm not going straight into the Army, i'm going to university first to get a degree, which brings me up to at least twenty one before signing up", Kai looks to Rashmi, "If i go into the power training track i may not be able to work in the area i want to, people with powers are still not completely trusted".

"No, they aren't Kai." Jessica says as she hides what she's thinking and feeling with a blank face. "So what will you do to get them to trust you?"

A good question, and one Rashmi is interested to hear the answer to. Sitting up straight, the redhead lowers her PDA, eyes intent on the student.

Kai sighs, "I don't know yet, i was kind of hoping that was something your school might be able to help me learn", can't answer that one does that mean he's failed the interview?, might aswell be completely honest then, "I'd also enjoy the chance to associate with people my age who are like me".

"Well the school can't help you learn everything. You have to find some of the answers yourself. In earning trust, that is something we cannot teach you. That is something you have to earn." Jessica says before smiling ever so slightly. "What do you plan to do to earn our trust? Do you have an idea or plan for that?"

Rashmi tilts her head, curious to hear the answer to this question.

"Other than the fact that you're a military school for people with powers i don't know enough about the school to know what it would take to earn your trust", Kai nods his head conferming something to himself, "But i'll do whatever you see as nessicery for me to earn your trust, i swear".

"It's not about doing what we ask Kai, it's about showing initiative." Jessica says. "Right now I get the feeling that you're not really sure you know what to do with yourself. You say you want to go into the Army but I'm not sure if that is something you really want." She says taking a bit of a pause in her speech to drink from her tea cup slowly. Once she places the cup back on the saucer she says. "Well I have to do a background check, it's mandatory on all our students. Once we have that done I will talk to Vance and either him or I will let you know."

"Actually," Rashmi pipes up, finishing her tea, "we're also going to need your address and Social Ssecurity Number, if we're going to be able to do a proper background check. …Um. Also is there a number we can reach you or your uncle at?"

Kai nods, "Ok i understand, thanks for your time", he reaches into his bag and offers a file to Rashmi, "Everything you should need will be in here, i wasn't really sure what to bring so i brought everything i had", he stands up, "i'm sorry if i wasted your time but i can assure you this is what i want and i will do everything i can to prove it to you", he offers his hand to shake goodbye.

Jessica stands up and puts enough cash down on the table to cover the bill. She gives Kai's hand a shake and nods. "It was a pleasure meeting you Kai, we'll be in touch." Is all she says to him before nodding to Rashmi. She'll be chatting quite a bit with her student on the ride home.

Rashmi bobs her head, giving Kai an encouraging smile. "Probably it won't take too long," she says, stuffing her things and the file into her bookbag and rising. "Pleasure to meet you, Kai, be safe on the way home, okay?"

Kai smiles back at Rashmi before saying his good byes and leaving the cafe, he has a lot to think about before he makes his report, that interview was a lot more tryingthan hehad anticipated.

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