2010-02-25: Barnes Medical, Check-up Danny Oda


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Summary: Angelo does first-visit stuff with Danny.

Date: February 25, 2010

Log Title Barnes Medical, Check-up Danny Oda

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Medical Center

The name medical 'office' rather undersells what his, in essence, a state of the art, high-tech and extremely well stocked medical bay and treatment center. There are always orderies and nurses in attendance to handle minor injuries and a doctor is always on call for more serious problems. In addition to a locked medicine storage facility, there are modules for isolating patients, a (hopefully never used) cryogenic storage and stasis module for preserving life (or bodies) when the local team can't stabilize a patient and a pair of ten bed infirmary modules attached to the main area. Each bed and exam table is equipped with the latest Stark-tech diagnostics gear.

First week at a new place is always the most fun. Besides settling in, getting all the paperwork processed, a new physician has to go over the records, and really, just meet with all his patients, and with all the regular administrative staff having gone through their exams, it's time for the students and teachers. Troy … Angelo already met him, and isn't looking forward to trying to see through the REDACTEDS all over his file, but … that's a different problem. His roommate, though, may be less of a challenge. Which is a good thing, as he's scheduled to show soon. Angelo reads what's already on file, but gotta confirm everything anyway.

There are some interesting things on file with Danny, it seems that SHIELD already had a bit of a record but it's not as restricted. Mention of an incident in Roanoke, Virgrina with something about space debree radiating cosmic energy. Gaining superpowers several years later, and there is mention of two others, but no names. SHIELD was also able to get some of his previous health records on file, one revealing he's asthmatic, so at least for Angelo, he's got a starting point with Danny. There's a knock on the door and in walks the asian bartender. "Hi, Ah'm Danny, Ah believe Ah got an apointment tah see the new doc?"

Ange does that comical double-take face, grins, and decides to see if it's as bad being a bartender as being a doctor, for having to try to remember random faces. But the cute asian bartender in a cowboy hat? Definitely Ange remembers him, until Doc showed up to distract.
"Ah, yeah, you're Daniel Oda?"
Angelo is in the usual "green scrubs" that he wears on duty; he stands and offers a handshake and ushers Danny in. "Angelo diLucci, Physician's Assistant not doctor. So call me Mr. diLucci, or Angelo, or Ange if we're off duty. OK, need to have you sit on the exam table there, if you don't mind?"

"Uh..just Danny Oda, Daniel Oda's mah father." That's right, he's a junior, and since him and his father aren't exactly on speaking terms at that moment, he definatley prefers Danny. He goes over and sits on the table, unlike most people here, he's not in an uniform. At least not at the moment, he's in a t-shirt and jeans for the most part. "So what do ya need tah know, cause Ah do have some medical history."

Angelo pulls one of those "shop stool" chairs around, turns the monitor so Danny can see, and starts keying on a keyboard.
"Well, this is a get-to-know-you, mostly, so you know who I am and I know who you are. I need to confirm some stuff. Date of birth May 27, 1986, correct? You still 5'9", weight 130 pounds? Says on the chart you have asthma, what meds are you taking to control that?"
He looks up at Danny and tilts his head a bit to the side, inquiringly, "Hm, immune system issues as a child, we can go over that later since it seems to be not so much an issue now. Anything new come along since your last physical?"

"Yup, the weight might be a few pounds give or take." Danny says but he works out regulary and maintains the same weight easy enough. "Yeah, Ah've had it since Ah was a kid, it's kinda severe." He lists of the medication he uses which is a reliever and a preventer. "Ah tend tah have at least one attack a day, but the preventer helps me tah do regular work outs and compete in touraments. It's gotten better over the years but it ain't botherin' me when Ah'm powered up."

Ange confirms the medications, and frowns. "Still one a day with those meds. Yeah, we should get some tests done, rule out other contributing factors. You don't smoke, I hope?"
He notes the remission-when-powered and that nothing is new, and selects a few blood-tests from a secondary menu.
He mutters, "Allergen panel might be good too," so he puts that in. "Some allergies we can diagnose from the blood test, but it's better to do the traditional scratch tests."

"Ah can't smoke. That'd be death tah me." Danny won't go beyond drinking because of his asthma problems. Hanging around with his chaing smoking roommate, Troy, doesn't exactly help his asthma either. "If ya wish tah do that." It's nothing new to Danny. Ever since he was little he has blood tests done and various allergy tests since he's had a weak immune system and the asthma problems. "Ah don't really have much allergies, Ah mean Ah know mah cat don't bother me."

Ange nods. "Your roomie is a chainsmoker, and that needs to be mitigated somehow. You work at Nowhere, right?"
OK, that's NOT on the file, but Angelo has decided to give up the not-really-a-secret of his having been there. "You're gonna need to enforce the no-smoking law while you're working, I'm afraid."
He mutters, "Exam table says you have a BP of 125/82, which is pretty good. Probably up a bit due to the 'doctor visit' syndrome too."
He turns his attention to the next page on the form … "OK, I need to get some readings off you powering up, and I'm going to use my own power here, if you'll permit me. It'll let me see some things that might not be spotted by the exam table sensors."

"Well Troy ain't smokin' in the room. Mainly outside." Danny says and then he nods. "Yeah, Ah work at Nowhere aswell, how do ya know that?" Lucky for Danny though bars in New York have that nice no smoking law. "Alright, so if ya don't mind me askin', what's your power?" He asks as his body starts to turn to a sandstone like material, and lucky the exam table is built for those with super powers. He gains quite a bit of weight and just a little bit of bulk, not much. His hair even takes on the sandstone like quality.

With the "alright," Angelo lights up - eyes, hair, and the tattoos suddenly appear bright on his wrists. The scrubs shirt isn't cut to show cleavage so the Eye isn't visible, nor the wings.
"This. It's probably why they hired me - I can see things about health when I light up, and cure some stuff. And… OK… that's interesting."
He taps another few keys, selecting yet another, and rather unusual, test. Mitochondrial population and activity.
"Your body is doing some interesting things and that might throw off the scan… Oh… I happened to see you at work on Sunday night. Met an old friend there, or I might've joined your admiring throng," he says. Back to work Angelo.
"So, your body is in a bit of an energy deficit … I can give you a recharge if you wish."

There's a lot that's up with Danny's body as it's been altered, on a cosmic level. Whatever gave him his abilities, was quite powerful. "Huh? Energy deficit?" That's a new one to him. "What do ya mean by that? And what do ya mean by recharge?" Danny's really not sure what Angelo is talking about. "Ah yeah, Ah was workin', and not really an admirin' throng." He says as if he was in his normal form, he'd blush a bit. "Just more regulars who've gotten tah know me and Ah them."

Ange grins. "They were totally an admiring throng. And with good reason too."
He gets back to work mode. "So, I see little bright spots where you're closest to the sensors in the table there, and the exam lamp, and a few other electrical devices. Energy is moving into your body, which the Eye insists on calling a 'drain' effect. I have a major surplus when I'm lit like this, and I can feed it to other people when they're low. This is apparently normal for you, so I'm offering, not insisting. I'm surprised you don't know about this. Do you have issues with personal electronics not working as advertised?"

"Ah have noticed that, Ah tend to go through batteries on stuff and mah cellphone and mp3 player die easy." And not to mention lightbulbs. Danny just figured it was bad luck or something, faulty wiring…but faulty wiring at all his apartments? "Ah just thought Ah was the rock-guy super strong, super durable thing. Ah dunno, Ah've never really noticed a need for it Ah reckon."

Angelo nods. "No reason you would really. It's low level, not anything that would really hurt anyone else, though if you were somewhere that you couldn't find a compatible energy source, it could become serious over time. I recommend if you get sent on any field trips to places that are too far from civilization, take a portable hand-cranked generator with a solar charger along. And some energy bars, because unlike me, you can't pull the energy out of nowhere."
He puts a hand out, palm facing Danny, and with the other hand he types into Danny's medical record (Powers section) "energy costs > metabolic avail, drain effect on electronics, advise support kit if sent to low-tech area."

There's is definately a difference between Danny-the-bartender and the Danny in front of Angelo now. He's more reserved here and doesn't seem as 'wild' as he is when at the bar. "Ah'll have tah keep that in mind but Ah haven't really done much outsidah workin' in New York City. Ah was in Freedom Force for a bit but that went defunt when our leader left." Danny says with a shrug, well it was fun while it lasted. "So you were at Nowhere on Saturday night?"

Angelo nods, "Freedom Force, hearda them. Wow. Impressed now."
He winks, with a bit of a wry smile. "I useda be a fan of superheros, y'know. Then I got the tats and … yeah, I can see where it's complicated. I was there late Sunday actually, came off my shift here and needed a drink, and I used to go to the bar that was there before it was Nowhere, back when I was in med school. I like the new place better."
Since Danny hasn't tapped it (though there was definitely the usual low-level effect there) Ange pulls his hand back so he can type more efficiently. He remains lit, though. As he turns to type, there's hints of a glow through the back of his shirt as well, like a light bulb behind cloth.

Danny shrugs. "Ah was never much intah superheroes mahself. Tae Kwon Do took up a lotta mah time when Ah was a kid, that and piano lessons. Then in High School….well, it sounds kinda nerdy but Ah was intah Dungeons and Dragons with mah friends." He hasn't played since Senior year of high school though. "Nik's a great guy, he's mah boss and tha owner. It's kinda cool workin' in mutant town. Noone really cares. Ah dragged Troy there on Saturday night."

Angelo finishes his entry on Danny's power information, which is all there if Danny wants to read it. HIPAA means patients can read their own charts, after all.
He glances up at Danny, "Yeah, I decided to become an EMT when I was 11, my grandma had a heart attack and they saved her. And superheroes, some anyway, are doing the same thing, saving lives. Definitely different being on the other side though. I had to buy one of those stupid knit watch-cap things yesterday."
He crosses his arms, and leans back a bit, "You can power down now if you like? I want to see whether it draws more energy."

Danny shifts from rock form back his normal form and no more, or less, engery is consumed. It's those cosmic rays that have altered him to be something different in away. Human, but altered. "Ah don't know why Ah decided tah be a bar tender, Ah guess Ah was feeling rebelious." Against his parents that is, he just didn't want to be stuck doing their routine anymore, he wanted to do his own.

Angelo nods. "You're good at it. Also I didn't hear you say anything about taking an 18 year old to a place that serves liquor."
Not that it's likely to actually be a problem for Troy if cancerettes don't make him sick either. But then the kid won't let Ange look to see if that's really true - he might be killing himself and just not FEEL it. Still. SHIELD's problem since they insist on redacting everything in his record. And there's that urge to kill something again to make up for what happened to Troy. NOT gonna happen, oh beings of light, if you want to punish someone then find a different angel, cause this one's a healer not a hater. He turns OFF the light, and his eyes stop glowing with the tiny letters and his wrist tattoos fade to near-invisibility. But that's a reminder for Ange.
"Hey, so now that we're done with the regular work here, Troy said you do TaeKwonDo. Do you know any staff technique? I need training to help with my quarterstaff work."

"Most clubs in New York are 18 and over, ya just gotta be 21 tah drink. Yah know fancy braclette an' all." Danny doesn't mention the they were able to get a bracelette for Troy but he leaves it at the 18 and over thing. "Yeah, Ah've been trainin' in Tae Kwon Do since Ah was ten, Ah got mah black belt but it's like what's said: gettin' your black belt is when your trainin' really begins." Black belt is far from a master and it did take Danny longer than most to get his due to health problems. "Ah don't know nothin' bout fightin' with a staff. Tae Kwon Do ain't really weapons, at least what Ah do." Sure some use staff but he's a hand to hand/ foot to foot kinda guy.

Angelo nods, "Yeah, the same goes for Quarterstaff, except it's English in origin so no belts. Some guys imported belts but it didn't catch on. I learned to do it when I was little because I was a preemie, and I was kinda weak until some of my Ma's friends decided they needed to fix that."
Yes, he WAS a weak and puny kid. Can't you tell?
"Anyway. I can't use about half the techniques because they can cripple, or kill, so I just use it for defense, but I got nobody to practice with until they get what did they call it, an Arms Master?" Angelo shrugs, "I gotta get better at what I do with it though. Got taken down by some thugs during that Inferno thing, cause I wouldn't break their heads."

"Ah dunno, if ya want, we can spar, staff vs hand tah hand. Ah can power up and Ah highly doubt ya could hurt me in mah rock form." After all Danny is very durable when he's rock. "Well mah parents had me take Tae Kwon Do cause they though it'd help with mah health problems. Sometimes parents push kids intah stuff, or friends, cause they think it'll help. Sometimes, they're right."
Ange laughs, and says, "You got that right. I didn't really mind learning it but damn it hurt when I was gettin' there. So hey, there was this guy I saw a couple months back, when I was doin' a seminar on breathing stuff, and he was all about 'pranayama yoga' for asthma. You might wanna look into that if you haven't already. It's stretches, postures and breathing techniques, don't have to get into the religious stuff, and don't let 'em talk you into no candles-silk-an'-fresh fruit in front of no picture of their founder shite. That's the religious stuff wit dem lyin' about why they want you to do it. The good ones won't ask you to do that."
He pops open his schedule - LUNCH it says. "Huh. Well, my lunchtime appointment canceled, good. Wanna get something to eat?"

Danny lets out a laugh and shrugs. "Ah'll think about it, Ah mean Ah've been livin' with it long enough and learned how tah deal. Mah regular doctor knows me pretty well with mah regular visits for it." It's something that he doesn't look at as a burden anymore, it's just a way of his life. "And sure, food sounds good. Ah can grab a quick bite tah eat before Ah have tah go to mah class. Ah'm not really a student-student here but they got me learnin' tah teach History so Ah can fill in that spot." Why history? Well Danny just figures it's cause his english isn't so great.

Angelo says, "Oh yeah? I'm lined up to teach first aid. Which I have done before, but not solo. It's something that needs more than one person, teaching. And they gotta get a resusci-annie and a resusci-andy in here before I can do the whole thing. On order, they said."
He locks the PC (Danny's record and scheduled blood tests already checked in and closed) and stands, oh yeah and picks up the forms off the printer at the workstation near the monitor. "Here's your copy of the proceedings today, and a HIPAA form so I can talk with your regular doctor if anything comes up. Sign it and hand it back if you wish. I assume you didn't tell them about the powers? Our default is to not talk about that unless you say it's OK."

Danny takes the papers and makes note to read and sign them later. "He ain't knowin' 'bout mah powers. Ah only tell few people 'bout 'em. After all when Ah'm like this, there ain't much speical 'bout me. Just a normal guy." Who drains electricity, but at least it's very miniscule that it doesn't make a difference on those around him. "Alrigh' lets go grab some cafeteria food."

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