2009-02-05: Barrier Breaking


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Summary: Drew and Kaden have a discussion that gets fiery… and then clears up.

Date: February 5, 2009

Barrier Breaking

Rating: PG (Language)

Spirits' Apartment

Without having school to worry about, Kaden's been enjoying sleeping in later than he usually. He's in the kitchen at the moment eating some breakfast, a bowl of cereal. He still seems a bit sleepy as he just woke up not too long ago. Like usual he doesn't have any plans for the day so he's still in his pajama pants and a t-shirt as he just goes through the motions of eating on a sort of 'auto-pilot'.

Coming out of his room, shirtless, Drew is carrying his shorts. Seeing that someone's awake, he pulls them on with a soft sigh. Moving to the kitchen, he sees that it's Kaden and smiles, running over to wrap his arms around the other boy from behind. "Morning." He says, happily. But then, he's always happy around any of his friends.

Kaden is about to shovel in a spoonful of cereal when he's suddendly hugged from behind, immedately he tenses up and drops the spoon and looks like he's about to take a swing at Drew, but stops himself realizing what's going on. "Damnit Drew." He just says in a sleepy sounding voice.

"Dude, you should never dam it. The water should flow free." Drew says with a snicker, squeezing again before releasing the Kaden. He moves over to the refrigerator and pulls out the milk before getting a bowl and cereal for himself.

Kaden relaxes as Drew gives him the squeeze. "No, I was just about to punch you and that would have…" Kaden shakes his head with a bit of a sigh, but it doesn't seem like he's frustrated, and he is ammused by Drew's comment. He just would have felt bad if he accidentally snaped like that on Drew. "Sorry, just woke up."

"Gotta get used to it. Keith and I are here, and either one is likely to hug. But… who else would be here. Xane? I don't think he'd do that without permission. I will, because you know me. And you know I love ya." Drew chuckles, pouring his own breakfast and putting things away before moving to sit next to Kaden. "S'ok."

"I gotta get used to a lotta things." And it's hard to tell if Kaden's grumbling or just stating a fact. "And I don't know if water is your thing or hugging." He teases Drew, though when Drew says that l-word, it still bugs him for some reason. "Do you think this is weird at all?" Kaden asks Drew, as he lets his mind kind of wander.

"Nah, love is a good thing. It may feel weird at first, but it's not really weird." Drew says with a nod, missing whatever else Kaden's talking about as he crunches away on his cereal.

Kaden shakes his head. "No, not love just this, everything. I mean I'm sixteen and I have nothing to do with my day, or my life. I just…I don't know what to do with myself." Kaden admits. He's never really had any hobbies or really given anything a shot to see if he liked it or not. "I don't want to sit around all day and watch TV but what else is there to do?"

Taking a moment, Drew does one of those rare moments of intelligent speaking. "Well, there's always the option of getting your GED. Filing for independent minor status, and going to college. You know Keith would help us with college. If you do it, I'll do it, too." He offers. "We can explain the situations to the courts, prove our competencies, and why we can actually be independent, and I'll help you study for your GED. I actually… was planning to take my own before everything went crazy."

Kaden just gives Drew a kind of skeptical look. "Yeah, me, go to the courts and explain why a kid who burned down two places, killed nine people, ran away from where he was legally supposed to be staying should be given independant status, that sounds like it's a great idea for me." Though GED is an option even if Kaden didn't really like school.

"We'll talk to them. Explain the situation. I mean, your old school. Keith and I will. That you need specialized assistance that Xavier's can't provide. That you're not a mutant, but something else, and even they can't hold your powers back. But with us, you have other people that are similar." Drew explains. "The courts wouldn't force you to be in a place where it's not good for you. Think about it. How many explosions and accidents have you had since you've been around me?" He asks, taking another bite. "And college after a GED… well… you could think about what you want to learn and become, and you could DO it. I'd be more comfortable accepting Keith's assistance with school than his debit cards…"

Kaden nods but he doesn't really believe Drew. It's just he doesn't think that the courts would do anything for him except send him somewhere he'd hate. "qWhat would happen then if they decided that it's not a good idea? That I do belong somewhere else? The courts would probably just find a place to put me where it's good for them, not for me." He does believe that too. He lets out another sigh and shrugs. "I can't believe he did that." Kaden says in regards to the debit cards. "That was too much."

"Well, we talk to a lawyer that would understand things. One who's superhuman and not a mutant. She might understand." Drew offers. "Ms. Walters usually helps with cases like that, at least, according to the newspapers." Wow, Drew actually DOES learn things. Go figure.

Kaden just shurgs as he pushes his bowl away so that he can rest his head on his hands. He just doesn't have my faith that it'll do any good. "Sure, whatever." He says obviously not believing it. "And you actually read the newspapers?"

"I read a few things." Drew admits. "We can't do a GED without parental consent or guardian consent. Therefore, we have to either get your school's permission, or… I don't know who to get for mine." He admits with a shrug.

"So what is it you want to do in life?" Kaden asks as he can tell Drew's thought this through, but then no one ever claimed that Kaden was a smart guy. "And the GED is a lot of tests isn't it?"

"Just a few, in a few key subjects." Drew says. He shrugs softly. "I dunno. Maybe work as Coast Guard. Or work with plants, I'm good with them." He says, finishing his cereal as he chuckles. "No idea, really. But the first little bit of college is just the basics.

"I never thought about what I wanted to do, or what I could do. I never really thought I had any options." Kaden admits but there's a bit more to why he's never thought about it. "I always hated classes, and at Xavier's I was put in classes with all these kids. Thanks…for getting me out of there."

Moving to the couch after he places his bowl in the sink, Drew motions for Kaden to follow. "No problem. And now, you can think about it. What sounds like fun? What's something you'd like to do? I'll bet I know one thing that might be a good career for you."

Kaden follows Drew and putting his bowl in the sink and grabs and apple to munch on before going to sit next to him on the couch. "I don't know, I was just so irriated with everything that I never thought of what I like, just what I hate." He admits, and a part of it was because he was always looking for things or people to hate so he could just keep himself from getting close to anyone. "What's that? Besides a blast furnace?"

Moving around, Drew lays himself across the couch to lay his head in Kaden's lap. "If you control fire, I bet you can put it out, too. And, since you can't be burned, you can run into the fire. You'd be a hell of a firefighter." He says, pointing a gun-finger at Kaden. "And, you'd be freakin' HOT in the uniform, too." He chuckles. "And before you say you wouldn't, STOP. I don't say things to tease, I say it because I mean it. You really are handsome."

Kaden is about to say something but shuts his mouth as Drew finishes and he just lets out a frustrated sigh. "No I'm not, handsome is for pretty boy fancypants type guys like Keith." But Drew does have a point and that might be a good idea, and it really is something he'll have to consider. "I just have to learn how to control fire first."

"If you weren't so against it, I'd want to date you, dude. You're fun, you're interesting, and you ARE handsome. There's a difference in handsome and pretty. Keith is pretty. You're just hot." Drew says with a shrug. Afterwards, he grins. "Ya think so? It may not be a high paying job, but who better than you?"

Like usual when the conversation goes in that direction, Kaden get's flustered. He really doesn't know what else to say except, "Shut up. And haha, hot, because I'm the fire guy, funny one Drew." Kaden says rolling his eyes. "And maybe, I've only hurt and killed people with my fire, if I could do something good, maybe I wouldn't hate this power so much."

Drew sighs, leaning up and planting a nice, hard kiss on Kaden's lips if he doesn't move. "I mean it." He says as he pulls back, knowing it'll just piss Kaden off. He gets up to go get a glass of water. "Sorry. I really do mean what I say. Have you ever… EVER seen me lie, Kaden?" he asks, before ducking into the kitchen. It seems that has started to really bug the water manipulator. Probably not the fact that Kaden doesn't share it, but that Kaden doesn't believe him.

Kaden doesn't move but just sits there stunned. He's never been kissed and it was by a guy, his brain has kind of gone into overload mode. Finally when things seem to process again he stands up. "Don't, fucking kiss me!" He yells at Drew. When Kaden doesn't know how to react, anger is the first one that usually emerges. "I don't care if you do lie or not, just don't do that!"

Drew doesn't bother to come out of the kitchen, or say anything at all at the moment. He's just… maybe he's hiding? Who knows. He doesn't come back out.

Kaden sighs and when Drew doesn't come out he feels a bit bad for yelling at him so he goes in afterwards. "Look, Drew, I'm sorry I yelled, you might think I'm something but I don't." He says as he walks in.

Drew is facing the wall. His body is covered in a four-inch shell of water. Where it came from? Well, there are lots of options here. It IS a kitchen. He still doesn't say anything, just turns, slowly, to look at Kaden with a haunted look in his eyes.

Kaden sighs again as he sees Drew and now he really feels bad. "Drew, you're my friend, but I…" He doesn't know what to say to him but he does feel bad. "You don't know what it's like."

As his voice moves through the water… it sounds strange. "No, I don't know what it's like. I don't know what it's like to despise myself for being who I am. I don't know what it's like to not trust people that have proven that they're trustworthy." The water remains around Drew's body.

"I hate myself because I'm a murderer Drew, I can't ever not be that. I hate myself because I'm stupid, because I'm worthless." Kaden says and there are several other reasons he dislikes himself. "And I do trust you Drew, you're my best friend and I…I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but I don't see what you see."

"There's a difference in being an intentional murderer and an accidental one. You didn't do it on purpose. That counts for a lot with me. You're not stupid, and you're not worthless. If you were worthless, I wouldn't hang around you. Keith wouldn't give you a place to live." Drew says, some of the water snaking away. About two inches remain. "You need to learn to see what I see. I'll bet if I put your pictures out there, people would agree with me. That you ARE handsome. I just get annoyed when you don't believe that I mean what I say."

"I'm sorry I can't see what you see, I just can't. Even if it was an accident, I still feel guilty about it, almost every day." Kaden admits. "And I do trust you Drew, even if I'm an asshole. I..I don't think I could deal with out you being my friend." He admits and his voice wavers a bit. "I'm sorry if I don't believe that I'm…that, but it's hard for me. If I look in the mirror I just see something I hate."

"Then instead of seeing the past, turn your eyes around. See what you can become. Make a goal, and make gaining that goal your reality. See the hero you CAN be. We've all made mistakes. We've all done things we wish we hadn't." Drew says, the water sliding away, as he moves to Kaden. "Please. For the sanity of the rest of us. Open your mind to the possibility."

Kaden just looks down, for some reason he feels that he let Drew down. "I am trying..it's just not easy. I wish I didn't hate myself Drew. You're lucky, you can just see good in everyone. I wish I was more like you, or more like Keith."

"Keep trying. And learn to accept a compliment. That, in itself, will help a lot. And I'm sorry. When people don't believe me, I do what I can to prove things. That's why… yeah." Drew says, with a shrug, reaching a finger out to tap against Kaden's chin. "I'm sorry. I just really do care so much about you. And I meant how I feel. Ya know?"

Kaden actually reaches out and ruffles Drew's hair. "And I ment what I said before, I don't think I could deal without having you as a friend. I'll try…" He says and he'll just have to learn to bite his tongue anytime Drew tries to compliment him. "I'm sorry too."

"Ok. It's good then." Drew says with a chuckle, moving in to wrap an arm over Kaden's shoulder.

Kaden leans lightly against Drew for a second and takes a deep breath. "Do you want to go out and do something today? Get out of here for a bit?" Kaden asks curiously. "Maybe actually try to learn my way around New York?"

Drew grins. "Sure." Drew says with a nod. "I actuall have clothes that will keep me from standing out, now." He says, laughing and squeezing the shoulders of the leaner.

Kaden lets out one of those small smiles of his and shakes his head. "By now, as long as you have pants on, I don't care what you're wearing. And if anyone were to say anything they'd have to deal with me." He says to Drew, still smiling. "And I really am sorry I yelled at you."

"I just wish you'd get over your problem with natural forms. Keith and I are fine with Nudity. So is Dmitri, really. He didn't care when I showed up in his place naked. I dunno about Xane yet, since we seem to be on differing schedules." Drew says with a shrug as he leans his head against Kaden's happily.

Kaden shakes his head. "I already agreed to not getting pissed when you call me handsome." Which he still doesn't believe. "Let's not push the naked thing." It's not something he'll get used to anytime soon he thinks. "I'm going to go take a quick shower and get dressed and then we can go out?"

"Aight. I'll wait out here. Though, you know, I COULD shower you for you." Drew laughs, shaking his head as he heads to his own room to change.

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