Portrayed By ??
Gender Female
Date of Birth Are you planning a party?! :D
Age Never ask a lady.
Zodiac Sign Leo? :3
Aliases Bastet
Place of Birth Egypt
Current Location The Internet
Occupation Eating foods, pouncing
Known Relatives Other animal headed gods probably.
Significant Other Fertility goddess. ;3
Identity Yes!
Known Abilities Mpreg
First Appearance Egypt

Bast is a kitty! She is in charge of general baby management, leafing through fertility prayers and some staffly duties on Marvel Revolution.


Bast is the daughter of Ra, and was for a long time revered in Egypt. What happened to that gig? Nowadays, the only people who worship her are some furry artists, and they don't even pay her royalties for their use of her image! Now, she resides on the internet, because there are so few prayer requests in her inbox anymore. She mostly trolls forums and helps out with games on the internet, and thinks Marvel Revolution is purrfurctly wonderful.


  • Played with yarn
  • Drank water
  • Catnip mouse!
  • Napped
  • Tangled up in yarn!
  • Napped in yarn
  • Eat
  • Repeat!


  • "And I'm never going there for sandwiches again!"


  • Bast isn't very good at playing the guitar!
  • If Bast rolls on her back, and you pet her tummy, you will either get bites or purrs. No telling which.
  • Bast can juggle!
  • Kittens are adorable.


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