2010-06-21: Bastille Day


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Summary: Edward (NPC) and Laura investigate the Cult of Kalumai, abducting one of their members, Deadpool gets called in for clean up detail.

Date: June 21st, 2010

Log Title Bastille Day

Rating: R

NYC - Abandoned Warehouse

It's a bit warehouse! There are lots of boxes and crates scattered around. However, most of it is dusty and appears to be untouched for ages, though the floors seem to be clean in spots.

It looked almost exactly like it had days before. The shadows of the surrounding alley seeming to grow darker with each step taken, clinging to the abandoned looking warehouse. The side door that had been the entrance hung half open, one hinge looking as if it had been removed or broken. All that was missing was the door man, and the low thumping beats of techno music. Laura seemed to meld into the thick, inky shadows. Dressed all in black(for a change), her thick dark hair pulled up into a messy bun on the top of her head. Green eyes scanned the outside of the warehouse and the surrounding darkened crevices of the alley. confident that she was alone for the moment, she moved forward at a faster pace.
With her head up slightly, her nostrils flared out wide , taking in all the scents around her. The typical ones, you'd find in a New York alley discarded almost immediately. there were specific ones that she was looking for. The sckly sweet chemical smell, that had come from the torches. the smell of blood and rot. Faint from the outside, but she could definitely pick up traces of them, she circled closer to the entrance, all her senses flaring out on alert. It looked almost exactly like it had days before. The shadows of the surrounding alley seeming to grow darker with each step taken, clinging to the abandoned looking warehouse. The side door that had been the entrance hung half open, one hinge looking as if it had been removed or broken. All that was missing was the door man, and the low thumping beats of techno music. Laura seemed to meld into the thick, inky shadows. Dressed all in black(for a change), her thick dark hair pulled up into a messy bun on the top of her head. Green eyes scanned the outside of the warehouse and the surrounding darkened crevices of the alley. confident that she was alone for the moment, she moved forward at a faster pace. With her head up slightly, her nostrils flared out wide , taking in all the scents around her. The typical ones, you'd find in a New York alley discarded almost immediately. there were specific ones that she was looking for. The sickly sweet chemical smell, that had come from the torches. the smell of blood and rot. Faint from the outside, but she could definitely pick up traces of them, she circled closer to the entrance, all her senses flaring out on alert.

The warehouse was as it had appeared after their exit the other night. Empty, silent save for the occasional creak of an old building, decadent, scent of rust, dust, refuse were rampant. Not uncommon for hobos and other vagrants to use this place to get out of the rain. It had been several days now since the rave incident, what smells may linger were faint, but there and detectable if one wanted to get their nose on the side of dirty. There were specific smells that could be associated with that night, a mingling of colognes and perfumes, body wash, even some high priced pheromone laden ones meant to 'drive the ladies wild' as per typical advertisements. Beyond these though, one aroma stood out, one that was common to the horn masked cultists, pungent, lingering scent of saltwater fish.

Standing a mere yard or so from the entrance now, Laura's eyes squinted as her brow furrowed slightly. The aroma that surrounded the warehouse was putrid to a normal nose, but to her it was almost unbearable. Breathing mostly through her mouth, she stepped forward, a slender arm extending as she pushed a the door experimentally. It groans, and teetered precariously on it's one hinge, but it was otherwise silent inside the building. With a quick glance cast over her shoulder, to make sure she was still alone, Laura moved past the threshold and into the warehouse.

With the door being nudged one more distinctive coppery scent was noticeable, an ever familiar one. Blood. If followed this lead to strange sigils that were mingled paint, engraving, blood both human and animal along side other various bodily fluids, some of them best left un-named. These glyphs when one knew what they were looking for stood out, easily picked up on by eyes that were actively seeking them out. Though, Laura had no clue what they were, she at least would recognize them from the previous night's 'fun', yet when it was going on these very markings had been glowing brightly beyond the black lights, shadows and fog.

A low grunt issued past her lips as the coppery scent filled her nostrils. Laura moved slowly through the entry hallway, her head sweeping back and forth in slow movements taking in everything in the darkness. The sound of velcro being pulled apart was loud in her ears as she opened one of the many compartments on her belt. Pulling a small digital camera out, she stopped at the first set of glyphs, noting the distinct difference in the way they looked tonight and how they'd looked the first time around. Her lips pressed into a tight line as she studied the first set of glyphs, and as the camera turned on, she snapped a few pictures of each, the flash making her squint in the pitch dark before she moved on further down the hall.

The trail of glyphs would not yield anything spectacular to the common and un-trained occult eye, Laura would find the warehouse as one would expect devoid of life beyond scavengers. A loud crack was then heard, somewhere near the front of the building, this crack being followed by a clatter, wood on concrete was a more precise relation sound-wise.

Moving along the corridor, snapping pictures every few feet, just to be thorough, Laura had begun to let herself relax somewhat into the information gathering she had planned this trip to be. She hadn't expected to find much of the demon rave left, though there were vague hopes that -maybe- whoever these people were, they were stupid enough to use the same warehouse twice. The crack of wood hitting concrete had her jumping. All six claws unsheathed before she had turned fully to where the sound had come from, her lips curled back as she hastily shoved the camera into her pocket. Stepping to the side of the corridor, letting the shadows engulf her completely, Laura waited, eyes on the way she had come for the source of the noise.

More shuffling sounds were heard, down the hallway and around the corner a form bathed in shadow was moving, pausing once and a while before continuing on. It was shrouded in heavy robe looking clothing, head downcast - headed straight Laura's direction.

Laura dipped down into a low crouch, an elbow resting on each knee as she balanced on the balls of her feet. The beginnings of a low, almost feral growl started pulsing in the back of her throat, though she quelled it before it gave away her position completely. The smell of urine is what she caught first, and it had Laura's nose wrinkling up in disgust, though it did little to ease her tension. With every muscle in her petite frame pulled taught, ready to spring into an onslaught of attacks - assuming the worst here - Laura lets another near silent grunt escapes past her lips.

The drunken man stumbling hiccuped, managed to belch and fart all in one go. Amazing really the re-adjustment of his waistband that was a pair of ragged overly large jeans tied with plastic only added to all of this disgusting scene. The heavy smell of whiskey mixed with others wafted off of him as he passed by the hidden Laura. His gift of departure being a new combination of scents.

Laura nearly jumped out of her hiding place as the hobo passed by, for sheer fact that she didn't think it was allowed for someone to be that disgusting. Her nose and brow wrinkling in time, she stood, not bothering to hide her movements now, as she let her claws retract. That was just disgusting.. She grumbled internally, as she paced behind the fowl smelling homeless guy. A crooked grin spread over her features as an idea came to mind. She padded up behind him, her footfalls silent - not that his drunk ass would have noticed if she had been stomping around or not. And despite the smell - breathing mostly through her mouth now - she muttered just to the left of him. "You know they have homeless shelters for a reason. Take a shower.. seriously.." Then she fell back, letting the blackness of the condemned building swallow her up again, holding back a quiet, humorless chuckle. This expedition seemed to be more or less over. The glyphs had been what she wanted, and now with a camera full of pictures, she was undecided on what to do. Stay and look around some more, or get outside where the air was a bit… less disgusting..

"AHHHHH!!! Huah? Whose there? Mort? Just made me pee myself man, Mort come out." The man turned around, squinting as he looked into the darkness, tugging at his waistline again before he backed up and began to cautiously make his way away from here, "Fuck you man, you know I don't like these games." Apparently though baring the name Mort, whoever this was - his voice must have been quite feminine. A scrambling was heard as a board broke away, the homeless man was out an old office window and off to find a new place to bed down for the night.

Laura couldn't help but chuckle again quietly to herself as the bum made his escape. With a slow shake of her head, she began jogging through the remainder of the hallway, into the main portion of the warehouse. Mostly, just to make sure she'd missed nothing. It seemed that whoever this cult was, they were long gone from this place. Laura would have to find other ways to track them. The scent of the chemicals they'd used, and the salty dead fish smell that had clung to the robed figures were both committed to memory by now, and as she moved into the larger space Laura didn't really expect to find much there.

Laura sighed as she circled in place slowly, scanning every corner of the warehouse, to be thorough more then anything else. As she had expected there was nothing here. Grabbing ehr camera from her pocket and stowing it back into it's proper compartment in her belt, Laura opened another and pulled the business card Edward had given her out. Green eyes raked over the room one last time, and then she was turning back towards the hallway. Laura jogged back out to the entrance, and it was only then when she had passed over the threshold and back out into the relatively better smelling night air. She continued her light jog back out of the darkened alley, until she reached the street finally, eyes scanning the corners for the nearest phone booth. Shoving a few coins into the slot, Laura hastily punched Edward's number, and tapped impatiently against the glass as she waited for it to ring.

After a few rings the phone would click and voice could be heard, this one was female. "Hello? Whose there? Hello?" Shuffling on the other line, oddly Edward never wore a wedding ring or mentioned other people living with him or having the ability to answer his cell-phone.

Laura's eyes narrowed slightly as she checked he card again to make sure that she'd dialed correctly. A frown pulled at the corners of her mouth, and then finally with some hesitation she responded. "I need to speak to Edward. Right now." Her words clipped, and staccato, not bothering with a greeting to the stranger on the other end of the phone. Laura scuffled her boot-clad foot against the worn pavement, her fingers drumming against the receiver with impatience. She didn't want to deal with girlfriend's or wives. With the cloaked figure's scent still strongly in her nose,s he wanted to start tracking. She wanted to be on the move, making the most out of her time, tonight. "Quicker would be better then slow." she added, in a low murmured growl after a second or two, not giving the woman any real chance to answer.

A short,"Sure, I'll get him." Was put through muffled sounds then screaming and yelling was heard, this continued for several moments then would abruptly end. A slow, quiet, "Hello? This is Edward." Was heard over the phone, what sounded to be a door slamming in the background.

Laura listened to the screaming and door slamming, and her tapping sped up in tempo. Slowly starting to pace back and forth in front of the payphone, as Edward finally picked up the phone. She sighed impatiently, and muttered. "It's Laura. I want back to the warehouse. There was no one there except some disgusting smelling homeless guy, but those.. symbols were still on the wall. I got photos." Giving as quick of an explanation as she could about the trp to the warehouse, and hardly pausing as she launched into a volley of questions. "My roommate was kidnapped the other night. She said someone named Dom was there and killed the ones who had taken her, and mention of some full moon… something.. Does this mean anything to you? Have you gotten anymore information from the other two? Have we learned of any future parties that will be happening?"

"We cannot speak over the phone about this, I'll be there in about ten minutes to pick you up." With that he hung up, the click heard. True to his word Laura would have to wait ten minutes before a beat up old green Lincoln would pull up, the door pushing open, in the drivers seat was Edward, the car smelled of upholstery, heavy cologne and car freshener. "Hop on in." He says to her, easily. The radio being turned down as John Tesh's Bastille Day blares through the speakers.

Laura paced slowly as her eyes scanned the streets every few seconds for Edward, not that she knew what kind fo car her drove, but it was merely habit. As the beat up Lincoln pulled up to the curb, she didn't hesitate, jumping into the passenger's seat, and fixing him with a steady stare. "I got you in trouble." Laura stated quietly, not bothering with asking, she had heard the screaming easily enough over the phone. Stowing his business car away, she pulled out ehr camera, clicking it on and handing it to him. "There wasn't anything but this left. Well, and the smell of blood, and that salty dead fish smell, which were the robed ones. I plan to start tracking them as soon as we're finished here."

"Your sense of smell is that acute?" Edward asks as the car pulled out, not seeming to pay mind to the fact she said she had gotten him in trouble. As he drove he took up the camera resting it on the steering wheel to look through the footage, "Same as at every one of their locations, different languages for days. I am starting to believe there is a sequence, they hold these rituals based on times of the month following the moon phases. Perhaps we can figure out where the next one will be by comparing this to previous site location photos I took. You mentioned Dom on the phone, you met her, she and Deadpool were on surveillance when your schoolmate was abducted, while following one of the targets. We could go there, maybe it is cleared out…salty dead fish, that's an obvious - the docks or a seafood restaurant."

Laura nods once, turning her gaze onto the now passing road. "All of my senses are that way." she replied, feeling no need to go into any further detail. "When is the next full moon? If that is what they base their rituals off of, and that is why they took Star, it should be easy enough to figure out a time frame for the next ritual." Laura frowned as she watched the empty streets go by, wishing Star had paid better attention to what was said in that warehouse. "Did Domino and Deadpool get any information from the abductors? Or did they just run and slaughter? If we find more of these cult members I could take o for interrogation, and see what we can find out from them." The last part was more an outloud thought to herself. She figured sitting one of them down and having a chat was out, but there were always more forceful ways of getting them to talk.

"The next full moon is in three days time. I imagine, that will be our opportunity to take them down. If we can pinpoint their location, I'd rather not just stop these rituals though and get to the true heart of this diabolical organization." Edward continued to drive, moving in and out of lanes as he brought them towards their next destination. "I have not spoken to Domino which I had figured would be the more sensible of the two, but what I could gather from Deadpool was well… to be honest I really could not get much sense out of him other than an overly long troubling conversation on how he believes he is suffering from some form of highly distracting Bob Barker envy right now - I had to explain to him I am not his psychiatrist and he demanded I pay him more, then he hung up on me after calling me a 'Potsie'. It's quite frustrating talking to the man for any length of time." A rueful sigh escapes Edward as they wait at a stoplight. "I am thinking we should perhaps try the docks, unless you wish to go where your friend was taken to."

Listening in silence as Edward spoke, Laura nodded a few times here and there. "I don't think having Deadpool on board is a good idea, he seems more insane then he is efficient. ISn't there anyone else you could hire for help?" She asked shooting him a sideways glance. Laura pushed dark strands that had fallen loose from her bun from her face as she stared up at the red light waiting for it to change. "Well, if we can find out where the next location is I can go in there, and do more investigating at the very least. The docks. If Domino killed everyone at the warehouse, there is no need for me to go there. want to find one alive, not a half rotted corpse. I can't interrogate that."

NYC - Docks

Off from the bustle and crowds of South Street Seaport, a small dock stretches over the east river, which was once convenient for fishes, now lays almost forgotten. The wood here isn't as polished as the rest of the docks as splinters can be seen here and there. At night there is an eerie shadow cast over the place from the tall ships docked several feet away.

Edward glanced over as he turned. "The docks it is. The man may be insane but he is very highly accredited, you said you did not care to do this alone and considering your age I do not feel comfortable with you doing more than you need to by yourself." Several minutes in silence and an upturn of John Tesh plaguing the ears they'd eventually end up dockside the wharf at these hours for the most part was closed down, ships looming in the distance catching night sky had them looking on the side of ominous. "If there was a large number of them smelling like fish, then it has to be a fairly sizable place…" He was commenting while the door shut and he gazed out over the river-way. "Or they have their own ship."

Mostly tuning out the music, Laura sat forward in her seat a bit as they turned onto the docks. She frowned, as Edward pulled right up to the wharf, and with a slight shake of her head and a sideways glare out fo the corner of her eye, she too got out of the car. "Keep your voice down." she murmured only just loud enough so that he would hear her. Silently she padded over to the driver's side of the car, putting her smaller frame slightly in front of Edward's larger one. "You are only human correct?" she asked over her shoulder in a whisper, as green orbs scanned the quiet ships, and squat warehouses, none that seemed really big enough for hiding such a large group. Her gaze finally settled on the ships further out in the water, her brow furrowing over slightly.

Edwards nose upturned as she spoke about keeping his voice down, looking around he seen noone. "Yes I am only human." The car had pulled in with it's headlights out, this wouldn't alert anyone right away of course. A new shadowy obstruction amidst the load of others would go unseen. A sudden bzzzrt was heard and Edward was snatching up his phone, holding it to his ear."Hey! Is that you I see down there on the docks with an underage school girl at this hour?? You should be ashamed of yourself, what will Miss weirdhardtosaylastname think." Kneeling down he cradled the phone to his cheek,"Listen Deadpool, we're… wait you see us?" A chuckle came in response,"Yeah I followed a trail of Reese's Pieces, Eddiot." Edward was rubbing his temples as he glances over at Laura. Cupping the phone,"Deadpool is somewhere around here watching us." Not realizing Laura would have heard majority of the conversation anyways.

Had heard pretty much all of the conversation, and she scowled at Edward in response. "Great." she muttered, turning slowly in place as she scanned the surrounding area for any sign of the madman. "Well, if he's here tell him to get his ass over here and be productive or go home." she added curtly after a moment of silence. Laura's eyes drifted closed a moment, as she let out a quiet,albeit huffy, sigh. Her chin incling up slightly as she sniffed subtly at the air, her eyes opened, green gaze focusing somewhere behind Edward, as Laura scowled again in disgust. She wasn't a fan of Deadpool, and she'd only spent five minutes with the man so far.

Frowning Edward lifts up the phone to speak into it, Deadpool had been jabbering the whole time apparently un-aware the man had cupped it away from him, "Laura would like your backup down here."Rephrasing her words into something nicer,"Newp, you and Gogo Yubari look like you got it covered, wave one of them fuzzy palms at me if you need help." As if on emphasis up on a building over 300meters away there was a glint, brief but present. Actually sitting on a lawn chair drinking a Fresca was Deadpool, rested up on one knee aimed in the direction of them was a C-14 Timberwolf, stylized with Canadian flags and camo. Apparently Deadpool was feeling a moment of 'represent'. "My intuition and a buncha funny talking foreign guys I man-handled earlier without the curteousy of lube said check the 3rd building to the east, we may find Waldo there."

Laura's lips curl back and an audible growl bubbles up from the back of her throat. Emerald orbs staring at Deadpool in the distance, she motions with her chin for the human's sake. Before Edward can respond, Laura snatches the phone from his grasp, with a warning glare cast in his direction as he looked like he was about to protest. Not even bothering to hold the cell up to her ear, she growls shortly into the receiver. "If you aren't going to actually come down here and assist, leave. I can handle this myself. You aren't really needed, you're only going to fuck it up." With that being said Laura snapped the phone shut, and contemplated tossing it into the river, just to make sure he couldn't call back. It was Edward's turn to shoot a warning glare, though and she reluctantly shoved it back at him. "You are absolutely absurd to have him on this project." And with a quick turn, she was moving off towards the east, to investigate the third building.

Deadpool lifted up the phone and shook it,"Feisty, seriously reminds me of someone else with a bad case of constant sand in the naughty parts." Wiggling the phone he dialed back to get voice mail. Peering down he watches them through the scope leveling the weapon on Laura before it dropped to her rear,"Speaking of naughty parts…. sure don't make kids like they used to." Wrong… but bout as wrong as checking out the Olsen Twins "Hey, they're legal age now!" Yes, true… let us bask. "Let us."

Edward frowns at Laura's chiding and his phone, thrusting it back into his coat, reaching into his jacket he pulled out a pistol and began to follow her quietly. Glancing apprehensively up towards the direction Deadpool had been, that earlier glint was gone, nothing was visible. Apparently Deadpool had allowed them to see him. Getting nearer the building it looked to have some lights on, dimly seen through covering paper and darkened heavy windows that stretched all around the structure. Out-front was a man laid against the door, playing on what appeared to be a PSP. The LED screen lighting up his smiling features, oblivious to the presence of Edward or Laura. As they got closer to the building, certain familiar smells became more apparent.

Laura drifts off to the side, melding into the shadows as they come upon the third building. She grabs Edward's arm and tugs him back with her, holding a finger up to her lips, a clear signal for him to be quiet. Pushing up on her toes, to gain some height enough to each his ear, Laura leans in close and whispers low enough that he probably has to strain to hear her. "You will stay here, do you understand me? Don't shoot, don't move, don't even breathe a lot. I can hear you coming a mile away." Her warning uttered she backs away almost immediately, putting space between them, and Laura inches towards the edge of the building peaking around to watch the 'guard' for a moment. Pathetic. It was hardly even a challenge. She highly doubted the man would have much information, considering his job consisted sitting outside and playing hand held games. She'd go within the building, or at least get up close enough to hear how many were inside first. Reaching into one of the many pockets that lined her cargo pants, Laura pulled a ski mask out, only have opening for her eyes, and shoved it on over her head. Now clad in black from head to toe completely, she let her hand claws push out from her knuckles. With one more significant glance at Edward, she whispered again. "Stay. Here." before slipping into the shadows towards the man.

His arm pulled away from her and Edward put himself against the wall, right now he didn't feel like talking as they were too close to the guard around the corner but some part of his pride had his eyebrows rising up looking down at the younger woman. Reluctantly he seemed to give in and whispered a,"Be careful, I'll wait here…if you need assistance just yell my name." The guy playing the PSP stopped to look up and around, yawning loudly before looking back down hunching up tighter into a ball with the game cradled between his knees as he started to play again. Inside voices could be heard, so far about three. But with the size of the building it could very well be more.

Laura shot a warning glance at Edward as if the guard's stirring just proved her point. With a single shake of her head and whispered mutter that sounded something along the lines of: "Humans…" She was off. Sneaking up on the man was easy. With the sound effects from his game, Laura was able to creep up on him. It was almost not even fun. A silent sigh passed her lips, she was just to the left of him now, still in shadow, and with one quick jab outward, her adamantium coated claws were pushing up under the man's chin, shedding through bone, tissues and eventually brain matter, alike. A low, dying gurgle escaped as blood sprayed seeped down along her forearm. Laura released him, and repositioned him quickly, putting his head down so it looked as if he were enraptured by the game on the screen. Pressing her slender frame up against the side of the building slowly she inched up, her ear to the wall, and the voices in side were easily heard. It was definitely at least three. Contemplating trying to get a look, but thinking better of it, she listened for the moment.

"All right man, I'm going to take off. Getting my kid brother and we're out of here, let me know what she says when she gets in." The voice was clear and audible from inside the building as the door made a creaking noise, the heavy inside lock opening up.

Laura stiffened slightly, at the sound of the male's voice. A inaudible grunt of frustration, and she was in action. It was too late to move the body, the amount of blood that had already leaked out would alert the entire building that something had gone on. Laura checked the body, making sure there was no blood visible on the PSP screen, and repositioning the body to make him look as if he were alseep over the device. Then she was move to the other side, positioning herself by the door, ready for the voice to exit. Retracting her claws as quietly as was possible, she reached down to fish around in one of her many pockets. Pulling a small syringe from it, she uncapped it and pocketed the plastic covering. The syringe filled half way with a clear liquid, (insert some sort of tranquilizer here). As soon as the voice was out, and had the door shut, she'd have him.. hopefully.

"Hey Tommy, get up." The voice was continuing on, the door shutting behind."Tommy, up man we gotta go, you can play your stupid game later. Get the fuck up you retard!"A thump given to the crumpled up forms side and it was beginning to flop over. Eyes widening as whites were seen, a mouth beginning to open as a scream was about to burst free.

Crouched behind the man now as he exited the building, Laura sprung up quickly and quietly, the syringe already at the man's neck, she pushed down on the plunger as it pierced his skin, her other hand moving to cover his mouth roughly to muffle any noise that may come out. Her struggled weekly for a moment, a futile flailing of arms he tried to dislodge Laura's hold on him, but it was a wasted effort. Within ten seconds the man was out cold. Easing him down to the floor, Laura froze a moment, her ear pressed to the building once more as she listened, making sure no one inside had heard. One. Two. There was chatter, but it was all casual at this point. A quick, grin of triumph and Laura was heaving the man over her shoulder like a rag doll. the man had to weigh at least twice her size, but she carried his weight as if he were merely a child. Grabbing a hold of Tommy's PSP, she quickly chucked the device towards the river, then bent down to grab hold of his ankle. Dragging the dead one along, Laura walked as fast as she was able carrying the 200+ lbs man on her shoulder. A self satisfied grin on her face as she reached Edward, though she didn't stop. "We need to go, right now." she said as she passed.

Edward looked behind him then forward, "I would like to see what they have inside." He insisted, "But, perhaps later, you're right." He cleared up quickly. His phone coming out as he looked down at it,"Mr.Deadpool, would you please stay there and watch over this building for me? At least until I give you word for otherwise." The response was a mmrmmrm around potato-chips, something more in regards to being bored, then a brief argument over another kick in the payment direction. "I'll contact you here shortly." Hanging up the truck was opened and he stared down at it then over at the body of the dead kid."This is blood-trail won't go un-noticed. Perhaps we will make Deadpool earn his pay" Edward said, opening the phone up again,"Yes yes it's me again, I will pay you more please let me just speak, clean up this mess down here would you… call me when you are done, the mess, all of it." Hanging up on Deadpool before speaking towards Laura, "Laura, please leave the younger man's body here, it'll be dealt with and if worse comes to worse, the finger won't be pointed at one of us." The truck still open Edward climbed into the drivers seat.

Laura dropped the body, giving Edward a single nod as she continued on towards the car. She shoved the unconscious male into the back seat of the Lincoln, then jumped in behind him. "Make sure he does a proper job." she muttered as she heard Edward give the order to Deadpool about cleaning up. "I only had one syringe." was her explanation for the boy's death. After some maneuvering around the man's bulky form, Laura tugged a a roll of duct tape from another pocket. Quickly binding the man's hands and feet, then putting a healthy amount of tape over the man's eyes and mouth, she sat back to survey her work. "He'll be out for the next three hours." she explained as she crawled over the man, and into the front seat, fixing Edward once more with a long, unblinking stare. Her entire right hand and arm, darkened with blood, she sat forward slightly in the seat so as to not track it all over his car.

"Guess we will see." Edward all most whispered, glancing in the rear-view mirror before pulling out."A girl your age and you seem so casual about killing… quite disturbing." He remarks, looking forward, removing the John Tesh CD to replace it with Yanni. Pulling out of the docks, "We need to find someplace to go where we can keep this man, I may know somewhere, I have a camper we can use."

Laura arched a slender brow as she continued to stare at the man driving. "I have been killing since I was twelve." she stated quietly. "And everything else you could imagine, and some things I don't think you even could." she added after another moment, finally breaking her gaze from him. "A camper?" she asked skeptically. "I hope that it's at least somewhere secluded. We don't want anyone to hear him scream, and call the authorities." With those, rather creepy words spoken, Laura finally lapsed into silence, watching as the left the docks and continued on through and then finally out of the city.

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