2010-01-09: Battle Of Batroc The Leaper


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Summary: While on an outing in the city, Batroc the Leaper attacks!

Date: January 9, 2010

Log Title Battle of Batroc the Leaper

Rating: R

NYC - Empire State Building

Standing at 102 stories, the Empire State Building is currently the tallest building in New York City. On the 86th floor is the Observation deck, offering a 360-degree view of the city. During the various holiday's and special occasions in New York City the Empire State Building can be found with a variety of different flood lights, the colors matching the time of year.

It's been a day of exploring the city, with some of the students being familar with it and for others it's a whole new place. Robyn's kind of organized the outting so he figured one place to hit would be the Empire State Building, after all it is a landmark or New York City. After lunch, not to far from here, and two elevator rides later, Robyn's lead the way up to the 102nd Floor Observation deck. He wraps his jacket tight around him and shivers against the wind, but the view is incredable. There are only about sixty other people with them up here at the moment. "So, what do you guys thinks?"

Leighton is currently using a school Image Inducer to make her colors look normal and hide the bones sticking out of her body. She's been keeping her distance from the rest of the group, though, trying to avoid getting too close. "It's tall." She says simply, holding her arms tightly to her chest as she looks around. "Sorry. It's cold, too." She adds, looking at the others.

Dallas is enjoying himself, looking over the cityscape with wide eyes and trying not to show that he's impressed. Seeing the city on TV is something entirely different than seeing it close up or from this perspective. He looks back to Robyn, grinning. "Awesome! Huge!" He is cold but he's having too much fun to worry about it now.

Zack is walking with his jacket, and his tight clothing, he really hasn't gotten any new threads yet, he probalby should ,but hearing that there's a trip back to the city again he's down for walking through it again. His headphones around his neck and he's looking around, giving a tiny little hmm, biting his bottom lip "was always a cool building ya know." he says

Also found near the rails overlooking the city is Coyote, her eyes wide open and a ear splitting grin cut across her face. "Aw man, we got nothing like this back in San Fran!" She's obviously excited and impressed and completely incapable of hiding it. She shoves her hands into her front jacket pockets, her usual black hoodie, that probably do very little in actually keeping the cold out. She's completely decked out in her usual attire; poorly sewn homemade black dress with a white paisley pattern and an old pair of black converse all-stars worn without socks. She definitely could have dressed warmer, but it doesn't appear to be bothering the teen that much.

Robyn smiles and nods. "I haven't been up here since I was six." Robyn says as he went once but barely remembers it. "I vote we stop at a coffee shop after this and get some hot chocolate." He says chuckling. "And yeah, it's pretty tall Leigh, it's the tallest building in New York City." He can't help but look at Coyote and shake his head. "Man, you must be cold Coyote." He says as he's cold even with his hat and jacket on. "Kinda being up here makes me wish I could fly."

"I'm glad I can't. I'd be so dizzy." Leigh chuckles, stepping back again. "I just, don't know anything about this place. American history and information don't creep into Canadian classes all THAT often." She chuckles, holding herself against the cold. She looks from student to student.

Dallas nods at Zack and says, "You're from here, right?" And he laughs with Coyote. "Or Elgin." He pauses and says, "But yea, chocolate would be good." He's still looking over the city, perhaps trying to catch a glimpse of some superhero flying from place to place. He blinks at the information that Leigh is Canadian and gives her a curious look.

Zack nods and smiles shyly, "ya I'm from here I'm from New York, this place is pretty cool but I never really go here, I mena, cause it's here ya know…" he tries to exolain a little bit and mmms looking out across the city, "But it's still a great city"

Coyote looks down, giving herself as close to a sideways glances as one can do to themselves. "Yeah, I should be, right? Guess my body likes the cold." The words are followed with an almost nervous sounding laugh. She gives the view one last look, standing up on her tip-toes, and stretching her body out as far as possible. "It would be awesome if I could fly right now, or really just hover over the city." She turns back to face the rest of the students still grinning. "Using my… well, you know…" she trails off, eyes darting across those not associated with the little group of students.

"Canadian history doesn't seep down here much either, I don't know much about the place." Robyn says as he looks to Dallas and nods. "I know what you mean Zack. I've actually never been to the Statue of Liberty, I mean I've seen her from Battery Park but never been to the island." He puts his gloved hands against the fence and looks out east, towards Brooklyn. "I can't even fly using my…"

There's a soft boom and the building shakes, followed by a second one. A few of the people on top of the building start to look around and panic, wondering what exactly is going on.

Dallas blinks in surprise and his shadow flickers there and gone again in nervous reaction. He looks towards Robyn and Zack, since they are the natives. His voice is tight but sardonic as he says, "Please tell me that's totally normal or something?"

Leigh falls into a crouch to have a lower center of gravity and get a better hold on where she's standing. "The hell is this?" She asks with a growl. "This thing ain't supposed to shake is it? That's fuckin' scary and bullshit." She says, bluntly as she looks around. "Any ideas?"

Zack gulps a little bit, a boom, and a shaking building! Well this is what they kinda drilled the high shcool students in now, terrorism, and that kinda thing, "Uh…no, no it's not, uh…ok ok, so we g otta find a stair well and get out of the building, that's what we gotta do, the central stairwells are made for this kinda thing, so we gotta evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion" he says as if by wrote! "Cause otherwise it'll be bad"

Coyote stumbles off to the side, taking a couple steps before she stabilizes herself. She looks nervous, looking all over the observation deck as if to find something up there that caused the building to shake. "Aw, please confirm Dallas' question and tell me this is normal." Hearing all the other students reactions, and thinking back to lack of mentioning a boom and rumble on any television shows on the Empire State building, the blond teen knows for a fact this can't be normal.

Robyn grabs onto the fencing and turns around, his back to the city. "No…this isn't normal at all." At least Robyn's never been in a building in New York City that's shaken like that before. He looks over at the people starting to panic and nods. "Yeah..orderly fashion…" He's a bit planted to the spot right now with fear as if it's not really happening.

There's a second series of explosions, this time louder and the shaking feels like it's coming from something closer. The door to the oberservation deck opens and smoke starts billowing out of it and four men emerge from the smoke. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I vould not be trying to escapse ze building as ze elevators are no longer." Says what looks to be the leader in his french accent.

Fear? That's not really in Leigh's mind at the moment. Instead, she's getting annoyed and angry. "Who the fuck would blow up an elevator on a place like this?" She yells, glaring at the voice coming out. She's almost snarling. One arm reaches up to grip something invisible on her shoulder (thanks, Image Inducer). She's still in that crouching position.

Dallas shakes his head at Zack. "No, what we have to do is make sure that /everybody else/ gets out of the building. We have powers. They don't." He looks towards Coyote and says, "Hey, Coyote, can you, um, do your thing and get us some idea of what's going on…. He stops as next booms happen and then the intruders arrive. He shakes his head and says, "Wow. Dude. You have /no/ idea how much it sucks to be you right this minute." Dallas starts walking towards the leader, holding off calling his shadow as long as he can, since he's never sure how long he can hold it. But hey, just four humans. And French ones at that. How hard can this be?

Zack gets a really bad look on his face, "Holy shit is that a terroist…he's…french?" he asks, as if that surprises him, looking back at Dallas, and then to the others, "you're…you're serious?" he stares at him, "Holy shit what…what the hell is he doing?" he says and looks around again, mabey the stairwell is close, but a fight with terrorists, french though they may be, is not somthing he wants AT ALL

Right as the door opens up and out spills smoke followed by four people, Coyote says point towards the leader. "I think that gentleman and those behind him just took over the building." She can't help but force out a smile, which is quickly wiped clean as Dallas begins walking towards them. "Uh, maybe you shouldn't just walk up to them like that… I mean, what if they have guns?" Her eyes begin to dart between all the other students, as if silently questioning what they should be doing.

Robyn watches for a bit and doesn't say anything for a while. He doesn't want to stand out, not at the moment. "I agree with Coyote. I don't know why though." He says watching Dallas and Leighton, getting a bit nervous. "Dallas…just, calm down for a bit." He says quietly as he doesn't want to see his friend get hurt.

Well only one of them is French, and that is the leader. Right now he ignores the kids, "Barrier, do you thing." He says and one of the men in the back concentrates and large force field spreads out to engulf the entire top of the Empire State Building, trapping all of them in. "No zis iz how zis it going to work Ladies and Gentlemen!" He begins as Dallas starts to approach him. "Oh great, zere be miniature heroes." He says as he casually tries to kick Dallas in the chest, thinking he's just a kid. Behind him one man starts to take out two large blades and the other seems to be fiddling with something small in his hand. The man with the two blades smiles. "You all are being taken hostage!" He says in his Spanish sounding accent.

"Like hell, I'll be taken hostage." Leighton growls loudly. "If there's one thing I got from her… it's this." She says, jumping up and spreading an arm out with a bladed bone on the end. She's aiming herself at the one that has something in his hand. "You're mine." While the one hand is swiping out, the other is reaching back for another bone-blade. Unfortunately, she really doesn't have much skill with them.

Zack winces and he brings his hands up to his face, the 8 foot teen is quite shocked, "Holy shit, what are we…what do we do, are we going to…to…" he looks bak and forth when Dallas and Leighton just step right in and go to fight, however he's stunned, never having been in one, nor even kinda sure he's supposed to. They're just teenagers after all, least as far as he thinks so.

Turning to face Robyn, Coyote just shrugs her shoulders. "Well, I guess that answer that." She gives a nervous glance at the guy holding two blades, not quite sure exactly what to do, before turning towards Zack. "Hey, it'll be cool… I hope…" She moves to step in front of him. "If things get rough, I can, umm… protect you?" The last two words come out more as a question as she looks up at the kid, suddenly feeling small. Very small.

Robyn stands back and watches everything start to unfold and watches for a bit. He's not staying back out of cowardace, though he is scared, he's hanging back cause his powers aren't phsyical. "Zack…which one do you think I should posses, and when I do, watch my body." He says quietly as he tries to figure out which is the best target.

Batroc easily dogdes Dallas's punch, after all he's trained in martial arts. "Zat is so amusing, meeget X-Men. Good, ve can kill zem when zey are young." He says as he takes a stance to engage Dallas, figuring it'll be easy. As for Leighton, as she comes in with a bladed bone, the man tosses something at her and there's a small explosion inteaded to keep her back. "You wanna dance girly?" He says as he reaches in his pocket. The one with the two blades, Machete, just stands protectivly infront of Barrier, eyeing the pedestrians more than the Young X-Men at the moment.

Dallas is surprised and faintly embarrassed at having underestimated his target, he tries to recover from stumbling when that shot went wide. "Kill? Nice. Death threats from Pepe Le Pew." But he's taking things seriously now, feinting to the left and then lunging in from the right, planning on just body-slamming the foreign villain. "Somebody tell me you're camming this for YouTube?"

The small explosion, while it does hurt, primarily causes Leighton to get even angrier. She emits a feral scream as she charges back in the man's direction again, blades bared. The explosion also knocked the Image Inducer out, revealing Leighton's current form. Pink skin… purple hair… and bones sticking out of her skin in different places. "You'll pay for that!" She shouts, not caring who she bumps into on the way. She's mainly enraged and trying to get at the one who caused her pain.

Zack takes a dep breath, "Oh shit, they're gonna start killing us, what the fuck what did we do…" he satammers a bit and looks down at Coyote, "I…I guess we can't…can't run now, he's fighting them." he looks at Lighton and Dass and back to RObyn, "I can…I can do that, but should I…try to help them? I don't know…" he syas with a deep breath, "I wouldn't know what to do…"

Coyote shrugs, looking up at Zack. "Nor do I, but we can figure something out. Just keep Robyn's body safe for now." Since her powers have absolutely no space in a phyiscal fight, she opts to try and distract one of the villians for the others and begins running forward. Not sure what to do, she heads straight for the guy that threw the explosive ball at Leigh, hoping to catch his attention.

Robyn looks at Zack and puts his hand on his lower back, since that's what easiest for him to reach. "Just…do what your instincts tell you too." He whispers as he looks the guy who Leighton is tangling with and decides to help her out. Robyn's eyes flash purple and then his body falls, almost lifeless, to the ground, his mind now in the body of the guy Leigh is fighting.

Batroc is a stronger match than Dallas might have expected and is holding his own easily against him, throwing in a few punches and kicks of his own, it's just with Dallas's form, his above average strength isn't doing much. As for Leighton and the guy she's fighting, Backfire, there's something wrong. He says 'Leighton, wait, it's me in here, get this guy restrained or something." Hearing that, Machete notices something wrong and pulls a pedestrian towards him using some device on his wrists so that he has her at knife point. "Now I think you kids should behave or the woman is gonna be the first casualty, followed by you."

Dallas is downright annoyed that he can't land a hit. And even more so when each thump and whack reminds him that if he were dealing with a stronger opponent, he'd be out by now. He tenses and decides to go all out, speed and strength just when Machete makes his point with the hostage. He stops, backing away, and lacking focus, his shadow flows down and away from him. He holds up his hands in front of himself and says, "Okay, okay." Getting people killed isn't on his agenda. Also, he's pretty sure that goes on your permanent record.

Leighton hears the voice and glares as she pounces, knives in hands as she swings forward for a stab with one while the other tries to punch. Hearing the voice, it doesn't sound like anyone she knows. "How the fuck did you…" She starts as her body body changes somewhat. Her voice deepens quite a bit, turning into something else entirely. Something… very masculine. "know my name?" One of the bone daggers in her… no, HIS hand begins to glow. She's holding back after she did whatever may have succeeded. He can't even hear what's going on behind him, as he's got so much anger and blood rushing into his ears.

Zack is left to try and protect ROby he guesses and Coyote, but, he's really not good at any of this. He'll catch Robyn at the very least, holding him upright in large arms as he waits and watchs the whole altercation.

Coyote quickly comes to a screeching halt as Machete takes the pedesterian woman hostage, and for some reason holds her arms up like a gun is being pointed at her. "Ok, ok. No one needs to get hurt now." Out of the corner of her eye, she tries to keep tabs on the other students, but mostly focuses on the guy with the hostage.

With the stab and the punch landing, Robyn feels the pain right before his mind is practically slamed back into his body. His eyes snap open in Zack's arms and he seems to be in a bit of a daze, after all, he felt the pain even if his body didn't experience it. He's breathing a bit heavy as he's suffering a temporary mental shock.

Backlash is beyond confused at the moment as he blacked out and came too with a brused face and a stabwound in his side. "Boss.." He begins as he reaches into his pocket and grabs a small bolt in desperation. Batroc smiles as Dallas backs down. "Zat is right, you X-kiddies back down, let us do what we have to and maybe you all might live, but after you hurt Backlash, I am undecided." Machete on the other hand as one knife at the woman's throat, smiles at Coyote. "Oh, I think they do." And with his other hand, he throws the knife right at the big target, Zack. Barrier is still concentrating to hold up the force field, trapping everyone in.

Dallas glares at Batroc, "If you hurt anybody, we're going to see if you bounce, Euro-trash." Yes, it's bravado, but he doesn't think he has much else on tap without getting somebody killed right that second. And then that knife goes flying and Dallas realizes that they have no intention of letting things progress bloodlessly. He lunges again, this time for Machete, rather than Batroc, his shadow coming to him in a flash and it's augmentation of his strength and agility allowing him to make a single bound towards the villain. He aims to intersect with Machete on the downward end of the arc of the jump, so all of his strength, speed and weight is behind a punch to the man's chest, hoping to knock him away from the hostage.

Seeing the one fling a blade at Zack, Leighton follows it and throws her own glowing blade towards it. Whether it hits or not? Who knows. She… HE is just annoyed by this whole situation. He does, however, back away from the Backlash guy, now that he has heard that there's a hostage. The change has calmed his blood considerably, but he still wants to do SOMEthing. As Dallas leaps, he ponders. Only two combat ready folks here. And he doesn't know the powers of others. Great. He doesn't even know all of his own.

Zack isn't really all the t graceful he stares and gapes, shifting a bit to cover robyn so that he doens't get hi, but there's no way he's really going to avoid this, more dumbstruck then anythign else, and the knife would hit him square…where he doesn't know, but that would probably be the highlight of his day, getting stabbed.

The knife sweeps by Coyote followed by Dallas, heading straight towards Machete. It's time for the teen to think quick, and so she decides perhaps it might be worth while to knock this barrier down, maybe there's police or gun toting security guards trying to get to the observation deck? Taking off, she begins to charge towards Barrier, throwing her left shoulder down in hopes of hitting him square in the stomach.

Finally his mind is back to what it should be, just in time to see Machete fling the knife at Zack. "Oh shit!" He says as he looks around, biting his lip. "Think Robyn…think." He mutters to himself trying to figure out what to do.

The glowing bone blade interescts with Machete's knife in midair and the two explode, sending pieces of bone and metal flying. A few pices hit both Zack and Robyn but causing significantly less damage than if the dagger were to hit it's target. Machete on the other hand, notices Dallas coming in and throws the woman to the ground to meet him with a knife. Where Machete gets a fist full of shadow in the face at the same time his blade connects with Dallas's shadow, causing the blade to glance off of it. Coyote on the other hand charges right into Barrier and the force field goes down, showing a few helecopters on the other side that apparently have been circling the area. He responds to enveloping his fist in a force field and trying to punch Coyote in return.

Dallas snarls at the feel of the impact against his shadow, knowing that each tag like that is a chance of being killed. Unfortunately for Machete, he's right there for the young mutant to take out his frustrations on. The punch is a good start but as Dallas lands, he grabs for Machete's shirt front and waist band and pivots, trying to use superstrength to pull the villain from his feet and hurl him at Batroc. "Stab that!"

"I can get USED to that one." Leighton says with a laugh at the thrown bone explosion. He looks to the one fighting with Coyote. Fortunately, with him having lept away, he's not right there with Backlash. He focuses and forces a bone to begin growing in his back again as he takes the other one in his hand and flings it at Barrier, hoping he doesn't see it coming.

Zack grunts hard, well he was trying to protect Robyn as best he could, but cutting into his jackt and his flesh is the shards of steel and bow, he cries out in pain, "Holy shit, what the hell…" bleeding now and wincing again as he looks down at himself, "Holy shit, they tried to kill me…" seeming shocked about it.

Coyote can only enjoy a brief second of her achievement, looking up with a smile to see the sky above with helicopters circling around the building. She even mutters a 'yes!' quietly to herself before beginning to crawl up to her two feet. The view is short lived as she takes a force field gloved fist to the face, knocking her back down to the ground, leaving a splatter of blood on the floor, trailing down from her lip to her chin. "Aw! That hurt!" She cries out, both hands immediately moving up in hopes of block the next punch, should it come.

Robyn is hit with a few shards as well and lets out a groan of pain, seemingly trying to hold it back. "Yeah…that happens from time to time." He finally says as he rushes forward to join the fray, not caring about the small injury, and heading over to help Coyote with Barrier. He's not really thinking about what he's doing, letting instinct take over. Forming in Robyn's hand is a small, six inch, purple blade and he rushes forward to try to stab Barrier.

Machete cries out something in Spanish as he's lifted off of his feet after a barrage of punches and thrown through the air, slaming into Batroc. Barrier though, gets stabbed by a flying bone blade, followed by a psychic weapon. There's a scream of pain from Barrier and then bone explodes, causing a horrible wound and bits of bone to go flying. The physcical and mental attack cause Barrier to fall unconscious. As for Backlash, he's still bleeding from being stabbed but he's not down, he throws something small at Dallas, something small that explodes up upon contact.

Those flaring white around dark eyes of Dallas's shadow form narrow as he prepares to bounce whatever it is off his chest. Unfortunately for him, grenades, even small ones, usually win a battle of wills. Dallas is blasted back by the point blank explosion and ends up smacking into the retaining fence around the observation deck. He slides back down, shadow gone with his concentration and looks at the scorch marks on the chest of his coat with some shock, already feeling the blistering and bruising underneath. "Um… OW!"

"Keep him down." Leigh calls out, now completely physically male. Though, the clothes don't fit quite right. He turns to look towards some of the others. "One down. Three to go. And… I've got my body back." He says with a laugh as he begins growing another bone in his back alongside the first. The first still hasn't finished growing, but is protruding now.

Zack ughs a little bit as Robyn flees from his arms and everyone is fight, everyone, everyone…except him. All right, well…now he has to do somthing, totally out of his mind, but he'll charge forward behind everyone else. Mr. Shield goes down fairly easily, with the two attackhing him, so he tries for a target of oppertunity…there's 3 of em left, looking towards the nearest one still standing he tries to punch him.

Coyote is now able to pull herself up to her feet, and wipes the blood away from her bottom lip with the back of one of her hands. She gives a swift kick into the already unconscious Barrier, grinning as she says "Yeah and stay down!" The teen then turns to face Blacklash, eyes narrowing in on his wound and decides to charge. Hey, it worked pretty well last time, so why not try again?

The exploding bone on Barrier causes even more injuries to Robyn, adding a few more cuts. He's breathing heavy and looking at his hand. "What was…Coyote! You okay?" He says noticing her by him. He looks around trying to see what's going on and who to target next, taking a deep breath he decides Baroc is a good target. "Come on…do that thingie again." He says trying to get another psychic weapon to form.

Batroc the Leaper isn't happy at all right now, two of his men, Machete and Barrier, are down and it looks as though the third is about to get a gang beating. As Backlash charged by Coyote, she hits him in the side, right where his wound is causing him to cry out in pain at the same time Zack's fist lands at the same time and Backlash is dazed and falls to the ground in a stupor. Batroc pushes Machete off of him and stands up. "I will not be letting some snot nosed brats ruin my plans!" He yells as he charges in an angry frenzy at Robyn to engage him in combat.

Dallas blinks and shakes his head, stumbling back up his feet. He sees Batroc headed for Robyn and starts charging even as he calls for his shadow and fails. Gritting his teeth and trying to tell himself it's no worse than squaring off some guy twice his size on the football field, he lowers his head and tries to blind side the supervillain, even forgiving his usual football roar in hopes of catching Batroc unawares. A hundred and forty pounds of teenager against a guy who fights Captain America once or twice a year. What could possibly go wrong?

The other bone has had time to grow now, and Leighton pulls it out, leaping between Robyn and the charging Batroc. "Nonono. If you're gonna fight one of us, Fight someone who can fight better." He laughs. Sure, he's very unskilled, but at least he's got attack powers at his disposal now. And that, in itself, has made him quite happy in an odd way. "Yo, Dal—-!" he calls. Stopping himself as he sees the other one charging. Perfect. He holds his bone blade out, steadily, ready to slice if he can.

Zack grunts hard as his fist lands! Thankfully ther eis only a stunning and the guy doens't turn into jelly, he pauses for a moment too, as if not beliving his fist landed looking up, and around and back towards the guy running otowards Roby, "oH! No!" he says and he tries to stop him too.

Coyote pulls herself back up to her feet once again, her grin growing even wider after her second victorious assault - and this one didn't even involve her getting punched! "I'm quite al…" she begins to respond to Robyn's question, but is stopped when she sees Batroc charging towards him. "Robyn look out!" She yells, not knowing whether he notices what's about to happen or not. There's just an ounce of relief as she catches sight of both Leigh and Dallas' attempts to stop the man.

Hearing Coyote call out, Robyn turns to see Batroc running in and in his hand a psychic dagger appears as he prepairs himself. Like any unskilled person though, he closes his eyes before anticipating an impact, hoping that he can at least get the psychic blade to strike him.

An odd mix of things happens all at once, Batroc's fist first strikes Leighton, instead of Robyn, knocking him to the ground unconscious. In a quick movement he goes to bring in his second hand at his inital target but before a good hit can land, he gets smacked in the side by Dallas and Robyn just gets clipped in the sholder. Batroc is off balance and overly angry now, his focus isn't what it should be.

Dallas bounces off Batroc and notes with some surprise that both he and Robyn are still alive. He winces when Leight… is that Leighton? Wasn't she a she? Never mind… when Leighton is knocked out. After that momentary pause, he prays for all he's worth, calling his shadow around him and hoping it lasts long enough for him to land the haymaker uppercut he's trying to whallop Batroc with.

Zack gulps a little! Well this time his focus is not at all on the man who is trying to kill us. Seeing Leighton go down, as well as Robyn getting clipped he gulps, "Come on, I think we should seriously get out of here, this isn't go…" trying to pick up the unconcious student!

With Batroc off balance and occupied by Dallas and Robyn, now seems like the best time for Coyote to get back into the fray. She's relieved to see Zack attend to the now male and unconscious Leighton. "Hey Jackass!" She yells, hoping to grab his attention. "Look out behind you!" She takes a couple steps forward, pounding her feet down to make it sound like she's actually coming up close behind the man. With some luck, he'll be distracted just enough to get nailed by Dallas.

"How are we gonna get out of here, there's no way down!" Robyn says as that's what he thinks because of the small explosions and what they said earlier. He's got cuts in several spots but doesn't seem to be noticing the pain and there are three guys down, they can take the fourth, right? "One last try." Robyn says as he waits for the punch to land before hopping into Batroc's mind, his eyes flashing purple again before his body goes limp.

Batroc hears Coyote, and turns to talk to her just as Dallas's fist lands on his chin, it doesn't knock him out but he does stop cold, just standing there in a daze, which could be because of another reason as Batroc appears to say after a bit. "Finish him, I can hold him back for a few mintues." There's a struggle to the voice.

Dallas grins and says, "Going for the bleachers." With that, he plants one hand on Batroc's chest, grasping at fabric to hold him still and draws back the other, clenching it a fist. He unleashes a full-power right cross, aimed for the Frenchman's jaw. "How do you say 'lights out' in French?" Yes, that is malicious glee in his voice. Why do you ask?

Zack lifts Leighton up, he hefts him overa shoulder and his other arm grabs onto Robyn as he does that again, "Woah…" he says and looks right at the frenchman, giving a little bit of a gulp, "I think we need to leave, I mean, there's gonna be…like…homeland security here and everything, I don't want to get sent to some kinda camp in the ass end of africa for the rest of my life"

Coyote is just starting to figure out what Robyn looks like just before his body goes limp. It helps that it's very similar to what happens to herself when she astral projects, but she's still not quick enough to catch him before his body falls, diving towards him and stopping only a couple feet before him. Even if she was fast enough, she'd probably just have broken his fall with herself. "Good call Zack." The blond teen says, pulling herself back up to her feet, watching in anticipation of Dallas knocking the Frenchman out.

Robyn feels the punch to the face and is practically shoved out of Batroc's now unconsious mind. Batroc falls over, unconscious, as Robyn takes a sharp intake of breath and just likes there, trying to get over the mental stun. Eventually he groans. "My brain hurts." He's used a lot of psychic energy. "Can someone call the school?" He groans out, not wanting to move.

Dallas looks around and not seeing any threat drops his shadow. He clears his throat and looks at Zack. "Yea, I think we might want to collect Leighton … that is Leighton right? Did they hit her with a sex-change beam or something?" He gives the unconscious Batroc an unpowered kick to the ribs. "Pervy French guys. Anyway, we should carry the people who can't walk and at least get away from, um, the battle site. I don't want to get arrested or anything. My parents would kill me." Seeing that Zack has Robyn, he grabs Leighton under the shoulders, ready to drag him away. "We going?"

Zack is in fact, holding hte unconcious Leighton…in one arm, and cradling and supporting Robyn with the other, "call the school are you kidding, we'd so get kicked out, come on, let's just go down the stairs and get outta here before someone with a gun comes for us…"

Coyote nods her head in approval. "Yeah, lets. I mean, my parents would probably be the most acceptable of me getting arrested and all, but I think I'd rather not spend any time in the slammer if I can help it." She walks over to Robyn to see if he needs any help as well as give some relief to Zack. She's rubbing her face where she got punched with an open palm, working her jaw around a little. "We can figure everything out, calling the school, the sex change beam - everything, but let's do so once we're outta here."

Robyn is recovering a bit, but makes sure not to make skin contact with anyone. "We won't get kicked out, but we gotta go back. And is everyone okay?" Robyn says as he looks aorund and when he can stand on his own he leans on Coyote instead of Zack, since he's already carrying someone. "But can someone tell me how we're getting down?"

Dallas blinks and considers that one for a minute. "Ah, I'm /pretty/ sure I couldn't jump down without splattering. Much less get back up. Ummm, I guess we better call for help. And if we can't get down, they can't get up here to arrest us." He looks towards Coyote. "You're probably faster. Want to run home and find us a flying teacher?" He grins and then powers back up, going to rip some of the fencing off the retaining walls of the observation deck and wrap it around the unconscious criminals. "Just in case."

Zack points, "the stiar,s they just took the elevator you know, do you think they destroyed all like 20 sets of stairs leading out of this place…" he looks around and sees the criminals and probably all the civialns that aer looking at us like criminals, "Oh man this really can't be happening"

"Run? How many times have you caught me about to run and getting distracted?" Coyote says, nodding in agreement to the idea of wrapping the bad guys up in part of the fence. "So how about I just project." She moves away from Robyn, slowly letting go of her support of him. "Gonna have to let you go here, so I don't force you to support my weight." She plops herself down onto the ground, falling into across legged sitting position, eyes closing as she begins to concentrate.

Robyn can do the same thing a Coyote, but his Astral Projection is not nearly to the level hers his. As she lets go, he leans against a wall and hisses as he pull out a piece of broken bone. "Ow..I guess we can try the stairs." All 102 floors of them. "I've been at the school for a while, if we can't help it, we're not going to get into trouble." He looks over a Leighton and shakes his head. "Okay, Zack, can you get Coyote and Leighton, and Dallas, can you help me? Just…don't make skin contact."

Dallas gives Zach an amused glance. "Probably are some stairs left. But do /you/ want to down a hundred stories or whatever dragging people? I don't. They won't mind picking us up. But whatever." He nods as Robyn speaks and says, "Ok." Still riding high on endorphins and victory, Dallas would probably agree to anything short of trying to jump down right this moment. He puts a cautious arm around Robyn's waist, steadying him up through layers of clothing and outerwear. "Let's go then."

Zack finally nods hish ead, "well, uh, ok if you think calling the school will work I can…I can do that sure" holding onto Leighton, he looks at Robyn and nods, "ify ou wanna use my arm you can, I'm just…I dunno what to do"

It doesn't take long for Coyote's body to go limp and fall over to the side, a translucent and white version of herself slowly emerging up and above her seemingly lifeless form. Hovering above the other students, her ghost form gives one quick wave to them before splitting off into the sky, flying in the direction she hopes is where the schools at. Good thing know one else knows that little piece of information. /Take care of my body, or else!/ she telepathically communicates to Dallas, the tone in her voice not very menacing sounding at all.

Robyn offers Zack a smile and nods. "Don't worry Zack, you're doing fine. And noone got injured…but us that is." Since the whole group is walking away with some good cuts, burns and bruises. He eventually does take out his cellphone and makes a call to Xavier's, to let them know what happened and that Coyote is on her way. "So hang around here or stairs, anything to get away."

Dallas watches the dithering and sighs. "We suck at dramatic exits. Next time I'm packing a parachute." And with that he just leans on the wall and waits for them to get moving.

Zack nods his head a little bit again, "Ok…oh ok…" he takes a deep breath and he will stand there and let other people handle it, he's good at that! Lookign at the guy he punched kinda guiltily.

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