2009-06-11: Beach Plot


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Summary: Keith and Kaden cuddle while talking about vacations and beach houses.

Date: June 11, 2009

Log Title: Beach Plot

Rating: R

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

"And now it's just a waiting game," Keith Flinn, dressed in nothing more than cargo shorts right now, muses as he flops down on the couch in his penthouse. His phone is set down on the side-table and the air-spirit grins. "This fall, the places open and I'm in business," he laughs, just enjoing his afternoon for now.

There's a crash from Kaden's room and from out of the cracked door a streak of an orange cat comes running out of the room. Shortly after a naked Kaden comes running out after the cat. "Damn you!" He says as the cat just stops and looks at him with a playfully innocent expression and Kaden just shakes his head. "Come here little guy." He says with a sigh. "Heya Keith." He says noticing the wind spirit as he picks up the cat. "This little bugger just knocked over my lamp."

Keith jumps at the sound of the crash, winds swirling as he looks towards Kaden's room. "K-man?" he asks. When the cat appears, Keith chuckles. "Hey, K-man. YOu're alright?" he asks, giving the cat a look.

"I'm fine." Kaden says walking over to give Keith a hug. "He just knocked over my lamp, I gotta clean up the glass from the lightbulb later." He says with a sigh. "I can't be mad at him though, he's too cute." Kaden says with a laugh as the kitten reaches up to paw at Keith.

Keith pulls Kaden in for a kiss when the fire-spirit comes in for the hug. "Alright. Jon can do it if you don't want to though," he chimes. When the cat paws at him, Keith chuckles and reaches out to give the kitten a little scritch behind the ear.

Kaden happily returns the kiss and keeps one arm around Keith so he can
lean against him. "Eh, he's my cat my responsibility I guess. I'll clean it." After all Kaden does need to learn how to do things for himself too. The Kitten enjoys the ear scritch for a bit before seeing a spot of sunlight on the floor that interests him and hops out of Kaden's arms to pounce it.

Keith chuckles, slipping one of his arms around Kaden as well. "Alright. Dustpan and broom are in the closet," he says. "Just don't cut yourself."

Kaden stays there for a bit with his arm around Keith and looks over at the closet. "I guess I should do it now." He says running a hand through his orange hair. He'd rather be cuddling with Keith at the moment but he doesn't want anyone going into his room and hurting themselves. He gives Keith a kiss as he heads over to the closet. Yeah he's an idiot, he's going to clean it in the nude.

Keith returns the kiss and watches Kaden go. There's a pause where he clears his throat. "Hey, K-man. Pants and shows first. Safety, ya know," he calls.

There are something about Drew that have definately worn off on Kaden, the fact that he actually likes to cuddle and be close to people now and the fact that he likes walking around naked. He still has his grumpy moments but he's definately more pleasant that he used to be. "Fine." He says as he throws on a pair of shorts as he goes to start cleaning up the mess the cat made, and of course, the kitten has to watch. "So it's cool if I start doing martial arts with you?"

Keith leans over the back of the couch. "Aww, don't get grumpy, K-man. We don't want you slicing up the man-bits," he sing-songs. He watches the fire-spirit clean, focusing most of his attention on the now covered backside. "Yeah. I don't mind. I'll be happy to have you there. Just, no powers. Rule of the place."

"I just want to learn martial arts, not how to burn the living shit out of someone." After all Kaden really doesn't like using his powers against other people. Fighting with bare fists, that's another story. "I also think my GED classes are starting up soon." He says as he knows he'll be busy. He knows what Keith is staring at and can't help but wiggle his back side at Keith just because he can.

Keith grins. "Yes, they are," he says, having the info tacked to his 'remember this, dummy!' board in his 'office'. "And don't worry. The teachers at the dojo will teach ya some kick ass moves."

Kaden finally finishes cleaning and gets up to throw the glass away. "I just want something to do and I think martial arts could be fun." He admits as he does get bored around the house a lot. Once everthing is put away he decides to rush over to Keith and tackle him in a hug. Hey, he's feeling affectionate today.

Keith nods, turning back around to sit on the couch properly. "Pretty much the same reason I started taking them," he admits. "Well, that and I want to look even cooler than I already do next time I kick the ass of some very unwise mugger," he laughs. The laugh's cut off by suddenly being tackled. Keith recovers and slips arms around Kaden. "Torpedo K-man!"

Kaden kisses Keith and chuckles. "I don't really care about looking cool but I do like fighting, in a way." He admits as throwing a few punches always helped him let off some steam. "I think you'll look cool no matter what you do Keith, it's beacuse you have a nice cool head full of air." He says teasing the wind spirit.

Keith rolls his eyes and reaches back to give Kaden's backside a squeeze. "YOu know, you can always beat the sand out of the punching bags in the gym until we get ya signed up," he says.

Kaden lays ontop of Keith and nods. "Yeah I could but I think right now I'd rather just lay here with you." He lets out a happy kind of noise as his backside is squeezed and brings up a and to run through Keith's white hair. "Maybe I'll finally work up the nerve to get in the hot tub with you, Drew and Xane sometime soon."

Keith smiles, glancing towards the hot tub before looking back up at Kaden. "That's good. I just had it cleaned too," he chimes. "I'm sure Drew'll be happy to have ya in there."

Kaden leans in and gives Keith another kiss before resting his head on Keith's chest. "I know, I just, I know I've changed since meeting you guys, for the better." He says letting his hand trail up and down Keith's chest a bit. "So any plans for this summer Fancy Pants?"

Keith reaches down to pet Kaden's hair after the kiss. He keeps quiet before shrugging. "Not really. I was thinking we should all go on a big trip. The five of us. Private beach or something. Maybe down to my beachhouse…haven't been there in awhile."

Kaden nuzzles a bit against Keith and closes his eyes while his hand continues to rub Keith's chest and stomach. "You have a private beach house? And would I have to get a passport or anything?" He's really not sure how that would work since he doesn't know his status with the state. "Where's your beachhouse Keith?"

"Hawaii," Keith answers simply. "No need for a passpost cause it's still in the USA," he says. "I have not been down there in years. Last time was when I went to check out that volcano…"

"A Volcano…that's be pretty cool." Kaden says as he kisses Keith's shoulder lightly. "I've never seen anything cool like that and with the heat and stuff I doubt it would hurt me." He says as he can get as close as he'd like to something like that.

Keith smiles. "Well, if we go down there, I'll fly a up to see the volcano then. YOu and Dmitri will really like it," he says, nodding. Leaning down, he kisses the top of Kaden's head. "And I'm sure Drew'll like the beach and Xane the chance to relax."

"Yeah, we'll actually have to drag Xane away from his resturant." Kaden says with a chuckle. "I'll be happy just as long as I'm with you guys. I don't care where we are but a Volcano sounds really neat. I wouldn't want to go without you though….and I need to learn to fly like that Fantastasadouche Torch guy." He says as he stays cuddle close to Keith.

Keith laughs. "Don't worry, I'd come with ya," he chimes. "And it's the Human Torch. He's not that bad from what I hear, just needs to grow up," he says, having been to a couple of the same clubs and parties.

Kaden is another person who needs to grow up a bit, but then again, he's still a kid. "Human Torch, flaming guy in spandex, same thing." He says with a smile as he can't help but lean down and lick Keith's neck, chuckling slightly. "I know you would Keith, you guys are like family to me, family that I do all the wrong, or right, things with." He says laughing.

Keith squirms when licked and pulls Kaden up for a kiss. "Yes, we're family and I'll save the cliche'd line for another time," he says with a laugh.

Kaden isn't quite sure what the cliche'd line is but he just shrugs then smiles as Keith squirms, a kind of michevious smile as he kisses Keith back, trying to let the kiss last for a bit as one of his hands reaches up to play with Keith's hair. "I'm not sure what the cliche'd line is but I just know I love you guys."

Keith laughs before returning the kiss eagerly. "The 'if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right' cliche," he explains, reaching back to squeeze Kaden's backside. "I love you guys too."

"Oh." Kaden says before chuckling. "As long as we're happy right." Kaden says as he tenses a bit as his back side is squeezed, pressing against Keith a bit in return as he leans in to lick Keith's neck again.

Keith laughs at the second lick. "Careful, just shaved so there's likely still shaving cream taste there," he teases, ruffling Kaden's hair. "So, a week down in Hawaii…I'll have to see what the others think."

"I know Drew will go for it." Kaden says as he frowns at Keith. "I've probably tasted worse things than shaving cream. Is it careful because of the shaving cream or careful because you like it?" Kaden says teasing Keith with a grin.

Keith smirks. "Both," he says simply. "And I know Drew will go, it's the other two I need to convince."

Kaden chuckles and smiles leaning into to lick his neck again, hey he likes teasing Keith sometimes. "I can try to talk Xane into going, but you might have better luck. Besides, I think a vacation will be good for us and not have to worry about when everyone can get together to hang out and do…other things."

Keith chuckles and squirms, running his hands over Kaden's back. "Well, no one said we'd have to spend every waking moment together down there," he says. "But I wanna get everyone down there to enjoy it all."

Kaden presses against Keith a bit and mmms. "Well if I go on vacation with you guys I want to spend time with all of you." He says as he's not to fond of being alone anymore. He's found people he likes to be with and he doesn't want to go back to the way he was. "So do you have any plans this afternoon Keith or just hanging out doing nothing?"

Keith presses back and smirks. "Good cause I wanna spend time with all of you too," he says. "Guess I'll call the caretakers and have 'em start prepping the place," he chuckles. "Hmmm. Well, I was going to shower and put my phone in the charger. Other than that, nothing planned."

"Sounds like a difficult day you have planned Fancy Pants." Kaden says with a smile. It's not like Kaden has much planned either seeing that his GED classes don't start for another few weeks. "You really are Mr. Fancy Pants you know that? Place in Hawaii, caretakers.." He shakes his head and laughs, going in for more kisses as his hands rub against
Keith's chest a bit.

Keith smirks. "Hey, those people have worked there since before I was born. And these pants aren't fancy," he say with a pout. Another kiss is stolen and Keith stretches. "And it's a rainy afternoon. Not mucb too do."

Kaden chuckles at the pout and grins at Keith. "Then why not get you out of those pants if they aren't fancy?" He says running both hands through Keith's hair. "Even if there isn't much to do I can still think of somethings to do on a lazy rainy afternoon."

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