2011-07-05: Becoming Earth



Summary: Giea realizes she's dead…but not quite dead.

Date: July 5, 2011

Log Title: Becoming Earth

Rating: PG

Where Water, Fire, Earth and Wind meet.

Thee wind blows through the tops of the snowcapped mountains, where is where Giea finds herself now. There is no cold or hot, no hunger or thirst, she's just there. The view from the ledge where she stands is breath-taking as forests, mountains, streams, animals and even the smoke from a volcano in the distance, all of nature can be seen. It's uncertain how much time she's been up here but enough time to feel an odd connection, almost like she's one with the rock, the dirt, the earth. Out of the rock a dark-skinned woman seems to appear. She's dressed as if she's a tribes woman from Africa and holds a tall wooden staff. "It's interesting that your name is so close to who you really are, who you're about to be Giea."

Giea stares off of her position in the mountains, examining what's happening and rubbing her eyes occasionally at the sights, but mostly she sits, palms flat against the ground she sits upon, losing any track of time as hunger and thirst no longer present themselves as a problem. At the voice, she looks up and blinks a few times, this being the first person she's run into. "Who are you?" she says, rising to her feet, which stand bare against stone, "What is this place?"

"This is where all the elements connect together. Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and spirit." The woman explains. "I am N'Teru and this is Dmitri." She says as another figure, a young man with dark hair and a limp seems to emerge out of the rock as well, using a cane made out of stone. "So she is to be the next one?" Dmitri says as N'Teru nods. "Usually we are born with what we are and usually it passes when we die of old age but there as been an unusual circumstance and you are the one Gaia has chosen."

"N'Teru? Dmitri?" repeats Giea, a bit tentatively, "I'm pleased to meet you, but I'm still confused…" Though this place seems to have given her sight, she approaches N'Teru to try and touch her. "I've never seen anything like this place. Or anything at all… what happened? Gaia has chosen me?" She turns her head lightly, and her eyes trail over the terrain. "For what? Last thing I remember is… Am I dead?"

"Yes Giea you are dead, as am I. Dmitri is the only one among us who is currently living." N'Teru explains. "You won't be for long though. See, something happened, there was a disturbance. Dmitri well.." N'Teru turns to Dmitri to let him explain. "Something happened, I'm not feeling the earth like I used to. The others don't know this nor do they know I'm doing this but I am giving it up." He says forming a chair out of the rock and then sitting down. It seemed to take a visible effort from the young man. "Normally it is not allowed but it seems she's letting me pass the torch to someone she choose. You."

Giea listens attentively to Dmitri, though she doesn't actually look at him while he speaks, and then her gaze moves to regard him when he sits. "You're giving it up? You're giving up the Earth?" She's visibly confused for a moment, "I though death was supposed to be final. It's… the last thing you do, isn't it? Before afterlife, I mean." She pauses for a moment and says, "Is that what this is? And… I don't know what you're even asking of me. What am I supposed to do?"

"For years, since before history, there have been the five elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. It's unsure on how long this has been going on but it was decided that each of the elements taken on a human persona. Currently Dmitri is earth." N'Teru explains. "Death for most is final. For us, not so much. You see when a spirit dies they're reborn in their same body until that body is no longer able to house the spirit. Dmitri..well.." She looks at the other man. "I'm sick." He explains. "I haven't told the others, they wouldn't explain but I know I don't have much time left. The sickness is hindering my connection with the Earth and soon my body won't be able to house the spirit of Earth. I will join the other spirits in the after life but you Giea, it's not your time."

Giea looks a bit saddened as Dmitri speaks, "I'm sorry…" Her gaze wanders as she speaks, as it's a rather overwhelming place for one who has never seen it. "What does it mean to house the spirit of Earth? I'm afraid this all sounds a little strange to me, and while I wish to understand, this isn't like anything I've ever experienced. And why was I chosen?"

Dmitri smiles at her. "Don't be sorry. I'll still be alive in the earth." He says. "It sounded strange to me at first too. You are no longer just Giea. You're not longer human, well you won't be for long. You'll be waking up shortly and when you wake you'll be like I was. You will be Earth, Giea." N'Teru nods. "I was Earth a long time ago. I still am but not like you will be or as Dmitri is now. You will be one with Earth and she will be one with you. You will be able to bend Earth to your will. She will do what she asks of you."

Giea listens to both Dmitri and N'Teru, rubbing her eyes momentarily, "I'll be one with Earth? This is a lot to take in. I guess I would be skeptical, if I weren't seeing things, and somehow understanding what they are, so I have to believe what's happening is real. Even though I don't understand, I'll accept this, whether its a gift or something else…"

"To some it's a gift to others it's a curse." N'Teru says kindly. "Like us though, you'll have to figure out most things on your own. You will have others though. Fire, Water, Air and Spirit to help you figure things out. Explain more. This is real Giea though you will be returning to your body but you will be able to use the Earth to help you see in the future." She says.

"Others? How will I know where they are? The world's so big…" says Giea, frowning for a moment before she catches herself and neutralizes her expression. "That's fine that I'll lose this sight, I'm not entirely sure what to make of it in this place. I don't know what I'm looking at."

"You'll feel it." Dmitri says standing up and putting a hand on her shoulder. "Drew is water. He'll probably be sad but welcoming of you. Kaden, he's fire. Be patient with him. Keith and Xane, their air and spirit, they'll look out for you Giea. You'll know it when you meet them." Dmitri says as he stands up and starts to walk back into the rock. N'Teru smiles at Giea. "I'm sorry we can't answer everthing for you Giea, there's just too much to answer but you'll figure out much more in what'll feel like no time at all."

Giea nods slowly at N'Teru and says, "I will figure out. I guess I have to, don't I? It's not every day that you die and then are told that you'll become one with the Earth, I suppose…" She smiles slightly and nods, "I look forward to meeting others who have received this, or something like it… I hope they can help me understand."

N'Teru walks over and kisses Giea on the forehead. "You'll do fine. You've got the strength of the rock, the patience of the earth. Just trust your heart." She says. "I must be going though Giea. It's time for you to wake up soon." She says as she melds back into the earth, leaving Giea alone on the mountain ledge.

Giea takes a deep breath as N'Teru leaves as well, and she sits back down where she was, no longer merely watching in silence, but now watching and waiting with a purpose.

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