2010-03-25: Bedridden


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Summary: Robyn visits Jono while he recovers.

Date: March 25, 2010

Log Title Bedridden

Rating: PG - 13

Xavier Mansion - Jono's Room

A bed, night stand, dresser, and desk all war for space here with a very large music collection. Shelves and boxes leave a clear space in the middle of the room to allow access to closet and bathroom. Even so, the closet has more in way of music cds than clothing. Not that this isn't a neat room. The bed is made, albeit not as neatly as it could be, and there's no sign of clutter. It's just full. The sterio system is a decent one, but not an expensive kind. The speakers for it aren't even connected yet, and a pair of good headphones rest in easy reach. There is a computer on the desk, and neat piles of school work. Someone here helps out with the professors. The bathroom is missing certain amenities, but that's not too much of a surprise, is it?

It's no secret that Jono wasn't around the school today, and since Hank made sure people knew that the Brit was bedridden for a couple days.. well, it's no surprise that the man can be found in his room. No, not the medical bay. Not that sick. The door to his room is slightly ajar, since people have been coming and going during the afternoon, and Jonothon can be found in his bed. The lights are off, leaving the room lighted only by a dim illumination creeping in through the blinds. Curled up to the point there's little more than a blanket lump in the middle of the bed, there's even a pillow over his head, but one of Jono's arms is draped somewhat over the edge. Yeah, he's in there. Somewhere.

Deciding to come visit Jono, Robyn knocks lightly on the door. "Hey Jono, it's me, Robyn." He says, he won't come in unless Jono says it's okay. He has a small bag with him filled with some stuff for Jono, nothing like food since he knows the man can't eat. "I just wanted to check up, see how you were doing."

Is it okay to come in? Mostly just drowsing, there's this strange feeling in way of reply. No words, no real concepts behind it, just the mental version of Mrrnngle. Yeah, that sums up wonderfully how Jonothon is feeling. Still, the visible hand motions some. Come on in. Just don't mind the sick man. «Would you do me the favor of putting me out of my misery?» Doesn't even try and come out from under the blankets. No, he just whispers that, trying very hard not to share it. Yet it's quite bad enough that he gives glimpses anyway. Imagine not having a stomach, but getting to feel that you are on the verge of throwing up. On top of that there's a low grade fever. He's achy and sore.

Walking into the room quietly, Robyn finds a chair and takes a seat. "I can try, I mean, I heard you were up here recovering so I brought some movies with me figuring if you wanted to watch them…" Robyn says handing a bag to Jono. It's just a simple paper bag with handles but inside are about five movies from Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish, Coraline, Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. "I don't know if you like any of them, but maybe it'll help keep your mind off of things." He offers a smile to Jono and tries to stay in good spirits, for him.

Brought him what now? That has Jonothon attempting to extract himself a little. Pillow is pulled from head and allowed to drop to floor. Looking rather like death warmed over, features haggard and deep bags beneath his eyes, the man just looks at the teen a little bit. Then he puts his head right back down where he had it when this all started. «Thanks, mate.» For all the last thing he wants to do is try to move. «Put them on the table behind you?» Table actually being his computer desk. After that he pauses for a space, merely watching Robyn. «Not sure this counts as recovery. If I didn't know better I'd think Hank was trying to kill me.» Hasn't been sick in eight years.. he'd forgotten what it was like.

Finding a spot to put the movies, Robyn puts the bad down before looking back at Jono. "I don't know if you'd like them so I just brought you some of my favourite movies." He says looking at Jono, the man does look horrible but he doesn't say that. "I don't think Hank's trying to kill you, more trying to kill the Sinister that's left in you." Robyn says trying to hide a yawn. "Just take it easy, take your time recovering and if you need anything, let us know."

«Thanks.» For the movies and for seeing him. «Heh. I know Hank isn't trying to kill me. I'm the trial for the mark removal.» Not that this makes it feel less icky. Jonothon manages a little smile though. «I'm at least free of it. And I will.» if he needs anything he'll let people know. Not that he honestly needs much. «..You okay, Robyn? You seem uncomfortable.»

"Uncomfortable?" Robyn asks not sure why he would seem that. "Why do I seem uncomfortable? I just..kind of have a lot on my mind I guess and still tired as all hell feeling." It's like he can't get enough sleep lately and he's been sleeping a lot, but then again the walk from his dorm to here isn't 'down the hall'.

Unable to sigh, there isn't one made, but the man sure wishes he could. «Alright then. Maybe it's just me being uncomfortable.» Right now Jonothon isn't sure of his senses, so he's not going to press the point. Still thinks Robyn doesn't look all that comfortable, but it could merely be the teen's injury. Or that they fought last time they spoke. «You see my sister?» He wrinkles his nose, but the idea does kind of amuse the man. After having avoided his family for eight years, she hunted him down.

Robyn shakes his head. "No, I didn't see your sister. When did your sister come by?" Robyn asks curiously. There is a lot unsaid about them fighting a few days ago but Robyn's just trying to get past that, he doesn't want to fight with Jono, not right now. "Oh speaking of sisters, did I tell you I asked Dr. McCoy to run the test so I can settled my mind that we're definitely twins?"

«She's staying here a couple days in one of the guest rooms. Elaine.» Didn't just come by, she's still here. Then Robyn mentioned the test to decide twins. Sorry, but not feeling all that well, the Brit is entirely confused. «..But we aren't twins, Robyn.» Sounds entirely puzzled too, if in a muzzy way. Can't think too clear, sorry.

"Sorry, me and Richard. That kid here who looks exactly like me, same birthday, also adopted, believes he's an alien despite being at a school for all mutants?" Robyn says shaking his head with a smile. "Never mind, but your sister, is that a good thing she's here? Should I avoid her or try to go meet her?"

Richard? Oh wait, he did hear something about that. Takes longer to remember this than it normally might too. «Heh. You want him to be related?» That's the important part. As for his own sibling, Jonothon closes his eyes and smiles to himself. «It's a good thing.» Might not have said as such a couple years ago. «She's an amazing person, Robyn. Just watch out. She's a telepath too. A damn stubborn one.» Siiiigh. Yeah, the pot is calling the kettle black. Doesn't mention that she's a weak, touch only telepath, but hey, is that important? «Eli's a good deal older than I am, but we do look a good deal alike. You'll know her when you see her.»

Robyn leans forward and smiles at Jono. "Stubborn, I don't know anyone like that….listen..Jono…about the other day. I'm sorry, I really don't like arguing with you, not at all it's just, I worry." Robyn has a problem where he cares too much. "You're just really important to me, and you've done so much for me when I've needed someone it's just, I wanted so badly to be there for you. Return the favour so to speak. I mean, who knows, I might have successfully run away from here if it wasn't for you."

Dark eyes open as a smirk pulls in over lips. That expression doesn't last however as the topic shifts. Doesn't answer immediately either, but Jonothon does uncurl his hand and offers it to the teen. «Robyn, you don't have to be sorry.» Assuring that first. «Have.. you ever hurt so much that you don't even know where to begin with it? Where to begin, much less want to give it to those you care about?» His expression is pained and apologetic as he struggles with the words. «It's not that I don't think you a friend, or that I don't care, I.. I just can't. I don't want to hurt you. Elaine…» Eyes close again. «She forced her way in.» More like she out stubborned him and he caved. «Now she's struggling with it too. You already hurt so badly I can't bring myself to add to it, and that's what it would be.»

Robyn reaches over and takes Jono's hand, holding it almost tightly. "Jono, I've been feeling that a lot lately and with out you guys, I don't know how I'd handle it. That's why I was stubborn about offering cause I could tell you were hurting." Robyn says giving a smile as he nods. "And why does everyone think I'm still this fragile person, I'm fine, really." He has to be, cause he has to be strong for Jordan right now. He can't think about his emotional needs right now. "Well family is always good for that isn't it, making you feel better?

Jonothon snorts, albeit mentally, about Robyn being fragile. This is so never going to make sense unless he explains fully, is it? «Listen, it isn't about you being fragile. You carry too many burdens not your own already, and I'm not giving you mine. This Sinister bollocks? This is a walk in the park to five years ago. What Sinister did was /easy/ in comparison. It's too horrible to even want to remember, much less share. Please, can you understand that?» Eyes are closed again, and the pain in his mental voice is thick. «Can you please stop being angry that I don't want to remember?»

Robyn smiles as he's still holding onto Jono's hand and gives it a squeeze. "Jono, I'm not angry. I was just with Jordan yesterday and he seemed convinced I had issues and I know you don't want to remember. That's why I'm apologizing for the other day. I'm not asking you to anymore." He shakes his head as he isn't angry, not in the least. "So your sister…I think it's good to have family here."

Jonothon grips in return, keeping the touch going. Now that he's had both Addison mucking about in his head, and Hank removing the mark, he can heal. «Thanks.» Looking again to the teen, he manages a weak smile. There's a good deal of relief that is even felt. He's broadcasting a little even though he doesn't mean to. That was really bugging him. Jono doesn't share at the best of times, and five years ago isn't something he wants to ever share. Elaine Simms is a safer topic to be sure. «What about your own brother? No doubt Eli would disown me if she could, but do you even know Richard at all? Like him?»
"I certainly would not." Comes a British, female voice from the doorway. The woman there pushes open the door gently so that she might peer in. "Da might though. He's still angry you upped and left." Her tone is teasing though. Elain is wearing jeans and a pale top with tiny flowers on it. A proper red-head, she's willowy of build, but not skinny. Graceful, long of limb, and model attractive. Especially when she's smiling as she is now. Dark red locks curl over her shoulders, but for the most part her hair is straight. "Sorry for interrupting. Shall I go?" Looking to Robyn as she asks.

Robyn doesn't let go of Jono's hand as something inside him needs the physical comfort if he knows it or not. "Richard…well…I don't really know him." Robyn says before looking at Eli, Jono's sister. "No….you're not interrupting, we're just talking." Robyn says before giving her a shy kind of smile. "I'm Robyn, nice to meet you." He says before looking at Jono. "I don't know him, I want to get to know him but it's like he doesn't want to know if we're related so it's kinda feels one sided."

It's so very obvious they are related. The same dark eyes, and same general features. Jonothon doesn't let go of the hand either. What does he care if Elaine sees? "Lovely to meet you, Robyn." The woman says warmly as she settles to the edge of the bed near her brother's head. After a moment she retrieves the pillow from the floor and primly places it back over Jono's head.
«…» And yet in spite of being covered up, he still answers Robyn. «Maybe he's scared?» Another hand extracts itself from blankets so that he can pull the pillow away from his head. He's wearing hospital scrubs. Pale purple ones. «Maybe thinking of himself an alien is easier to deal with.»

"I didn't know you liked purple Jono." Robyn says, teasing just a bit. "I don't know, he doesn't act scared just more that he's convinced that he's an alien. I don't know though, I don't really get many chances to talk to him. I just think it's weird that we look exactly alike and anyway." He says watching the interaction between brother and sister, something he's never gone through before.

That pillow is smacked at Robyn for the teasing. «Bad enough Hank was the one to dress me, he had to bloody pick pastels.» Whine! Jonothon is not happy. Elaine finds it absolutely hilarious though and she's smiling widely. She's mid early thirties, but doesn't look it. Resting on an arm, lounges something, and begins stroking her brother's sleep mussed hair. "You could use a little color, luv." Teasing him to. He merely wrinkles his nose. Bah on you both. «Some people do weird things to hide they are afraid, mate. Some don't even realize they are hiding. Could also be he's just off his rocker.»
"And that's a horrible thing to say." Elaine protests Richard being insane. "All things considered he could be an alien made to look just like you, Robyn. Picked a face to blend in, then finds himself meeting you by chance." She pauses and smiles again, "I should write movies."

«You used to write bad romance novels too.» Elaine firmly covers his head again.

Robyn can't help but start laughing, it's good to see Jono whine like that. "Actually we've gone over that theory Ma'am. I just have to check back with Dr. McCoy to see the results." He says with that smile still on his face. "And off his rocker, well I guess it would run in our blood then, though Jordan seems to think I'm the only link to sanity here. I guess it's good he hasn't seen me when he's not around?"

Yes, Jonothon is doing better. If you don't count the whole feeling terribly sick aspect. That too will pass. "Well then!" Elaine says brightly, "I can't wait to hear your results." The alien or the mutant brother? Dun dun dun!

Still under the pillow, Jono grips that hand he holds. «Jordan is clearly bollocked.» If he thinks Robyn is the sane one. "Must you swear so?" Elaine protests wearily. «Yes.» Is the firm reply. And yes, Jono's sister is here. Here apparently holding down a pillow over her brother's head. And yes, Jono is in bed, mostly covered by a wealth of blankets. What little of him that is visible shows that he's wearing pastel purple hospital scrubs, and he's holding Robyn's hand. The door is open.

"I just think cause he hasn't seen me when I fall apart mainly cause he's not here when it happens." Robyn says with a shrug as he sits in a chair next to Jono's bed. He's already brought him a little something to help with boredom hopefully. "You look like you are doing a lot better though Jono." He can already see bits of the Jono he knows showing. He looks at Jono's sister and nods. "Thanks, for coming. I think you being here really helped."

«And you're around when he does.» Jonothon notes as he attempts to pull the pillow away again. Elaine mock mulls it, but then lets him do so. Jono removes the pillow from play by stuffing it beneath his head. This means he pulls his hand away though. There, safe now. He only wrinkles his nose about that he's doing better. The stomach he doesn't have would disagree.
Elaine though beams. "I've missed my little brother." She tweaks that wrinkled nose. It's quite a large nose too, so there's a lot to tweak. After that the woman tucks hair behind an ear and returns to resting on her arm. "Although he's gone and gotten taller than I am. I do suppose he's not all that little anymore." Which is a good thing. "It was brilliant meeting you, Robyn." Elaine offers a hand. Not a shake, but to merely grip in a friendly manner. Her touch tingles slightly, but she's not actually trying to read minds. "I'll leave you two to finish. If you need me I'll be down stairs flirting with Dr McCoy." Calmly stated as she rises from the bed.
«….You're married.» Jonothon protests.

"And you are still gullible." Elaine winks and closes the door behind her, leaving only the gentle scent of her perfume.

"It was nice meeting you too." Robyn says before watching Elaine leave and then looks at Jono. "You guys look a like but you sure don't act alike." He says as he doesn't see it. "I'm glad you're feeling better Jono, if you need anything let me know. If you hate the movies I brought, I'll find out what you like. I just need to go get some sleep, tired." At least Dr. McCoy said he should be good in a about a week.

Facepalming over Elaine, that hand drags down over haggard features so that he can look at Robyn. «Probably would have been a lot more alike if I haven't blown up.» Rueful that. «She's rich and sheltered. Life is good and easy for her. Bloody glad too, but experiences change people.» Doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy the time he's spending with her. «You already know that.» That experiences change people. «Cheers, mate.» The smile he gives is an echo of Elaine's. Too wan to be as warm, but hey.

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