Being Optimistic


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Summary: While stuck in Mutant Town Internment Camp, some try to make the best of it.

Date: December 4, 2012

Log Title: Being Optimistic

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Mutant Town (Avenue A)

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Soleil stands with Rashmi, she with her shopping cart of stuffed animals and toys and Soleil with his small shopping basket stacked and stuffed with the 'cookies' and 'brownies' he's made using food products, pieces of candies…protein bars…rations all creative like. His hair is tucked away and he's bundled in a blue parka and a set of overalls as he's busy tucking away some toys in his basket and his bags. "…it would be an honor to eat Christmas Dinner with other people indeed. Good Luck."

Walking out of the Embassy is the six armed Travis, he's doing nothing to hide the arms by wearing a six armed turtle neck under a six armed Rockies jersey over jeans. His face is covered with quite a bit of stubbled and his hair is a bit greasy and disheveled, the not so sheik bum look. At leas this clothes are clean. He walks over to Rashmi and gives her a kiss on the cheek. "Just got done with my eighteen hours, I got ten hours off." Which he's quite happy about. "So whose this and what's this about Christmas Dinner?" He says looking at Soleil.

"This is Soleil," Rashmi says, pulling one of the brownies given to her out of her messenger bag and handing it to Travis. "He's been doing baking for the camp. I'm about to take these toys to the Embassy, actually… I'll see you at home when I'm done?" Looping an arm around Travis' waist, she leans up to return the kiss. "Soleil, this is Travis, actually… he's got pretty good timing."

Soleil gives a polite bow upon seeing Travis. A month or so ago, this would've been a tad odd for him but having lived in the camp for all this time, well you get used to the unusual and he just blinks a bit tilting his head to the side before giving a nod. "A pleasure to meet you monsieur. You are fortunate to have such partner with such a beautiful soul." Then he nods politely to Rashmi. "And I can see the appeal…"

"I know I am." Travis says grinning in agreement about how fortunate he is. "Thanks for the brownie, I hope those kids enjoy the toys. See ya later Rashmi." He turns to Soleil and gives him a nod in return for the bow. "Sorry that you've been brought here but we try to make it…wait you've been baking here? What to you use to bake?" He's more curious than anything else.

Rashmi grins over her shoulder at Soleil, eyebrows rising. "Yeah, I caught a good one," she says with a wink and a laugh. Squeezing Travis' waist again, she leans up for another kiss, before stepping back. "See you when I get home!" And with a wave, she pushes the cart off, toward the Embassy and anyone, children or not, in desperate need of something fun.

"Do not be sorry, I don't believe in accidents…this is actually more comfy than what I am used to. And I get to care for young ones." Soleil smiles as he nods to Rashmi once more, a soft giggle in his throat before he coughs and then looks back to Travis. "To bake, you only need the heat and a container so to speak. I take what I can from the nutrisystem bars…protein bars, ration stuff and I mix, with sweetners and candy and the like. For something sweet. Everybody should have something sweet."

Travis returns Rashmi's kiss. "Love you and be safe!" He waves as she walks off and turns to Soleil. "This is more comfortable than you're used to?" He asks with an expression of surprised. Then upon hearing what's in the brownie, he looks at it before cautiously taking a bite. "This isn't too bad, it's good! Thanks a lot, haven't had something sweet like this in a while. If you ever get injured and need someone to patch you up, just find me."

Soleil watches Rashmi leave with a thoughtful expression before his attention drifts back to Travis and he shrugs, gesturing around. "It isn't…all that bad. There are other people and I can help ease their…burdens. If only with a brownie." He moves a hand to brush a stray strand of hair out of his face. "I will remember that. Although I am hoping that the whole injured thing, does not happen. There are 5 young ones that I care for now, consistently so it is good to know you are here."

"I'm usually at the Embassy or if not, I'm at Rashmi's place. She told you where she lived right?" Travis asked since he knows Rashmi's more than willing to offer a hand. "And what was that about Christmas Dinner? Is Rashmi planning something or was she talking about the thing her parents do every year?"

Soleil is quiet for a few moments, processing information. "Oui, she was very generous with this information. Letting me know to bring the young ones to the Embassy eventually." He then shakes his head slowly. "I am not sure about which. She just mentioned the Christmas Dinner with her parents, I am not sure which one she is referring to."

"Oh! That! It's kind of where I started to fall for her." Travis admits. "See her folks throw this huge Christmas Dinner every year and pretty much anyone who doesn't have a place to go for Christmas is welcome. My Mom and I usually spend Christmas alone so she invited the two of us and we've been going ever since. The food is great, the company is amazing and it's just a fun and pleasant way to spend the holiday."

Soleil's eyebrows raise as he listens. "I see…that is very kind of them. Kind of people with those hearts to do those tings." He adjusts his basket on his arm. "It is not good to be alone on the holidays, trust me…this I know. The mistletoe goes to waste and you already know what is in the presents you have bought, so there is no surprise."

"No it's not. For the longest time it was just me and my Mom. My Dad passed away years ago and we couldn't see our family anymore so it was just us. We did our best to make it special." Travis is particularly close with his Mother. "You'll get to meet her too if you come to Christmas Dinner. So where are you from Soleil?" He could either be French or French Canadian he figures.

"Paris, originally. And I am sorry for your loss, of the father that is." Soleil responds softly before he smiles wistfully. "My Maman…she was a Ballerina, and she had an Aunt when I was very small. There would be many desserts even if the gifts were not much. Very special in its own way." He nods slowly. "I would like to meet her then. Your mother."

"Thank you, it was several years ago so.." Travis shrugs. "So how did you come to America? I'm assuming things aren't so bad that they're collecting people from around the globe to throw in here, that would be pretty insane." He yawns, covering his mouth with one hand and waving with another hand. "Sorry, I don't get to sleep much. They keep me busy here since I can heal with my powers and I also know carpentry."

Soleil chuckles and quirks an eyebrow. "Hm? Oh…I have been in America for quite some time. Since I was nine. I came to New York not really that long ago, and so perhaps I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time to get put here. Or maybe in the right place, I know of no one else who is making baked good from the mess they find." He laughs softly and shakes his head. "Good skills to have. I have a brownie made from some energy bar bits and some reconstituted snickers?"

"Oh that brownie I ate was great Soleil. With just eating mostly the rations they give us here, it's a nice change." Travis says. "Anything anyone does is appreciated. Nothing is more valuable than anything else right now. The best thing we can do is what we can to keep others spirits up."

Soleil mmhms softly. "Well you see like a really up person so it is good. You can heal the body and mold the wood…I can bake and entertain young children with silly hand puppets. We all have our talents."

"I try to be upbeat, it's hard not to when you're constantly around a girl like Rashmi. She just inspires." Travis says with a bit of a goofy smile. "The minute you let them kill your optimism and hope is the moment you lose. You know you've came through okay and on top if they never break your spirit. Besides, things aren't as horrible as they can be, there's always something to be grateful for."

"You are aware that her name, Rashmi, it means 'A Light Ray' oui?" Soleil has to ask. "I tink it would be impossible to not be inspired by her, like bathing the rays of the sun." He sighs softly. "I have lost much in my life, so I know how important it is to be optimistic. It is what I attempt to share with others now."

Travis raises his eyebrows at Soleil and he can't help but think the kid is a bit strange. "Well you have a lot more of your life left then you've used up. I'm also living my life for more than one person, like my Dad. I figure I owe it to him to be happy." Travis is pretty certain that's what his Father would have wanted.

Soleil offers a weak smile as he clears his throat and nods. "Good, it is good that you have this drive in life. The happiness and the living for more than just yourself. Your girlfriend and family are both very lucky."

"I like to think I'm the lucky one." Travis says scratching at the scruff on his face at it's getting to that annoying length. "I'm just glad she's coming out of the apartment. I don't know what Rashmi has told you or not. And of course I can't stop speaking about her so I apologize."

"We've met briefly in the past, but never to exchange names, today is the first time I ever learned a bit more about her. And even that is very basic." Soleil admits with a tilt of his head.

"So you're holding up okay here right? You've got a decent enough place to sleep and enough food? Besides your culinary sweets." Travis says just wanting to make sure that Soleil has enough. "And the kids you're taking care off, they're doing okay too?"

Soleil ohs and nods slowly. "I have enough to sleep on and to eat. There was an abandoned office, it is hard to explain but there was the water and it was safe from the elements so that is where I keep them." A tired smile goes here. "I am more concerned about medical needs and supplies, it gets colder, noses will run."

"The Embassy has a lot of medical supplies, we were able to stock up." Nicholas says. "Someone at the embassy was lucky enough to hear what was going to happen a few days before it did, not enough to stop it or warn everyone but enough to stock up on things we know we'll need. Also I'm a healer so I might be able to help with that. There's no charge or questions asked, if you need a doctor just come to the Embassy.

"Oui, your companion….the woman, Rashmi, she encouraged me to bring the children to the Embassy." Soleil takes a deep breath as he glances towards the sky. "It may be safer there, with people who can protect them better than I. There isn't much I can do with a skillet. Well. I can do someting if I needed to protect them but its very minimal."

"Well if it's a cast iron skillet, it can pack a good punch but no, it's not the best weapon. There's a spot in the Embassy set up for the kids. I mean there aren't many little ones since mutant powers tend to manifest during puberty, of course there are exceptions." Travis himself was a later bloomer in regards to powers. "So we don't have any real young kids but still early teens, it's still scary."

Soleil hmms softly. "It is what I thought." He nods. "Some of the younger children are the the children of others and they were separated. Then some are young, 12 or 13…but they all could benefit from others who could help them with their…things. Their…scary things."

"There shouldn't be anything scary about having powers, or even saying that in their prescience. Things are scary enough, they shouldn't be scared of their powers on top of it." Travis says thinking it isn't the greatest choice of words. "It's hard enough already being ostracized like this but that age is so tough."

"Oui. I tell them…they are gifts, they are beauties." Soleil shrugs a shoulder, staring off at nothing in particular. "However I will admit. This is never the way to help a person accept who they are…powers or sexuality, gender or size…to be told something is wrong at such a young age, to see horror attached to it, will leave an lasting impact on them." He rubs a hand over his face. "But they will get through this."

"There's a school for mutants, I'm sure any who are eligible to attend will be welcome there once this is all over." Travis says. "Including yourself that is, it's a high school and I don't know how old you are but Rashmi has connections with the school. Those kids will probably be able to go there if they don't wish to return with their families."

Soleil just stares at Travis for a moment and opens his mouth before shutting it and he blinks several times. "I tink it…it will be good for the young ones. They haven't yet been tainted by the world in such a way where trust and fear of schools and all those lovely tings would make such a prospect…terrifying." He exhales shakily. "It will be good…"

"Well it's up to them and their families. I just hope this is all over for Christmas, we could use a Christmas miracle here." Travis mutters. "What about you though, not the kids, but you. Where do you plan on going once this is all over? You can't stay in an empty office building."

Soleil considers how to best respond as he looks down at his feet and then gives a small nod. "I live one day at a time, because for me…making plans and having hopes beyond the day, always lead to tings that aren't as good. After all this is over, I will return to how I was I tink…I can never go home. I do my best to study and to read and to visit the libraries to keep reading and learning what I can." A weak smile. "I believe this experience, after it is over, I will be led to where I am meant to be."

"As long as you're happy." Travis says not exactly sure what Soleil means but he just accepts it. "As long as I have access to my Rockies and other sports I'm fine. Which has been torture not knowing the standings in Football so close to the playoffs now."

Soleil actually has to laugh softly, tilting his head to the side. "A sports lover, oui? I am sure we will get through this and then maybe it'll be more clear who will be making it to the Superbowl by then, oui?"

"I doubt it's the Broncos but one can only hope." Travis says with a guilty shrug. "Yeah, I'm a sports fan. Love my baseball. I used to play baseball back in High School but now, I have to be content to be just a spectator. I also like football but not as much."

Soleil ooos softly. "I used to fear naming any team but the Saints…" He trails off before clearing his throat and shaking his head. "Perhaps one day, there will be mutant leagues as well for the sports?"

"New Orleans?" Travis says smiling. "I've always wanted to go to New Orleans. I'm partial to Colorado teams, Denver in particular. I used to live in Colorado till my Dad passed away and my Mom and I moved." He doesn't say why. "Maybe one day, I just fear it's more there aren't enough mutants to be interested to make a whole league."

Soleil mmhms softly. "New Orleans is a lovely place to visit, the food alone is good." Then he has to nod as he follows the conversation with a curious squint and then another nod. "Perhaps not yet…but we must keep hope alive, non?"

"Honestly, I'm just more concerned with mutant equality and just being accepted. Not having to live in fear of something like this happening again. I just want to do something to make a difference." Travis says. "I used to just want to be a baseball player but I realized I couldn't mope about it cause there's so much more in life you can do."

Soleil mms in quiet acknowledgement, hand slipping into a pocket. "And here you are healing and doing the carpentry tings and all of that. You are doing something and can dedicate the time and focus to as you say…make sure to do you best to make a fear of this stuff never happening again."

Travis blushes a bit and shrugs. "I'm just doing what I can. I like to keep busy, it keeps me from just becoming a lump and sitting around playing video games all day. Well not like I could do that here." Though Travis did have the choice to stay at Barnes or come here, and he chose to go to Mutant Town. "You do what you can."

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