2010-01-08: Being Teenagers


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Summary: What happens when you put five teen in a small room….Real World…Xavier's.

Date: January 8, 2009

Log Title Being Teenagers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

Even though it's early evening, and the start of the weekend, Robyn has somehow fallen asleep up in the observation deck. When he wants to be alone or just to relax he likes coming up here, finding the view relaxing. After all he doesn't get a view like this in the apartment he grew up in. He's hugging a pillow to his chest as he he sleeps lightly.

Mikhail was wandering through the school when he caught Robyn's scent, hes dressed in black jeans, a white hoodie, no shirt, a pair of sunglasses, a scarf covering his mouth and nose and strangly for him hes wearing red sneakers. When he gets to the Observation deck he sees that Robyn is asleep, so he sits on another chair to wait for him to wake up.

Robyn isn't sleeping that deep so when he hears someone come in he stirs a bit. It just takes a while for him to actually open his eyes. After a few mintues though he yawns and then jumps up to a sitting position, surprised to see Mikhail there. "Oh! Mikhail! Hi…I must have feel asleep." Obviously.

Mikhail smiles when Robyn wakes up, "Heya Robyn, sorry woke up", he pulls his hood down and takes off the glasses and scarf, "Why you tired?"

Robyn rubs his head and yawns. "I've been staying up late to finish Jordan's late Christmas present, I just finished it last night. And trying to make sure my homework is done. My parents don't want me failing anything.

Mikhail nods as if he understand what Robyn is saying, and he does for the most part, "Robyn want help?"

Robyn smiles and shakes his head. "No, I'm good. It's the weekend so I have time to catch up on sleep, though I'm supposed to go into the city with Dallas tomorrow. You're welcome to join us if you want to explore New York City." He yawns and folds his legs so they're cross legged, not caring that he's not wearing shoes. "How's classes going for you?

Mikhail grins and nods, "Yes please, New York sound good", he kicks off his own shoes glad to finally take them off, "Class good, Mikhail good remember stuff".

Robyn smiles and leans back, tilting his head so he's looking backwards out of the window. "Snow never lasted this long back in the city, it was always slush and water before you had time to enjoy it. You know, I've never been in a snowball fight." Robyn says before looking back at Mikhail. "So everyone's been treating you okay? No more problems?"

Mikhail nods, "Lucas bad, everyone else very nice to Mikhail", he looks at the snow as well, "What snowball fight?"

"Yeah, I didn't like Lucas very much either." But then Robyn hasn't met him since then. "Snowball fight, you take snow, make it into balls, and throw them at eachother. It's fun and everyone gets cold and wet. I never really had that many friends back home to get into a real fight but we used to throw them at eachother once in a while."

Mikhail grins, "Robyn want snow fight, Mikhail find friends at school and do snow fight?", he want to do something nice for Robyn because of how nice he is being to him.

"Well we can see who we can find, maybe Sunday if there is still snow around. Did you get much snow back where you used to live?" Robyn doubts Mikhail got to enjoy it much though. "So who else have you made friends with Mik?" He heard Dallas call him that a while ago and it just kinda stuck.

Mikhail shrugs, "Mikhail dont know, never leave cage", he thinks, "Robyn, Dallas, Owen, Jared, Trey, Nathan, Mr Weyrin, Mikhail friends", he pulls of the hoodie hes wearing as it starts to bother him, he doesn't quite know enough social skills to know that he shouldn't go around shirtless.

Robyn is sitting on the couch, a slight look of sleep about him. Robyn smiles and nods. "Looks like you met most of the other people on Alpha Squadron. I like Mr. Weyrin a lot, he's cool. He's like the old character, The Invisible Man." As Mikhail pulls off his hoodie, Robyn gives him a curious look. "Aren't you cold?"

Dallas wanders in. He's wearing Xavier's colors again, the gray t-shirt tucked in jeans and his sneakers are obviously made for street rather than gym wear. He's not dressed as though he's coming from or to a work-out today. He blinks when he sees a shirtless Mikhail, eyebrows going up and then notices Robyn beyond. Focusing his eyes on the thin young man, he says, "Hey guys. What's up?"

Robyn smiles and waves. Like usual he's in a black hoodie and black jeans, his hoodie has the face of Jack Skellington on it. "Hey Dallas, not to much, I was just telling Mikhail that it'd be fun to have a snowball fight. And I asked him if he wanted to join us in the city or something." Since Mikhail's never been.

Mikhail shakes his head at Robyn, "No, not cold, Mikhail strong", hes dressed in black jeans, no shirt, no shoes his tattoos are clearly visable and there is a white hoodie, red sneakers, sunglasses and a scarf around him. When Dallas walks in he waves, "Heya Dallas" he then points to the ceiling in reasponce to Dallas' question.

Dallas grins at the idea of taking Mikhail into the city and nods. "Yea, that would be fun. Well, the city. The snowball fight too." He looks back towards the feral mutant and can't help but stare at the tattoos, though he rolls his eyes when Mikhail points. "Smart alec."

Robyn rubs the back of his head and nods. "Yeah, I kinda wanna get out of here for a bit. I haven't been able to enjoy much outside of here since I was a frog." He just didn't want to go out in public, go figure. He laughs as Mikhail points up and shakes his head, Dallas beat him too it.

Mikhail shakes his head at Dallas, "No, Mikhail", he points to himself.

Dallas gives Mik another look and then shakes his head, grinning. "Yea, I know. Never mind." He looks back to Robyn and adds, "Well, we should do it then. Probably too late tonight, with curfew and all, but tomorrow would be good."

"Mikhail, it's an expression, what's up, meaning, what's going on, how are you, kinda like that." Robyn explains kindly to him, he chuckles and leans back, streching his legs out in front of him. "Yeah and I need to catch up on sleep before going out tomorrow, I stayed up way to late this week. Stupid Homework."

Mikhail nods to show that he understands what Robyn is saying, he says to Dallas, "Robyn tired".

Dallas stretches himself and smiles faintly. "I slept last night. Like most of the night, for the first time in a long time. It was great. And I actually got something right in class today. But yea, I feel your pain, Robyn. Rest up, we'll probably be running around a lot tomorrow."

"It's my own fault, I stayed up late and got Jordan's christmas present finally finished. I was in that zone where I couldn't stop." Dallas might understand what Robyn's talking about as Dallas might get into that similar zone when working out. "Which class? And yeah, I'll have to be showing you two the sites and the shady spots of New York."

Mikhail grins when Dallas mentions running, "Mikhail like run", he looks at Robyn in confusion when he says zone, "What zone?"

Dallas pauses a moment and says, almost carefully, "You know Jordan is welcome to come with, right?" It's an olive branch of sorts. He grins and says to Mikhail, "It means to, um, get focused. Be lost in what you are doing. Like enjoying something so much that you forget everything around you. Even time."

Robyn smiles and nods. "Yeah I know, I'll ask him if he wants to come." He looks at Mikhail and nods. "Yeah, waht Dallas said. I get like that when I get involved with sculpting and I just kind of forget about everything. It's a fun place to go to cause it kind of relaxes you.

Mikhail nods smileing, this time completly understanding what they mean, "Like the hunt", he runs a hand through his dark blue hair.

Dallas is standing just inside the entrance, dressed in jeans and t-shirt, Mik is a bit further in, shirtless and Robyn farther in still, sitting. They are laughing and talking together. He nods at Mikhail and says, "That would make sense. You'd have to focus for that." He goes to take a seat himself, scooting around Mik. "And I'm kind of looking forward to seeing the city."

Lucas walks past the doorway to the observation room. He's wearing a pair of khaki brown cargo pants and a Nashville Predator's sweatshirt. He pauses, furrowing his brow at the group. "What's goin' on up here?" he asks.

"It's a cool place, there's lot to do. I grew up in Brooklyn but right over the river so I used to go in with my parents often." Robyn says with a smile as he brushes some of the hair out of his face. As Lucas walks in Robyn tenses up a bit and doesn't say anything at first, awkward! But then figuring first impressions aren't always everything he offers a 'Hey." No smile though.

Mikhail caught Lucas' scent before he entered the room, so he is now crouched behind the couch.

Dallas nods to Lucas and says, "Hey." He does smile, albeit a bit cautiously. He notes Robyn and Mikhail's reactions and his brow furrows a bit before he makes a decision. The smile gets a bit wider and he says, "What's up? We're just talking about a trip into town, maybe." He doesn't quite offer an invitation, but the option to express interest is there. Apparently he's decided to see if they can all get along.

Lucas licks his lips, a little uncertain of what's going on here. He looks at Mik, hiding, and then back to Dallas. "Ain't we in town?" he asks, slowly.

Rashmi pages, "Hate to bother, but, there room for one more?" to you, Mikhail, Lucas, and Dallas.

Robyn shakes his head. "No, we're taking about New York City, Dallas and Mik haven't been before." He looks back at Mikhail and stands up so he can move to sitting on the arm of the couch, almost protectivly in front of Mikhail. He's being civil enough though. "Um…I'm Robyn by the way." Since he never introduced himself.

Mikhail stays behind the couch as he tries to overcome his fear of Lucas, after a few seconds he gets up and sits on the couch.

Dallas pauses, still registering his friend's reactions and then crosses over to stand next to the couch. With only the faintest of hesitations, he puts a hand on Mikhail's shoulder and looks back at Lucas. The body language of the tableau thus created is sort of obvious. He tilts his head towards a chair nearby and says, "C'mon in."

Lucas tilts his head a little, "Um…" He looks at each of them, and then sighs. "Ah reckon Ah should go. It kinda looks like ya'll are drawin' a defensive line against me in there."

Robyn takes a deep breath and he's trying to get over himself a bit. "No…I…think we got off on the wrong foot…hopefully." Robyn's hoping that Lucas isn't the jerk he appeared to be. "Mikhail….he's just got a reasonable, and extreme fear of fire and I still don't know the whole story of that night, but…I dunno." He says knowing he's starting to talk out of his ass.

Mikhail isn't exactly book smart but he is intuitive, he know that Robyn and Dallas dont want Lucas to leave, he decides because they've been so nice to him to make an effort, he uses his speed to get to the door before Lucas can turn round, "Stay, no line", he's shaking slightly from fear.

Dallas grins. "No, drawing a defensive line would need more people Mik's size. What we're doing is making sure our friend is cool. And inviting you to take a shot at being a friend too." Apparently, he's having something of a calm and clear-headed day for some reason or other. He nods at what the other two had to say and then grins, "So, your ball."

Lucas turns, looking at Mik. He sighs, and then says to the feral lad, "Ah ain't gonna hurt you. Stop bein' afraid of me." He swallows, and then adds, a little more softly, "Please."

Robyn nods and walks over to Lucas and offers a hand. "You think we can give it another shot at first impressions?" He says as he's not sure but he hopes it was a wrong foot thing. As for Mikhail, he doesn't say anything but he's not sure if it will be that easy for Mikhail to not be afraid of Lucas.

*bing* Behind Mikhail, the elevator doors open to reveal Rashmi, scarf left to hang off her neck, as though unsure it'd be necessary or not. As the doors open, her eyes jump first to Lucas, then Dallas, then Robyn and Mikhail. For a moment, her face registers only confusion, then with a quiet sigh, she turns a smile onto Mikhail. "Um… Hi… can I um… get by please?"

Dallas blinks in surprise at Lucas actually does something …nice. He looks at Robyn and mouths the word 'Wow!'. Mikhail's playing gate in front of Rashmi gets a wide grin. "Keep her out, she's probably here to make us sign something to support houses for homeless whales or something."

Lucas turns and gives Dallas a slight glare. "Leave her alone, fucktwat." He looks at Robyn and his extended hand, before looking back at Robyn's face. He doesn't take the hand, "Ah'm Lucas." He looks back at Dallas, and then turns to Rashmi. "Ya'll are up late."

Robyn moves his hand and raises his eyebrows. "Woah, woah, woah. What the hell just happened?" Robyn says as he's believing every bit that Lucas is a jerk now. "Seriously, no ones trying to give anyone shit, unless you are Lucas. We're just here to relax and hang out. If you want to hang out, relax, shoot the shit with us, you're welcome to." It's pretty much all he's gonna say on the matter, he won't be nice the next time.

Rashmi's eyes move between the three again, then to Mikhail. Shaking her head, she edges past the feral boy, an apologetic smile turned to him, before moving up in front of Lucas with a look that can only be described as monumentally patient. "Come on," she says, gesturing toward the couches. "You can't have it both ways, you know." Leaning around the Tenneseean, she wrinkles her nose at Dallas. "Homeless whales? Honestly? Civil rights supervillain, not ecoterrorist, remember?"

Dallas grins at Lucas, not at all insulted. "There you are. Sorry, I had to see if it was a Skrull or something. You were acting, you know, human. Like an alien spy who didn't know you would." He flops down on the couch, on the other end from Robyn, laughing and looking over to the artist. "Dude, it's normal. Well, as normal as he gets." He shrugs at Rashmi, "You mean you activist types come in different flavors?" His tone so faux-innocent that nobody would believe the question was honest.

Lucas rolls his eyes, and walks over to one of the window walls and leans against it, folding his arms a little defiantly. "Whatever," he responds, though its hard to say to whom it's directed. He then proceeds to sulk, watching the others.

Robyn bends down and picks up the shoes he left there. "Maybe, I should just going." Robyn says as he feels like things are just too awkward right now. He doesn't really know how to act in this situation as he's used to kind of living in his own little world at times. He gives Dallas a nervous look and shrugs. "Hope you're doing okay here Rashmi." He says as he starts to put his sneakers back on.

"I am," Rashmi says, dropping into a couch between Dallas and Lucas. "And it's okay, you don't need to go. I just have to crack open that sports armor over Dallas' head and educate him a little about us 'loony activist types.'" She grins as she says it, but the quotation marks are practically audible in her speech. "Stay and watch, it should be fun!"

Dallas sighs faintly as Lucas doesn't rise to the bait. It would figure that the day he's in a good mood, he can't get a proper fight out of the moody student. And then Robyn starts to go. He sits back a bit, musing on how hard it is to find common ground even in a school where everybody has one major of aspect of their lives in common and setting them apart from everybody else. He says, "Robyn, it's not really hostility. Poking fun at people who can take it and dish it back is another way of being friendly. And believe it or not, just about everybody in the room is likable. Well, other than me, I guess." He turns that grin back at Rashmi and says, "It's called padding." He opens his mouth to add a joke to that and then decides he's in deep enough already, just shutting up and shaking his head.

Lucas just watches, remaining quiet with his closed posture.

Robyn shakes his head. "No…it's not that and I didn't say anyone in the room wasn't likable. And I know about poking fun at people, Jordan does it to me enough." He says with a slight chuckle as he looks over at Lucas and sighs. "It's nothing. I'll..so, anyway. And there's nothing wrong with Dallas's sports armour, you need some one to counteract the artsy types around here." He says trying to ignore things for the time being.

Rashmi chuckles. "Ecoterrorists are easy to spot, Dallas," she says, in the tones of a lecturer on a podium. "Dressing up like an animal, or draping themselves in leave, or whatever… Civil rights supervillains?" Her grin widens. "We just want for *everyone to be the same.*" Complete with wiggling her fingers and speaking in a deep, not-at-all-menacing voice. "*Much* more frightening, right Lucas?"

Dallas nods at Robyn and says, "Sorry, sometimes it's hard to tell how somebody is going to take anything at Mutant High. And hey, there are lots of athletic people around here. Just most of them aren't as, um, loud." He looks towards Lucas and starts to ask if he's okay when Rashmi tries to engage the taciturn youth. He smiles faintly. She's good on a team. For a girl. He just says, "Everybody being the same would suck. Everybody having an equal /chance/ would be good."

"Everyone being the same would be boring." Robyn says as he grabs a pillow to hold into it for the time being. "Yeah, and who cares if you're loud Dallas." He says with a shrug. "Oh and I ended up getting a new roommate today, the kid is like nine feet tall, he makes me feel short." He says trying to focus on other topics.

Lucas looks at Rashmi when she addresses him, "Um…" He furrows his brow, thinking a moment, and his arms unfold, his large gloved hands dropping to his side. "Um… Eco terrorists traditionally employ both extremes. Some stay at the site of their action, like tree sitters. But the other side, is they might do tree spikin' like EarthFirst did back in the 80's." He shrugs, looking out the window, "They do sometimes do shit like bombing. Lot of folks forget the Unabomber was an eco terrorist."

Rashmi blinks, eyebrows rising as she looks back around at Lucas. "Really…? Huh… I *didn't* know that, actually. I'll have to remember that." Bobbing her head and smiling at Lucas, the redhead takes on an air of mild satisfaction. "I met the guy you're rooming with, Robyn… He looked about like I felt, at the gates. I hope he can manage to relax here."

Dallas nods at Robyn. "I met him. He seems nice. Really, really, really big. But nice. And the hyena guy. I know I'm not supposed to say this but he kinda scared me a little. I think he saw a snack when he looked at me. I kept wanting to shadow-up just to be careful." He blinks as Lucas pulls out those tidbits of information and asks, slyly, "Do they make 'psycho terrorist' trading cards or something?" He does seem mildly impressed, though.

Robyn nods. "Yeah, but I'm kind of used to it with Jordan being able to increase his size, but I don't think Zack can decrease his. He does seem nice but a bit overwhelmed, but aren't we all at first here?" He looks over at Lucas and raises his eyebrows. "I honestly don't know anything about ecoterrorist stuff."

Lucas looks at Dallas, "No, they don't. Ah reckon you forget that not everyone can turn in their football scores to justify their teachers passin' them in their classes." He rolls his eyes, looking back out the window. "The hyena's my roommate. Ah think he has fleas." He casually scratches his arm.

"James, you mean?" With a quiet shrug, Rashmi pulls her braid over her shoulder to fiddle with it. "Yeah… he's kinda unnerving… But he wouldn't be here if he wasn't mostly okay, right? Besides," she says a touch more brightly, nodding at Lucas. "If he's rooming with Lucas, they'll probably get on all right. Y'know… fleas aside and all that…"

Dallas actually blushes at comment from Lucas. There is a grain of truth to the statement and he knows he's behind in classes here. Some seriously. The statement hits close to home. He just says, "Jerk." There's no real rancor in it though. He nods to Rashmi. "Well, if he gives Lucas fleas, he can't be all bad."

"I haven't met James yet, or seen any Hyena kid around, but I know there's a wolf person around, Pallaton." Though Robyn hasn't seen him around in a long time. "I think students sometimes come and go, like my old roommate. He just kind of dissapeared." But they weren't really friends or anything. "So is this guy that bad?" Just because both Dallas and Rashmi said that he's scary/unnerving.

Lucas shakes his head, "He smells like wet dog, but Ah reckon he ain't no worse than Dallas." He smirks, satisfied at Dallas, and returns his gaze out the window.

Rashmi shrugs. "He's not really *bad,* honestly. He seems nice, just… y'know. The hunting thing, out in the woods. Little things like that, make him a bit creepy when you stop and think about it. But," she says, shrugging, "it's all right."

Dallas snorts at Lucas. "You can smell that? Does that mean you've changed your underwear for this year?" He looks back at Robyn and frowns faintly. "I only met him briefly, last night, but mostly I remember a lot of teeth and him being pretty darned big. And the creepy way he kind of stalked around behind me. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. So, it could just be an instinct thing. Lucas knows him better than I do." He looks at Rashmi. "There's nothing wrong with hunting, if that's what /his/ instincts tell him to do. Mik has the same thing going on. And Rubber Maid took it on herself to tell him he couldn't. I straightened that out."

"Rubber Maid….oh..her..okay." Robyn won't get started on her. "Yeah, I think I can wait a bit before I met him, but who knows." He says with a shrug before looking between Dallas and Lucas but not saying anything. "I'm fine with anyone as a roommate as long as they don't wreck my artwork." He says smiling as his artwork is passion. "Yeah, I hear Mik talking a lot about hunting, but to each their own. I can't imagine killing something like that, but I'm not juding those that enjoy it, it's just not for me."

Lucas folds his arms over his chest again, furrowing his brow when Robyn speaks. He glances around, a little nervously, and then heads for the door. "Ah need to get bed," is all he offers.

Rashmi opens her mouth to speak, but subsides as Lucas speaks up. "Oh… All right, then. Good night, Lucas. Talk t'you later?"

Dallas sighs and stretches as Lucas heads out. He says, "Night, man." And then, looking out at the darkness and silence outside. "I think I may take a run in the woods myself. I don't think the rabbits are in danger unless I run over one, though." He stands and gives Robin and Rashmi a faint grin. "And night to both of you, too."

Robyn looks up at Lucas. "Well, it was nice meeting you while you weren't playing dead." He says trying to say it lightly as he stands up and sighs. "Yeah, I should follow Lucas's leave and get to bed too. Since we have a long day tomorrow." He says yawing. "G'night guys." He says as he also leaves the Observation Deck.

Lucas shrugs a little at Rashmi's quarry of talking to him later, and kind of flippantly responds, "Whatever." And he's in the hall, and off to bed.

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