2010-04-12: Best Laid Plans


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Summary: It only takes 2 near deaths in 24 hours to get the hyena to sit up and take notice.

Date: March 11, 2010.

Log Title Best Laid Plans

Rating: PG-13

/Xavier Mansion - Holding Cells//

Three cells line each wall each with an energy barrier that can be switched on and off with those with the security codes. The tech here is advanced and not something an average person can figure out. Inside the cells there are degrees of powers suppression, depending on who it's holding. There are cameras monitoring those held in here so there isn't much privacy. Each cell has a bed and a toilet in it and those held in here would be feed regularly. The door leading to the rest of the mansion is made of a thick, heavy steel, and is locked securely by advanced electronic means.

Sunday afternoon and James is spending it down in the same cell he had vacated only a week earlier. After beating Lucas within 3 minutes of his life, the Hyena brought himself down here figuring it was only a matter of time. So, why give someone else the satisfaction? The security camera showed it all: Lucas and James arguing, words turned to blows, and blows turned to James quarter-backing Lucas into a wall which nearly crushed the life out of him. Theo was there, but his part remains undeclared for the moment. So, for now, the beast sits and waits, the lights off as he continues a good sulk in the dark of an unlocked cell.

There are quiet footsteps approaching. Thick soled boots against the smooth surface of the floor. Jonothon certainly isn't being stealthy, and when he arrives at the cell he looks at the unlocked door in silence. Doesn't feel the need to lock it though, if only because it wouldn't do any good. Someone refused to trust him to start, and let James go. Even this isn't likely to stop someone else. Wearing his X-men uniform, the Brit is of course all in black, but that Xcomm is clear to see. The only bright bit on him. Doesn't say anything. Merely watches the Hyena. Not angry, just disappointed, and sad. Knowing he was right in that James was dangerous is no comfort at all.

James' ears do the radar thing; the only movement from the boy for a long moment. As Jono inspects, James moves his head just enough to verify the appearance. There's a sigh, a question, "Come to gloat? Lock the door too?" It gets said in a defeated voice that offers little resistance to the idea—a voice that probably agrees with the idea. He shifts is weight as he continues to lay on the bed, moving just enough to turn his back on the adult.

«No.» Doesn't say to which however. Mainly because he means both. Neither to gloat, nor lock the door. «I came to ask how you are doing.» Jonothon thinks of himself as a friend, and with that he's concerned. Lifting a hand, he opens the door that separates the two. The swish of cloth, and again boots against floor. «And why you brought yourself here.» After working so hard to get out. Why come back now? Allow and Jono seeks to touch one of those ears. A fond contact that hasn't occurred in quite some time. «Are you ready to get help?»

James can't see the hand coming, but his senses do. He winces a little, muscles going tight. But that's as far as he gets to make an effort to move. His ears, like the rest of him, are much warmer than a normal human. And those points on the tip of his head are hot; natures' version of an A/C condenser in action. "You serious?" he asks, "How am I doing?" He looks up at Jono, "I broke Lucas. I'm doing pretty awful. And I came down here so I wouldn't give you the joy of doing it yourself." Little adversarial at the end, there. He turns his head away and sighs deeply, "Why am I the only one who sees that I'm not broke. You've even managed to turn my friends against me." There's a pause, "You told him didn't you?"

Jonothon keeps his hand there in spite of the wince. Not trying to hurt, or hinder, merely touch. «Heh.» About turning friends against James. «I told him what I thought he would understand, but I'm not sure he even grasped that.» Which is that Jono did in fact lie a little to Lucas. Not about the over all problem, just what could have been the cause. «I asked him to help you, but he's a bloody idiot.» There's the shake of his head, and the man pulls away. «Something is wrong, James, but I wouldn't try and turn your friends against you. I was hoping he'd stay your friend and help you.»

"Best laid plans," James offers as Jono pulls away, then moves a foot to block the mans path, "Have you ever considered that maybe what's wrong isn't me?" He gives Jono a studying glance. "So prove it. Because I don't believe you. And I didn't mean for it to go that far." Of course not. Most everyone says that after committing a heinous act, "But he started taking off his gloves and I…just reacted." His eyes leave Jono's to look down at the hand that held Lucas' neck some 12 hours earlier. "He was yelling, I was yelling. He kicked me…Theo was throwing things and messing with the lights. Calling me a dog…and then it all went bad."

The man looks down at that foot, and slowly lifts his gaze to James. There's no anger there, and in fact little emotion at all. «You don't have to believe me.» Jonothon shakes his head for it all, yet doesn't move. He wasn't going to leave, merely step away to give space. That in mind, the Brit turns to face you. «The choices you make are your own. The thing is, I have no idea who's making them. You get to live with them just the same, James.»
Jono looks to the door. «I've had enough. That's part of why I came down here. I'm not playing with you any more. You want to kill your friends, you can't blame me anymore, because I'm done with you. Out side of Paragon's practice you won't have to deal with me, and I'll even work to transfer you if that's what you want. It's going to get worse, James, and I'm not going to be your fall guy any more.»

James gives Jono a long, disagreeable look, "You're so sure something is wrong, but the moment I ask what that something is, you're all about leaving. Nice, real nice." He gets up, pushes past Jono and stops at the doorway after avoiding contact with the man, "You know, you're right. Something is wrong. Weeks ago you and I were great friends. I barely considered you anything but. Then all this crap happens." He turns to face Jono, resting his hands on the outside wall. A hurt look follows, "And I get that we’re different now. We forgave each other for that…stuff—but it wasn't enough. Things changed anyways. And now, we're to the point that you're locking me up and telling me you want nothing to do with me…and I want to know why?"

After inching his hand over to the keypad as he speaks to his squad leader, the hyena rests his hand on top of it. And while he doesn't have a code, he does have a diagnostic mutant power. A power that begins to speak with the door, asking same 'question' in rapid succession as he performs his style of a Denial of Service attack. And, like clockwork, a secondary security system kicks on. James jumps back and the door slams shut, locking itself down from the constant intrusion. From the other side of the glass, James smiles, "So…you wanna talk? Or should I gloat about this?"

No, Jonothon honestly isn't surprised. Rolling his eyes at James, he shakes his head. Also lifts a hand to touch the comm he wears. Doesn't have to touch it, but he does so pointedly. Even smirks a little as he silently asks Hank to come down and open the door. "You aren't as smart as you think you are, mate. Maybe someday, but right now you aren't there yet." Did James really think Jono would risk coming in here without the means of backup? "You locked me in here and turned the energy field all the way up. Maybe you should hurry along before McCoy comes down, because you pretty much just nearly killed me." The voice? It comes from the comm, sounding as Jono should.
And then, without much further adu, the poor Brit crumples.

James watches helplessly as Jono falls to the floor, mouth agape. No, not nearly as smart as he thought. But, he is smart enough not to run. So, instead, takes a seat on the floor, back against the door, and waits for help to arrive; having gotten neither the opportunity to gloat or talk things out.

Hank has arrived.

Inside the cell Jonothon doesn't so much as twitch, but there is something going on. He's beginning to discorporate. It isn't exactly a quick process, but neither is it all that slow. A dark haze begins to form around Jono as molecules start to lose their hold on one another. (And yes, he sent a comm call to Hank about being locked in one of the holding cells.. and the power dampeners were on.)

James is sitting against the outside of the door, back to it looking utterly defeated. Outsmarted by himself, yet again!

Having recieved a call from Jono's comm, Hank wastes no time in heading at his best pace to the security wing. Fortunately he wasn't too far away and can get there nearly immediately. James would get the rare treat of seeing Hank running at top speed, a sort of lope using all four limbs that pushes him along at a very good clip indeed. Skidding to a stop by the door, Hank hops over James to get to the controls and starts working on shutting off the dampeners and unlocking the door. "Do you know what happened here, Mister Palmer?" Loaded question anyone? Why yes!

James crawls out of Hank's way and stands, a look of worry on his face, "I did…" Ears going sideways, the hyena makes a successful attempt at portraying his emotions, not an easy thing for something wearing that much animal. Shock,, angst, fear. It's all there and more as the day continues to go down hill. First, nearly killing Lucas…now Jono! "He was going to leave, so I locked him in the room. But I didn't have a code, so I used my powers, and then this happened. I didn't know this was going to happen! Honestly. I wasn't tying to kill anyone this time! Really!"

Once the power dampeners are off.. well, there's no immediate change. Jonothon lays crumpled on the floor, dark eyes open. His features are crumbling already, and the front of his shirt caving in. Long seconds tick by, and James is attempting to explain. Gets to about the point where James claims to have used his powers… when psy-fire is everywhere. It bursts into being with a PHOOM and nearly fills the room. Agitated and restless, it none the less soon retracts as Jono works at putting himself back together.

Rashmi has arrived.

Eyes of blue study the gnoll a moment, and then he sighs. Note that he soon has the cell unlocked, but keeps the door sealed as he was expecting a psyfire manifestation. Once that's done, then the door is opened. "Mister Palmer, I know that your intentions were likely benign but what you did was potentially very dire. Jonothon is something quite unique in the world, he is essentially an energy being playing at a fleshly existance — his power is his self, and by sealing him in a powered containment cell you shut him down." A hand grips James' shoulder. "I know you didn't mean anything so severe, but you have to be aware of the repurcussions of your actions, young man." A nod. "Having said all that, fortunately there was time for me to intervene, and Jono will be fine."

"JONO!" Hurried foosteps pound down the hall as the roar of psy-fire begins to fade, and soon Rashmi bursts into the holding cells, eyes wide and panicked. "Wh- what happened?!" she pants, leaning against the doorway as she struggles to catch her breath.

Standing in the middle of the hallway, James is caught by surprise when the blast goes off. He jumps and bounces into the wall with a thud and a yipe. Forgetting about the rest of the excuses he had for almost killing Jono, the hyena rushes into the cell room where Jono is reassembling himself, after shrugging off Dr. McCoy. He skids to a stop, falls to his knees, and collects what of Jono there is in a hug, "Oh my god, please don't die. I didn't mean to kill you! I'm so sorry!" He hangs over the poor discombobulated X’er as part of his mind wonders if it's truly is possible to make popcorn using Jono. With Hank speaking to him about his actions James nods, listening as he cuddles the teacher. Ears go sideways as they hear Rashmi wonder in, "Yes sir, I just wanted to talk with him. That was all."

There's still a black haze around the Brit, and psy-fire dances as James scoops him up. Tendrils of fire wrap around James, perhaps even painfully in spots, and yet over all there's mostly laughter inside that psioic fire. Weak, barely felt, Jonothon is laughing at the hyena. Really, Jono needs to catch his mental breath, as it were. The shock of this was tremendous and he's dazed. So reforming is slower than it might be, and he doesn't have his lower face. Finally though, eyes shift to James. The voice that radiates is small, «You wanker. And you tell me nothing is wrong?» Attempts to move are like a puppet with strings. Jerky and poorly done. Not trying to get away from James though.

"Apparently Mister Palmer locked Jonothon inside one of the containment cells in an attempt to dissuade him from leaving, alas, he did not factor in Jono's nature and when the dampeners kicked in Mister Starsmore was rendered unconscious but had time enough to send me a distress call, Miss Franklin." Hank watches as James bounds into the cell, and is relieved that Jono can speak so quickly. "Glad to hear your mindvoice, Jonothon."

From scared to furious, in the time it takes for Hank to explain; Hindi though she may be, there is very much the temper of the redhead lurking far beneath the surface. Her dark eyes flash toward the hyena, back straightening. "You… did… *what?!*"

James stays hunched over Jono as the pair behind him speak, leaving a moment to continue his conversation. The creature's voice is as close as it gets to displaying sadness, answering back, "I wasn't 'trying' to do this. I just didn't want you leaving. You were telling me all those things and it scared me." Then Rashmi yells, making Spotty's back crawl in the process. He freezes, "I wasn't trying to hurt anyone." Kinda like nearly killing Lucas! "I DoS'd the control panel to shut the door…but the security system turned the dampener up all the way." His hackles fill out a little as his arms tighten around Jono. Maybe he won't get Orb'd while the wounded X'er is so close? "I was trying to work things out, honest! Make them like they used to be."

Cradled against James' chest, Jonothon is actually too tired to do more than be cuddled. It's not so bad really. «Thank you, Hank.» To the doctor, and for having saved his life. The Brit has no illusions to how lucky he is at having worn his comm down here. Then attention shifts to James. «You didn't think.» Jono chides, his voice still faint. «So caught up in yourself that you never think about anyone else.» Which is how people get hurt. Rashmi's voice would earn a smile if he could make one. «Gel?» Not sure if his voice will carry that far. It's only going a few feet. «Orb him for me? Bloody toerag.»

"Miss Franklin, I am quite sure that both James and Jonothon are correct — James truly did not mean to hurt anyone or put them at risk, but his precipitous actions lacked foresight and unforseen results. Still, nobody was harmed." Yet. Rashmi looks annoyed enough that she just might orb the gnoll! Having shut down the dampeners and unlocking the cell, Hank moves in to check Jono out. No, he doesn't have vitals per se, but there are things Hank can check. "Mister Palmer, why don't you help me get Jono to his room." Surprise! No trip to medical this time, aren't you just gleeful, Jono?

Rashmi fortunately, did not hear Jono's request… but should it be repeated as she stalks forward, by the look in her eye, she just might. "Like before?" Her voice is quiet, but there's a distinct edge to it, one not even heard in all the times Lucas had screwed up large. "You want it like before… So you put Lucas in the *hospital,* and you *lock Jono up??* And almost killed the both of them?! Maybe I'm just a twit, but I'd *never* for a minute think you capable of this *before,* James."

James cringes a little as Jono asks for an Orbbing, "Okay, okay, okay…but you're my squad leader now, right? You can help me get over that. We'll work together." It's an unsaid apology of sorts considering it's probably public knowledge that James was telling everyone he was leaving the Paragons. He looks up at Hank, "Yes sir." He waits for further instructions, unaware of what that help might entail. Rashmi's rant hits home, the gnoll's ears pinning backwards, "I know…I just…I dunno." A shrug, nothing more. She's right, he knows it. So, he lets Jono go and stands up to help Hank, keeping his eyes off of his female teammate. Maybe, juuuuust maybe, there is something wrong. Jono 'could' be right.

Very gleeful! Especially since Medical wouldn't help Jonothon anyway. He's watching Rashmi as she stalks in, but those dark eyes shift to James. Psy-fire begins to recede finally, and while he still makes no attempt to stand up, his coordination is improving. No longer quite the puppet with cut strings. «Something's wrong, James.» See, he agrees with Rashmi. Doesn't feel James was capable of this before. «Why can't you see that?» The one who keeps claiming he's fine. Of course Jono knows that if there's someone in control, James can't see it, but he says it anyway. «I locked you down here before to try and keep things like this from happening.»
Let go and Jono barely keeps himself from sprawling right back. It's not a graceful thing by any means, but he's at least not hazy anymore, and he stops himself from bouncing his head off the floor. «…This is not working together.» Jerk. He lays himself right now.

"Mister Palmer, would you be so kind as to pick Jonothon up and carry him up to his room?" A restraining hand is laid on Rashmi's shoulder. "Miss Franklin, please calm down. Mister Palmer has definitely erred here, and has a history of such errors which are going to prompt me to advise he undergo a thorough psych evaluation and see if the cause can be determined." He nods to Jono's words as well. "I concur, there's something going on here, I'll run some tests of my own and determine if there's a medical cause, but a psych evaluation should hopefully help as well." A nod then to James. "Shall we?" Not that Hank couldn't lift Jono, he must have some other reason for wanting James to do it.

It's the look on her teammate's face, as much as Hank's words, that convince Rashmi to let go of that fury and take a slow, deep breath. "I'm sorry… I'm just.. scared, sir. I was shocked when I saw Lucas in Medical… but I know James, and Jono… and this just…" Falling silent, she just shakes her head, unable to put voice to the feeling of utter *wrongness* this action has created in her.

James grumbles about being told that Jono was this rare thing meant to be handled with kid gloves and then that they're just gonna pick him up like a normal person, 'Could'a done this on my own…" Sheeeeeesh! He moves with Hanks and helps the brit off the floor. Eyes never meet Rasmi', ears back as if to shut out anything he might hear, "We'll talk later, okay? Just you and I." That's as close as he comes to bridging the subject of Jono, or Lucas, for now. Jono's statements get met with a, "Quiet…or I'll leave you on the floor. If I'm gonna do this, so are you. I'm still not convinced you're not the screwed up one." So says the guy who almost wiped out two friends in 24 hours.

Gathered up, Jonothon doesn't fight it. Sure it's kind of embarrassing, but it beats trying to walk on his own. He's got a firm grip on his body, but the shock still lingers. Kind of like having the shakes after a trauma. Hank is eyed for the games the doctor is playing, but there's no arguing. Jono knows there's a reason. «I'll be alright, Rashmi.» Attempting to assure the girl. «It's kind of like having the breath knocked out of you. I need a few minutes.» As for James, well, dark eyes don't even show fire. «Oh, I'm all kinds of bollocks, but I'm not the one who nearly killed two people in the last few hours.» The words aren't meant as cruel, merely a reminder.
«There's something in your head, mate. ..I ..catch glimpses of it sometimes.» Actually Jono has no idea what it is, and he's giving it reference to help understand it. So maybe he's seeing it wrong, but there's something there.

"Don't worry, Miss Franklin, we'll get to the root of matters soon enough. I understand your distress and it is definitely not without cause." Removing his hand from Rashmi's shoulder after a reassuring squeeze, Hank leads the way out to Jono's room with Jono and James in tow. En route he looks to James. "I'm going to need you to stay with him for a bit, I have some equipment I need to get from my labs and he shouldn't be alone until he fully recovers, just in case. Also, as he can sense something there I'm going to request a psychic evaluation along with the psych exam, please don't leave the grounds without a staff member until further notice. Am I understood?" He's not mean about it, but he's also not going to be flexible — lives were risked, that can't be allowed to continue.

Rashmi nods quietly, worry flickering visibly over her face as Jono mentions a precense in her teammate's mind. Sliding over to flank James' other side, she listens to Hank, reaching up to lay a gentle hand on the hyena's arm. "I know how you feel, James… but he's right. Hey… do you want me there, when they have a look at you? You know… moral support, kind of thing?"

James carries an awful poker face for anyone that takes the time to watch it. And the mere mention of the 'glimpse' is enough to cause the hyena to fall silent and stiffen under Jono. If there was ever a clue that he knew something was up too, there it is. Sabertooth Jr's eyes narrow, "Ain't related…" He sticks out his lower jaw, mouth tense. He helps Hank dutifully, listening to the news, "Yes sir. I won't." Head snaps towards Rashmi, caught by surprise as she touches, "Yeah…actually. When it happens. If…" Note the 'if,' "there's something wrong, I want you to know about it first."

Jonothon can't help but feel that body language. The words too have him remaining quiet for a time. It isn't related? So there is something there in James' head, and there's something else going on. Jono looks to Rashmi, his eyes worried. «We'll talk, mate.» Now that Hank is on the job about exams, the Brit doesn't feel the need to press the issue. Hank will do that in droves should he feel it necessary. (Finally, someone believes him!) «And come on. It's not that bad.» Coordination enough to reach up and try to touch James' nose. «You do still have Rashmi.» A little pause, «And I'm joking.» Remembering that he said he was done with this. A joke about that.

Rashmi walks in silence next to James, sharing the worried look the Brit throws her way. The day's events have shaken her, clearly, and her eyes eventually fall to the floor as they walk, all but gnawing on the bottom of her lip.

"Very good, then. I will leave you all in peace as I have arrangements to make, and gear to fetch." Hank smiles reassuringly. "Don't worry, we WILL figure this out." And then off he goes to the labs.

James keeps quiet all the way to Jono's room, jaw as tight as it can get. As promised, Hank vacates, leaving the three alone. James helps Jono onto his bed and takes a look around the man's room, notability the closet. There's a white elephant in the room, and those are the types of things James like the call out the most. Even if they involve him. So, after a moment of silence he asks, "What if there's something wrong. Then what?"

By the time he's brought to his room, Jonothon is able to sit up by himself. Doesn't leave the bed, but swings his feet over the side as to not have his boots on the blankets. His room is filled with music. Vinyl, cds, dvds.. all kinds of music really. Get the feeling he likes that a little, yeah? Hunched shoulders, he swings his head around to look at James. «I don't know, mate.» Apologetic that. «We find a way to solve it.» Damned if he knows how though. «James, what isn't related?» Straightens his spine as he asks, psy-fire flickering around his chest and shoulders. No lower face right now. «This thing in your head I see shadows of. What is it?»

"We fix it," Rashmi counters, the sincerity in her voice an odd contrast to Jono's unsurety. "We do everything we can to help, and *then* things can start going back to like they were before, James… Just… You know, as long as you're willing to try too, you know…?" As Jono sits up, asking his question, Rashmi scoots over a little, standing next to James. Listening, waiting, and by his side, as a friend ought to be, by her reckoning.

James stiffens again, those muscles in neck tightening to an almost-painful point. He turns away from the distracting closet with all its smells and oddness. He looks at Jono for a moment before doing the same to Rashmi. The question ages the boy about 10 years, any trace of humor in his voice or face vanishing, "Me…or at least I used to think it was. Not so sure anymore." There's a slow blink, big black alien eyes looking at the music collection and not his friends, "Just something I made up to help me get over myself. Noting real." An eye finds Jono, "Remember when you..no..Jon was in my head? That thing you poked at? That's it."

Jonothon wishes he could sound as convincing as Rashmi, but he's nearly died today, so he needs a bit. Certainly doing better however, for he's sitting and interacting. He'll fix his face when he doesn't feel like he's wearing a ten suits, all piled on one another. Skin doesn't feel quite real yet. James' reply has the man reaching out to the hyena. «James..» Unsure quite what to say. Unsure what he's seen. «The feral part of you.» Now he remembers! Jon's memories are a trifle strange at times. «Didn't I say something like trying to work with it?» A pause and he's frowning. «Christ.. I can't remember too well. Maybe you shouldn't have listened.» It was Jon after all.

Rashmi frowns at this, looking down as she tries to put it together in her head. Given how her mind works of late, it doesn't take terribly long. "So like… it was something you could give a name to… Like an imaginary beast kind of thing…?" Shaking her head in confusion, she sighs to herself, listening to Jono. "But that's the thing… It *is* you. I guess… just a part of you you don't want, so you try to lock up, or something like that

James settles on a corner of the bed, close enough for Jono to reach, while at the same time making enough room for Rashmi, whom he responds to, "Yeah…all that stuff that drives me crazy. All the sound and smells, the fur and fangs…everything I won't want to be." It's no secret James carries a large amount of self loathing, so he doesn't feel bad about putting it on display to make the point, "I never gave it a name…felt like if I did it would be more real than it should be." Honesty there. He looks at Jono, "It wasn't your fault. It's good advice I just can't do anything right. It's a proven fact." Ears go sideways, "And I dunno why…" There's a sigh, "But, I haven't, well, talked to myself in weeks. How can it be related? I mean…today and last night. How isn't it just bad luck? Lucas was taking his gloves off, so I reacted. The door downstairs…I zapped it. I didn't consciously turn the inhibitor on."

This really has him thinking, and he keeps in touch with James. Self loathing? Oh yeah, he knows only too well about that one. «You've been incredibly off kilter for weeks too, mate. Now, I don't know if they are related, but there is something wrong. I've seen you fight with yourself over how you respond to something. Grow into mindless rages over things that wouldn't have before. Mate, you've been down right twitchy. That's why I locked you up. I was afraid you'd hurt yourself.» And others. Still no comfort in being right.

«Jon had no fear, and he didn't care who got hurt, but I can't be that way.» A look to Rashmi. He hopes this makes sense. «When I was Jon, I invaded James' mind repeatedly, and there was something there. Didn't pursue it for some reason I can't remember, but it was like there was someone else lurking in his head. Problem is, I'm almost entirely untrained. I don't dare enter James' mind, for I might hurt him.»

Rashmi nods her understanding, frowning in deep thought. "It sort of makes sense, really… I mean… If you haven't been talking to yourself all this time, but you've been really kind of twitchy… Then… maybe you've been trying to shut out part of you so hard, it's kind of forced to leak out around the edges? I mean… it's *you,* James… maybe part of you that you don't like, but still you…"

All this talking about him makes James a little uneasy, his ears twisting in odd directions. And while he still has yet to actually 'admit' to the problem, he is offering more thought to the subject than before, "Maybe it's a left over from the demons? Maybe the leader is really pissed off and is getting back at me?" He looks over at Rashmi and shrugs, "I dunno…I'm starting to like the idea it's someone else doing it. I don't think I'm ready to be told I'm going to grow up to be a psychotic baby killer." He rests his head on his hands, rubbing his palms into his eyes, "This stuff makes my head hurt." A sigh before he looks up, "Okay maybe something is wrong."

Poor James. Jonothon attempts to rub the other's shoulder, but he doesn't try and get closer. «It could be. That's what I told Lucas.» That it could be a demon left over. «I don't really think it's that, but I could be wrong. I said it was a possibility, and of course Lucas rushes off and gets himself hurt.» A look to Rashmi as he shakes his head. «James, the important part here is that, well, look at you. We're sitting here talking about it. That's a good thing. You stick with us and we'll do our best to make sure you don't turn into a baby-killer.»

Rashmi's lips turn up at the corners, nodding. "He's right, James. And we won't *let* you get that far. We *care* too much about you to let that happen, you know?" Her hand moves to the hyena's back, gently rubbing in a comforting gesture. "Seriously… we're already getting started helping… so… it's going to be okay."

James nods a little, sadly. Sobering thought to think it's come to this, "I never wanted to hurt anyone. Least of all my own team…" He shrugs his shoulders, most of hos joints popping in a display of just how 'tight' he is at the moment. He puts a hand on Rashmi, and one on Jono, "Addison scares the crap out of me, you know… but if it'll help. Then lets get it over with." The sooner the better.

«If it helps, mate, Addison scares me too.» Jonothon admits with no hesitation. Really, Addison does. Not that the Brit explains why. He grips that paw and nods, «James, if you start getting angry in the days ahead, run away before you hurt someone. Alright? I'll respect your desire for freedom, and try and get you out of classes if you need it, but you hurt anyone else and there's nothing I can do.» Be careful.

Rashmi slips an arm around James' waist, squeezing briefly. "Thank you, James… for telling us. I mean that… it's just seemed like everything that could be helped by people talking about it, gets shut up on because nobody thinks it would help. But… Look." Looking up at James, she manages a gentle smile. "So… I'm really proud of you, James. Thank you."

James just sorta shrugs, still uneasy about the fact he beat on his friend’s boyfriend. He gives her a snug before she lets go, arms wrapping around Rashmi's smaller frame. Jono get much in the way of the same, even though he's laying down. A concerned look, and finally a chance to ask since the topic of the hyena is fading, "You will get your face back, right?"

Jonothon returns the hug and nods, «Totally.» He'll get his face back. «I'm too frazzled right now to put it back together.» Sorry, James, but it's the truth. «I'll get some sleep and be as good as new come morning.» That's the truth too. What he really wants is a hot shower. Might be able to do it after he relaxes some. «Now go. I've got to rest if I'm to manage anything.»

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