2009-04-02: Best Offense


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Summary: Another person is approached about Freedom Force.

Date: April 2, 2009

Best Offense

Rating: G

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

"Man…it is weird being back home," Cole Aron, secretly the hero known as Defense, muses to himself. He's dressed in jeans, a gray t-shirt, and a black jacket. His hair's actually combed today, normally messy brown all neat as he strolls down the street of Hells Kitchen this fine evening. He's on his way out to pick up a bite to eat, having not quite unpacked his cooking stuff In fact, he's not unpacked much else besides things he needed for bed, toiletries, and his costume.

The tracking has been slow on this one. With the war over, however, Alex has finally found out that the guy has moved back to New York. Even better for him. Pulling his jacket tighter about himself, he steps slowly down the street. Checking the picture, he looks up. Looks like the guy over there. With a half-smile, he moves into an intersecting path, to try to make sure he runs into the guy. Not physically, no, but enough to make sure he's seen.

Cole starts to whistle a little tune as he walks, probably seeming a bit too cheerful for a guy that embarassed himself spectacularlly the previous night. He glances at another shop and zips up his jacket. "Maybe I'll get a burger…" he considers. There's a pause when the mutant sees Alex, trying to figure out why the man seems familiar.

At the stop, that half-smile returns to Alex's face. "Cole Aron?" He asks, glancing at the picture and note that he has. He holds his hands out to the side. "I meant to find you a few weeks ago, but I got caught up in something. Mind if we go somewhere and talk?" He asks, raising an eyebrow as he looks the young man over.

Cole jumps in surprise, a blue glow flashing across his skin reflexively. "You know who I am?" he asks, more surprised than actually asking. "Sure…you can tell me why you're looking for me, Mister…"

"Summers. Alex Summers." The man says, pulling out a government identification. "Been trying to find you for a while, but I got caught up in helping to save the world. If I had found you first, you might have been there." He says with a quick nod. "Of course I know who you are. And your exploits around FSC."

There's a sharp intake of breath from Cole as he recognizes the name as one he saw in the paper. He's not the most educated when it comes to superheroes but he does read the news. Glancing around, he spots a small diner and gestures for Alex to follow him over. "I waa dealing with airport chaos while most of that was going on…wait…how did you know about that stuff? It was just muggers and drunks and stuff…"

"We pay attention to things." Alex says with a shrug. "That's how we got most of the people working with me now." He moves along, heading towards the diner. "Sometimes, it's best to pay attention to those that aren't in the major spotlight. Sometimes, they're the ones you need most."

Cole heads into the diner, waver to the waitress as he heads for a booth. Assuming Alex is following, the mutant slips in and blinks. "So…you're looking for me because you need me for something?"

"Not really because I need… but because I want to offer you something." Alex offers as he follows. "Did you see the papers the other day? The government team? Freedom Force?" He asks, non-chalantly.

Cole nods slowly, quickly squashing the thought that pops into his head. "Yeah, I was reading about them on the plane…" he trails off, getting an idea where this might be going.

"We're looking for a rounded group of people. Mutants. Mystics. Talented Humans. A little bit of everything. We're here to protect the US from what attacks her. The Avengers belong to the world. Alpha Flight to Canada. Freedom Force…" Alex spreads his hands out in explanation. "Your powers would be exceptionally advantageous to our little group."

Cole nods along as he listens. "So…Government stuff. Should've guessed that's how ya found me," he chuckles a little. "Really? My powers? But I just do shields…no offense really…"

Alex takes a moment to look at Cole. "Hmm. Let me reiterate what I just said. We're here to PROTECT the US from what attacks her. Shields are for protection, are they not? We have our heavy hitters, but our heavy hitters aren't good at keeping people safe. Admittedly, Obsidian doesn't know how she can prevent from hurting others, for example. We have our offense. But… we don't have our Defense." He says, with a wry smile.

Cole chuckles. "Well, I really never expected this," he admits. "Someone actually wanting me around," the young man lets out a breath. "Well, if you think I'd be useful, I'll give it a shot."

"Good." Alex says with a nod, pulling a card out of his pocket. "We'll be in touch soon. We're still organizing a base of operations." He nods, offering a grin. "And then, we can work our way into an official introduction to the public."

Cole takes the card and looks it over. "Sounds good to me…" he trails off. There's a pause as he considers something. "Okay…I admit this may just be me sounding paranoid but you guys don't like have cameras in my apartment right?"

Alex rises, clapping a hand on Cole's shoulder. "Why? Do you have something to be scared of? Or something that you don't want people to know?" He asks before stepping his way out of the diner with a chuckle. Of course, they don't, but it's worth it just to see the look on the kids' face.

Cole stares, blushing a bit. "N-no…I'm just not too keen on the idea of people watching me…" he looks down and makes a certian back and forth gesture with his hand. He watches Alex go before leaning back. "Wow…what a week…"

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