2009-05-10: Better Than The Last


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Summary: New Roommates meet for the first time.

Date: May 10, 2009

Better Than the Last

Rating: G

He doesn't spend much time in here, but Leo's in the room right now, glowing quite brightly. He's currently in between changes, himself. Shirtless, the gymnast has already switched pants. His white hair is brushed back softly as he looks through his closet. There's no need for a light turned on in the room… right now.

Kael opens the door in a hurry and closes it behind him. He starts to head into the room before spots Leo, and the bright light emanating from him. The aerokinetic blinks a bit before he says, "I'm going to guess… that you're Leo. Right?"

Turning his face towards Kael, Leo's eyes are glowing even brighter than his body. "Good guess." He grins slightly. "Just trying to figure out what I wanna wear. Gonna go try to fine Nate." He says with a half grin. "You must be the new kid they stuck in here."

Kael blinks a bit at the glowing as he starts to head into the room and he nods a bit. "Aye, I am. Kael Langford is the name." He grins wide and says, "And I'm an Aerokinetic." He blinks a bit and then asks, "… Why are you glowing?"

"I control Living Light. The opposite of Darkforce. I always glow. My glow just varies, depending on how much of a charge I have." Leo says with a shrug.

Kael lets out an ah, and then it clicks. "Oh! You're the opposite of Owen!" He heads towards his dresser and starts to pull out clothes, rifling through them to find something else to wear. He's currently in his Corsairs uniform.

"Yep. That'd be me. Our powers work together very well. We're meant to work together." Leo says with a bright nod. "I tone him down, and he tones me down. I'm gonna find him in the next day or so before I explode again."

Kael blinks slightly. "Explode?" He lifts his head up, pulling his shirt off before he looks over at Leo. "What do you mean explode?"

"I let all the energy out in one big burst. It stuns people. Doesn't really hurt, it just stuns people for a few minutes and makes them clean on the inside. Drugs. Alcohol. It all goes away." Leo says with a laugh. "And I can do this." He makes the famous motion from the video game. "HADOKEN" And makes a big white ball of energy from his hands. IT doesn't move. Just grows and shrinks.

Kael blinks and looks over. "Ooooh… That sounds cool actually." He pulls the new shirt on and looks over at the ball of light. "Oh nice!" He laughs brightly and looks down at his hand for a moment before he says, "I'd try something. But it'd probably serve to wreck the room."

"Yeah, with wind, that's probably a better outdoor trick." Leo says with a nod, motioning the yellow and white suit. "Corsairs. Mr. Summers. Have fun." He snickers softly. "I got Mr. Guthrie."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Yeah… it's an interesting squad." He looks over at Leo and asks, "Who's that?" Still not that savvy with last names around here

"Cannonball. Of the X-Men." Leo grins. "The New Mutants. He WAS one of the first New Mutants, back in the day. Like… YEARS ago."

Kael nods and says, "Oh, that's kinda cool." He changes his pants out, and tosses those next to his bed before he pulls his new ones on. "I kinda passed out after a Danger Room session last night. Needed to change clothes real fast."

"Oh? Where'd ya pass out? They usually bring ya to the room. Unless you have someone watching over you." Leo grins. "Considering I tend to sleep all over the campus. Or in Nathan's room."

Kael blushes slightly. "I trudged over to my boyfriend's room, Max." He rubs the back of his head, "Since Storm kinda scared me in the Danger Room and I didn't want to sleep alone." Roommates can be told anything right?

There's a sudden pause from Leo as he blinks before he starts laughing. "Max? Dude. I'm dating MAx's roommate. Nathaniel." He laughs, shaking his head. "Ms. Munroe… I've not really had much time with her really."

Kael chuckles softly. "Max told me that. I found it amusing really." He pushes the drawers closed, leaning against the dresser as he says, "She's a real nice teacher. She's helping me with my powers since they're so alike. Just… don't /ever/ ever get her mad."

"Don't piss off ANY of the teachers, dude. Someone told me that some of the X-Force people were even stronger. That Mr. Falk? Someone said he could level a city with his mind." Leo says nodding.

Kael blinks flatly. "Oh… wow." He gulps at the thought of that as he laughs softly. "That… is a very scary thought." He laughs nervously afterwards.

"Yeah. But then, I think a lot of us could, too…" Leo says sheepishly. "I don't know how much I can do in the future. But I know they say that Dagger is supposedly powerful."

Kael nods a bit, moving to sit on his bed. "Yeah, I know what ya mean. Before I came here…" He gnaws his bottom lip a bit and then shakes his head. "Nevermind."

"Yeah…" Leo nods lightly. "Anyway, I gotta get myself goin'." He says with a grin, pulling on a blue shirt.

Kael nods a bit. "Yeah, but it was nice meetin' ya! I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever be able to find ya around here." He grins, hopping off of the bed as he himself starts to head for the door.

"Oh, I just sleep two hours a day, so I try to avoid a bedroom as much as possible. I rarely even sleep in here." Leo grins as he adjusts himself in the mirror before nodding.

Kael blinks a bit, a hand on the doorknob before he looks back. "Two hours a day? That's got to be boring after a bit." He quirks a brow before he opens the door. "Ah… that's why you're never around."

Leo does a backflip across the room to land right next to the just about to open door. He grins, winking at his own display. "Let's get outta here."

Kael watches Leo do the flip with a look of awe on his face. "Wow…" He pulls the door open and then laughs. "Agreed. See ya around, I guess."

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