2010-02-21: Big And Hungry


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Summary: Zack and Cam talk during breakfast.

Date: February 21, 2010

Big and Hungry

Rating: PG

Zack comes into the cafeteria, bobbing his head, listenining to music, and going to get some food, ah Sunday, weekend, he's just in a big t-shirt and sweatpants, his feet barefoot as he wanders in to get some lunch.

Cam is already down here. His plate of food… or rather, his plates… look nothing like normal cafeteria fare. Actually, even the food on the tables in here looks different. It's all much better than normal. There are trays of eggs benedict. Trays of country ham with fresh, homemade biscuits. Things like that are all over. It's a higher-class breakfast than normal in here. And Cam's got quite a bit of it on his plates. But then, he's a big guy. Not the way Zack is, no.

Zack isn't going for anything fancy,c arbs, beans, rice…he will get some big plates on his tray and load up on all the various steam trays they got ready for food, he's not really interested in anything fancy, but he spots another student. He grins and hauls his heavy tray of food over and he sets it down at the table, "Yo!" he says to you and moves to grab a chair, creaking since both students are now there, "What's up?"

"Breakfast." Cam says with a bit of a shrug, eyes widening as he sees Zack's sheer size. He's not used to people being that much bigger than he is. Cam's big, and he's on the overweight side of things. "Wow." He says simply, around a bite of poached egg and hollandaise.

Zack grins a bit again, well large, and heavy that's him, "Hey, really? I was thinking lunch, so you get settled into your dorm room?" he says as he takes a fork and he tears into his food, and it does dissappear pretty quick, he's got a big mouth as well, nomming for calories. "mmmm, you know it's not bad here, I liked the food back in harlem but this is all right…" he suddenly sees what you got, "Hey, where did you find those?" he asks and points a fork.

"I've been here for a while. Share a room with Rafa. On the New Mutants." Cam says, tilting his head. "I made them." He says about the food. "There's plenty left. I was cooking all morning." He and Christopher did breakfast, as they usually do on Sunday. It used to be just Christopher, but he and Cam do it together now, so they can make more and put it out there where everyone can get it.

Zack ohs! "Hey you cook? Cool, mostly I just get whatever is around" he pauses and then takes a few more bites, ya, real carbaholic as he mmms and takes a drink of ice tea. "So you guys making breakfast, that's cool, reminds me somewhat of home…hey you were in the rec room that day, sorry about all that stuff, but you know how you settled in a bit better. I'm Zack in case you forgot" he offers his big hand.

Cam does extend his own. "Oooh yeah, that day. Sorry. Things are hazy from then." He says, shaking his head. "Yeah, Mr. Parker-Mayfair wanted to adopt me when he found out how well I cook." He chuckles a little, shaking his head. "So, we both do that now."

Zack laughs again, grinning once more, "Cool! Ya…it looks good man…" he says with another smile, "Sounds like a good hobby, I mostly just sorta work out, so I'm always eating somthing or other, it's nice to meety ou again in a more quiet setting"

"Admittedly. With Rafa not testing the limits of my powers." Cam says with a nod as he goes back to hisf ood. "Well, you're more than welcome to some. That's why we made so much. To share it with everyone."

Zack nods his head, "Oh jeeze, wait you got to be a room mate with him? That's gotta be rough, hopefully you had some roomie rules…" he says as he takes a few moer bites and with that he's actually finished what was on his platter! He musta ate it while you weren't looking and he hmmms, "Oh you don't mind if I ah..take some?"

"That's why we made it. For everyone to eat." Cam says again, pointing at the platters and trays up there. "I can't eat it all. I may be fat, but I'm not THAT bad." he shakes his head. "Nah, Rafa felt bad after he did it, apologized, and we get along alright."

Zack nods his head al ittle bit again, licking his lips and he'll start small bits of each to sample and taste them, "Ah ya, I just find I really eat alot, I dunno if it's just fuel or what"

"Probably, if you're that big. I just… eat. Cause I don't have anything better to do." At least Cam knows and understands that.

Zack grins a little again and he makes a small fist and he bumps your shoulder, "Hey you wanna come work out with me some times I mean I don't mind I really like lifting…" he says and he ats, slower this time, to enjoy flavors.

"Uhm… I'm not exactly the work-out type of guy. Geek. Mental ability. Not too swooft on the physical." Cam says with a blush as he looks down.

Zack nods his head and smiles, "Hey IB et you can lift a lot…I was like that too, small and scrawny, I really only sung…" he says and rubs the back of his head, "Kinda embaressing now"

Cam blinks. "Dude. I'm not small or scrawny." He says, poking his belly. "I'm tall and fat." He says, jiggling it. Yeah, he IS overweight. He's not small. And he's not scrawny. He's exactly what he says. "I just don't think that's really the kinda place for me."

Zack nods, "I know I was just using myself as a…ah never mind, so then, what do you like to do then ,aside from just cooking?" he asks and he leans back, sated with the food for now

"That's about it." Cam says with a shrug. "Don't really know anyone and most people here that I've met seem to be dicks." He says, sighing. "Not you, or Rafael of course. But… like Lucas. He's just an emo, whiny dick. I haven't really met anyone I can just chat with. Though, that new rich kid seems alright."

Zack smirks a little bit, "Ya dude I know what you mean, really it is like highschool, once you get past everyone being a mutant it is jut like a high school, you just gotta remember that you got powers and you don't have to take it." he says with a lick of his lips, "I finally damn naer beat up a bully that's the first time I did that, so you know I'm feeling all right about myself…but you know you could hang and chill with a lot of cool people herE"

"I'm convincing some people I have powers that I don't, just to get them to leave me alone." Cam says with a grin and a shrug. "Yeah, but I don't know who's worth it and who's not. Probably gonna try chatting up the rich kid. He seems dorky and… we have a few things in common. He recognized a few things I mentioned. So…"

Zack nods, "Rich kid? WHo?" he asks, not knowing anyone that can be described as that yet, he hmms and leans forward, "So where do you come from? I mean, I'm from the city, but where did you drop from?"

"Dunstin. He's got some kinda luck power." Cam offers. "Biloxi. Mississippi." But he doesn't have much of an accent. He's worked hard at keeping it hidden.

Zack nods, "Dustin, havnt' seen him, mabey I'll give him a visit" he smiles again, "Oh wow, deep in the south huh? I have some relatives down there that moved to Miami…" he nods, thinkin again, "So it is nice to meet ya again heh"

"Yeah. I'll be here. Not like I can learn to control my location without being here." Cam says with a shrug. He's finally finished his own plate. "I'll see you around, I guess."

Zack nods, "Oh getting up?" he asks with an od, "All righ, no problem" he says and he looks around the room again.

"Oh, I thought you were. Usually when people say it was nice meeting you again, they're leaving." Cam says with a shrug as he slides a book over from his bag. History. Nothing exciting.

Zack nods once more, "Oh well it felt like the right thing to say I guess notying bad, uh, just curious what to talk about next"

Cam nods. "No clue." He says with a bit of a shrug.

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